From the Editor's Desk

Tom Fox is the Voice of Compliance. Dave Lefort is the Editor-in-Chief at Compliance Week, one of the premier compliance focused publications and websites around. Tom and Dave are both sports mavens and love to compare notes on their hometown teams. In this bi-monthly podcast, Tom and Dave visit about some of the top stories that have or will appear in Compliance Week each month, a special appearance by a columnist, reporter or author and check in on the sports topic de jour.

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August in Compliance Week
Check out some of the top stories from Compliance Week in August.
45 min
July in Compliance Week
Dave Lefort and Tom Fox review some of the top stories from July in Compliance Week along with special guest Aaron Nicodemus.
45 min
June in Compliance Week
Tom Fox and Dave Lefort are back to look at some of the top stories on Compliance Week in June.
45 min
June 4, CW 2021 Conference and VW Monitorship
Welcome to the inaugural episode of From the Editor's Desk
39 min