Why do we think we aren’t alone? Extraterrestrial explores tales of alien encounters. Millions of people claim to have seen alien life, but no one can confirm any of it. Is there a more grounded explanation for these incidents, or is there really something lurking out there? Every Tuesday, we’ll examine reports of a different alien occurrence, and land on the most plausible explanation. Extraterrestrial is a Spotify Original from Parcast.

True Crime
The Greys
The most iconic of the alien race, the Greys represent the most widely-recognized pop-culture version of extraterrestrial life.
40 min
Best of 2019: George Adamski Pt. 2
In 1953, “Orthon the Venusian” took his favorite human, George Adamski, on a joyride through the cosmos.
45 min
Best of 2019: George Adamski Pt. 1
The hit book of 1953 was “The Flying Saucers Have Landed.” Southern California was enamored with the book's author, who claimed to have met an extraterrestrial.
48 min
Legend has it that a strange ship was sighted off the eastern coast of Japan in the early 19th Century.
39 min
The Shag Harbour Crash Pt. 2
The mystery of the Shag Harbour Crash haunted the small village for decades.
35 min
The Shag Harbour Crash Pt. 1
In October of 1967, the sleepy fishing village of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, was the site of what dozens of spectators thought was a plane crash.
35 min
Celestial Sightings
In what is considered to be the earliest recorded examples of UFOs, strange objects were sighted emerging from the sun in 1561 and 1566.
41 min
Abducted: Emanuel Swedenborg Pt. 2
After an other-worldly revelation in 1768, Emanuel Swedenborg would draw the ire of the Swedish Lutheran Church as he tried to publicize what he’d learned.
40 min
Abducted: Emanuel Swedenborg Pt. 1
For most of his adult life, Emanuel Swedenborg sought to reconcile his Christian faith with the values of the Enlightenment.
41 min
Cover-Up: The UFO Crash Retrievals Pt. 2
In 1990, after over 2 decades of retrieving downed UFOs, Clifford Stone’s military service would end in disgrace.
38 min
Cover-Up: The UFO Crash Retrievals Pt. 1
Clifford Stone was a military veteran with a lifelong relationship with extraterrestrial lifeforms, who claimed he was tasked with retrieving downed UFOs in the 1960s.
35 min
Cover-Up: The Cape Girardeau Crash Pt. 2
In 1941, government forces collected all traces of wreckage from what is widely believed to be an extraterrestrial spaceship crash.
40 min
Cover-Up: The Cape Girardeau Crash Pt. 1
Did three extraterrestrials crash-land their spaceship on a Missouri farm in 1941?
42 min
The Miracle of the Sun Pt. 2: The Vatican and A...
After tens of thousands of people witnessed the so-called Miracle of the Sun, the Catholic Church tried to suppress and later control testimony regarding the miracle.
42 min
The Miracle of the Sun Pt. 1: Prophecy Fulfilled
In 1917, tens of thousands of people watched as the sun arced and dipped through the sky before it dried the area's water and bathed a field in shifting colors of light.
50 min
Hollywood and UFOs Part 2: The Cameron Wars
If Jimmy Carter and Steven Spielberg wanted the American public to believe that aliens were friendly, Ronald Reagan and James Cameron wanted them to believe that the aliens wanted to destroy us all.
40 min
Hollywood and UFOs Pt. 1: From Wells to Spielberg
In 1938 in New York City, soon-to-be-acclaimed-filmmaker Orson Welles delivered his infamous broadcast of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds.
42 min
The Kenneth Arnold Sightings Pt. 2: Maury Island
Upon hearing the news of the B-25 crash at Kelso, Kenneth Arnold begins to question what exactly happened at Maury Island in June 1947.
43 min
The Kenneth Arnold Sightings Pt. 1: Mount Rainier
At the end of June 1947, aviator Kenneth Arnold saw nine flying saucers near Mt. Rainier in Washington state and helped spark the UFO craze at the beginning of the Cold War.
42 min
The Pascagoula Abduction Pt. 2: Changed Forever
After the madness in Pascagoula, Calvin Parker attempted to lay low and live a normal life.
41 min
The Pascagoula Abduction Pt. 1: Southern Hospit...
In October of 1973, two men were fishing on the banks of the Pascagoula river in Mississippi, when they saw a pair of strange lights descend on them.
38 min
The Apollo Missions Pt. 2: Global Conspiracy
With the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, a plan for a joint mission to the moon between the United States and Russia was cancelled before it began.
43 min
The Apollo Missions Pt. 1: Space Lights
During the summer of 1969, the Apollo 10 lunar mission orbited the far side of the moon encountered unfamiliar signals coming from the moon's surface.
40 min
The Rendlesham Incident Pt. 2: The Lighthouse
In the years since the Woodbridge Royal Air Force Base UFO sightings of December 1980, the witnesses have stood by their claims.
39 min
The Rendlesham Incident Pt. 1: British Roswell
In December 1980, multiple personnel at Woodbridge Royal Air Force Base were witness to a UFO darting through the forest next to the base.
33 min