The ESG Report

ESG has exploded into compliance and business consciousness. What will be the role of corp compliance in ESG? How should you design, create and implement a best practices ESG program? Join Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance, to learn the answers to these questions and many more in this new podcast series which will shine a light on the sustainability risks, opportunities and issues that business leaders and compliance professionals need to know about regarding ESG.

Business News
Kai Gray on ESG: The Compliance Officer's New F...
Tom visits with Kai Gray on how ESG is the CCO's new frontier.
24 min
Tommy Linstroth on Building for a Sustainable F...
In this episode, Tommy Linstroth joins me to explain the role of ESG in the construction industry.
21 min
Ernest Anunciacion on Driving Positive Change: ...
In this episode, Tom talks to Workiva Senior Director of Product Marketing Ernest Anunciacion about how ESG engages stakeholders.
23 min
Yoram Ashery - Unlocking the Power Within: Nost...
Tom visits with Nostromo Energy' CEO Yoram Ashery.
24 min
Shawn Kreloff – Anaerobic Digestion
Today, I visit with Shawn Kreloff on the work his company Bioenergy Devco does in the area of anaerobic digestion.
18 min
Trysha Daskam on the Rise of ESG Strategies in ...
Trysha Daskam joins host Tom Fox to look at ESG investment issues for fund managers.
17 min
Eli Sutton on Operational Sustainability
In this episode, Eli Sutton joins Tom to discuss operational sustainability.
17 min
Gareth Evans on Energy Transition
In this episode, I am joined by Gareth Evans to discuss energy transition.
21 min
Luke Jacobs on Uncovering the Business Benefits...
In this episode I visit with Luke Jacobs of Encamp on the business benefits of ESG compliance.
24 min
Towards a Unified Data Model for ESG with Luke ...
Luke Jacobs explains to Tom Fox how his company is creating a unified data layer that could revolutionize environmental reporting and ESG compliance in the next decade.
23 min
Why Sustainability is the Business Opportunity ...
Tom’s guest on this week’s episode of the ESG Report, Richard Blundell, discusses the risks and opportunities associated with growth in the insurance industry.
26 min
ESG Stewardship with Ben Colton
In this episode of the ESG Report, Tom Fox discusses ESG sustainability and stewardship with guest, Ben Colton.
22 min
Practical ESG with Lawrence Heim
Tom Fox and his special guest, Lawrence Heim, take an insightful journey into the principles and practice of ESG in this week’s show.
24 min
Why Compliance Should Lead the Corporate ESG Ef...
In this episode of the ESG Report, Tom Fox and Kristy Grant-Hart discuss the role of compliance in leading the ESG initiative within a corporation.
23 min
Data Privacy and ESG with Dan Frechtling
Tom’s guest in this episode of the ESG Report is Dan Frechtling of Boltive, a company that helps keep the Internet safe from invasive media and enforces data privacy.
20 min
Jared Connors Looks Into 2023
In this episode of the ESG Report, Tom Fox and Jared Connors discuss why product liability, previously viewed as a negative for sustainability, is now viewed as a positive.
27 min
Assent Webinar on the ESG Regulatory Year in Re...
Today, I repost an Assent webinar, looking back at ESG issues in 2022 and ahead into 2023.
45 min
Simplifying ESG with Mandi McReynolds
In this conversation, Mandi McReynolds and Tom Fox talk about Workiva's role in ESG compliance.
22 min
Legal Contracts for ESG with Sarah Dadush and D...
Tom Fox welcomes Sarah Dadush and David Snyder to this episode of the ESG Report.
40 min
The Role of Digital Solutions for ESG with Page...
In this conversation, Page and Tom talk about sustainability, and the ways Dell oversees it, as well as where sustainability may go in the future.
27 min
Attributes of ESG Reporting with Doug Hileman
In this conversation, Doug Hileman and Tom Fox talk about his experience in the environmental and compliance industries, highlighting the increasing complexity of the environment and legal landscape.
26 min
Using Data in Climate Accounting with Ted Dhillon
In this conversation, Ted Dhillon and Tom talk about the ways FigBytes helps other companies do data analytics around ESG, the financial impact of ESG, and water stewardship.
26 min
How Sustainability Impacts Culture with Fariyal...
Fariyal Khanbabi joins Tom Fox to talk about Dialight Group's product and services, as well as her thoughts on ESG.
18 min
Responsible Minerals, Supply Chain and ESG with...
Jared Connors and Daniel Zamora join Tom Fox in this episode of the ESG Report, to discuss how market expectations have evolved with regards to due diligence in the responsible sourcing field.
13 min
Supply Chain & ESG: Scope 3 Emissions Reporting...
In this episode of the ESG Report,Tom Fox is joined by Devin O’Herron and Jared Connors of Assent to discuss Scope 3 emissions reporting as the key to disclosure success.
13 min