The Far Post

An ESPN Australia & NZ women's football podcast from Anna Harrington, Angela Christian-Wilkes, Sam Lewis, and Marissa Lordanic covering the W-League, Matildas, Aussies abroad and more.

Let's Hear It For The Dub!
It's the biggest season of A-League Women's ever and ESPN's The Far Post previews every single team!
76 min
Caitlin Scoord
ESPN's The Far Post dissect the Matildas' huge 4-0 win over Sweden in glorious Melbourne.
50 min
She's BacKK
The Matildas squad for the November window has dropped and ESPN's The Far Post dissects all the ins and outs.
27 min
The Group of Redemption
ESPN's The Far Post takes you through the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup draw, with a focus on the Matildas' groupstage opponents.
38 min
Collab And Dab
The Matildas nabbed a 3-1 win over Denmark and ESPN's The Far Post takes you through all the action.
48 min
The Matildas notched up their first win in six months and ESPN's The Far Post chat about the victory!
35 min
Mr Worldwide
South Africa and Denmark await the Matildas, ESPN's The Far Post preview the matches!
36 min
Oh Canada
It was two losses for the Matildas against Canada and ESPN's The Far Post debriefs the whole series.
58 min
Reunited (And It Feels So Good)
The Matildas face Canada in two friendlies and ESPN's The Far Post previews the series!
35 min
The Vibes Are Good
ESPN's The Far Post recaps the Young Matildas loss to Spain and their U20 Women's World Cup as a whole.
46 min
Get Your Yayas Out
It was a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Brazil for the Young Matildas. ESPN's The Far Post reviews the game.
35 min
But First Let Me Take A Selfie
The Young Matildas nabbed a win at the U20 Women's World Cup and ESPN's The Far Post chats about the 3-1 victory.
32 min
De Fault
Ahead of the U20 Women's World Cup, ESPN's The Far Post previews the Young Matildas' chances at this event!
45 min
A Little Euros, As A Treat
ESPN's The Far Post wrap Euro 2022 with a look at England's win over Germany.
55 min
Angela and The Far Post-Coloured Dreamcoat
ESPN's The Far Post dissects England's win over Spain, plus all the other action from Euro 2022!
69 min
The Murder in Brighton
It's quarter final time at the Euros and ESPN's The Far Post look ahead to four tasty clashes!
60 min
Carrot's Corner
ESPN's The Far Post attempts to keep up with all the international football on!
60 min
ESPN's The Far Post review the Matildas' 1-1 friendly draw with Portugal
43 min
It's About Damn Time
The A-League Women's is expanding and extending and ESPN's The Far Post is joined by APL CEO Danny Townsend to discuss the big news!
36 min
Spain Without The S
ESPN's The Far Post discuss Australia's friendly loss to Spain and what it means for the team!
66 min
We Can Make Squads If We Try
Sam and Anna take us through the Matildas' squad announced ahead of the friendlies against Spain and Portugal later in June.
39 min
How G(1)00d
In episode 100 ESPN's The Far Post recap the UWCL final. end of the FAWSL, the FA Cup final, and the Paramatildas first World Cup!
60 min
Big And Mini Lessons
After two wins over New Zealand, ESPN's The Far Post talks all things Matildas!
34 min
Mini's Back
With the Matildas squad announced for the upcoming friendlies, ESPN's The Far Post dissect the squad.
34 min
Vuck 2 Vuck
ESPN's The Far Post podcast review the A-League Women's grand final and season at large!
51 min