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Head of Fanbyte Media John Warren dishes the games and entertainment news of the week and sprinkles in conversations with the best people on the internet. You're welcome!

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July 18, 2021 - Valve’s Stream Deck, Numerous D...
You're welcome.
62 min
July 11, 2021 - Nintendo's OLED Switch, Sony St...
You're welcome!
29 min
July 4, 2021 - PlayStation Acquires Housemarque...
69 min
June 27, 2021 - Danganronpa On Switch, Sonic in...
48 min
June 20, 2021 - Xbox Extended Showcase, Final F...
27 min
June 13, 2021 - Elden Ring Release Date, EA Dat...
11 min
June 6, 2021 - What to Expect at E3, God of War...
29 min
May 28, 2021 w/ Imran Khan
And introducing Roundup Larry
44 min
May 21, 2021 w/ Imran Khan
33 min
May 14, 2021 w/ Brian Smawley
64 min
May 7, 2021 w/ Paul Tassi
Lasagna, anyone?
56 min
April 30, 2021 W/ Elise Favis
My notes for this episode include the phrase "Elise's Cannibal Zoo"
49 min
April 23, 2021 w/ Renata Price
Critical toolkits and restorations.
69 min
April 16, 2021 w/ Jordan Mallory
Purple... or blue?
64 min
April 9, 2021 w/ Nicholas Grayson
Everything is Fortnite now.
67 min
April 2, 2021 w/ Steven Strom
It's Tool Time.
49 min
March 26, 2021 w/ Dillon Skiffington
I mean it's one banana, Michael. What could it cost? 10 dollars?
43 min
March 19, 2021 w/ Imran Khan & Colette Arrand
Think of the CEOs.
66 min
March 12, 2021 w/ Special Guest Fūnk-é Joseph
Please don't make Mario cry.
75 min
March 5, 2021 w/ Imran Khan & Natalie Flores
New Switch, K-Pop, Fall Guys & more.
72 min
February 26, 2021 w/ Special Guest Lewis Weil
This week is full of news full of Sony announcements, new Final Fantasy reveals, new open-world Pokemon, TV news, and more.
56 min
February 19, 2021 w/ Special Guest Imran Khan
Nintendo Direct's mixed bag, Blizzconline's biggest announcements, Silent Hill's secret future, and much more!
54 min
February 12, 2021 w/ Special Guest Oluwatayo Ad...
WB's patent on the Nemesis System, Anthem on the chopping block, a conversation about trash TV with Tayo Adewole, and more!
45 min
February 5, 2021 w/ Special Guest Paul Tamayo
Amazon & Google continue to struggle in the games market, a conversation with the undefeated Paul Tamayo, Embracer goes big, and more!
68 min
January 29, 2021 w/ Special Guest Jack Yarwood
GameStop's record short squeeze, a conversation with Jack Yarwood about game communities, WWE going to Peacock, and more!
58 min
January 22, 2021 w/ Special Guest Nicholas Grayson
Xbox Live Gold price hike, Vicarious Visions folded into Blizzard, a conversation with Nicholas Grayson, and more!
57 min
January 13, 2021 w/ Special Guest Kofie Yeboah
Lucasfilm Games is back, a conversation with Secret Base's Kofie Yeboah, CD Projekt's pseudo apology for Cyberpunk, and more!
45 min
Episode 6: December 23, 2020
Sony takes a small step toward Smart Delivery, an enlightening conversation with Imran Khan, John's GOTYs for 2020, and more!
71 min
Episode 5: December 17, 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 pulled from PlayStation Store, a conversation with The Verge's Julia Alexander, Sephiroth arriving to Smash Bros, and much more!
53 min
Episode 4: December 9, 2020
Cyberpunk 2077's Braindance/epilepsy problem, an interview with Kotaku's Nathan Grayson, Crunchyroll sells to Sony, and much more!
52 min
Episode 3: December 2, 2020
Salesforce acquiring Slack, a conversation with Wowhead Site Director Perculia, Assassin's Creed Valhalla late game weirdness, and more!
27 min
Episode 2: November 25, 2020
Square Enix introduces sweeping work at home program, e2bakesbrooklyn proprietor Liz Davenport talks turkey, Mortal Kombat 11 goes back to 1995, and much more!
37 min
Episode 1: November 18, 2020
The Game Awards announce their nominees, Nicholas Grayson discusses the merits of OLED TVs, Natalie Flores breaks down the bizarre voice actor reckoning from this past week, Zelina Vega supports unionization, and more!
34 min
Fanbyte Daily November 11, 2020
Phil Spencer discusses Xbox Series launch, smoking Xboxes appear online, Ubisoft removing ableist language, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily November 10, 2020
Xbox Series X launch day, Apple chip and hardware updates, AEW video games, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily November 9, 2020
Mass Effect Legendary Edition announced, PS5 Remote Play, Spider-Man save transfers, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily November 6, 2020
Mass Effect Trilogy news, Avengers leads to big loss, PT unplayable on PS5, and more!
3 min
Fanbyte Daily November 5, 2020
ESPN layoffs, PS5 launch day units, Demon's Souls character creator details, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily November 4, 2020
GameStop TikTok dance contest, AGDQ list announced, Among Us colorblind mode, and more!
3 min
Fanbyte Daily November 3, 2020
Vampire the Masquerade battle royale, Crunchyroll news, Election Day notes for unregistered voters, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily October 21, 2020
Quibi shutting down, Raya and the Last Dragon coming March 2021, Jared Leto's Joker is back, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily October 20, 2020
AOC streams Among Us, Bloodlines 2 loses more talent, AC Valhalla's Season Pass, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily October 19, 2020
NBA 2K21 new unskippable ads, Klee in new Genshin Impact banner, Seraphine's bizarre rollout, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily October 16, 2020
Huge Phil Spencer interview, Avengers content delayed, red chocobo terrorizes population, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily October 15, 2020
PlayStation 5 UX revealed, Beyond Light's first raid, KoЯn x World of Tanks, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily October 14, 2020
Miles gets a bodega cat, CD Projekt Red's crunch issue intensifies, SEGA releasing Yakuza/Streets of Rage 2 collaboration, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily October 13, 2020
iPhone 12 series revealed, multiverse Spiders Man in the MCU, Fury Road prequel gets its Furiosa, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily October 12, 2020
Final Fantasy XIV 5.4, Sonic in Fall Guys, Ruffian is Rockstar, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily October 9, 2020
Microsoft allowing remote work, ten games left behind for PS5, Larian pokes fun at character creator stats, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily October 8, 2020
xCloud iOS-bound, GameStop/Microsoft partnership, Bugsnax now a launch title, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily October 7, 2020
PlayStation 5 broken down, Trophies getting revamped, NBA 2K21 next gen improvements, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily October 6, 2020
House antitrust report, QAnon banned from Facebook, Bethesda collections listed, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily October 5, 2020
Genshin Impact's massive launch, GLOW canceled, Cyberpunk 2077 goes gold, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily October 2, 2020
WWE taking control of talent Twitch accounts, Joy-Con drift suit intensifies, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily October 1, 2020
World of Warcraft Shadowlands delayed, Roblox is going public, Minecraft Steve in Smash, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 30, 2020
Google TV device launches, new Peter Parker in Spider-Man remaster, Smash DLC incoming, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 29, 2020
CD Projekt Red goes back on crunch policy, Pokemon DLC, EA Play Game Pass date, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 28, 2020
Judge suggests jury trial for Epic/Apple, Xbox Series X backward compatibility showcase, Impa gameplay in Hyrule Warriors, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily September 25, 2020
Michel Ancel under investigation, Animal Crossing's Halloween update, Virtua Fighter esports, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily September 24, 2020
Amazon games streaming service Luna, Among Us 2 canceled, Nier Replicant gets a release date, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily September 23, 2020
Game Awards 2020 details, Metal Gear Solid remake rumors, Todd Howard's wild Morrowind memory trick, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 22, 2020
Xbox Series preorders go live, Mass Effect trilogy rumors, Pyre not coming to Switch, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 21, 2020
Microsoft buys Bethesda for $7.5b, Game Pass growth, Skullgirls devs form new co-op, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily September 18, 2020
Night City Wire 3, the gangs of Cyberpunk 2077, Michel Ancel leaving Ubisoft, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 17, 2020
Monster Hunter Rise announced for Switch, Hades 1.0 out now, Nintendo 3DS discontinued, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily September 16, 2020
PlayStation 5 price & release date revealed, Final Fantasy XVI announced, PS5 pre-orders go way off the rails, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily September 15, 2020
Twitch tests mid-roll ads, Sony refutes shortage report, Razer customer record breach, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 14, 2020
Sony PS5 event this week, Bungie kills Microsoft rumors, PS5 falling short of planned production, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily September 11, 2020
505's Control upgrade snafu, Apple establishes game streaming boundaries, Xbox Series S backward compatibility news, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 10, 2020
Ubisoft half-addresses controversies, Immortals: Fenyx Rising gameplay, Scott Pilgrim is back, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 9, 2020
Xbox Series X details confirmed, Xbox All Access allows financing for the console line, Game Pass getting EA Play, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 8, 2020
Xbox Series S officially revealed, Apple files countersuit against Epic, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity announced, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily September 3, 2020
Super Mario 35th anniversary announcements, Spiritfarer devs to correct ableist language, Skullgirls dev lays off remaining staff, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily September 2, 2020
Mandalorian season two details, Hello Games' next big project, Rocket League prepping for free to play, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily September 1, 2020
NVIDIA reveals new 30 series of GPUs, Biden-Harris 2020 reaches Animal Crossing, Ubisoft schedules new Forward event, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 31, 2020
Ubisoft's disastrous symbolism, Gods & Monsters rebranded, PlayStation 5 won't play PS1-PS3 games, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily August 27, 2020
Gamescom 2020 Opening Ceremonies, Dragon Age 4 update, Shadowlands release date, Ratchet & Clank in action, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily August 26, 2020
Milwaukee Bucks lead protest strike, Halo Infinite shifts senior roles, PlayStation 5 pre-order registration, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 25, 2020
Judge rules in Epic/Apple fight, Sinking City removed from Steam, more powerful Switch coming in 2021, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily August 24, 2020
DC Fandome highlights, Lord of the Rings: Gollum revealed, Yakuza hints at Xbox Series X release date, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 21, 2020
Epic's FreeFortnite Cup, Apple's filing in response to Epic, WordPress app updates blocked by Apple, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 20, 2020
505 explains Control upgrades, DualSense attempts to recreate Spider Sense, Hitman 3 EGS exclusive on PC, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily August 19, 2020
Bloodlines 2 fires two key devs, DC Fandome expands, Halo Infinite's reasons for delays, and more!
5 min
Fanbyte Daily August 18, 2020
Oculus requiring Facebook login, Rocksteady sexual misconduct, Nintendo Indies highlights, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily August 17, 2020
Apple to revoke Epic's developer accounts, Oracle looking at TikTok, Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer, and more!
4 min
Fanbyte Daily Weekend August 17, 2020
Fortnite getting Jokerfied, spoiled turnips to feed the hungry, Skyward Sword for Switch listed for sale, and more!
3 min
Fanbyte Daily August 14, 2020
Epic's legal team busier than ever, highlights from DC Fandome schedule, EA Origin Access rebranding, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily August 13, 2020
Fortnite dropped from Apple Store & Google Play, Epic sues Apple, Epic posts cringe, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily August 12, 2020
AT&T attempting to sell Crunchyroll, Control's bizarre upgrade situation, The Sims addresses inclusiveness concerns, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily August 11, 2020
Halo Infinite delayed till 2021, Xbox One X confirmed for November, Mozilla layoffs, and much more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 10, 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 character origins, Xbox Series S spoiled by controller, MacGruber show at Peacock, Gillette's Animal Crossing designs, and more!
8 min
Fanbyte Daily Weekend August 10, 2020
Warner Media announces massive restructure, Street Fighter head Yoshinori Ono leaving Capcom, & more!
3 min
Fanbyte Daily August 7, 2020
Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game, John Wick 4 & 5 shooting back to back, Sega doubling down on ports of older games, and much more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 6, 2020
Trump targets TikTok & Tencent, Microsoft gets honest about Apple, Nintendo posts a record quarter, State of Play highlights, and more!
6 min
Fanbyte Daily August 5, 2020
Project xCloud Apple troubles, Pikmin 3 on Switch, Blizzcon moves to Spring 2021, Dan Hibiki is coming to Street Fighter V, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily August 4, 2020
Fall Guys is very popular, Mulan premium home release, xCloud launching on Android soon, XFL purchase details, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily August 3, 2020
Francois fired from Ubisoft, PlayStation Avengers getting exclusive Spider-Man, Analogue Pocket sells out immediately, and much more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily Weekend August 3, 2020
Microsoft in talks to buy TikTok & highlights from this weekend's TennoCon
4 min
Fanbyte Daily July 31, 2020
Trump threatens to ban TikTok, Beyond Good & Evil film, tons of fighting game news, Halo devs respond to graphics criticism, and more!
7 min
Fanbyte Daily July 30, 2020
Halo multiplayer free-to-play, Animal Crossing luck, Cyberpunk 2077 scam emails, 2K/NFLPA license, Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel, Moon to Switch, Splinter Cell series, AOC's Twitch recruiting amendment
6 min