Expert Insights on COVID-19 with Else...

In this podcast series brought to you by Elsevier, experts share their invaluable insights into the mode of transmission and pathophysiology of the COVID-19 virus. As well as how medical informatics and telemedicine are used to manage the pandemic, and best practices in emergency nursing crisis preparedness.

The Path to a Timely, Safe and Effective COVID-...
The work being done to fast-track COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates
18 min
Empowering the Healthcare Team: A Path for Res...
The impact of COVID-19 on front-line clinicians, plus tools and tips for our own mental health
32 min
Treatment Options for COVID-19
Overview of Existing Therapeutic Agents and Supportive Care Measures
24 min
Pulmonary Aspects of COVID-19 Disease
Clinical Course, Ventilation and Related Issues
23 min
Biomedical Ethics During COVID-19 Pandemic, Part 2
Triaging Care, Allocation of Equipment, and Protecting the Providers
20 min
Biomedical Ethics During COVID-19 Pandemic, Part 1
Supporting Patients and Families in Times of Crisis
13 min
Medical Informatics and COVID-19
Role and Utility of Hospital Digital Resources and Telemedicine in Managing the Pandemic
20 min
COVID-19 and Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Nursing Best Practices and Standards of Patient Care
31 min
SARS-CoV-2 Infection
Transmissibility, Pathophysiology and Treatment
17 min