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Eat, Drink & be Kerry
<p>Come on the journey with Kerry Heaney as she explores the culinary world. Traveling the world bite by bite. Where to go to eat and where to eat when you go. For more, check out Kerry's blog at http://eatdrinkandbekerry.net/</p>
Society & Culture
4: Poh's Jamface - Eat, Drink & be Kerry
While in Adelaide recently, I got to spend some wonderful time with Poh Ling Yeow ….or as she's simply known here in Australia…Poh.
17 min
3: Spencer Patrick - Simply Wonderful Food - Ea...
Spencer Patrick is the chef/director of hatted Port Douglas venue, Harrisons Restaurant and acclaimed food and wine festival, Taste Port Douglas.
17 min
2: Shirley Harring from Hand Sourced - Eat, Dri...
Shirley Harring from Hand Sourced...who says of herself: 'Unsurprisingly, I love to eat, cook and experiment with food. I take great pleasure in creating things from scratch and own a preserve filled pantry always at ready for the Zombie apocalypse.'
24 min
1: Amanda Hines - Eat, Drink & be Kerry
Head chef and co-owner of Indulge Cafe in Bundaberg, Queensland (Australia) - Amanda Hines.
39 min