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Everybody Plays the Fool
A wide variety of music, connected by a different theme each week. LIVE Mondays at 9PM EST on Radio Free Brooklyn. It may be factual, may be cruel!
Ep. 142: Spring
Songs inspired by Spring!
59 min
Ep. 141: Hotels
Songs about hotels, motels, and of course... Holiday Inns.
58 min
Ep. 140: Candy
Songs about candy!
61 min
Ep. 139: Money
Cash rules everything around me...
52 min
Ep. 138: Australia
Songs from Australian bands, with special guest Nicolle Bradford!
59 min
Ep. 137: Fools (pt. 2)
You fools! It's another episode full of songs about fools.
58 min
Ep. 136: Grandparents
Songs about grandmas, grandpas, grannies, and grandparents of all kinds.
59 min
Ep. 135: "Irish" names
Artists with "Mac" "Mc" or "O'" in their names.
62 min
Ep. 134: Nat King Cole
In honor of Nat "King" Cole's 100th birthday, this episode features lots of songs with Nat either...
60 min
Ep. 133: Chicago
Songs about Chicago, from Chicago, and by Chicago.
59 min
Ep. 132: Dungeons & Dragons
Songs related to D&D, plus conversation w/ Eryn Levine!
60 min
Ep. 131: Smokey Robinson
People say he's the life of the party... it's EPtF's tribute to the legendary Smokey Robinson! Th...
29 min
Ep. 130: ALIENS!
Songs about aliens.
62 min
Ep. 129: Cold Weather
63 min
Ep. 128: Muppets
It's the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational episode of EPtF ever!
59 min
Ep. 127: Amphibians
This week's EPtF is all about amphibians, so you'll hear songs about/featuring frogs, toads, and ...
58 min
Ep. 126: Allen Toussaint
Tribute to the legendary songwriter/arranger/singer/producer Allen Toussaint.
58 min
Ep. 125: Countdown to 2019!
We ring in the new year with a countdown from "10cc" to "One," with a mix of pop, hip-hop, countr...
60 min
Ep. 124: Songs of 2018
Songs that came out in 2018.
62 min
Ep. 123: Travel
We're taking the show on the road! Songs about travel.
58 min
Ep. 122: Insects
Buzz buzz buzz buzzzzzzzzzzzz.
57 min
Ep. 121: Bartenders
They're quick with a joke, or to light up your smoke, but there's someplace that they'd rather be...
57 min
Ep. 120: Thanksgiving
We're getting in the holiday spirit with lots and lots of "thank you" songs!
58 min
Ep. 119: Songs about Songwriting
This week's show is full of songs about writing songs.
57 min
Ep. 118: Questions (part 2)
Another episode of songs that ask questions.
61 min
Ep. 117: Opera vs. Pop
Songs that use melodies from famous operas.
59 min
Ep. 116: Reptiles
Thissss week'ssss epissssode issss all about reptiles!
58 min
Ep. 115: Baseball Teams
Songs and artists that contain MLB team names.
60 min
Columbus Day Special: PIRATES!
Yarrr. In celebration of the worst holiday of the year, it's a special re-broadcast of a classic ...
59 min
Ep. 114: Classical vs. Pop
Lots of songs influenced by classical music.
62 min
Ep. 113: David Byrne
David Byrne: solo, Talking Heads, covers, and collaborations.
61 min
Ep. 112: Back to School
This week, we celebrate the three Rs: Rock, Roll, and Rinternet Radio! Special thanks to Rosie...
59 min
Ep. 111: Jacksons
Michael, Janet, Milt, Freddie, Ms. Jackson (sorry!), Ice Cube, Wanda, and... Cannery?
61 min
Ep. 110: Aretha Franklin
EPtF pays tribute to Aretha with some of our favorite recordings of hers from throughout her career.
58 min
Ep. 109: Wine
Songs about WINE!
61 min
Ep. 108: Goin' Country
Country songs from non-country artists.
60 min
Ep. 107: Poetry
Songs based on poems, plus special guest Rosie Misdairy (host of RFB's "Brooklyn Conversation").
58 min
Ep. 106: Tongues
This week, we're talking about oral surgery and playing songs about tongues and mouths! I guess t...
59 min
Ep. 105: All-Star Bands
Hey now, you're an all-star band.
58 min
Ep. 104: Robots
Resistance is futile, you must listen to this episode featuring music about robots.
59 min
Ep. 103: Shoes
Songs about shoes!
59 min
Ep. 101: Pessimism
The glass is half empty, the worst is yet to come, and it'll probably rain. We're giving in to th...
59 min
Ep. 99: The Best!
Nothing's gonna ever keep you down, because this week's EPtF is a look back at THE BEST of the la...
59 min
Ep. 98: Shakespeare
'Tis true, ev'rybody playeth the fool. This week's episode features songs that reference Shakespe...
57 min
Ep. 97: 1976
This week we travel back in time to celebrate the year of love hangovers, Kiki Dee's overalls, di...
55 min
Ep. 96: Trains
I think I can, I think I can play a bunch of songs about trains. [Everybody Plays the Fool ai...
58 min
Ep. 95: Birds
EPtF celebrates International Migratory Bird Day with a bunch of songs about birds, songs with bi...
54 min
Ep. 94: Duke Ellington
This week's episode celebrates the king of all, Sir Duke, with songs written or performed by Duke...
59 min
Ep. 93: Trees
Happy Arbor Day! This one's for all the arborists, tree surgeons, arboriculturists, and especial...
58 min
Ep. 92: Rain
April showers bring another episode of EPtF, with lots of songs about rain. [Everybody Plays t...
58 min
Ep. 91: Siblings
Songs about brothers, songs about sisters, and songs about brothers AND sisters... plus, we talk ...
61 min
Ep. 90: Beer
In celebration of National Beer Day (like we need the excuse), this week's show is all songs abou...
56 min
Ep. 89: Fools
You fool! We're celebrating April Fools' Day with songs about fools.
58 min
Ep. 88: Moving
Recorded after a long day of moving to a new apartment, this week's episode is all about moving o...
58 min
Ep. 87: Happy Birthday to Me
This week's show is very personal... it features songs that had some significance in my life, esp...
58 min
Ep. 86: 1986
This week we're going back to the time of of Top Gun, NES, Tom Selleck, and "That's What Friends ...
56 min
Ep. 85: Oscar-Winning Songs
Songs that have won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.
54 min
Ep. 84: Firsts
we're number one! we're number one!
57 min
Ep. 83: the Electric Bass Guitar
We're all about that bass: some of the best bassists of all time, plus discussion w/ John Montagna!
57 min
Ep. 82: Love
Love, exciting and new...
58 min
Ep. 81: Motorcycles
Songs about motorcycles! Vroom!
58 min
Ep. 80: Bruce Springsteen
This week's show is a tribute to the Boss. TWO, THREE, FOUR!
60 min
Ep. 79: Winter Jazzfest 2018
We're celebrating the excellent NYC Winter Jazzfest with an episode featuring artists playing the...
60 min
Ep 78: Songs from 2017
Favorite songs from 2017.
48 min
Ep. 77: Bobby Keys
Tribute to the late great saxophonist Bobby Keys.
63 min
Ep. 76: Tom Waits
Step right up, step right up,
57 min
Ep. 75: Booze
Blame it on the goose, these songs are all about booze.
60 min
Ep. 74: Video Games
It's-a me, Everybody Plays the Fool! This week: songs about video games.
58 min
Ep. 73: Cooking
Songs about making food, with special guest Amanda from Reciprocity Radio!
58 min
Ep. 72: Winter Clothes
Button up your overcoat, and get ready for songs about jackets, coats, snowsuits, and sweaters.
58 min
Ep. 71: Weed
Relax and roll up a jazz cigarette, as we listen to songs about marijuana.
58 min
Ep. 70: Evil
Mwahahahahaha! [Everybody Plays the Fool airs live every Monday night at 9PM EST on radiofreebro...
59 min
Ep. 69: New England
Songs about New England.
56 min
Ep. 68: Stevie Wonder
This week's all about the great Stevie Wonder, with a mix of songs he recorded, songs he wrote fo...
64 min
Ep. 67: Old Media
This week is all about Old Media, as we hear songs about tapes, 8-tracks, and even victrolas, plu...
58 min
Ep. 66: Science!
Continuing the school theme from last week, Ep 66 is all songs about science!
58 min
Ep. 65: Books
This week, we celebrate the Fall and the start of a new school year with songs about books! We've...
59 min
Ep. 64: Canada
Songs by Canadians, and songs about Canada.
60 min
Ep. 63: French
Tout le monde jeue le fou!
54 min
Ep. 61: Disco
This week is all about DISCO. Along with special guest Mike Joseph (host of The Jheri Curl Chroni...
59 min
Ep. 62: Summer Vacation
Summer vacation time! This episode is all songs about summer... and vacations. So sit back in you...
59 min
Ep. 60: Rumors & Gossip
Did you hear what people are saying about the scandalous new episode of EPtF? It's all songs abou...
59 min
Ep 59: Bernard Purdie
This week, EPtF celebrates one of the greatest drummers of all time... Bernard "Pretty" Purdie! ...
59 min
Ep 58: Pedal Steel Guitar
This week's episode celebrates the iconic, emotive, versatile, and perhaps under-appreciated musi...
59 min
Ep 57: Outer Space
Now that our road trip across the US is finished, it's time to blast off into outer space with th...
59 min
Ep 56: California
The EPtF road trip across the US fulfills its manifest destiny, with songs about California. [E...
57 min
Ep. 55: Las Vegas
Week 5 of the EPtF road trip across the US brings us to fabulous Las Vegas! Lots of songs about ...
59 min
Ep. 54: Austin, TX
This week, the Everybody Plays the Fool road trip across the US takes us to Austin, TX. Hear som...
58 min
Ep. 53: Georgia
Week 3 of the EPtF Summer road trip across the US brings us to the state of Georgia. All the son...
57 min
Ep. 52: North Carolina
This week, EPtF's road trip across the US takes us to the state of North Carolina, home of Ryan A...
59 min
Ep. 51: Philadelphia
Everybody Plays the Fool kicks off our road trip across the US with a stop in the legendary music...
59 min
Everybody Plays the Fool, 50th Episode!
To celebrate the 50th episode of Everybody Plays the Fool, Shane and his friends get together and...
57 min
Ep 49: The Best!
The best episode of EPtF ever... Shane and guest Rommel Wood (host of Ear Hammer on RFB) discuss...
58 min
Ep 48: Favorites from Season 4
This week we re-visit some of the best songs from the past season, in celebration of the brand ne...
59 min
Ep. 47: One-Person Bands
This week's EPtF is dedicated to all the super-talented multi-instrumentalists who leave their ba...
61 min
Ep. 46: Tribute to Cuba Gooding and Prince
This week we give a tribute to Cuba Gooding (RIP) and the Main Ingredient, whose song inspired th...
58 min
Ep. 45: Comebacks
This week, EPtF celebrates Easter, Spring, renewal, and second chances. Featuring songs about co...
59 min
Ep. 44: Parks
This week's EPtF is a tribute to those dots of green in the urban landscape: city parks. Songs a...
59 min
Ep. 43: Baseball (pt. 2)
We're celebrating the start of the 2017 baseball season with... more songs about baseball! In a s...
60 min
Ep. 42: The Bee Gees
This week, EPtF salutes The Bee Gees with a selection of original recordings, covers, and songs t...
61 min
Ep. 41: Quincy Jones
To celebrate Quincy's 84th birthday (which happens to be my birthday as well), this episode of EP...
52 min
Ep. 40: Surprising Originals
This week's EPtF digs into the original recordings of songs that later became big hits for other ...
57 min
Ep. 39: Surprising Covers (Part 2)
A theme so good, it needed a sequel! In part 2 of "Surprising Covers," we hear newer versions of...
59 min
Ep. 38: Surprising Covers
This week is all covers! Interesting, weird, and surprising cover versions of well-known songs p...
59 min
Ep. 37: Dolly Parton
This week's EPtF is a tribute to the great Dolly Parton, featuring recordings from throughout Dol...
58 min
Ep. 36: Delayed Gratification
Wait for it... this week's episode of EPtF is all about delayed gratification: artists who found ...
59 min
Guest Ep: "Replacements" with host Mike Joseph
This week, guest host Mike Joseph (host of RFB's "Jheri Curl Chronicles," popblerd.com) brings yo...
59 min
Ep. 35: MLK Day
This week's EPtF features music about the Martin Luther King Jr Day holiday, and music associated...
57 min
Ep. 34: Junk Food
To celebrate the imminent demise of your new year's resolution to eat healthy... this week's show...
60 min
Ep. 33: Beginnings
For the first EPtF of 2017, we're playing all music about starting over, new days, and beginnings...
58 min
Ep. 32: Countdown
In the last EPtF of 2016, we countdown from "10" to "1," with music from Bruce Springsteen, Harry...
57 min
Ep. 31: Christmas
Christmas music from Ella Fitzgerald, Arlo Guthrie, Sufjan Stevens, and much more. A mix of Chri...
58 min
Ep. 30: Optimism!
As we look back on the (pretty terrible) year of 2016, this week's episode of EPtF focuses on the...
55 min
Ep. 29: Tribute to Bob Cranshaw
This week's episode is a tribute to the late, great Bob Cranshaw. Bob played bass on tons of cla...
54 min
Ep. 28: Happy Birthday, Randy Newman!
This week's episode of EPtF is a celebration of the great Randy Newman, featuring some of my favo...
54 min
Ep. 27: Secrets
Mysterious music, secret codes, hidden messages, conspiracy theories, and more! Music from MF Do...
58 min
Ep. 26: Leftovers
To celebrate EPtF's new night, and the new season of Radio Free Brooklyn, this week's episode fea...
59 min
Ep. 25: Bad Presidents
Songs protesting bad US presidents of the past.
60 min
Ep. 24: Questions
To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of "Music Trivia with Shane and Ruth" (facebook.com/musictrivian...
57 min
Ep. 23: Halloween
Spooky scary music from Sufjan Stevens, Rihanna, Apollo Sunshine, Gnarls Barkley, The Specials, a...
58 min
Ep. 22: Yacht Rock
This week's EPtF invites you to don your captain's hat and set sail on the smooth, smooth waters ...
60 min
Ep. 21: Guilty Pleasures
Featuring special guest Mike Joseph (Pop Blerd Radio)! We talk a lot about liking songs and arti...
59 min
Ep. 20: Pirates
To celebrate Columbus Day weekend, this week's show is full of songs about thievery, murder, dece...
59 min
Ep. 19: Happy Birthday Ruth!
A whole show dedicated to one very special listener... my wife Ruth. Happy Birthday!
59 min
Ep. 18: Comic Books
Kapow! Zap! Bamf! Holy onomatopoeias, Batman... EPtF Episode 18 is all about comic books! We've g...
59 min
Ep. 17: Being On Time
In honor of everyone going back to school this Fall, this week's show is full of songs about runn...
60 min
Ep. 16: Football
Are you ready for some football... music? We're sifting through the (mostly terrible) music that...
58 min
Ep. 15: Work
This episode celebrates Labor Day by covering the whole gamut of attitudes about work, from "I lo...
60 min
Ep. 14: Telephone
Hello, operator? Put me through to this week's episode of EPtF, which is all about that marvel o...
61 min
Ep. 13: 1996
In celebration of Shane's 20 years of concert-going, this episode of EPtF is all about the year 1...
58 min
Ep. 12: Songs About Bands
In this episode of EPtF, we hear songs that reference other bands or artists, ranging from songs ...
59 min
Ep. 11: Baked Goods
This episode of EPtF is all about baked goods, in celebration of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!
58 min
Guest Ep: with hosts Rommel and Brock
Guest DJs Rommel and Brock each play an all-vinyl set! Also, check out Rommel's show Ear Hammer ...
59 min
Ep. 10: "Cats"
This episode is all about cats! Songs by cats, about cats, and even music FOR cats.
59 min
Ep. 9: "Baseball"
This episode is all about music and baseball. We play songs about the game, songs about baseball...
59 min
Ep. 8: "The Beatles (All Together Now)"
The second of EPtF's back-to-back Beatles-themed shows! In this episode, we're getting the band ...
59 min
Ep. 7: "Solo Beatles"
This week's episode is all about John, Paul, George, and Ringo and their solo work, collaboration...
59 min
Ep. 6: "Memory"
This episode of EPtF is all about looking back, remembering, reminiscing, and nostalgia. Songs a...
59 min
Ep. 5: "Introductions"
EPtF Episode 5 is all about song introductions, including the classic Motown track that has the b...
58 min
Ep. 4: "Source Materials"
This week's theme is "source materials," so we're listening to songs that were used as samples fo...
59 min
Ep. 3: "The Magic Number"
The third episode of EPtF is a celebration of the number 3! Lots of songs in triplet meter ("wal...
59 min
Ep. 2: "New York, New York!"
Every week on EPtF, we play a variety of songs around a particular theme. Episode 2's theme is N...
59 min
Ep. 1: "Radio"
The very first episode of Everybody Plays the Fool! EPtF covers a different topic every week, wi...
59 min