Family Ghosts

Every house is haunted. In each episode of Family Ghosts, we investigate the true story behind a mysterious figure whose legend has followed a family for generations. Grandmothers who were secretly jewel smugglers, uncles who led double lives, siblings who vanished without a trace, and other ghostly characters who cast shadows over our lives in ways that might not be immediately obvious. We are all formed in part by our familial collections of secrets, intrigues, and myths. By engaging with each others’ legends, perhaps we can see each others’ realities more clearly. Hosted by Moth Grand Slam winner Sam Dingman, whose stories have been featured on Risk!, TBTL, Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything, and The Moth Radio Hour.

Society & Culture
True Crime
FG Presents: Unfinished - Short Creek
A sneak preview of Unfinished: Short Creek - a new investigative podcast from Witness Docs and Critical Frequency.
14 min
28: The Faith Exam
Julian joins a church in Poughkeepsie, and discovers a decades-old secret about her uncle.
50 min
27: The Mission
Decades after her brother's mysterious disappearance, Toni finally learns the truth about what happened to him.
47 min
26: Spirit World
Is it you? Are you there? I miss you.
50 min
25: The Ambassador
Mac and his mom have a lot to talk about: her relationship with her psychic, his brother's murder, and a life-altering betrayal that happened decades ago.
42 min
24: Little Stonehenges
Following her father's death, a ghost appears in Natalie's childhood home, leaving a trail of troubling clues.
47 min
23: Your Ghost
Three stories about the moment when the static dissolves, and a transmission from the past comes through loud and clear.
57 min
22: The Trove
Mariah travels to a country she's never been to in hopes that she can find a man she's never met: her father.
50 min
21: Collateral For Ten Million
Kierran tries to figure out if any of her grandfather's stories were true.
50 min
20: A Boy In A Story
David tells the story of three unlikely family members who shaped his life.
51 min
19: The Clotilda Legacy, Part 3: The Reckoning
Ring the bell so the world will know.
38 min
18: The Clotilda Legacy, Part 2: The Stronghold
Joycelyn and Darron try to escape the shadow of the Meaher family's pervasive influence in Africatown.
35 min
17: The Clotilda Legacy, Part 1: The Descendants
A community in Mobile, Alabama is haunted by a shameful secret.
31 min
Season 3 Trailer: A Circle of Ghosts
The official trailer for Season 3 of our show.
2 min
16b: Bone Hill - Act 2
Martha's family makes a home on Black Mountain, and reckons with the past.
53 min
16a: Bone Hill - Act 1
Martha's family has their land stolen, and then their identity.
41 min
15: A Settling in the Bones
Kirya's childhood home is haunted by two elusive ghosts.
46 min
14: The Sasquatch of Spring Valley
After Asher's uncle dies, the family goes to clean out his apartment, and discovers a box of love letters from a woman they've never met.
47 min
13: June & George
Kimberly's grandparents find themselves imprisoned without cause. When they're released, they refuse to talk about it.
43 min
12: The Chinese Food Incident
A mysterious burglary has haunted the Falco family for 25 years.
44 min
11: His Minor Years
A souvenir from from Meara's great-uncle turns out to be a clue about a scandal that almost tore her family apart.
52 min
10: The Love Family, Part 3 - Constance & Compo...
Posey tries to uncover the connection between the loss of her mother and her parents' time in the Love Family.
56 min
9: The Love Family, Part 2 - Vision & Completion
Love is real.
37 min
8: The Love Family, Part 1 - Love & Logic
After a fateful acid trip in 1967, a man named Paul tries to build his ideal family.
52 min
Season 2 Trailer: We Never Really Talked About ...
The official trailer for Season 2 of "Family Ghosts"
2 min
7: None Of Your Business
Sam discovers he has an uncle he never knew about.
46 min
6: That You Should Be Happy
Micaela is haunted by a recurring dream - a vision from her family's harrowing past.
47 min
5: Lookin' Good, Charlie
Mark's only memories of his father are tender, stubbly hugs and an old leather shaving kit.
55 min
4: A Spirit of Vengeance
Jill grew up hearing the terrifying legend of "the crazy man from Mississippi." But as an adult, she starts to question her mom's version of the story.
43 min
3: Sue's Clues
When Nick's grandfather died in 1994, something bizarre happened: his aunt Susan stole the body and hid it.
53 min
2: No Brown Spots
Everything changed for Caila on June 22, 2010. On today's episode, she finally confronts the truth about what happened that night.
54 min
1: The Family Jewels
One afternoon in 1961, a mysterious woman in sunglasses wandered into my grandfather's jewelry shop and stole his heart. Two years later, she vanished without a trace.
50 min
Season 1 Trailer: Every House Is Haunted
Every house is haunted.
1 min