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Fanbyte Daily Evening June 9, 2020
Persona 4 Golden Steam page & bundle just got even better
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 9, 2020
Bungie reveals Desitny 2 Beyond Light and much, much more
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 8, 2020
Sony Europe hit with hefty fine & DMCA claims ravage Twitch clips
3 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 8, 2020
PS5 reveal has a new date, Bloodborne on PC rumor machine, & PC Gaming Show's lineup
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Sunday June 7, 2020
Mike Pondsmith issues statement, PT in VR, & Dragon Age 2 is a best seller
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 5, 2020's huge bundle for racial justice, Madden 21 reverses course, and Roger Goodell makes a statement
4 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 5, 2020
Summer Games Done Quick goes digital & more digital events are delayed
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 4, 2020
Guerrilla Collective is delayed, Elite: Dangerous getting FPS content, Bobby Kotick gets paid too much, & free Overcooked
3 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 4, 2020
More EA games come to Steam and EA Access is on the way
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 3, 2020
Kingdoms of Amalur remaster, Sega's Fog Gaming, Paradox's new CBA, Fortnite Season 3 delay, and Destiny 2 Year 4 info
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 3, 2020
We unpack Sega's Game Gear Micro details from overnight
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 2, 2020
SEGA making the Game Gear Micro & notes from today's ongoing efforts to end racist and violent policing
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 2, 2020
Valorant day one details & Pokemon Sword and Shield's first DLC is coming very soon.
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 1, 2020
Valorant 1.0 patch notes for this week's launch & a must-listen episode of Spawn On Me
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 1, 2020
Detroit: Become Human compared to Black Lives Matter by co-CEO, Gang Beasts breaking out on their own, & several scheduled presentations have been delayed.
3 min
Fanbyte Daily Sunday May 31, 2020
An update on this week's police violence in the United States
4 min