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Every Little Thing
Who invented pants? How did ‘pink for girls’ and ‘blue for boys’ happen? What do dogs say when they bark? ELT is here to answer your burning questions. If you have a question that needs answering, call the ELT Help Line at 833-RING-ELT or send an audio message to elt@gimletmedia.com. Every Little Thing is produced by Gimlet Media and hosted by Flora Lichtman.
How to Get Rid of an Earworm
Why some tunes get stuck in your head, and a trick for dislodging them.
25 min
Fruit Flies: Seriously, Where Do They Come From?
How did these flies land in our lives?
20 min
Don't Underestimate the Flamingo
Why this spindly-legged pink bird deserves respect.
21 min
TSA Treasure Chest: What Happens To Your Confis...
ELT finds out where millions of pounds of pocketknives, sunscreen and snow globes end up.
22 min
Public Toilets: To Sit or To Hover?
Plus, who killed cargo shorts?
27 min
Baseball and Organ Music: How’d That Happen?
Plus, meet the woman who made walk-up music a thing.
27 min
What Lurks Under Our Cities?
Plus, meet the underdog of the prairie.
22 min
Tooth Worms and Tooth Pullers: Dentistry’s Rott...
ELT exposes the roots of tooth care.
23 min
F-ck Yeah: Can Cursing Make You Stronger?
Plus, how swear words stay powerful.
26 min
Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys — Why?
Plus, an update on ELT’s campaign to inspire the world’s first flamingo mascot.
27 min
Cockpit Confessions: The Truth About Airplane M...
Answers to your burning air travel questions from the flight crew.
25 min
Buried Treasure: How to Make the Most of Your B...
ELT unearths the tale of the largest buried treasure ever found in North America.
26 min
Behind the Pompoms: Cheerleading’s Checkered Pa...
ELT looks at the battle to define cheerleading.
16 min
Behind the Pompoms: Cheerleading’s Checkered Pa...
ELT flips through the history of cheerleading.
24 min
When Did Pants Become a Thing?
Why did we start wearing pants? ELT unfolds the history of a controversial garment.
20 min
Introducing The Cut on Tuesdays
30 min
Duct Tape MacGyver: The Sticky Secrets
Hold on to your socks — ELT finds an unbelievable story from the edge of the roll. Plus, your MacGyver stories.
26 min
Forks: One Utensil’s Battle for Respect
From tool of the devil to high-end luxury good, ELT traces the multi-pronged path of the silverware drawer’s most recent addition.
19 min
Baseball and Organ Music: How’d That Happen?
When did organ music and baseball become an item? ELT digs into the history of this odd couple.
26 min
Thrift Store Smell: What Is It? Plus, Your Clea...
ELT sorts cleaning fact from fiction, and finds out what’s behind “thrift store smell.”
21 min
Waterphone: The Sound That Haunts Hollywood
ELT solves an Unsolved Mysteries mystery about the sound that leaves listeners shaking in their shoes.
21 min
Stamps: Tiny Squares Full Of Secrets
ELT goes inside the secret government committee that rules our stamps.
27 min
Auctioneers: Why Do They Talk Like That?
ELT gets schooled by a professional auctioneer.
19 min
🛩TSA Treasure Chest : What Happens To Your Conf...
ELT finds out where millions of pounds of pocketknives, sunscreen and snow globes end up.
18 min
Is Egg the Only Nog? Plus, Discovering the 8th ...
ELT asks J. Kenji López-Alt about the origin of the seasonal favorite: cold eggs and booze.
17 min
Pumpkin Spice: The Science Behind the Invasion....
ELT explores the allure of pumpkin spice. Why did this latte superstar spread to hummus, beer, and even lip balm? Plus, ELT listeners pitch the next big flavor trend.
22 min
Garbage: What Did We Do Before the Bag? Plus, A...
ELT talks trash with Last Week Tonight writer Josh Gondelman. Plus, a look at how the Cinch Sak landed in your trash can.
19 min
Bubblegum: What’s That Flavor? Plus, What’s th...
ELT blows open the secret flavor of bubblegum. Plus, why omelettes aren’t made of turkey eggs, and other turkey tidbits for your table talk.
19 min
Why Goldfish Swam Into Our Living Rooms. Plus, ...
ELT dives into goldfish history to find out how this once-humble fish swam into our lives. Plus — drumroll please — the winner of our pet vocal talent contest.
17 min
Old Graves: What Would You Find In There? Plus,...
ELT digs into colonial-era graves, to find out what remains of the deceased. Plus, a jellyfish horror story that’ll keep you out of the water.
18 min
Who Made ‘The Wave’ a Thing? Plus, a Mammal Mix...
ELT meets the man who made the world stand up and cheer. Plus, echidnas aren't marsupials — we're sorry.
17 min
Do You Need to Warm Up Your Car? Plus, a Teeny,...
ELT tracks down the inventor of a tiny, brilliant car hack. Plus, a car expert tackles listener car-spiracies
19 min
T. Rex Roar: How Is It Made? Plus, Would Dinosa...
How did they make the dinosaur roars in the Jurassic Park movies? Flora talks with the sound engineers behind the bellows. Plus, ELT goes deep into the Mesozoic to find out what what dinosaurs looked (and tasted) like.
18 min
Cheese: Why Do We Worship Rotten Milk? A NSFW H...
ELT traces the delicious and X-rated history of cheese. Plus, processed cheese: making the most of the dairy aisle.
17 min
Why One Horrible Sound Haunts Reality TV. Plus,...
Who put the tension in reality TV? ELT tracks down the source of the nail biting-sound you can’t unhear. Plus, cicada killer wasps — a backyard horror story, turned intervention.
16 min
The Cha Cha Slide: How One Uncle Changed Weddin...
DJ Casper tells us the origin story of the Cha Cha Slide. Plus, The Nod’s Brittany Luse is astonished by the unreleased Cha Cha Slide Pt. 1.
21 min
Who Invented the Bloomin’ Onion? Plus, Biology’...
ELT exposes one of the most impressive butts in the animal kingdom. Plus, the roots of the Bloomin' Onion.
17 min
What Do Dogs Say When They Bark?
Plus, real-life unconventional Lassie stories
19 min
WTF Do the ⏹ 🔼 ⏺ on My 👕 Tag Mean?
Plus, koala fingerprints, lobster pee and other hot facts.
24 min
How to Spot a Spy
Plus, a tribute to the bedazzled sausage of the desert southwest, and more fun with pirates.
19 min
The Genius of Birds: Live From the Aspen Ideas ...
Some birds can fashion tools and create tiny works of art, so why do we always underestimate their bird brains?
18 min
Clowns and Crows: Weirder and Scarier Than You ...
With fact buddy Prashanth Venkat.
17 min
ARRRRR Pirate Peg Legs Really A Thing?
Pirate historian Laura Sook Duncombe tells us about the golden age of pirates. Plus, a tunnel follow up with Dr. Mole: where do the emergency exists in underwater tunnels go?
18 min
Are Babies Born With Tails?
Plus, learn how to lie like a dad.
19 min
Is There a Secret Sixth Taste?
Plus, flamingos are in a league of their own.
17 min
Are You Living With a Psychopath?
Is your roommate trying to kill you? Learn how to spot the tell-tale signs of a psychopath.
19 min
Who Invented the Scratch Ticket?
Plus, a look at lottery history, and your strangest raffle winnings.
20 min
Why Does Popcorn Pop?
A kid caller pops the question: How does popcorn pop? Plus, the uncomfortable truth about baby corn.
17 min
Public Toilets: To Sit Or To Hover?
Plus, how to pee in zero-G.
19 min
Why Are Used Car Ads So INSAAANNNE?
One man is to blame. Plus, vanity plates in the wild: IC A GR8 PL8.
22 min
Underwater Tunnels: HOW?
How they get that tunnel under there. Plus, a centuries-old scientific debate: why ice is slippery.
18 min
Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?
Plus, dog clothes: where did they come from?
19 min
How to Get Paid to Clap on TV
Listener Mack asked about the unfamous people who fill empty seats at the Oscars.
19 min
Why Does Music Give Us the Chills?
Why do we get goosebumps from music and other emotional experiences?
21 min
How Old Is Winnie the Pooh?
No, really - how old is he?
22 min
What Would Happen to Your Body in Space?
Plus: which came first, the vacuum or the carpet?
26 min
Are "Speed Enforced by Aircraft" Signs a Lie?
First, Flora uncovers a feud about butterflies. Then, a question from the Help Line about aircraft patrol.
21 min
Your Bedtime is Killing You
Flora stages a fact intervention with Prashanth.
18 min
Who is Wilhelm and Why Won’t He Stop Screaming?
The history of the world’s most iconic movie scream.
20 min
The Voices Hiding in Your Favorite Movies
Invisible actors create worlds of sound in everything you watch - from Jaws to The Wire.
25 min
How to Not Ruin Thanksgiving
Tips for being the #1 guest in the history of the universe. Plus, prunes.
28 min
Invasion of the Self-checkout Machines
Self-service began in a Piggly Wiggly 100 years ago. How’d it become a way of life?
22 min
The Case of the Missing Armadillos
Flora answers questions from the help line about an armadillo paradox and the DaVinci Code of pasta.
22 min
Bonus: Zombie Flamingo
Flora continues to champion the flamingo.
5 min
Six O'Clock Soundtrack
How TV news got a score.
21 min
Who Killed Cargo Shorts?
Flora and fact buddy Prashanth talk about spiders, which leads to a cargo short investigation.
23 min
Celebrity Crush with Bill Nye
Bill Nye the Science Guy introduces us to an obscure historical figure. Plus, we revisit the eclipse.
24 min
The ELT Help Line
Flora and Katherine answer questions from listeners.
23 min
Rapture Chasers [Re-broadcast]
To celebrate Eclipse Day, we're rebroadcasting our very first episode.
19 min
Introducing The Pitch
Today we bring you an episode of a brand new Gimlet podcast called The Pitch.
25 min
Chair, Misunderstood
Learning to love a viral piece of furniture.
21 min
Dewey Decimal Drama
The trouble with the library cataloging system. Plus, slug-gate.
21 min
Don’t Underestimate the Flamingo
Flora learns facts about the flamingo that change her. #YESflamingo
21 min
The Society on Your Face
Get to know your most intimate animal companions. They already know a lot about you.
17 min
What the Government Stashes
Rummaging through the nation's attic to find out what the government stores and why.
23 min
This Is an Activation
A weird night in Dallas leads us to ask: what kinds of emergency systems are all around us?
24 min
The Quest to Wipe Out a Virus
What does it take to eradicate a disease from the planet? Plus, the horrifying hunting habits of weasels.
23 min
The Senate Whisperer
How rules can keep us from descending into chaos.
20 min
The Hide Rug of the Plant World
Producer Christine Driscoll meets an alleyway plant dealer and discovers an industry right under our noses.
21 min
Rapture Chasers
An event in August could bring millions of people to tears.
19 min
Hello, we are Every Little Thing
Turn over the rock, peek through the keyhole, go down the rabbit hole. There's always more to it. A new show from Gimlet Media, hosted by Flora Lichtman. Premieres Monday, April 17.
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