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Dumbgeons and Dragons follows 4 best friend's game of D&D 5e that's more than 10 years in the making! The group rolls high on charisma and low on luck as these Canadians fill your ears with laughter, high-stakes action and love. The characters of Dumbgeons and Dragons take on the Rise of Tiamat followed by the time-hopping Orcus Apocalypse. Hosted by our dungeon master, Russ More, and regular players: the hilarious Amy More, the motivational Carla Maxted, and the charming Tom Laird. Alongside regular guest adventurers you can listen to new episodes with our heroes every other Wednesday.

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Comedy Fiction
s02e114 - Daddy's Home and (another) Ritual Thr...
60 min
Behind the Screen: A 2022 Check-in & Q&A
Sponsored by Better Help
60 min
s02e113 - Quest for the Underpants of Cool Bree...
64 min
s02e112 - Wake-y, Wake-y! Rise and Shine!
55 min
s02e111 - Laying it On the Line
57 min
s02e110 - Avenging Clarence
54 min
s02e109 - Above or Below?
The groups split up to discuss the options and directions among themselves while Bahamut fills in the gaps where he can. Sully wants to give Orcus a face punch. Tulgir solidifies his New Kid status. Glim has the Bahamut blindness.
56 min
s02e108 - Symptoms of Time Travel May Include
57 min
s02e107 - Always Naked
64 min
The Dumb-est Holiday Crossover
89 min
s02e106 - A Fanta For Bahamut
46 min
s02e105 - The Prophecies are a Little Vague
An overturned fruit stand and a bad omen bring Moot, Glim and Sully into the path of some interesting and mysterious agents and an even more mysterious organization who claim to have a direction for our heroes. Moot's unsure where his pencils come from... Glim finishes one more rep. Sully only relates to buffet references. Gnandpa Gnine lays some prophetic truth bombs on the table.
60 min
s02e104 - Meet the Locals
All the teams are getting their first breath of relief and experiencing the first actual rest in a long time as they explore the island of Maztica. Questions are raised about the state of Bahamut and Destinies Children meet with the eccentric ruler. Thia has an interesting theory about Glim. Tulgir wants those pancakes! The Destinies Children find themselves in need of a task.
56 min
s02e103 - Boom Boots
It's time to interrogate a suspect! Or... dodge bombs that suspect is throwing out of the top story window. It's all in the line of work for a good investigator though, which is what Moot, Glim and Sully are!... Obviously! Moot reveals his favourite explosion. Glim takes point on this mystery. Sully is good at Dex.. c'mon Russ! Terry writes up a citation.
55 min
s02e102 - Let's Get Kraken!
57 min
s02e101 - Gotta Go Downstairs
The Destiny's Children are making a name for themselves in Darromar, which brings them into an explosive investigation at a local magic shop. Terry leads the crew around town meeting some of the locals as they try to track down a suspect. Moot mixes up his T's and J's a lot. Glim makes sure everyone is waffled up. Sully takes notes on cool. Terry achieves "Sexy Goblin Status".
55 min
The adventurers venture into the Haunted Mansion in an effort to claim their prize, but what lies in wait for them is horrifyingly terrible and something no one EVER wants to relive... Moot goes party now. Glim gets a different perspective on the world. Sully came to start the party. Tuk did that dunk. Fat Billie can't control 100 of himself. Vyng... as Tuk is a little turned on.
60 min
s02e100 - Don't Take Random Babies
48 min
s02e99 - Snack Time in the Scary Forest
Having been led into the Scary Forest by their new friend Terry - Moot, Glim and Sully face down the ferocious Nightgarm and an unusual entourage. The group is aided by another unknown and mysterious creature who is the savior they didn't know they needed. Moot sheds some light under cover. Glim becomes a snack. Sully pulls the 'Sully Special'.
42 min
s02e98 - Time to Escape
Giving the rest of the refuge time to escape back through the sewers to their getaway vessel, Thia, Tulgir and Yenbul stare down and take on the Undead Chuth. Battle wages as it becomes evident a zombie horde is on the way. Thia thought he flew away! Yenbul just didn't want to be trapped (in gross flesh). Tulgir sees whisps of white floating through the air. Flint sees an unusual forest.
56 min
s02e97 - The Scary Forest
Moot, Glim and Sully have made it to Darromar to meet with Queen Calycrists. Top on their agenda is to discuss the mending of relationships and opening of borders. However new information and a turn of events leads them down a different path - one better suited to their specific set of skills. Moot calls it as he sees it. Glim wonders if there is strength in silence. Sully stragetizes.
63 min
s02e96 - Ripples in Attention
Our heroes return, having achieved goal, which is something to be said. But when you make something good happen in the darkest timeline - someone is sure to notice. Thia takes a small reprieve. Yenbul helps get ready. Tulgir asks to be realistic. Flint...
52 min
s02e95 - Sexy Times in City-Town-Ville (An Impr...
In this special Ultra-Sex-Positive-Patreon-Improv-Liveshow, Moot, Glim and Sully have left "Doug's Rest/Victor's Ville" and are on the road to Darromar when they stumble across a small city... no wait a town... perhaps a village? Anyway, Destiny's Children find themselves with some time to kill and check out the local job board that gets them ENTIRELY wrapped and bound up in this hamlet's business. Moot's too much of a small fry. Glim has trouble holding a wand. Sully thinks about a legacy.
65 min
s02e94 - Getting Freaky
Things are getting freaky as our heroes tracking the lost Gods must find a way through this illusory nightmare in hopes that they are on the right track and not being led astray by whatever demonic fiend is controlling the Shadowfell.Thia wishes for butterflies. Yenbul is such a prankster. Tulgir detects creep-o's. Agathe parts the sea.. of undead.- - - - - - - - - -CAST & CREWDM: Russ MorePlayers: Amy More, Carla Maxted, Tom LairdGuest: Kristin Flemons (The Broadswords)Sound Design: Russ MoreMusic: Epidemic SoundSound Effects: Epidemic Sound, Boom LibraryCover Art: Chrissytor Illustrations- - - - - - - - - -Find and support our sponsors at: fableandfolly.com/partners- - - - - - - - - -Support the podcast by joining our Patreon community and instantly access 130+ bonus episodes. Join us as a supporting producer to take part in exclusive hangouts, ask questions and have you say in world.Find all the details at Patreon.com/DumbDragonCast. Are you on DISCORD? Join us! - https://discord.gg/tb8nTa6GbDEmail - dumbdragonpodcast@gmail.comJoin us in The Reckless Play Guild Facebook Group!
59 min
s02e93 - Party at Half-Mantzoukas's
The Hyundai Sonata is under attack from lurking creatures that the crew must take care of before making their way to "Doug's Rest/Victor's Ville" and the great networking party that Boobs and Bonesword have invited everyone along to. Along the way we find out more about Orcus... or Orcas? And everyone gets some cool gift bags at the party.Moot kicks out the glass. Glim takes some spray. Sully shirt gets ruined. Boobs is GREAT at healing. Bonesword shows his 'heart of darkness'.- - - - - - - - - -CAST & CREWDM: Russ MorePlayers: Amy More, Carla Maxted, Tom LairdGuests: Shawn O'Hara, Abdul Aziz (Spout Lore)Sound Design: Russ MoreMusic: Epidemic Sound, Kevin McleodSound Effects: Epidemic Sound, Boom LibraryCover Art: Chrissytor Illustrations- - - - - - - - - -Find and support our sponsors at: fableandfolly.com/partners- - - - - - - - - -Support the podcast by joining our Patreon community and instantly access 130+ bonus episodes. Join us today to vote on the date for our exclusive livestreamed improv game, as well as helping us towards our next goal of 100 patrons when we'll release a special Grancis/Flamikins one-shot!Find all the details at Patreon.com/DumbDragonCast. Are you on DISCORD? Come hang out in our server! - https://discord.gg/tb8nTa6GbDEmail - dumbdragonpodcast@gmail.comJoin us in The Reckless Play Guild Facebook Group!
60 min