Dynamic Healing with David Hanscom MD...

 It is almost impossible to believe that you can break free from chronic mental and physical pain after years of suffering and disappointments. Learn how your nervous system is the game changer in your pain recovery journey. If you are dealing with the misery of being in relentless pain and want to learn science backed Mind Body information and skills by two leading experts in chronic pain, David Hanscom M.D. and Les Aria PhD, then this podcast is for you! 

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Why Do We Suffer from Disruptive Thoughts?
Many people are frustrated by experiencing “unpleasant repetitive thoughts” (URT’s).
33 min
The Power of Collective Positive Intention with...
David Hanscom, MD and Les Aria, PhD. talk with Lynne McTaggart
46 min
Trapped by Your Thoughts - The Need for Mental...
Disruptive thoughts are universal and part of human consciousness.
33 min
Defining OCD and Removing the Label - The Epide...
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a term that has many connotations, and most people feel the term does not apply to them.
28 min
You Hurt My Feelings - Emotional Pain Equals P...
“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Nothing could be further from the truth
34 min
Accessing the Love Within
Our unconscious brain’s primary function is to protect us. Unfortunately for humans, it is manifested in ongoing self-critical voices.
39 min
Love Heals Workshop- Deepen the Definition of L...
Love is a physiological state of safety that promotes regeneration and healing.
35 min
Disruptive Thought Patterns-The Curse of Consci...
Every person has to deal with unpleasant thoughts, and they are problematic in that we cannot escape from them.
38 min
Chronic Stress Hijacks Healing- But Avoiding S...
Chronic stress interferes and actually halts the body’s healing process at the cellular level.
43 min
Moving Past the Deadly Trap of Perfectionism
Perfection is often held up as a virtue by our families, peers, society. It is actually a deadly neurological trick and a cognitive distortion, which steadily wears us down.
42 min
Rebuilding Your Brain and Body
Over 60% of people are raised in households that are chaotic and over half of have experienced severe trauma.
35 min
No Action in a Reaction – Defusing Anger
Purpose: Similar to anxiety, anger is an even more heightened physiological state.
39 min
Vulnerability – The First Step of Forgiveness
There are few rewards in nature for being vulnerable. You won’t survive. Humans also possess this basic instinct, but we also have language and consciousness that allows the possibility of deep relationships.
41 min
You Can't Move Forward Until You Let Go
You cannot move forward into healing if you are holding onto the past
39 min
Hijack Your Nervous System to Heal
Our thoughts and actions are processed by the nervous system, which sends out instructions to every cell in the body how to respond.
29 min
The Power of Choice
You have more say over your quality of life than you might think.
26 min
ACT in Action – Choose
Psychologically flexibility is the opposite of what most of us possess.
27 min
ACT in Action – Check
In order to stimulate your brain to change (neuroplasticity) you must first know exactly where you are at. The first step is to “catch” and notice that there is a change.
28 min
ACT in Action - Catch
ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) is a mindfulness-based behavioral intervention that helps us live in the present moment using values to move towards what matters the most to you in life.
26 min
Putting ACT into Action for Pain
ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) can provide you with practical ways to unhook from the storylines of your mind.
30 min
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Pai...
Emotional and physical pain share neurological circuits in the brain and chronic activation of them is unpleasant.
30 min
Regrets – Getting Stuck in the Past
Remorse is a factor in keeping you moving forward into the life you want.
28 min
Using Values to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions
Because change is challenging for majority of us, New year's resolutions often fail to realize change takes time like growing a something you planted
30 min
The Destructive Power of FOMO ( Fear of Missing...
FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a common pattern of thinking in modern times. Why in the face of so much prosperity is it so prevalent?
25 min
The Pain of Social Isolation
Emotional pain and physical pain have overlapping circuits in the brain. They play off each other.
25 min
Survival Tips for the Holidays - Presence, Paci...
What truly brings you joy and how can you fully experience it?
24 min
Survival Tips for the Holidays-Communicate and ...
It is ironic that we treasure having major holidays with the spirit of love and giving, yet there are many ways that they can be incredibly draining.
25 min
Survival Tips for the Holidays
Learning psychological skills is key to surviving, not just using your breathwork or meditation, or exercise –but using tools that provide effective outcomes
22 min
Happy Holidays...NOT
Humans evolved to our current state at the top of the food chain through cooperation.
26 min
The Care of the Patient with Dr. Francis Peabody
Dr. Francis Peabody was a famous physician who possessed a deep understanding of the need for a strong patient/ doctor relationship.
32 min
Reconnecting to Your True Self
By understanding that anxiety and anger are automatic hardwired reactions, you can develop a “working relationship” with them.
21 min
Defining the Mind Body Connection – It Really i...
Your body can remain alive without consciousness. Homo sapiens are the only species that possess advanced language and abstract thinking.
24 min
What is Dynamic Healing?
Staying alive is a dynamic process. The body adapts to the environment every second
26 min