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Dumbgeons and Dragons follows 4 best friend's game of D&D 5e that's more than 10 years in the making! The group rolls high on charisma and low on luck as these Canadians fill your ears with laughter, high-stakes action and love. The characters of Dumbgeons and Dragons take on the Rise of Tiamat followed by the time-hopping Orcus Apocalypse. Hosted by our dungeon master, Russ More, and regular players: the hilarious Amy More, the motivational Carla Maxted, and the charming Tom Laird. Alongside regular guest adventurers you can listen to new episodes with our heroes every other Wednesday.

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Comedy Fiction
Jingle Jangle All The Way - Holiday Bonus Episode
Moot, Glim and Sully wish you a Happy Winter Solstice. Enjoy this bonus episode! New episodes return on January 6/2021.
50 min
s02e68 - What Happened to Waterdeep?
Flint, Thia and Yenbul land in Waterdeep to find themselves as fish out of water. The trio must figure out what happened, where they can find ANYONE who may be able to help them. Easier said than done. Flint has a pretty rough dream. Thia sets up a buddy system. Yenbul regrets leaving Calimport.
51 min
L.I.C.K. The Moon (Patreon bonus - Important fo...
The adventuring group "3E's & a D" find themselves headhunted by a new organization to take on an OUT OF THIS WORLD job. Evelyn, Evan, Ember and Desmond use all of their skills to try to find their way in AND out of this moon based labyrinth.
124 min
s02e67 - Gotta See the Bees
Having spent the last couple weeks seeing the sights of Djerad Thymar, Moot, Glim, and Sully make their way to a hot spot to sample artisan honey at the "B+ Apiary". The group finds the proprietor, Prof. Doctor Smith (Celeste Conowitch), in need of hired help! Moot is surprised at the marketing for children. Glim regrets not getting all the details. Sully gets instantly sticky. Prof. Doctor Smith won't look cool in that!
56 min
s02e66 - You Said How Long?
Having accomplished several goals - our heroes Flint, Thia and Yenbul make their way back to Calimport. But when they arrive... well. To say it wasn't how they left it would be a drastic understatement. Flint feeling off! Thia needs to get home. Yenbul is torn.
49 min
s02e65 - Are You Bahamut's Baby?
Destinies collide in this episode as Glim finally reaches the Citadel of Bahamut. Meanwhile Dense finds his own way making connections and working his way up in the ranks in Djerad Thymar.Moot tries to keep Sully in line. Glim pledges her Oath. Sully adopts the mantra "More Confidence". Dense takes advantage of the gig economy.
84 min
s02e64 - Kids and Their Toys
The battle wages on against Shangalar as the stakes get raised again and again... and again. So much so that Fantasy Physics comes in to play at a key moment in the battle to figure out something the internet has not! "Whose day is it anyway?" is the game these children are playing in a floating fortress in the sky! Flint throws a hail mary! Thia gets all tied up. Yenbul is gassed out. Lipsinki sweeps the wall. Vorunax gets the last laugh.
66 min
s02e63 - Meet Destiny's Children
Stopping for a rest, Moot, Glim and Sully come across a fellow traveler named Dense (Cicero Holmes) headed east with VERY similar life goals. And you know what they say, it's ALWAYS better to travel in groups when heading towards Tymanther!Moot has that good eye sight. Glim is hesitant about night death. Sully is blown away. Dense looks for a delicious meal.
71 min
s02e62 - Sham-galar's Lair
Flint, Thia and Yenbul come face-to-face with the lich Shangalar. They prepare for battle - when an unexpected foe appears with an interesting proposition that may help both of the parties at hand.Flint is on-PUN-point tonight! Thia slips... just for a moment. Yenbul is trapped in a metal cage of emotion. Vorunax and Lipsinki pop in to say hi.
59 min
s02e61 - Coming Up from the Under
An explosion and sweet guitar riffs come up from the explosion generated in the middle of Proskur. Moot, Glim and Sully snap into action to save the townspeople! Some things go really well! ... somethings could be better. A nice exit on the city before moving on to Tymanther. Sully "helps". Glim catches the homerun. Moot's got the power.
46 min
s02e60 - Psychedelic Crystals
As the group discusses the official Canadian national animals... the heroes, Flint, Thia, Yenbul and Mannix make their way through Shangalar's maz.... lair. They notice things are progressing while also becoming inexplicably easier to progress forward. Flint waits for a signal that it's his turn. Thia tries cross-dimensional pranks. Yenbul is in to black lights.
55 min
s02e59 - Settling a Debt
Having spent a ten-day on the road Moot, Glim and Sully roll back into Proskur to settle up on Sully's blood debt with Shirma. While there, the meet an interesting eavesdropper who leaves an impression on the trio. Sully tries to get kidnapped. Glim forgets Bahamut isn't welcome here. Did Moot do that?
63 min
s02e58 - Friendship In Our Hearts
The group is reunited with Don E. (#BroughtDonEBack)! They try to get any information from him about what has happened or where he has been before moving forward and running into an interesting 2D obstacle within Shangalar's pyramid fortress. Flint gives those wiggle hugs. Thia rubs one out. Yenbul has heard of mazes before.
51 min
s02e57 - Without a Trace
Floor Is Lava (Keith Ammann) returns this week to sneak our adventurers out of the frying pan that's in the proverbial kitchen of Saerloon. It's a long a silent hop across the rooftops as the group dodges Helms and sentries throughout the city. Just a minute... Moot has to think about it. Glim doesn't want to go first. Sully lives the picking lifestyle.
51 min
s02e56 - Cherry on the Garbage Sundae
In order to proceed through Shangalar's pyramid and release the beholder, the group must get their hands dirty while negotiating with the impatient pair of Otyughs. The group also stumbles across an unexpected resident of the pyramid lair. Flint's quiet contemplation pays off in knowledge. Thia passes the time like a child. Yenbul is no line budge-er.
60 min
s02e55 - Up on the Rooftop
Shoe's new friends are in some hot water... AGAIN! But he knows a cool customer (Keith Ammann) who can sneak them out of Saerloon in a flash... as long as everyone can stay quiet. Moot learns SO much. Glim goes head over heels. Sully remembers the plan.
60 min
s02e54 - Behold! A Quest in Garbage Town
Flint, Thia, Yenbul and Mannix cautiously move forward where they meet an interesting creature in the darkness, with a proposition that could help them both. Flint quiet contemplation pays off in knowledge. Thia runs the negotiations. Yenbul doesn't trudge through filth.
64 min
s02e53 - A Seaside Sneak
Shoe's Crew makes their move to sneak aboard the Golden Dragon to procure Shirma's wares. One thing the group finds helpful in a heist, is knowing descriptions of what they're looking for. Slim thinks quick with an unexpected guest. Tully finds some big jugs. Boot knows his herbs.
58 min
s02e52 - Ride the Wave
Yenbul and Mannix scramble to get their footing as Thia takes on the unknown monster in the pool head as the group decides what the best course of action will be as they work their way through Shangalar's fortress. Flint loses to water. Thia Flipper dives. Yenbul gets left at the pool.
55 min
s02e51 - Shoe's Crew
Moot, Glim and Sully have one more task before they can leave Saerloon. They must don disguises and find their way back down to the docks in search of a boat from Aglarond to acquire some goods for their Black Market friend Shirma.Slim has a streetwise upbringing. Tully is all about the adventure. Boot notices a big sword.
59 min
s02e50 - Cool Off in the Pool
Flint, Thia, Yenbul and Mannix venture further into Shangalar's fortress in search for some pattern or pathway to find their way to the lich. What has them most concerned though, is how unconcerned they feel. Flint tallies up those ladder wins. Thia takes a dip. Yenbul longs for seeing another beautiful bathroom.
59 min
s02e49 - A Nice Sunhat
Saerloon does not have quite the same cheer as Highmoon, that's for sure. Moot, Glim and Sully have to find their way quickly through the cities obstacles to hand off the scroll to Laden Menda's operative. Moot drops a towel. Glim loses her cool. Sully makes a big mess from beneath the sheets.
55 min
s02e48 - Surprises in the Bathroom
Now inside Shangalar's pyramid fortress, Flint, Thia, Yenbul and Mannix are introduced to a person who appears to be close to the lich, Wallace. The team asks questions and looks for a way out of the library entrance that they're in. Flint rapid fires questions. Thia takes a look in a book. Yenbul looks for a bathroom window.
62 min
s02e47 - Sprinkle my Apples, Sugar
Moot, Glim and Sully make it to Highmoon where they must track down Laden Menda's mysterious scroll. They soon find Highmoon to be a place they may want to settle down after this adventuring life is over. Moot brings the heat. Glim finds a kindred spirit. Sully hides in the blankets.
60 min
s02e46 - Potion Preparations
Before they rush into a lich's lair, the team of Flint, Thia, Yenbul, and Manix try to figure out what they can expect and find ways to prepare. But anytime they prepare... do they ever really prepare for the right thing? We shall see! We also touch base with Zana and Massud and the elders of the Janessar. Flint wonders about weaknesses. Thia worries about her reliability. Yenbul worries about her training.
50 min