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Fanbyte Daily October 5, 2020
Genshin Impact's massive launch, GLOW canceled, Cyberpunk 2077 goes gold, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily October 2, 2020
WWE taking control of talent Twitch accounts, Joy-Con drift suit intensifies, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily October 1, 2020
World of Warcraft Shadowlands delayed, Roblox is going public, Minecraft Steve in Smash, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 30, 2020
Google TV device launches, new Peter Parker in Spider-Man remaster, Smash DLC incoming, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 29, 2020
CD Projekt Red goes back on crunch policy, Pokemon DLC, EA Play Game Pass date, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 28, 2020
Judge suggests jury trial for Epic/Apple, Xbox Series X backward compatibility showcase, Impa gameplay in Hyrule Warriors, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily September 25, 2020
Michel Ancel under investigation, Animal Crossing's Halloween update, Virtua Fighter esports, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily September 24, 2020
Amazon games streaming service Luna, Among Us 2 canceled, Nier Replicant gets a release date, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily September 23, 2020
Game Awards 2020 details, Metal Gear Solid remake rumors, Todd Howard's wild Morrowind memory trick, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 22, 2020
Xbox Series preorders go live, Mass Effect trilogy rumors, Pyre not coming to Switch, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 21, 2020
Microsoft buys Bethesda for $7.5b, Game Pass growth, Skullgirls devs form new co-op, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily September 18, 2020
Night City Wire 3, the gangs of Cyberpunk 2077, Michel Ancel leaving Ubisoft, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 17, 2020
Monster Hunter Rise announced for Switch, Hades 1.0 out now, Nintendo 3DS discontinued, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily September 16, 2020
PlayStation 5 price & release date revealed, Final Fantasy XVI announced, PS5 pre-orders go way off the rails, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily September 15, 2020
Twitch tests mid-roll ads, Sony refutes shortage report, Razer customer record breach, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 14, 2020
Sony PS5 event this week, Bungie kills Microsoft rumors, PS5 falling short of planned production, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily September 11, 2020
505's Control upgrade snafu, Apple establishes game streaming boundaries, Xbox Series S backward compatibility news, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 10, 2020
Ubisoft half-addresses controversies, Immortals: Fenyx Rising gameplay, Scott Pilgrim is back, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 9, 2020
Xbox Series X details confirmed, Xbox All Access allows financing for the console line, Game Pass getting EA Play, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 8, 2020
Xbox Series S officially revealed, Apple files countersuit against Epic, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity announced, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily September 3, 2020
Super Mario 35th anniversary announcements, Spiritfarer devs to correct ableist language, Skullgirls dev lays off remaining staff, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 2, 2020
Mandalorian season two details, Hello Games' next big project, Rocket League prepping for free to play, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 1, 2020
NVIDIA reveals new 30 series of GPUs, Biden-Harris 2020 reaches Animal Crossing, Ubisoft schedules new Forward event, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 31, 2020
Ubisoft's disastrous symbolism, Gods & Monsters rebranded, PlayStation 5 won't play PS1-PS3 games, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily August 27, 2020
Gamescom 2020 Opening Ceremonies, Dragon Age 4 update, Shadowlands release date, Ratchet & Clank in action, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily August 26, 2020
Milwaukee Bucks lead protest strike, Halo Infinite shifts senior roles, PlayStation 5 pre-order registration, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 25, 2020
Judge rules in Epic/Apple fight, Sinking City removed from Steam, more powerful Switch coming in 2021, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily August 24, 2020
DC Fandome highlights, Lord of the Rings: Gollum revealed, Yakuza hints at Xbox Series X release date, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 21, 2020
Epic's FreeFortnite Cup, Apple's filing in response to Epic, WordPress app updates blocked by Apple, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 20, 2020
505 explains Control upgrades, DualSense attempts to recreate Spider Sense, Hitman 3 EGS exclusive on PC, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily August 19, 2020
Bloodlines 2 fires two key devs, DC Fandome expands, Halo Infinite's reasons for delays, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily August 18, 2020
Oculus requiring Facebook login, Rocksteady sexual misconduct, Nintendo Indies highlights, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily August 17, 2020
Apple to revoke Epic's developer accounts, Oracle looking at TikTok, Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily Weekend August 17, 2020
Fortnite getting Jokerfied, spoiled turnips to feed the hungry, Skyward Sword for Switch listed for sale, and more!
3 min
Fanbyte Daily August 14, 2020
Epic's legal team busier than ever, highlights from DC Fandome schedule, EA Origin Access rebranding, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily August 13, 2020
Fortnite dropped from Apple Store & Google Play, Epic sues Apple, Epic posts cringe, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily August 12, 2020
AT&T attempting to sell Crunchyroll, Control's bizarre upgrade situation, The Sims addresses inclusiveness concerns, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily August 11, 2020
Halo Infinite delayed till 2021, Xbox One X confirmed for November, Mozilla layoffs, and much more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 10, 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 character origins, Xbox Series S spoiled by controller, MacGruber show at Peacock, Gillette's Animal Crossing designs, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily Weekend August 10, 2020
Warner Media announces massive restructure, Street Fighter head Yoshinori Ono leaving Capcom, & more!
3 min
Fanbyte Daily August 7, 2020
Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game, John Wick 4 & 5 shooting back to back, Sega doubling down on ports of older games, and much more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 6, 2020
Trump targets TikTok & Tencent, Microsoft gets honest about Apple, Nintendo posts a record quarter, State of Play highlights, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 5, 2020
Project xCloud Apple troubles, Pikmin 3 on Switch, Blizzcon moves to Spring 2021, Dan Hibiki is coming to Street Fighter V, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily August 4, 2020
Fall Guys is very popular, Mulan premium home release, xCloud launching on Android soon, XFL purchase details, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily August 3, 2020
Francois fired from Ubisoft, PlayStation Avengers getting exclusive Spider-Man, Analogue Pocket sells out immediately, and much more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily Weekend August 3, 2020
Microsoft in talks to buy TikTok & highlights from this weekend's TennoCon
4 min
Fanbyte Daily July 31, 2020
Trump threatens to ban TikTok, Beyond Good & Evil film, tons of fighting game news, Halo devs respond to graphics criticism, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily July 30, 2020
Halo multiplayer free-to-play, Animal Crossing luck, Cyberpunk 2077 scam emails, 2K/NFLPA license, Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel, Moon to Switch, Splinter Cell series, AOC's Twitch recruiting amendment
6 min
Fanbyte Daily July 29, 2020
Riot ends partnership with NEOM, Hawkeye coming to Avengers, Private Division signs three studios, & Valorant's new agent
7 min
Fanbyte Daily July 28, 2020
Huge AMC/Universal deal, Emmy nominations, Animal Crossing August update, Cuphead out on PS4, Grounded makes a splash, Gabe Newell picks a side, & new Injustice teased
7 min
Fanbyte Daily July 27, 2020
WoW/Xbox false alarm, Eiyuden Chronicle hits funding goal, Persona 5 Scramble coming West, possible Spider-Man remaster, Valorant Act 2, PS Plus August, Ghost of Tsushima patch 1.05, & Cuphead rumors
6 min
Fanbyte Daily July 26, 2020
Junji Ito hinting Kojima collaboration, Justice League news, more Nintendo leaks, Fall Guys a hit on Twitch, & Blaseball season two begins soon
5 min
Fanbyte Daily July 24, 2020
VENN & G4TV teased, Suikoden creators making Eiyuden Chronicle, Nintendo data leak, leftover Xbox showcase notes, & PS Plus credit
6 min
Fanbyte Daily July 23, 2020
Halo Infinite gameplay, Fable lives, more from the Xbox Games Event, Dragon Quest XI S coming to other systems, & Suikoden creator teases something
8 min
Fanbyte Daily July 22, 2020
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk makes our Jet Set dreams come true, Xbox speculation, Star Wars game news, Yakuza: Like A Dragon coming to PS5, & Final Fantasy XIV free trial expanding
6 min
Fanbyte Daily July 21, 2020
Ubisoft's sexist culture impacted design, Rocket League going free to play, & Xbox Game Pass likely not coming to other platforms
6 min
Fanbyte Daily July 20, 2020
Nintendo Direct Mini news, July Summer Games Fest Showcase, cancelled Sucker Punch game, & NFL on the brink of cancelling preseason
5 min
Fanbyte Daily July 19, 2020
Sony won't surprise drop PS5 pre-orders, Nintendo Direct Mini tomorrow, The Old Guard performs well, Miles Morales Xmas game, & NFL players speak out
5 min
Fanbyte Daily July 17, 2020
Hands-on with DualSense, Cloudflare outage, Washington in Madden 21, Danganronpa publisher shift, & GameStop mask requirements
5 min
Fanbyte Daily July 16, 2020
Tons of Xbox news, Nexon closes OC studio, Geoff Keighley DualSense impressions, Paper Mario interview, No Man's Sky Desolation, & the best/worst Switch ports
6 min
Fanbyte Daily July 15, 2020
Sony increasing PS5 production, Twitter experiences attack, Amazon licensing Twitch streaming capabilities, Uncharted began filming, Crystal Chronicles missing local multiplayer, & Paper Mario review roundup
5 min
Fanbyte Daily July 14, 2020
Google Stadia Connect announcements, Call of Duty Warzone soldier skin renamed, Dragon's Dogma anime, & Grant Imahara dead at 49
5 min
Fanbyte Daily July 13, 2020
Ubisoft Forward details, Skull and Bones getting reworked, Mario LEGO news, Newegg's annual sale, & SWERY's apology
7 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening July 2, 2020
Evo Online 2020 canceled, Ubisoft enters Battle Royale market, & Byron 'Reckful' Bernstein dead at 31
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning July 2, 2020
NBA 2K21 covers revealed, next-gen pricing established, & Fallout getting a TV series
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening July 1, 2020
Summer Games Fest Demo Event brings over 60 demos to Xbox One & highlights from PlayStation 5's indie event
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning July 1, 2020
Crash Bandicoot 4 skips microtransactions, Final Fantasy 14 5.3 delayed, & Crysis Remastered going back into development
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 30, 2020
Our impressions of Fuser & the bizarre relationship between Sony PR and games media
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 30, 2020
Nintendo apologizes for faulty Joy-Con & Crucible goes back into the oven
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 29, 2020
Twitch & YouTube crack down on hate speech accounts today
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 29, 2020
JK Rowling's transphobic comments might be affecting Harry Potter RPG's development
1 min
Fanbyte Daily Sunday June 28, 2020
Project Lockhart details leak from Microsoft & a quick update on Dr Disrespect's Twitch ban
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 26, 2020
TENET & Mulan facing delays, Graham Lineham's Twitter account suspended, & Dr Disrespect banned from Twitch
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 26, 2020
No Last of Us 2 DLC, Cuphead show gets a trailer, & Disco Elysium getting an animated show
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 25, 2020
Steam Summer Sale begins, Steam Store Points introduced, & The World Ends With You getting an anime
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 25, 2020
Night City Wire reveals more from Cyberpunk 2077 & Animal Crossing getting a swimming update
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 24, 2020
Sam Barlow's new project, Assassin's Creed Valhalla creative director steps down, Twitch streamers go dark, & Night City Wire is tomorrow
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 24, 2020
Pokemon Unite is a surprising MOBA & Marvel's Avengers reveals more details
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 23, 2020
Jurassic Park #1 at box office, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer out now, & Tony Hawk getting new skaters
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 23, 2020
New Game+ Expo announcements & Ready At Dawn's sale to Facebook
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 22, 2020
Microsoft's Mixer shutting down and moving existing partners to Facebook Gaming
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 22, 2020
Arms' Min Min coming to Smash Ultimate & Crash Bandicoot 4 is officially revealed
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Sunday June 21, 2020
Spiritfarer AMA & continued misconduct allegations in multiple industries
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 19, 2020
Billy Mitchell's reinstated records, Cyberpunk 2077 backward compatible, & general site news and notes
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 19, 2020
Smash Bros character reveal coming soon, Assassin's Creed Origins for free, & AMC reverses course on masks
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 18, 2020
Skate 4 announced, more EA Play news, & Crash Bandicoot 4 leaked
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 18, 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 delayed again, Miles Morales confirmed to be shorter story, & Watchmen free this weekend
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 17, 2020
Horizon Forbidden West details, Sea of Thieves update, Fortnite Season 3, & Disintegration review
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 17, 2020
New Pokemon Snap is coming, more Pokemon news, and EA Play rumors
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 16, 2020
Red Dead Online removes KKK mods, Star Citizen reaches $300m, & Gearbox sues Apogee over Duke Nukem
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 16, 2020
Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory announced, DC Fandome is coming in August, & Madden 21 details revealed
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 15, 2020
The Forgotten City standalone game, Blendo Games source code, Klei's big day, & historic bundle ends
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 15, 2020
Star Wars Squadrons announced, Xbox Smart Delivery games revealed, & Guerrilla Collective wraps
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Sunday June 14, 2020
A freeform roundup of a bunch of games we saw this weekend
8 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 12, 2020
Spider-Man Miles Morales is a standalone game, Bungie disables Trials of Osiris, & TENET delayed
3 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 12, 2020
Denny O'Neil dead at 81, Star Wars Squadrons announced, new Paper Mario trailer, & Black Girls Gamers Online Summit
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 11, 2020
PS5 reveal & Riot exec steps down after series of racist remarks
3 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 11, 2020
Nintendo eShop sale details
2 min
Fanbyte Daily Evening June 10, 2020
Disneyland reopening in July, Alex Kidd is back, & major media outlets are dismantling racist programming
3 min
Fanbyte Daily Morning June 10, 2020
No Man's Sky getting cross-play & Netflix's new Black Lives Matter Collection
2 min