The Engine Room of Democracy

America has an unusual history. It did not begin with ethnic homogeneity or a long, shared cultural history. It began as a set of ideals enshrined in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In “The Engine Room of Democracy,” CSIS President and CEO John J. Hamre discusses with former government officials and policymakers how the fundamental ideals in our constitutional democracy are applied every day and why these ideals should remain the bedrock of our society.

Nurturing a Professional Judiciary
Dana Chipman, former judge advocate of the U.S. Army, discusses the role of the Judicial Center and how America supports and nurtures a professional judiciary.
28 min
Checks and Balances: The Role of Auditors and I...
Gene Dodaro, comptroller general of the U.S. government, discusses the critical role of independent oversight as a foundation for rule of law.
39 min
Executive-Legislative Relations: The Tension an...
Dr. Hamre and Sean O’Keefe discuss the tension between Congress and the executive branch and the imperative for collaboration.
36 min
Government Truthfulness as a Foundation for Rul...
In this session, host John Hamre and John Kirby discuss the importance of public communications as a foundation for credibility of government action, explaining how public communications reinforces rule of law.
41 min
Dynamics of Lawful Warfare in Alliances
General Vincent Brooks and host John Hamre take us into the operational and legal issues of leading an alliance.
39 min
Legitimacy and Credibility of the American Judi...
Elizabeth Rindskopf-Parker and host John Hamre delve into the American judiciary. They discuss how it retains legitimacy when courts are constantly dealing with conflict—picking winners and losers.
38 min
The Critical Role of Independent Agencies, and ...
Dr. Richard Meserve, former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, explains the unique role that independent agencies play in the governance landscape of America.
35 min
The Critical Role of Law in Diplomacy and Forei...
In this session, host John Hamre and John Bellinger discuss the way rule of law is embedded in diplomacy and foreign policy.
37 min
Lawful Action on the Battlefront
In this episode, host John Hamre invites Major General John Ewers to discuss how the rule of law is observed on the battlefield.
33 min
Balancing Electronic Intelligence with Democrat...
Glenn Gerstell, former general counsel for the NSA, discusses how the United States undertakes sophisticated intelligence collection while staying consistent with a constitutional obligation to protect the privacy of American citizens.
37 min
How Military Forces Operate in Lawful Internati...
Michelle Howard, former vice chief of naval operations, describes confronting and eliminating pirates operating in the Gulf of Aden during one of her professional assignments leading Combined Task Force 151.
33 min
How Democracies Manage and Control Military Forces
In this session, Jim Dubik, a retired three-star officer from the U.S. Army, discusses the critical question of how democracies control military establishments.
41 min
How Democracies Go to War
28 min
Managing Policing and Justice in America
In this session, Jamie Gorelick discusses the complex and dynamic relationship that binds police, prosecutors, and courts.
37 min
Rule OF Law vs. Rule BY Law: How the U.S. Const...
In this first episode, host John J. Hamre speaks with Suzanne Spaulding (CSIS) about how established institutions and procedures keep government agencies accountable to its citizens.
33 min