EDHRECast is your resource for the most popular Magic: The Gathering gameplay format - Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH); widely known as Commander. Made by the community for the community, EDHRECast is hosted by three well-seasoned MTG players, Joey Schultz, Matt Morgan, and Dana Roach. Each week they dive into the latest news and changes to the Commander format and breakdown the meta so that you can play your deck with confidence.

Building off the articles found at EDHREC.com the team is here to use data-driven recommendations and analysis to help you make each and every one of your cards work for you. Whether you’re on a budget and still trying to get the most of our your builds, or if you’re trying to get a leg up with the best card combos, or you’re looking to figure out the best early, mid, and late game strategies, we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest information so that you’ll be the Commander of your local scene.

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Biggest Set Popularity Surges in Commander | ED...
These sets hit the ground running! Which sets had an immediate impact upon Commander as soon as they were released, and why? Want access to the Challenge the Stats spreadsheet, EDHRECast Discord, and more? Support the cast on Patreon! Follow the cast...
50 min
Dana's Signature Style | EDHREC Room
Our resident hipster brewer reveals his inside-out approach to building new decks! Check out Dana's decklists! Reki: Vela: Djeru: Glissa:  
20 min
The Kaldheim Avalanche | EDHRECast 152
Kaldheim data has built up, so much that it's starting to overwhelm! This week we're taking a look at Kaldheim's most popular standouts, while discussing the set's potential ability to bury or overshadow its own most interesting card designs. Want...
65 min
Joey's Signature Style | EDHREC Room
Joey "As a Necromancer Himself" Schultz digs up grave secrets about reanimator decks! Check out Joey's decklists! Syr Konrad:   Meren:   Mimeoplasm:  
17 min
Domino Deckbuilding | EDHRECast 151
Sometimes, adding one card isn't just adding ONE card. We're diving into the cards whose inclusion will cause ripple effects on your entire Commander deck! Want access to the Challenge the Stats spreadsheet, EDHRECast Discord, and more? Support the...
48 min
Matt's Signature Style | EDHREC Room
Our resident aggro player Matt Morgan discusses his favorite things about his signature Commander strategy! He reveals some of his most-loved cards, fun tricks, and important lessons learned. Check out Matt's Decklists! Mirri: Valduk:   Omnath:...
16 min
It's Time to D-D-D-Dual Land! | EDHRECast 150
Shock lands, check lands, filter lands, pain lands, fetch lands, cycling lands, horizon lands - there are dozens upon dozens of dual lands available in Commander... so how do you choose which ones to use!? Want access to the Challenge the Stats...
56 min
Tribal Deck Fundamentals | EDHRECast 149
Kaldheim, Zendikar, and even Commander Legends have reinvigorated tribal decks, and made a few even more powerful! This week we're going in-depth on popular tribes and the unique tricks that make each of them work so well! Want access to the Challenge...
55 min
Power Creep by the Numbers | EDHRECast 148
How many cards does an average Commander deck play from the year 1993? Or from the year 2006? Or from 2001? Now, how about 2020? This week, we're looking at the data behind the power creep! Want access to the Challenge the Stats spreadsheet, EDHRECast...
56 min
The Legend Explosion | EDHRECast 147
The number of legends has absolutely exploded in recent years, causing a huge surge of legendary cards not just for the command zone, but for the 99, too! This week's cast tackles the numbers behind all those new legends, and most importantly, how...
45 min
Commander Ratios: Card Type Imbalance | EDHRECa...
Tons of artifacts, but no enchantments? Lots of spells, but no planeswalkers? Today we're looking at the data to discover the commanders whose card type distribution is WAY off-balance, and how those ratios can affect your strategy! Want access to the...
49 min
Snow | EDHREC Room
Kaldheim has brought with it a huge number of new snow effects, and only one card that punishes snow lands. The fellas sit down in the REC Room to discuss the ramifications this design choice will have on EDH. Support the cast on Patreon! Follow the...
19 min
Endurance vs Explosiveness ft. Chase @ManaCurve...
Lots of Commander decks use cards that help increase their staying power... but sometimes you just wanna ka-boom the battlefield! This week the cast is joined by the marvelous Chase @ManaCurves to discuss her favorite ways to prepare for the One...
59 min
Commander Color Breakdown (AKA You're Wrong Abo...
Which color is actually the most popular in Commander? You may think you know, but we've run the data and we're excited to share the truth behind Magic's most popular guilds! Want access to the Challenge the Stats spreadsheet, EDHRECast Discord, and...
49 min
2021 Commander Data Update | EDHRECast 143
2021 is here, and what better way to start off the year than with a data update? Where is commander after 2020, and what trends have shaped it over the past several years? Let's take a look! Want access to our Challenge the Stats spreadhseet,...
50 min
Was the Year of Commander a Success? 2020 Revie...
2020 nears its end! We're honored to be joined by CAG member Olivia Gobert-Hicks to help us tackle the timeline of this insane year, figure out the landscape of Magic and Commander after the craziness of 2020, and answer the year's most important...
69 min
Commander Legends Data Dive | EDHRECast 141
Commander Legends has introduced a metric TON of new EDH goodies! Let's take a look at where the date is trending! https://edhrec.com/sets/cmr
64 min
The Lowest Mana Curves in Commander | EDHRECast...
They don't cast huge spells, but they still pack a huge punch! This week the fellas dive into the data to bring you the commanders whose decks have the all-time lowest mana curves in all of EDH!
52 min
The Highest Mana Curves in Commander | EDHRECas...
Big, splashy, huge, and smashy! This week we're climbing data mountain to discover the highest peaks possible: the commanders with the highest mana curves in ALL of EDH!
50 min
Will the New Monarch Cards Change EDH? | EDHREC...
Commander Legends delivered a whole new batch of monarchy cards for Commander, but how good are they? Is the monarchy about to show up in way more Commander games, or will it remain more niche? Let's look at the data and find out how the monarchy will...
60 min
Popular Cards BANNED In Other Formats | EDHRECa...
So good they were BANNED... in other formats! Today we're looking through the most popular Commander cards that aren't legal in formats like Standard, Modern, and Legacy, to see how their power level translates to EDH!
63 min
Partners: A Guide to Playing 2 Commanders | EDH...
Two commanders means twice the fun! This week we're providing a how-to guide for players looking to build a Partner deck for the first time, and the most important lessons (and cards!) to keep in mind when building around not one legendary creature,...
50 min
Most Color-Balanced Commanders | EDHRECast 135
Last week we discussed commanders with huge color skews, but this week it's all about BALANCE! We're sorting through the decks, strategies, and archetypes with the most well-balanced color distributions in the entire Commander format!
61 min
Most Color-Imbalanced Decks | EDHRECast 134
It's *technically* a two-color deck... but there are 60 green cards and only 5 red cards! This week we're sorting through the decks, strategies, and archetypes with the biggest color-skews in the entire Commander format!
54 min
Most Popular Zendi-Cards | EDHRECast 133
Zendikar has made an enormous splash in the world of Commander. Today we're looking through the most popular Zendi-cards in the EDH format to see where the numbers for these awesome cards have land-fallen!
71 min
Late Bloomer Commanders | EDHRECast 132
These commanders flew under the radar, but spiked in popularity much later in their lifetimes! Join us as we dive into the data for these late bloomer commanders and what may have caused them to reach the popularity they deserve!
53 min
Scale - The Power of Multiplayer | EDHRECast 131
Multiplayer Magic can be daunting... except when you use cards that take advantage of having multiple opponents! In this episode, we talk about cards that scale well to the increased size of the game, cards that scale poorly, and the cards that go...
52 min
Secret Lair - The Walking Dead | EDHREC Room
So this Secret Lair thing happened, and it seems to have gone about as well as an actual zombie apocalypse.... 
25 min
Landfall Guys | EDHRECast 130
Let the land fall! Join us for an exploration of Landfall decks and their most common win conditions, and how the newest Landfall legends from Zendikar Rising fit into EDH!
67 min
How to Evaluate Modal Cards | EDHRECast 129
Zendikar Rising has introduced new modal double-faced cards... but how do we figure out whether they're good in EDH? This week, we look at the lessons learned from Charms, Confluences, Commands, and more, and figure out how to apply them to the new...
67 min
Threat Assessment | EDHRECast 128
Who's the threat? What's the most dangerous card on the battlefield? Is someone about to combo off? This week we're talking threat assessment, and the different lenses and philosophies we use to help find out who or what to target, and how!
57 min
Top 10 Combo-Tastic Commanders | EDHRECast 127
We've measured the most popular combos in EDH, but which commanders are most likely to USE them? Which commanders almost always use a combo during the game? The data is finally in, so let's take a look at the most combo-tastic decks in the format!
48 min
Trap Cards and Nonbos | EDHRECast 126
In the words of Admiral Ackbar, IT'S A TRAP! These cards *look* like they'll help you out, but may actually produce negative synergies instead of positive ones! This week the cast is treading carefully through the perilous temples of doom to uncover...
53 min
Power Levels | EDHREC Room
CommandFests 1 and 2 have used a power level scale to align player interests during games... but how effective has it been? The data is in, so let's take a look!
27 min
The Most Popular Combos in EDH | EDHRECast 125
C-C-C-Combo!!! EDHREC is debuting a brand new feature to help players identify and execute fantastic combos in their decks, so now it's time to measure the most popular combos in the Commander format! Check the feature out at
50 min
The Commanders People Stopped Building | EDHREC...
These commanders started strong, but fell hard. This week on the cast, it's time to look at the commanders whose popularity plateaued. Why do some commanders lose player interest? What causes a player to take a deck apart? Are there any commanders...
69 min
The Saltiest Cards in EDH w/ Shivam Bhatt! | ED...
Today the cast is joined by CAG member Shivam Bhatt to discuss the most hated cards in Commander! How does the old Salt List compare to the new? Which commanders are the most salt-inducing? Let's get to it! Check out the top 100 saltiest cards here:...
62 min
The Most Versatile Commanders in EDH | EDHRECas...
Some commanders do one thing, and do it well... but others have dozens of potential build paths! This week, we're breaking down the data to find the most versatile commander in each color combination!
52 min
Start Your Engines! | EDHRECast 121
Start your engines! Which cards propel a deck forward, and which cards help them cross the finish line? Some cards might be an engine in one deck, but the win condition in another! We are polling for new Salt Scores! Share your opinion about the most...
56 min
The Math Behind Mill | EDHRECast 120
How viable is the Mill strategy in EDH? What are its biggest hurdles and greatest strengths? Today the guys dive into the intricate numbers surrounding the Mill archetype. How many turns does it take to mill someone out? How many Petitioners does it...
46 min
Let's Jump into Jumpstart! | EDHRECast 119:
From reprints to new cards to new commanders, Jumpstart is proving to be a powerhouse of a set. Today the cast takes a look at the new cards to find where they'll fall in the EDH format, and discusses their favorite interactions from this exciting new...
65 min
Is Core 2021 the Best Core Set Ever? | EDHRECas...
Core 2021 is here, and in Joey's own words, it's a ding-dang doozy! Time to see which new cards will have the biggest impact on the EDH format!  Follow the cast on Twitter: @EDHRECast @JosephMSchultz @danaroach @mathimus55
82 min
Setup and Payoff: Your Deck's Synergy Ratio | E...
"Synergy" is a very nebulous term, so this week the cast dives into the finer points of the deckbuilding template to examine how many card slots a deck tends to devote to its multi-part strategy. How many cards in your deck should help enable the deck...
61 min
Commander Death Rules Change & CommandFest Onli...
The Commander rules have changed! Commanders now trigger death abilities, and the cast is excited to discuss the commanders (and cards in the 99) that may be most impacted by this change, as well as briefly recapping their experiences with CFB's...
50 min
Overshadowed Commanders | EDHRECast 115
Some commanders just haven't gotten their proper time in the limelight. Today the cast dives into the myriad ways that legends get overlooked, and pick some of their favorite commanders whose popularity may be low, but whose power level is very high...
47 min
The Most Common Expensive Commander Decks | EDH...
EDHREC has compiled the data for the most common high-roller commanders, and now we're reviewing the results. Which commanders are built most often with a high budget, and which strategies tend to hover around the highest price threshold? Our...
44 min
The Most Common Budget Commander Decks | EDHREC...
EDHREC has compiled the data for the most common commanders built on a budget, and it's time to review the results! Which commanders are built most often at a low price? More importantly, which STRATEGIES tend to be the most budget-friendly? Let's...
50 min
Power Creep | EDHREC Room
2019 and 2020 have both seen an increase in the power level of Magic cards... but also an increase in the number of bans across all formats. The fellas gather in the REC Room for a casual discussion about their thoughts and concerns about how Power...
63 min
Listeners Challenge the Stats! | EDHRECast 112
You've heard the cast challenge the stats on EDHREC... but now it's your turn! Listeners have emailed to let us know their favorite underplayed (and overplayed) cards in Commander. Tune in for some amazing hidden gems, brought to you by YOU!
48 min
The Most Popular Companions in Commander | EDHR...
Companions have made an enormous impact on 1-on-1 formats, so now it's time to see how they measure up in Commander! EDHREC has a new page to view decks with Companions, so today the cast is looking through the data to see which commander + Companion...
48 min
When Goodstuff Becomes Badstuff | EDHRECast 110
What is 'goodstuff' and why has it earned such a divisive reputation? Today's cast is all about 'goodstuff' cards that offer immensely powerful effects, and digging into the times when playing 'goodstuff' can actually turn into 'badstuff.'
57 min
The C20 Precon Upgrade Feature | EDHRECast 109
Looking to upgrade your C20 precon? EDHREC has a Precon Upgrade Feature to help! Today on the cast, we're looking over the changes players have made to their new precons, and suggests some extra cards to add or remove to help take the decks to the...
62 min
Ikoria Set Review | EDHRECast 108
Did someone cast Colossification on this set? Because there's a TON of Commander goodies in Ikoria! Time for the cast to share their thoughts and predictions about the power and popularity of the cards from Magic's most monstrous set!
86 min
The Flash Ban | EDHREC Room
The RC has spoken, and a card has been banned. The cast sits down in the 'Rec Room' to dish some quick thoughts and a few stats about the ban.
10 min
Companions | EDHREC Room
Companions - offering new deckbuilding restrictions, putting EDH into other formats, and the ultimate banning of Elemental Otters. Joey, Matt, and Dana provide their thoughts on the Companion mechanic, and which ones may become the most popular in...
41 min
Commander 2020 Precon Set Review | EDHRECast 107
The Ikoria Commander 2020 precons are here, and it's time to review them! What strategies do the new commanders open up? Which cards synergize with them? Which cards will become the most popular? Which ones will be overplayed? How might these cards...
85 min
What Was the Best Precon? | EDHRECast 106
Commander 2020 season is in full swing, but before getting to the newest precons, we have to address the old ones! Which preconstructed Commander deck from the past 9 years was the best of the best? Let's find out!
64 min
Ikoria Commander Preview Cards! | EDHRECast
We're so ex-cycle-ted to share our free preview cards from Wizards of the Coast for the upcoming Ikoria Commander product! Check out edhrec.com for the card visuals and to see EDHREC's other FOUR free previews in an article by our Jeskai master,...
13 min
The Data Hiding in Your Deck | EDHRECast 105
Data doesn't just show up on EDHREC - there's also some hiding in your deck! This week, the cast tackles the probabilities, figures, data points, and stats that show up in various Commander archetypes!
51 min
The Least Unique Commander in Every Color Combi...
Last week on the EDHRECast, the guys tackled the commanders with the highest uniqueness scores according to their EDHREC pages. This week, they tackle the LEAST unique commanders, who seem to play all the same cards as everyone else. Which commanders...
71 min
The Most Unique Commander in Every Color Combin...
Looking for a unique Commander deck? This week on the EDHRECast, Joey, Matt, and Dana comb through the data to find the commanders who have the least cards in common with each other, to locate the statistically most unique commander in each color...
69 min
How Budget Statistically Affects Your Strategy ...
It's important to keep budget in mind when building a deck, especially when budget can completely change the way the deck plays! This week, the guys tackle the stats to see how some commanders' strategies are altered when they're built with a high or...
57 min
EDHREC Essentials | EDHRECast 101
The podcast is new and improved, which means it's time to go back to basics! Joey, Matt, and Dana tackle some fundamentals for EDHREC, covering core concepts and specific tips that will help enhance your experience when using the site and give the...
29 min
The Future of EDH ft. Sheldon Menery | EDHRECas...
In honor of reaching episode 100, Joey, Matt, and Dana are joined by the founding father of the 100-card format, Sheldon Menery! It's a grab bag of questions, from judge calls to rules to Sheldon's time working at WotC. Tune in for thoughts on the...
60 min
High Variance Commanders vs. Low Variance Comma...
EDHREC is joined by Commander Cookout to discuss the "Spiciest" commanders in all of EDH - the commanders with the highest and lowest degrees of variance within their decks! Which features cause a commander's deck to look similar to others, and which...
67 min
Chatting with Kristen of Hipsters of the Coast ...
EDHREC is joined by @TheKristenEmily, the Content Manager of hipstersofthecoast.com and author of the Legion's Landing article series! Together they discuss pet cards, new shakeups from Theros Beyond Death, and of course, Kristen's tips and tricks to...
56 min
The Beginning and the End... Step | EDHRECast 097
Some of the best parts of a Commander game don't occur in the main or combat phases, but right at the start and the end! Joey, Matt, and Dana dig through some of their favorite effects and clever tricks in the beginning and ending phases of the turn,...
57 min
Fixing Your Colors | EDHRECast 096
Lands, lands, lands! Today the cast dissects the format's best color-fixing lands, noting which cycles they like, which they don't, which ones are the most popular on EDHREC, and where and when to play the best of the best. Follow the cast on twitter!...
69 min
Your Deck's Achilles Heel | EDHRECast 095
Just like Achilles, every Commander deck has a secret weakness. It's not about opponents having the perfect answer to your strategy - sometimes there's a hidden weak point in the deck itself... one the deck brewer may not even know, that can be the...
67 min
The Epic Theros Set Review Crossover - Legends!...
This isn't just any set review! EDHRECast, CMDR Central, Commander Cookout, and Commander Social have embarked upon an epic odyssey crossover to review all the amazing new cards from Theros Beyond Death! This is part FOUR, where members of each show...
78 min
What Was the BEST Set of 2019? | EDHRECast 093
It's a new year, and a new EDHRECast! Joey, Matt, and Dana have officially moved to video, and begin with a spicy topic: what was the best set from all of 2019? Can the data on EDHREC help us find out? Tune in for a data-driven deep dive through a...
57 min
Tiny Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay | EDHRECas...
Sometimes the devil is in the details, but sometimes victory is in the details, too! Joey, Matt, and Dana evaluate some tiny habits, tricks, and tips that Magic players can use to gain an extra edge during gameplay, from the ways they tap their mana,...
49 min
It Resolves | EDHRECast 091
2019 was full of twists and turns for the Commander format! Joey, Dana, and Matt revisit their favorite products and cards of the year, and set themselves new resolutions for the year to come. Foresight is 2020!   Follow the cast on Twitter!...
52 min
Silver Bullets | EDHRECast Ep90
What's that noise? Is it silver bells? NOPE! It's silver bullets, the cards that utterly devastate a deck's entire strategy. Joey, Matt, and Dana discuss ways to destroy their own favorite archetypes for good. Follow the cast on Twitter! @EDHRECast...
73 min
Decks VS the Data - Vela, Omnath, & Konrad | ED...
The cast returns to a favorite recurring segment, comparing their own decklists against the data on EDHREC! Where do their decks overlap with the most popular cards, and where do they deviate from the wisdom of the masses? Do these differences make...
53 min
Off to the Data Races | EDHRECast 088
You're gonna wanna see this! EDHREC has assembled a visualization of its historical data, where we can watch the most popular commanders rise and fall over time! Be sure to check this episode out on YouTube to follow along as Joey, Dana, and Matt...
66 min
Gravy Cards | EDHRECast 087
Some cards are the heavy-hitting meat and potatoes. Some cards are the efficient veggies. And some cards are just gravy. Join Joey, Matt, and Dana at the dinner table as they discuss cards with amazing effects that also have a little bit of extra...
43 min
Playstyle and Personalities ft. Olivia Gobert-H...
We've heard about Timmy/Tammy, Johnny/Jenny, and Spike, but are there other player personalities that show up in Commander? Cosplayer extraordinaire Olivia Gobert-Hicks jumps onto the show to discuss different Commander playstyles, as well as her...
57 min
Accidentally Powerful | EDHRECast 085
Some commanders take a lot of effort to become powerful, while others take almost no effort at all. With the discussion of deck power levels continuing to become more and more nuanced, Joey, Dana, and Matt review commanders with natural advantages,...
71 min
CommandFest Recap and Commander 2020 | EDHRECas...
Fresh from CommandFests in Seattle and Chicago, Joey and Dana sit down with Matt to talk about the awesome experiences they had at the premiere Commander-focused events, and share some epic tales from the epic weekend. If that wasn't enough, they also...
72 min
The Most (and Least) Popular Commanders from Ea...
We often look at the most popular commanders of all time, but what about the most popular commanders from specific sets? What lessons are revealed when we examine popularity within a specific set? How do commanders from the same set affect each...
70 min
The Scariest Commanders! ft. Jon Dunning | EDHR...
Halloween is almost here, and it’s the season of spooks and scares! The fellas are joined by Jon Dunning of the They Said We Said YouTube channel to discuss the scariest commanders in EDH! Tune in to find out what makes a Commander so frightening,...
63 min
Who’s Your Target? | EDHRECast 081
Threat assessment doesn’t just occur during the game—it can occur the game even begins! When your opponents flip over their commanders, it reveals a ton of info about their strategy and card choices, which allows you to gauge how threatening they...
69 min
Unintended Consequences | EDHRECast 080
Some commanders were created for a specific strategy - tokens, control, combat - but as it turns out, once you start tuning them up, they reveal a completely different strategical direction that was probably never intended by the designers. This week,...
68 min
We Need to Talk About Boros Again | EDHRECast 079
Boros is the least popular color combo in Commander, and many regard it as being the weakest color pair because it can't ramp or draw cards. However, nothing is that simple, and many of those old arguments just don't seem to hold up anymore. This week...
72 min
Throne of Eldraine Set Review | EDHRECast 078
Once upon a time, Magic released a fairy tale set! Time to adventure through the kingdoms to find the best new cards for EDH!
120 min
A Brawl Brawl | EDHRECast 077
The new Brawl preconstructed decks have brought with them a powerful suite of new commanders. This week the cast talks about some easy ways to upgrade those 60-card decks into fully-fledged Commander decks, as well as their thoughts about the product...
88 min
Lessons from Other Formats ft. Erin Campbell | ...
Believe it or not, Commander isn’t the only way to play Magic! From Limited to Modern to Vintage, each format’s distinct style provides unique learning opportunities to improve your gameplay. This week Joey, Matt, and Dana are joined by the dredge...
89 min
C19 Precon Upgrades | EDHRECast 075
Looking to upgrade your new Commander 2019 deck? EDHREC’ Precon Upgrade Guide can help! This week Joey, Dana, and Matt dive into the guides to find the best cards to add and the best cards to cut from the new decks.
70 min
GP Vegas Crossover Pt. 2 | EDHRECast 074
Joey and Dana are joined by Max from Dana's OTHER podcast, CMDR Central. All three of them sit down to discuss trends they noticed, the listeners and content creators they met, and games the played, including a Commander Sealed event! This episode is...
25 min
Making the Switch | EDHRECast 073
How do you know when it's time to switch from one commander to another? What tips or tricks can help make that transition easier? Andrew Cummings of Ultra Budget Brews is here to help give some great advice about moving into a brand new deck!
90 min
Commander 2019 Review! | EDHRECast 072
Commander 2019 is almost here! As the data on EDHREC begins to Populate and we start to Morph our opinions, we’re having set review Flashbacks, and it’s absolute Madness!
121 min
Old Data vs New Data pt. 2 | EDHRECast 071
What a difference two years makes! EDHREC is now drawing data from decks uploaded/updated within the past two years. What trends does this new lens reveal? Joey, Matt, and Dana set to examining the data to see what it means for the Commander format.
49 min
Commander 2019 Preview Card | EDHRECast
Commander 2019 is almost here, and the EDHRECast is here to manifest a new and exciting free preview card from Wizards Of The Coast!
15 min
Old Data vs New Data pt.1 | EDHRECast 070
What a difference two years makes! EDHREC is now drawing data from decks uploaded/updated within the past two years. What trends does this new lens reveal? Joey, Matt, and Dana set to examining the data to see what it means for the Commander format.
57 min
Timing Your Commander | EDHRECast 069
Have you ever played your commander, only for it to die before your next turn, so you got no value? Or played your commander too late, so you didn’t get all the value you could have? Us too. Finding the right time to cast your commander can be...
76 min
Speaking Categorically | EDHRECast 068
How do you sort your decks? Which roles does each card need to fill? Is there a deckbuilding template to follow when brewing and tuning? The topic is complicated, but it's the one we're tackling this week! Join Joey, Dana, and Matt for an imperatively...
83 min
Banned List Update & Format Philosophy | EDHREC...
Iona and Paradox Engine have gotten the ban hammer, Painter's Servant has been released from its cage, and the EDH Rules Committee has released a newly-updated Philosophy Document about the vision for the format. This week, the fellas react to the new...
71 min
Mailbag of Holding | EDHRECast 066
It’s a mailbag episode! Listeners submitted questions, and now it’s time for some answers. (Thanks also to everyone who sent in photos of their pets along with their questions!)
49 min
Core Set 2020 Review | EDHRECast 065
Hindsight is 20/20, Marit Lage is 20/20, and now even Core Sets are 2020! Time to review the big bunch of new Commander-relevant cards from Magic's upcoming Core Set!
105 min