The ESG Report

ESG has exploded into compliance and business consciousness in 2021. What will be the role of corp compliance in ESG? How should you design, create and implement a best practices ESG program? Join Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance, to learn the answers to these questions and many more in this new podcast series which will shine a light on the sustainability risks, opportunities and issues that business leaders and compliance professionals need to know about regarding ESG.

Business News
Supply Chain and ESG in the Baltics with Jonath...
Jonathan Armstrong, Partner at Cordery Compliance, joins Tom Fox on this episode of the ESG Report to discuss important supply chain issues in the EU and Baltic regions.
13 min
An ESG Framework with Stephen Martin
Tom Fox is pleased to welcome Stephen Martin, Partner at StoneTurn, to this week’s episode of the ESG Report.
20 min
Supply and ESG in the EU with Yven Heine
Yven Heine, Managing Director of StoneTurn, joins Tom Fox on this episode of the ESG Report to discuss a new German law on supply chain that has significant implications for ESG.
13 min
ESG: Evolving Boardroom Challenges with Lisa Si...
Lisa Silverman on ESG: Evolving Boardroom Challenges
35 min
Diligent ESG - Business Information Platform fo...
Matt DiGuiseppe, Vice President of Research and ESG at Diligent, joins Tom to discuss the changes in the ESG over the last few years and the new tools and technologies that are helping companies implement effective programs.
28 min
Governance, Reporting and Compliance in ESG
In this episode, Tom Fox considers why Compliance Professionals should be leading the way when it comes to ESG initiatives - they’re uniquely suited to doing it!
18 min
The SEC and ESG with Karen Woody
Tom Fox welcomes Karen Woody, Assistant Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University and “uber SEC watcher”, to this week’s episode of the ESG Report.
16 min
The Fight Against Human Trafficking and the 'S'...
Gwen Hassan has been championing the fight against human trafficking for quite some time. In this week’s show, Tom and Gwen discuss why fighting human trafficking is a compliance issue, and where it fits in ESG.
15 min
How Are You Managing ESG Risk? - with Laura Tul...
Laura Tulchin, ESG Solutions Lead at Exiger, joins Tom in this episode of the ESG Report to talk about doing ESG right by managing risk and value generation.
26 min
ESG For the Long Term with Lawrence Heim
Lawrence Heim, the editor of, joins to Tom discuss how legal work led to a passion for ESG, and the HBR paper that changed his whole way of thinking.
25 min
ESG: Opportunities and Risks Part 2
Trysha Daskam is back for part 2 of The ESG Report. In this episode, she and Tom Fox are discussing what investors are looking for regarding ESG, the rise of ESG products, and making your ESG policy actionable and regulator-friendly.
25 min
ESG: Opportunities and Risk
ESG has exploded into compliance and business consciousness in 2021, so as a compliance industry professional, you need to be up to date.
17 min