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An improvised actual play podcast where 4 best friends come together to tell tales of battling monsters, saving the world and build community.

Comedy Fiction
s01e40 - Return to the Guild
Flint, Thia and Nulara board the train and make their way back to the Guild of the Nine Shadows and a lot has changed for them AND the Guild. Flint gains some proficiencies. Thia meets her reflection. Nulara gets super comfy.
76 min
s01e39 - On The Way Out
In the aftermath of their battle with Chuth and Neronvain, the adventurers now have to make their way back out of the dragon's lair. You'd think it would be easier than getting in, wouldn't you? Flint confides in a friend. Thia eagerly awaits a reunion. Nulara doesn't run from a challenge.
59 min
s01e38 - A Cloud of Noxious Gas
Chuth comes home! And he brought his friends! The adventurer's find out that they really weren't invited as the come face-to-face with the un-friendly dragon. Flint makes a proclamation. Thia gets frisky in the closet. Nulara find something magical.
90 min
s01e37 - Knock, Knock, Anyone Home Pt 02
Creeping further into the dragon's lair, the adventurer's meet some interesting folks from all walks of life as search for answers or a good hiding spot before the dragon comes home. Flint didn't steal their stuff. Thia gets super snoopy. Nulara reveals her true feelings about elves.
48 min
s01e36 - Knock, Knock, Anyone Home Pt 01
On the possible route to the dragon's cave, the team finds themselves cornered by a rogue group of spindly legged agents of death and mayhem, with their only route... fighting their way out. Flint unleashes the beast. Thia calls her entourage. Nulara is hesitant to walk into the dark.
57 min
s01e35 - An Altand Interrogation
Thaddeus and the crew try get get down to the TRUTH of the matter with Galin so they can find out what is really going on in Altand and the Misty Forest. Flint has secrets. Thia leaves a love note. Nulara gets ALL riled up.
61 min
s01e34 - Welcome to Altand
The adventurers have made it to the settlement of Altand in hopes to meet up with Delaan Winterhound and find a clue to stopping the dragon attacks in the Misty Forest. The adventurers meet a new friend. Flint loves some stew. Thia calms a bird. Nulara doesn't trust creatures from the Fey.
72 min
s01e33 - Where the Feywild Things Skittle
Flint, Thia and Nulara find themselves in the middle of the forest, followed by peering eyes with a small request. Flint reunites lost lovers. Thia gets spooked by an unknown power. Nulara doesn't trust creatures from the Fey.
91 min
s01e32 - Fireside Reflection
Flint, Thia, Nulara and Thaddeus journey to the Misty Forest and find a moment to have some downtime and reflect on the recent passing of the jewel of the group, Grancis. Flint chops a tree. Thia relaxes, as she do. Nulara goes a huntin'.
48 min
s01e31 - Things Go Sideways
Flint, Thia and Nulara find themselves surrounded by the Cult. An unknown ally (DM Doc) arrives with help. And the team suffers a loss... Flint briefly doubts his abilities. Thia comes on to ANYONE with healing capabilities. Nulara gets excited to murder and almost forgets Don E.
80 min
Recap 02 - Episode 16-30
It's time for another Dumbgeons & Dragons Recap episode! If this is your first episode, please go back and listen to our Recap 01 before listening to this episode, otherwise, little to no sense will be had from this recap. Get caught up quick, or listen to a refresher as we head forward to episode 31 and another year of amazing adventure on Dumbgeons & Dragons!
19 min
s01e30 - A Council Meeting in Waterdeep
Flint, Thia and Nulara are back in the office and ready to push those papers in the latest coucil meeting! They give the council a rundown of their journey so far and find out new leads and issues taking place in Faerun before deciding where to head next. Flint studied for the test. Thia is disappointed to find our Grancis is actually part of the team. Nulara still dislikes talking to people.
43 min
s01e29 - A Grancis Solstice Vacation
Having let their guard down on poor old Grancis for the Winter Solstice holiday, the adventurers find themselves shrunk and surrounded by a mysterious colony of tiny frog creatures. Flint is invited to dinner. Thia regrets anything nice she ever said about Grancis. Nulara is the only one who comes prepared for the holidays.
76 min
s01e28 - A Winter Solstice Holiday
It's time for a Winter Solstice Holiday! The adventurers make their way back to Waterdeep to meet up with the council with Varram the White in tow. On the way, they find some time to take some much needed downtime ahead of the Winter Solistice celebration and next meeting of the council at Waterdeep. Flint gets naked in the interrogation. Thia... relaxes. And Nulara takes flight. While Grancis can cook! ... who knew?
106 min
s01e27 - Serpents... And Their Mind Games
The adventurers continue on their way to find the end of this crypt, and hopefully Varram the White! Because we are getting sick and tired, of these... snakes... in these... tunnels... #SamuelLJackson Thia finds herself invited to dinner. Nulara's favourite games, are mind games. Flint is bold and hesitant all in the same episode.
77 min
s01e26 - Through the Portal and Down the Hole
The adventurers find the answer they've been looking for is not exactly what they hoped for. Another combat heavy episode as the adventurers come fist-to-face with the Yuan-ti cave dwellers, beneath the surface of Diderius's Tomb. Thia summons a menagerie and discriminates against the Yuan-Ti. Nulara gets bullied and stuff into a locker. Flint crits... a lot... and says he's not cheating...
74 min
s01e25 - Split the Party and Ye Shall Be... Rew...
To make the Divination Pool work, the adventurers must split the party. Flint finds himself face-to-face with a group of hungry trolls, while Thia and Nulara encouncter their first Yuan-Ti. Flint splits some hairs. Nulara loses control of her situation. Thia is in charge of the ever important question. We also answer some questions from listeners and find out that Carla hasn't come out to her mom about us... awkward.
58 min
HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - The Tale of Gerry & the Noobs
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's usually an off-week, but we have a Halloween Special for you from the #DumbDragonCast that we hope you'll enjoy! The story is set in Flint, Thia and Nulara's past, when they come across a story-telling cleric, who invites himself fireside to spread the good word of his friends tales on the open road, coming across some spooky creatures!
89 min
s01e24 - Into the Tomb of Diderius Pt 02
The adventurers are thrust deeper into the Tomb of Diderius, and along their way make new friends in hopes to find the elusive Varram the White, while also finding out there may be new unsuspected obstacles. Thia's okay steering direction from the back of the bus. Nulara gets sassy with the incorporeal. Flint finds trouble at the watering hole.
65 min
s01e23 - Into the Tomb of Diderius Pt 01
Making their way into the darkness of the Tomb of Diderius, the adventurers find though Diderius may be granting them wisdom, it won't be an easy ride to get there. Flint lays some tile. Thia delegates. Nulara gets a work out on a stair master.
49 min
s01e22 - Arrival at Boareskyr Bridge
Riding the airwaves on their newly gifted airship, Flint, Thia and Nulara make their way to the last know location of Varram the White to try and find a lead. Flint hears whispers in the dark. Thia gets cute with the local authorities. Nulara has a strange meeting in the night. And the adventurers remember they have to show proof they want to save the world.
64 min
s01e21 - Reunited In Luskan And It Feels So Good
In this special mega-sized episode, the whole #DumbDragonCast is in the same room playing, joking and eating! ... so... much... eating... Flint, Thia and Nulara finally make it back to Luskan to meet up with Maccath the Crimson and find out if the Arcane Brotherhood will help them in their battle against the Cult of the Dragon. The adventurers partake in some much needed and appreciated downtime and find they've acquired a new friend to help them on their journey. Flint finds out the ingredients he needs to split his personalities. Thia gets her long awaited and most prized possession. Nulara is offered an invitation. And the adventurers are forced into some delightful and awkward small talk!
100 min
s01e20 - A Gnoll In The River
We find our adventurers on a river boat back to Luskan, when they are stopped by a group on Gnolls asking for a toll to pass. Well, I said "Pardon, me!?" That just won't stand. But the Gnolls are into something more dastardly that Thia, Nulara and Flint can not let rest. Flint gives the deadliest stare you've ever seen. Thia finally figures out how to battle as a druid. Nulara lives out a life long dream. And the adventurers get their first Yelp review!
66 min
s01e19 - Battle of the Brains
Usually a Battle of the Brains means a battle of wits... but this time, it's as physical as a battle can be! Our adventurers enter the final stage in their fight to save the people of Mirabar, and they find the cause of the Axe of Mirabar members turning to zombies. But can they stop it in time, or will the horde be knocking on their front door? Flint makes squishy things go smashy-smash. Thia summons a new friend. Nulara gets stressed out and shuts the door.
72 min
s01e18 - A Sphere of Safety
This is what they call a good in the biz, a good ol' fashioned BIG BOSS BATTLE! aka "HA HA HA HA! Murder Time!" Now inside Primsbane's stronghold, the adventurers are now under a time limit to track him down and stop the on coming horde of zombie creatures knocking on their front door. Time to see if they're ready for what they've found themselves in the middle of. Flint splits the uprights. Thia remembers she can heal people. Nulara feels the rage of a thousand Flame Tongues.
69 min
s01e17 - A Whole Bunch Of Yuck
The adventurers make their way into Tholonius Primsbane's stronghold, but not before Nulara has an eerie premonition. They find the necromancer has been doing more than just turning the poor soldiers of the Axe of Mirabar and they run head-to-head with some of the yuckiest villians they've met to date, but seem more okay with that. Weirdos... Flint thinks explosive. Thia gets stuck in the yuck. Nulara has a vision of serious trouble.
58 min
s01e16 - No Waiting, Only Murder! (aka The Funn...
The adventurers begin by making a game plan to stop Tholonius Primsbane from taking over the rest of the Axe of Mirabar. But not before dealing with some internal thoughts and feelings they've been having recently. Also, they finally have a way to talk to their home base... seems like a good idea. Flint does something shocking. Thia is down for murder. Nulara has trouble with buttons.
69 min
Recap 01 - Episodes 01-15
A great time to jump on board with Dumbgeons & Dragons. This bonus episode recaps the first 15 episodes to date! This is a plot point highlight synopsis, therefore we still highly recommend going back to our previous episodes to make sure you get in on all the great adventure and goofs throughout the show. It's just an easy way to get caught up and start listening to the latest episodes right away. If you're already caught up, please pass this along to a friends who you think might be interested in joining our adventure!
25 min
s01e15 - A Stutter In Time
The adventurers return from their portal adventure in Enin (Bros & Dragons episode 32) and have new ideas and thoughts on the world as they know it to now deal with. It doesn't take long before they are reminded of the real dangers still happening in their own backyard. Flint begins to get a headache. Thia, "Just needs a moment guys... just one (inhales deep) moment". Nulara takes control to face the dangers at hand.
46 min
s01e14 - The Un-Deadly Dumbgeon
After the adventurers have a run in with the "Police" they find themselves have found themselves in a Dumbgeon on the other end of a portal. Now they have to find their way before the rest of the Axe of Mirabar returns home. The odds are ever in Flints favour. Thia chooses a strategy that gets her surrounded. Nulara questions this Dumbgeons architect. And the adventurers get stompy with some squishy things.
65 min
s01e13 - Trouble with the... Police?
Surrounded by "The Axe of Mirabar", our adventurers drop their weapons and find themselves caught in the midst of a nefarious plot. What is to happen to them? Who is pulling the strings? What is Thia's convulsion trigger word? Flint plays his favourite carnival game "Axe-A-Mole". Thia has a close call. Nulara finds her greatest power... the power of insult. And the whole crew are confused by an unknown Power.
61 min
s01e12 - Nothing Goes to Plan
The adventurers have accepted Leonin Glorygem's request to deliver his package to Luskan, but everyone soon finds out, this day is not a day for things going to plan. It is everyone's job to thwart endeavors no matter how well thought out they might be! Flint remembers why he left the Fist of the Iron Dawn. Thia gets electric on a clear day. Nulara just wants a nap.
63 min
s01e11 - 2 + 2 is Death
The adventurers make their way to the Dwarven mining city of Mirabar in hopes to find refuge for the displaced people of Little Rock, and maybe take a little R&R. Flint runs into an old friend. Thia wants to fiddle with a locked box. Nulara quotes her grandmother. And they all run a fowl through the streets of Mirabar.
63 min
s01e10 - A Hunter in Little Rock Pt 02
The adventurers continue their battle in the name of all that is good and holy in the town of Little Rock to ensure it's few remaining survivors are safe. Flint sees the darkness. Thia takes up dog walking. Nulara wants a nap. And the players seem to forget how to D&D...
38 min
s01e09 - A Hunter in Little Rock Pt 01
Nulara, Thia and Flint continue their sleuthing to find out what kind of mysterious creature is attacking Little Rock. They make their way into the woods trying to find more clues to help solve this curious case. Nulara takes the lead. Thia has a snack. Flint has issues with a song. And the players begin to feel trust issues.
62 min
s01e08 - Movin', Shakin', Lemonade Makin'
After an episode goes missing, the adventurers find out they shouldn't be babysitters while on a journey to help save their new friend Bahren's hometown of Little Rock. They meet a motley crew of ogres before things take an eerie turn... Flint and Nulara comment on some nice wood and Thia jumps off a building.
55 min
s01e07 - The Lost Dice Game
AHHH! Friends! The Gremlins attacked the audio feed... very sorry. In this episode, I give you a run down of the major plot points that would otherwise be missed. Nulara finds out she's more magical than she thought, Flint gets some sweet grenades, and Thia adds another 2 arrows to her quiver.
11 min
s01e06 - Dragons are Dangerous-er
The adventurers finally delve to the deepest part of the dungeon to fight Arauthator the Ancient White Dragon. Thia makes a sweet shot. Flint pretends he's a rodeo star. Nulara does the new Dance-craze... "Lie-down, Stand-up, Lie-down again." ...Things get sketchy...
88 min
s01e05 - Bananas are Dangerous...
Thia, Flint and Nulara continue their search through the iceberg lair to find Maccath the Crimson and maybe hopefully the Draakhorn. The group chats with the toad's leader, Marfulb, before Nulara finds a sweet embrace thanks to a cleverly placed banana peel.
58 min
s01e04 - Something Fishy...
Flint fights for the team's honour in the center ring. The group smells something fishy as they try to make arrangements to knock on Arauthator's Door. Plus, they find an unusual polishing team, where they didn't expect it.
68 min
s01e03 - Rock the Boat
Flint, Nulara and Thia battle some super slimy Merrow while listening to some questionable music choices. Then find themselves in a bit of a pickle with the locals!
57 min
s01e01/02 - My Ship Has a First Name
The adventurers begin the long road, we hope, to end the rise of the Dragon Queen in Waterdeep. We mumble through a recap of past adventures and there's a boat.
50 min
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