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Season Three arrives this summer: the epic full story of CHRYSALIS.

Previous Seasons:

Season One, Horizons: An anthology of audio stories ranging from Philip K. Dick and Ray Bradbury to the new voices of today.

Season Two, FLIGHT 008: Eleven of the biggest writers in science fiction, through eleven unique stories, follow one single thread: a non-stop flight from Tokyo to San Francisco that passes through a wrinkle in spacetime and lands in the year 2040.

Science Fiction
Special Episode - Insurance
When it comes to negotiating with aggressive alien empires, humans have learned a few lessons: know the enemy, stack the deck, and have a very comprehensive insurance policy.
21 min
Special Episode - Hard Choices
A group of alien explorers stumble upon a derelict human spaceship in the far reaches of space, revealing heartbreaking truths of their species’ entire history.
43 min
Special Episode - Through the Eye of the Needle
In a distant alien world, intelligent life yearns to know that they are not alone in the universe. But what if they aren’t the only ones reaching to the stars?
16 min
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1 min
FLIGHT 008 | Last: Seat 42E
When Yumiko’s return trip from her mother’s funeral lands her 20 years in the future, she finds that in a sense, she is the one who’s been buried. But perhaps, if she’s lucky, she can find a way to unearth herself and reconnect with her long-lost daughter.
23 min
FLIGHT 008 | Homecoming: Seat 29F
Wracked by the guilt of abandoning her terminally-ill son, a teenage mother returns home only to find out that the trip took longer than expected. Twenty years longer.
22 min
FLIGHT 008 | Oblivion is a Crease Left by Memor...
Technology and art may seem at odds, but in this stunningly beautiful portrait, Nebula-award winning author Chen Qiufan shows us a future made vivid through shared artistic experience.
22 min
FLIGHT 008 | Collapse: Seat 12C
Flung 20 years into the future, a desperate inventor must find a way to come to terms with his new reality, or the same fate as his innovations.
28 min
FLIGHT 008 | Gap Year: Seat 28K
When a young woman returns from her gap year in Tokyo, she finds herself in a future in which A.I.-enabled eyewear facilitates your every need.
40 min
FLIGHT 008 | Morning Glory: Seat 42A
In the future, Kenji finds that tracking down loved ones is significantly harder when every door, elevator, and kiosk mocks his every effort.
16 min
FLIGHT 008 | Dido's Lament: Seat 14C
Evelyn always assumed her partner would be the one whose life would disappear, one early-onset Alzheimer's memory at a time. But that was before Evelyn jumped decades into the future...
24 min
FLIGHT 008 | Iterations: Seat 13F
After disappearing for twenty years, Malcolm returns home and quickly discovers his life has changed in ways he could have never expected.
23 min
FLIGHT 008 | Treatment Option: Seat 39J
Senator Oscar Diaz's checkered past comes back to haunt him when an old friend–thought to be dead–suddenly returns and threatens to topple his empire.
20 min
DUST Season Two Trailer | FLIGHT 008
DUST Season Two | FLIGHT 008 Begins March 25th!
1 min
Horizons Entry 08: Just One Ship
Dismissed as primitive and ridiculed by her own allies, a single human ship is all that stands between those allies and oblivion.
15 min
Horizons Entry 07: A Ghost in the Machine
What happens when the machines we create begin thinking for themselves? Will they see us as their creators...or as oppressors?
15 min
Horizons Entry 06: The Motivation Cure
When a budding sculptor undergoes a procedure that allows him to focus on his dreams, he quickly learns that success may not be what he wanted it to be.
28 min
Horizons Entry 05: Beyond Lies the Wub
When a space crew purchases a creature on an alien planet for food, they quickly come to discover that the "wub" is more than meets the eye.
23 min
Horizons Entry 04: Sanctity and Targeted Adverts
A special Halloween two-part episode featuring Sanctity and Targeted Adverts.
14 min
Horizons Entry 03: Pendulum
When an inventor’s creation accidentally kills the world’s top scientists, he is sentenced to live out the rest of his life inside his very invention.
14 min
Horizons Entry 02: Peter Skilling
A century after dying in a mountaineering accident, Peter is brought back to life...only to find that his twentieth-century hobbies are twenty-first century terrorist crimes.
29 min
Horizons Entry 01: Genborn
When a genetically-enhanced assassin is sent on a mission to hunt down terrorists on a faraway planet, she is forced to confront facts about herself that she’d rather keep buried.
42 min
Trailer: Horizons (DUST Season 1)
Welcome to DUST: Horizons, an anthology of immersive science fiction audio dramas ranging from classic tales by pioneers of the genre to thought-provoking stories from the emerging voices of today.
0 min