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s02e43 - PSTD in Proskur
Moot, Glim and Sully make it to the next stop on the road, Proskur. To try to track down an elusive world map to help them make it to Tymanther. Moot spots some magic in the wild. Glim does some detective work. Sully gets swept off his feet.
61 min
s02e42 - Going on an Adventure
We shift focus this week to catch up with Lex, who assembles a team to help them head off to the Baldric Mountains in search of their creator. Lex settles a debt owed. Margaret affirms Lex's worth. Arvid remembers all the little things. Perseus finds a new footing.
45 min
s02e41 - A Bad Omen
Moot, Glim, Sully and Gru (Sean Howard) are forced to spend the night in a strange wood, when a dangerous and bad omen appears before they can finish their journey to Berdusk. Moot is having an elemental identity crisis. Glim looks heroic as all get-out. Sully is covered in goop.
52 min
s02e40 - Forest Recruits
Flint and Thia have made it to the base of Shangalar's pyramid fortress with Yenbul and Mannix. Yenbul knows of some allies in the region that send the crew to recruit forces in their fight against the lich. Thia doesn't handle the heat well. Flint is always prepared. Yenbul has a magical secret.
52 min
s02e39 - Guide for Hire
Moot, Glim and Sully hire a guide, Gru (Sean Howard) to take them to Berdusk. Things quickly go from bad to worse as they realize that Gru has ulterior motives. Moot has a misfire. Glim doesn't want to get involved. Sully never forgets a big hole.
56 min
s02e38 - Well... We're Here!
Flint and Thia arrive in Calimshan, ready for a vacation! ... Calimshan didn't get the memo though and the duo are thrown into a city under attack as they search for their contact, Yenbul. Thia's sense of humor isn't super well received. Did Flint pack his armor?
57 min
Presenting: DM to GM S1E17
Hey everyone! We're taking a week to catch up, Dumbgeons and Dragons will return Wednesday, April 1st! In the meantime, allow us to introduce you to DM to GM!
26 min
s02e37 - Old Faerun Town
The team, Moot, Glim and Sully settle up with Mon at "Not A Library" before they try to find a caravan headed East. Ont the road they show off their skills to earn their keep against some caravan scoundrels. Moot has an oopsie... baaaa. Glim threatens someone that they'll see Bahamut. Sully goes for a ride.
58 min
s02e36 - An Unexpected Turn
Thia is attacked, this time during the day, by her visions of Nulara. The trio meets up with Arvid before preparing for their journey (teleport) to Calimshan. Thia receives a gift. Flint packs his vacation best. Lex makes a dangerous decision.
57 min
s02e35 - One More Thing Before I Go
With one more job on the docket before they can leave Elturel, Moot, Glim, and Sully make their way to Wise Master Meeseeks' house to protect them and their "tomes" from the wizard bandits. Moot learns to deflect. Glim is awfully confused by a lot of things. Sully works on his fast ball.
63 min
s02e34 - Heartache on the Road to Waterdeep
The trio makes it back to Waterdeep to reconnect with Leosin to help Flint help Bort. Thia has a few harsh reminders. Flint has Bort on his mind. Lex reveals more of himself.
62 min
s02e33 - Dirty Jobs: Elturel
Moot, Glim and Sully are in a sticky situation after finding out their money was lifted by the turnt gobbos. The trio must hit the streets of Elturel to find a way to pay for the ridiculously priced POTATOES! Moot is in the business of poison. Glim is set to protect against bandits. Sully makes a horrible job list. - - - - - - - - - - CAST & CREW DM: Russ More Players: Amy More, Carla Maxted, Tom Laird Sound Design: Russ More Music: Epidemic Sound, Kevin Mcleod Cover Art: Chrissytor Illustrations - - - - - - - - - - Find and support our sponsors at: fableandfolly.com/partners - - - - - - - - - - Support the podcast by joining our Patreon community and instantly access 50+ hours of bonus episodes.  Visit Patreon.com/DumbDragonCast. Are you on DISCORD? Come hang out in our server! https://discord.gg/3Gbcms5 Join us in The Reckless Play Guild Facebook Group! - - - - - - - - - - FACING FATE SEASON 2 BEGINS SOON FOR PATRONS Patreon.com/DumbDragonCast https://www.facingfate.com https://twitter.com/facingfatecast https://www.facebook.com/facingfatecast
62 min
GAME TIME - The 'B' Team on Wharf Street
This week we take you behind the scenes of our Patreon community with "The 'B' Team on Wharf Street", a game we played WITH our patrons at the Game Time tier.
126 min
s02e32 - Gone in a Flash
Flint, Thia, Lex and Margaret (Rev from The Critshow) are surrounded by an interesting and seemingly unnatural group of monsters. As they try to figure out where they are coming from, the team must protect a group of untrained militia from the attack. Thia suspects foul play. Flint makes a flaming hug tackle. Lex prove themselves handily in a fight.
77 min
s02e31 - POTATOES!
Moot, Glim and Sully are truly on the road now as they march forward on their quest to Tymanther. Along the way they are given increasingly better travel advice, and make a pit stop to help a business owner with his marketing. Moot takes the advice of the locals. Glim is disappointed with sticky fingers. Sully suddenly feels very truthful.
59 min
s02e30 - Along Came Margaret
Continuing their travels back to Waterdeep Flint, Thia and "Beefy Boy" find themselves broadsided and waylaid in the Misty Forest. The group meets a curious new friend Margaret (Rev from The Crit Show) to help each other solve the mystery. Thia finds an odd odour. Flint takes his eyes off the road for ONE second. Beefy Boy finds a name!
72 min
s02e29 - The Quest for Turnt Gobbos and Jam
The quest to Daggerford to find turnt Gobbos and Jam continues with Sir Cumfrence (David Alvord) and his noble Squire Root (Tiffany Alvord). Only... a simple mission goes completely sideways with a single decision. Moot adds a note. Glim's is granted skills. Sully has the element of... surprise?
79 min
s02e28 - A Forest "Doppleganger"
Flint, Thia and their new friend "Beefy Boy" are on the road to Waterdeep. But as with all road trips, sometimes the journey is what happens along the way, and today our heroes settle another squabble in the forest. Thia is interrogates good. Flint goes deep for the wood. Beefy Boy needs a new name... but not that name.
58 min
Presenting: The Broadswords S0216
Dumbgeons and Dragons will return Wednesday, January 8th! In the meantime, allow us to introduce you to The Broadswords, am all women actual play DnD Podcast. They are one of our favourite shows filled with friends from right across Canada. We hope you enjoy!
49 min
Presenting: The End of Time and Other Bothers S101
Dumbgeons and Dragons will return Wednesday, January 8th! In the meantime, allow us to introduce you to The End of Time and Other Bothers, one of our favourite shows, filled with some of our favourite people. We hope you enjoy it!
66 min
s02e27 - Turnt Gobbo Protection
Having made a bit of a mess Moot, Glim, and Sully decide it's time to follow their destiny and begin making their way out East. But to get there, they must acquire transportation. The trio meets a confident paladin (David Alvord) and his noble squire (Tiffany Alvord). Moot questions who's in charge. Glim's gets some surprise training. Sully teaches a stone to juggle their balls.
67 min
s02e26 - Escape from Black Pool
Flint and Thia reel as they make their escape from Black Pool fighting their way through a horde of undead. The duo find a captive left behind in the town's "hospital". Thia rides piggy back. Flint just wants to know the plan. Someone is a Beefy Boy.
60 min
s02e25 - Night Gardening 101
The team, Moot and Glim, try to find some knowledge about Orcus and his followers from the local library, while Sully and Hilop are acting strange towards their friends. Moot hits the books. Glim's Bahamut sense goes off. Sully tends his night garden.
70 min
s02e24 - Beneath the Streets of Black Pool
Flint and Thia have been given unlimited access to Black Pool. They, along with Lipsinki Pipdiggins, try to find the source and reason for Lipsinki being locked up by Vorunax (Kyle Classet). Thia rolls for spaghetti body. Flint has SO many buddies. Lipsinki just wants to dig.
106 min
s02e23 - Weird Night's Watch
Moot, Glim, Sully and Hilop encounter a strange three-eyed boy in the Graveyard. The group is on edge and takes watch as things get weirder through the night. Moot gets paranoid. Glim has a weird dream. Sully gets creative in the kitchen.
58 min
s02e22 - Welcome to Black Pool
Flint and Thia take the backroads on their route back to Waterdeep and come across the town of Black Pool, a warm city of full hospitality. They are welcomed by the town leader a Dragonborn named Vorunax Zatruchreth (Kyle Classet), and asked for assistance with a matter that is beyond the town's experience. Thia makes fish eyes at the locals. Flint gets an anatomy lesson.
75 min
A Chilly Trip Across the Planes (Podcasts Into ...
When a portal from Mechanus opens to reveal a modron named Tibby, he emerges to deliver our crew their latest mission. Tibby lobbied to get them somewhere tropical, but it seems they were instead "gifted" the Plane of Ice... Their mission: deliver a case from the Plane of Ice to the Shadowfell. At their disposal: a stolen vehicle from Avernus outfitted to travel in the harsh tundra climate. Thia gets real emo. Flint gets Fast AND Furious. Nulara scopes out the facilites.
103 min
s02e21 - A Real Lumpy Adventure
With a lumpy mystery on their hands Moot, Glim, and Sully embark on a wild, wacky and weird adventure to track down Sully's one and only lump, Ken. Moot gets some bad news. Glim really gets into the mystery. Sully contemplates filing a missing lump report.
58 min
s02e20 - TREMORS!
We join back up with Flint & Thia in the town of Fairhaven, now over run with a massive centipede threatening the good people of the town. The only heroes are the Decimators... of bugs... Thia finds optimal plays against the beast. Flint gets an anatomy lesson.
44 min
s02e19 - Thoughts and Prayers
Settling into life in Waterdeep, our adventurers Moot, Glim, and Sully experience the city wide memorial before they find some small hints to their road ahead and try to solve a small conundrum. Moot loses his vertical. Glim can't believe her ears. Sully has an emotional roller coaster.
61 min
s02e18 - Moving Back In
Thia has a disturbing dream as she and Flint are on their way back to Waterdeep. They happen across people heading back out to their homes across Faerun. However, our heroes quickly find something else has moved into this small town. Thia has a dream. Flint is mistaken for a different bearded dwarf.
52 min
s02e17 - Planned Improvements
Having been hired by Bonbera (Victoria Rogers), the owner of Baubles and Such, Moot, Glim and Sully make their way into the sewers of the Dock Ward of Waterdeep to track down the Rat King and Bonbera's wand of Smiles. Moot makes a fowl offence. Glim brings the wet naps. Sully was a clean-en-er-er?
67 min
s02e16 - Road Wizards
Thia & Flint need a direction and hit the road after spending a few days with Nulara's family in High Forest. But they soon find, things in Faerun are just as strange as they used to be before the Cult of the Dragon. Thia plays a practical joke. Flint could be a savior... again.
55 min
s02e15- The Rat King Calls
We join back with Moot, Glim and Sully who have made it to Waterdeep. The team gets recommended to see Bonbera (Victoria Rogers), local proprietor of Baubles N Such, who can take of Glim's... folicular problem. Moot invests in some turnovers. Glim sweats to the oldies. Sully tells it like... her remembers it?
52 min
s02e14 - Going Home
***SPOILER ALERT FOR SEASON 1*** Following the battle at the Well of Dragons, our heroes, the Decimators of Dragons must now deal with the outcome and their loss at the hands of Tiamat. Join us on an emotional journey as we bring our friend, Nulara Moonbrook home.
68 min
s02e13 - Solving a Code
Following the sound of the evil laughter coming, the adventurers find the clues they have gained useful in their hopes to save the Windmill Town. Glim makes a dash. Sully gets a tad hungry. Moot holds off forces from above.
73 min
s02e12 - It Happened in a Flash
In pursuit of the seemingly evil Esau, the trio plus Hilop head off into the woods. But they soon find out the woods in a cursed town aren't always as they appear. Glim grows a mane. Sully makes a very wrong turn. Moot gets covered in the muck.
61 min
s02e11 - The Windmill Town
Following rumors of gold and a town shrouded in evil from their new friend Hilop, our adventurers have made it to an abandoned windmill town. What mysteries lies in wait in this eerie village? Certainly no honey! Glim has a divine sense. Sully sticks to the path because... Red Riding Hood? Moot has a sound plan.
69 min
s02e10 - The Road to Money... Honey
With a semblance of a plan, our young adventuring trio are part of a caravan heading south trailing the soldiers of Faerun. Moot, Glim and Sully share some interesting backstory and meet an interesting acquaintance with a tale of rumors, evil and gold! Glim rallies the troops for exercise. Sully is a crude artist. Moot has a harsh realization.
63 min
s02e09 - Told You It Was Destiny
Sully and Glim are free from prison, and this is the first time our three adventurers have been in the same room together. They take time to find blankets... and also make a plan. Because you can't save the world without a plan. Glim tries to do a normal thing. Sully fluffers a book. Moot gives something unintentionally.
58 min
s02e08 - A Jail Break
It's time for Sully and Glim to make their break! ...from jail that is. Nothing brings a group together like a jail break. Meanwhile, Moot and Gabriel are off to find a means of transportation. Glim works on her proper posture. Sully can't see in the dark. Moot negotiates... really good.
64 min
s02e07 - Who to Trust?
Moot and Gabriel are off to find a way to help break Glim and Sully out, while inside the prison, Sully and Glim are trying to sort out the promises of Miss Ma'am Miao Miao. Glim questions her trust in the law. Sully shows what he's good at. Moot learns about the routine.
56 min
s02e06 - Classic Me-Moot
With the ledger in hand, Glim tries to find out what her new friend Sully is wrapped up in. Moot continues his training and is excited to show off for Glim, but soon finds himself worried about his friends' safety. Glim gets wrapped up in the system. Sully sees an opportunity. Moot learns the powers of negotiation.
58 min
s02e05 - Feel It And Then Do It.
Glim and Sully sit down for a drink and some food to get a feel for each other, while Moot starts his actual training with mentor Gabriel down by the river. Glim creates a diversion. Sully is concerned about sanitation. Moot gets explosive results.
55 min
Bonus - Special Delivery... to Hell! (D&D Live ...
Welcome to a bonus episode this week! Russ & Amy were super fortunate to be invited to D&D Live 2019: The Descent to play a sample of the upcoming adventure module from Wizards of the Coast (Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus). This is our descent into Avernus to make a delivery. That's right, they need next day delivery in hell too! The New Crew is back next week for you with an all new episode!
84 min
s02e04 - Bring Down the Pretention
With Glim's arrival in Neverwinter, the likelihood of these adventurers meeting grows greater with every step! But until then, each of our heroes have to face the tasks at hand and some might cause them to get into deep trouble. Glim sets her boundaries. Sully bites off more than he can chew. Moot shows Gabriel what he's got.
75 min
s02e03 - Have You Heard of Kiestering?
We continue with our your adventurers as they navigated Neverwinter and the big city proves to be a worrisome place. Moot, Glim and Sully spend their time trying to change their current situations. Glim is excited to begin. Sully reveals a little too much. Moot finds Gabriel!
62 min
s02e02 - Finding Direction
Glim, Moot and Sully start asking questions to find their way and where they fit in the world. Some of those questions to mentors or teachers, others to confused guards and cellmates. Glim needs a book on people. Sully meets the warden. Moot writes everything down.
61 min
s02e01 - A New Beginning
As we begin our Season 2 journey, we pick right back up with our new adventurers Glim, Sully and Moot. The three learn, travel or run from the past as they try to find their place in a new world for all of them. Glim receives a calling. Sully has to piece things together. Moot is looks for wizards.
58 min
s01e84 - Season 1 Mailbag
Amy, Tom, Carla, Russ and Sean answer all of your Season 1 questions from the beginning to the finale! Plus, we get into what you can expect for Season 2, returning June 5th!
81 min
s01e83 - Tiamat's Finale
In the arc finale our heroes, Flint, Thia and Nulara square off with the Queen of Dragons, Tiamat. Their hope... to stop her from unleashing her power upon the material plane and send her back to the Nine Hells. Flint is a hero. Thia is a hero. Nulara is a hero.
68 min
s01e82 - The Inevitable
In the penultimate episode of Dumbgeons & Dragons "Rise of Tiamat" arc, the adventurers are desperately fighting for the lives of Faerun against the Cult of the Dragon's Red Wizards who channel all that is evil to bring forth the Queen of Dragons. Flint gets creative. Thia cheers for a win. Nulara tries to hide.
44 min
s01e81 - The Way In
With the wizards alerted to their presence, the adventurers are more than ever in a race against time to get inside and stop the ritual to bring Tiamat to power. Flint says YOLO. Thia is brash and takes a leap. Nulara eyes an old enemy.
53 min
s01e80 - So Close!
Flint, Thia and Nulara have stepped out into the caldera of the Well of Dragons and before them they now see the full scale of the Temple of Tiamat. That must mean decisions move real fast now, right? ...So close! Flint talks to himself again. Thia trys to strategize. Nulara questions some motives.
42 min
s01e79 - A Time to Run
Our adventurers have never been ones to run, but when surrounded on all sides, you never know WHAT a person will do! Flint, Thia and Nulara follow their keen senses as they find their allies are here to help around every corner. Flint goes looting. Thia remembers something she forgot. Nulara is a touch winded.
49 min
s01e78 - A Show of Good Faith
Nulara is approached by a sought after visitor. Our adventurers venture further into the Well of Dragons. They realize the deeper they go, the more deadly the obstacles gets. Flint snaps his finger. Thia gets in a creature brawl. Nulara has some serious concerns.
43 min
s01e77 - Into the Well Part 02
The Decimators of Dragons reach and have to deal with another band of snacking Cultists as they continue their hunt through the endless lava tubes of the Well of Dragons. Maybe this group will have some valuable information? Flint makes a point with a simple slap. Thia uses those keen senses. Nulara has some serious questions.
52 min
s01e76 - Into the Well Part 01
Our heroes, Flint, Thia and Nulara have only just made it into the entrance to the extinct volcano that is the Well of Dragons. They do some quick recon and get right down to business. Flint wants to speak all the languages too. Thia makes a smooth getaway. Nulara is generally untouchable.
55 min
Recap 04 - Episodes 56-75
If this is your first episode, please go back and listen to; Recap 01 & Recap 02 & Recap 03 before listening to this episode, otherwise, little to no sense will be had from this recap. The whole crew gets together this time to help you get caught up quick! Listen to a refresher as we head forward to episode 76 and the biggest battle Flint, Thia and Nulara have ever witnessed in Dumbgeons & Dragons!
32 min
s01e75 - The Beginning of the End
We are here. The beginning of the end. After chasing, fighting and preparing for this battle with the Cult of the Dragon. Our heroes travel to and arrive at the Well of Dragons to face the oncoming horde of Tiamat's army, in an attempt to stop the Cult of the Dragon's planned ritual to bring her to the material plane. Flint runs "Dragon's 101". Thia plays games with fruit. Nulara raises morale and inspires the troops.
52 min
s01e74 - The Call to Adventure
Today we begin the story of 3 new adventurers. Some who have seen first hand what the Cult of the Dragon can do when they have their full force behind them. Their stories begin with tragedy, heartache and hope. Oh... and laughs... we didn't forget some good laughs! Sully is real sly with a swift kick. Moot gets some shady advice. Glim is a starry-eyed optimist.
71 min
PodCon 2 Bonus e03 - Piece Uh Food?
The #DumbDragonCast is still in Seattle at PodCon 2! Flamikins sister has been Taken and the team has to make a trip to save Katikins! But to infiltrate an underground organization, they must use their wits an get inventive in an unlikely manner! Flint is super encouraging. Thia shifts her appearance. Nulara is surpised about the corruption of the establishment.
78 min
PodCon 2 Bonus e02 - Anything Can Be a Sex Toy
The #DumbDragonCast is still in Seattle at PodCon 2! Flint, Thia and Nulara are retired after having no interactions with any Cult of the Dragon or Tiamat, because alternate timeline! They are recruited to make some extra cash as bodyguards for the great Bard, Deekin Scalesinger, by their good friend Flamikins. Flint gets bamboozled by an old lady. Thia gets star struck and stuck. Nulara is a secret card shark.
58 min
PodCon 2 Bonus e01 - When Portals Collide and B...
Flint, Thia and Nulara find themselves sucked into a portal and meet 2 new friends in Snegal (Sean Howard) and Old Man Apelloko (Travis Vengroff) who all find that there is a plucky situation at hand. Flint somehow has everything on hand. Thia makes a spectacular scene. Nulara makes a new friend for life. Snegal needs some footwear. Old Man Apelloko is in such a hurry.
76 min
s01e73 - Preparing for a Road Trip
Flint, Thia and Nulara go to visit Leosin to go over final preparations before their battle, as well as a last check-in with Arvid to pack their bags as they come ever closer to the battle with the Cult of the Dragon. Flint wants that Go-Juice. Thia wonders where's the respect. Nulara tries to find someone who knows anything.
43 min
s01e72 - Mechanics, Confessions and Frat Boys
Returning back to Waterdeep, our players gain a level, and our characters are looking to share their experiences of their visits home over a pint at the Yawning Portal. Flint shows off his sword. Thia says you can't take it with you. Nulara tries to make a confession.
48 min
s01e71 - Returning Home Part 02
Flint, Thia and Nulara continue their visits home. While most of their time spent revolves around family and reconnecting, some of it is spent dealing with a growing concern. Flint is gifted a family heirloom. Thia sets the record straight. Nulara has a bad night.
53 min
s01e70 - Returning Home
Flint, Thia and Nulara arrive back home, on leave before they prepare for the final assault on the Well of Dragons. And for all of them, it's been a while, so there is a LOT of catching up to do. Flint gets cookin'. Thia gets sneakin'. Nulara gets picked on.
68 min
s01e69 - Grancis Again!
Happy New Year! We check back in with our good friend, Grancis, to see what all this talk about the afterlife is. And let us tell you, there are things happening! And they rhyme with frog, or fog... or dog?
54 min
s01e68 - Ho Boy!
Merry Winter Solstice to all! As promised we are diving into something different to celebrate the season this year. Auril, The Frostmaiden has gifted us with a Grancis backstory episode! We dive deep into the "Man of Many Pancakes" history, and experience some of the thrilling adventures he went on. Romaine has a surprise for everyone. Thaddeus just want's some of the action. Milli remains unimpressed. Grancis just wanted to race.
56 min
s01e67 - Where Do We Stand?
It's time to find out who is in the final fight to save the fate of Faerun. Will the adventurers have an outstanding army? Or be caught out standing in a field by themselves! Thia gets her groove on. Nulara rolls poorly on constitution. Flint gives a wink and a nod.
62 min
s01e66 - Anyone Know The Property Bros?
The adventurers make it back to Waterdeep and head right into the council session to end all council sessions. Decisions are nigh in the fight against the Cult of the Dragon, but others get hung up on real estate and sweet pranks. Thia shouts from atop a table. Nulara gets pranked. Flint looks to make some renovations.
57 min
s01e65 - Sweet Dreams in Thay
Having been sent back to their rooms for the night while Tharchion Eseldra Yeth makes her deliberation, the team is left with an uneasy feeling and some experience a night to forget while in the company of the Red Wizards. Thia plays dress-up. Nulara double fists that bacon. Flint has an out of body experience. CW: Torture
54 min
s01e64 - Come Out To Thay, Have a Few Laughs!
The team has made it to Thay to begin negotiations. But while they wait to gain an audience with the Tharchion, Flint, Thia and Nulara enjoy some of the luxuries that Thay has to offer. Once they meet with the Tharchion, there are some questions that still need answers. Thia waits for no one. Nulara has an "open-mind" policy. Flint has a decision to make.
54 min
s01e63 - On The Way To Thay
After the news has come that their fellow adventurers have been recruited to aid the battle against the Cult of the Dragon, Bort, Thia and Nulara check back in with Leosin to see if they can't figure out what awaits them in Thay. Thia instills so much confidence. Nulara tries her hand at performance. Bort tries to cut a deal.
60 min
s01e62 - Parting Ways
The adventurers rest up after a night on the town and encounter some peculiar incidences on their way to meet back at the Yawning Portal Inn. They discuss the road ahead as they get ready for the final steps towards stopping the Cult of the Dragon. Flint makes a friend. Thia stops a squabble. Nulara teaches a lesson.
47 min
s01e61 - The Haunted House of Horrors - Part 02
Flint, Thia and Nulara continue their way through the Haunted House on Old Hallows Eve! Do they find the end? Do they get lost forever in yet another maze? Do they wind up totally naked and confused with everything that's happening? All are possible! Flint lends a hand. Thia gets hungry. Nulara gets nervous when alone. Huge thank you to special guest Spencer Jo for returning as Grug "Danger Song" to play Waterdeep for this year's Waterdeep Harvest Festival.
53 min
s01e60 - The Haunted House of Horrors - Part 01
Flint, Thia and Nulara have returned back to Waterdeep in time to take an evening to relax and take in the yearly Harvest Festival. All the sights, sounds and candy are theirs for the taking! But is the Harvest Festival truly all fun and games? Flint waits a minute. Thia gets some courage. Nulara hangs around. Huge thank you to special guest Spencer Jo for returning as Grug "Danger Song" to play Waterdeep for this year's Waterdeep Harvest Festival.
54 min
s01e59 - The Battle for Xonthal's Tower
The adventurers have left Xonthal's Tower ready to head back home, only to find a raging dragon attack on the city at Xonthal's Tower. They also run into an old friend, who's not really all that old to them... and doesn't really consider them friends... Flint gets duped. Thia gets burned. Nulara gets deja vu.
41 min
s01e58 - Where are my Manners?
The adventurers find an interesting character in the basement of Xonathal's tower. But what do they make of him? The team also continues to try to find their way back out of the tower and back to reality. Flint tries out some deception. Thia gets singed. Nulara is feeling on the outs.
47 min
s01e57 - The... Hourglass!
The adventurers walk through infinite space on their hunt for Iskander in Xonathal's tower. Plus try to alter time and space. Episode name explanation is in the bloopers, so keep listening to the end! Flint hands out tickets... to a show. Thia apparently carries heavy artillery. Nulara cheers on the team from the sidelines.
48 min
s01e56 - What Was That?!
Nulara finds herself with a bit of a problem on her hands that makes the group weary of her presence as they continue through Xonthal's tower trying to track down the hiding wizard Iskander. Flint does something unexpected. Thia is ridden into battle. Nulara relives a brief but life altering moment.
38 min
Recap 03 - Episode 31-55
It's time for another Dumbgeons & Dragons Recap Episode! If this is your first episode, please go back and listen to; Recap 01  & Recap 02 before listening to this episode, otherwise, little to no sense will be had from this recap. Get caught up quick, or listen to a refresher as we head forward to episode 56 and another year of amazing adventure on Dumbgeons & Dragons!     The quest carries on with Nulara Moonbrook (Carla Johnson), Thia Amastacia (Amy More), Flint Firebeard (Tom Laird) and your Dungeon Master (Russ More).    Dumbgeons & Dragons is an Actual Play D&D 5e podcast released every other Wednesday. Join our Patreon community at Patreon.com/DumbDragonCast.   Supporters Visit popculturewarz.com to get amazing pop culture merchandise shipped right to your door! Be sure to use discount code DUMBDRAGON at checkout to save 10% off your next order! Email - info@popculturewarz.com   Visit tabletoploot.com to load up yoru gaming table with some awesome loot! Use coupon code DUMBDRAGON at checkout to save 10% off your next order!   If you like what we do, please subscribe, rate, leave a review to let us know what you think and/or share with your friends! Every little bit helps the adventure! Subscribe to Dumbgeons & Dragons and Rate/Review on Apple Podcasts.  Also you can search for us on Spotify, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Podcast Addict, TuneIn, or many other popular podcast apps. Review us on PodKnife, or Podchaser. Subscribe via RSS (libsyn) Direct Download Link DumbDragons.com   Join us at PodCon2 in Seattle! January 19 & 20,2019.   Music; "Nowhere Land", "Virtutes Instrumenti", "Earth Prelude", "Enchanted Valley", "Ossuary 7 - Resolve", "Odyssey" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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s01e55 - It's Mine.
Having found Iskander's workshop, the adventurers are attacked by a group of cultists who have been anticipating their arrival. The team also encounters a new wrinkle in their group dynamic.Flint clears the room. Thia waits so... patiently. Nulara gets a bit possessive.
49 min
s01e54 - What Were We Doing Here?
Will they? Won't they? That is the question of today's episode! How many more episodes will our adventurers be stuck in the maze at Xonathal's tower?! When will they find Guacamole?!! #FindGuac Will they remember what they were supposed to be doing here?!!! Flint looks for a sponsorship. Thia collects some trophies. Nulara realizes her fighting strategy.
47 min
s01e53 - It's All About That Butt
The adventurers find themselves face-to-butt with a dastardly maze staple! The Gorgon! Things get weird as they try to figure out this next room in Xonthal's Maze, but maybe that means the solution will be clear. Flint creates new butt cracks. Thia gets stomped. Nulara goes for the butt stab.
51 min
s01e52 - Ya Doink.
When you find yourself in times of trouble, it's time to get sassy! And that is just what the adventurers AND the players do in this week's Dumbgeons & Dragons. They find new confidence in their hopes to find the end of the maze and reach Xonthal's tower in time to save Iskander. Flint struts. Thia sashays. Nulara comes to a ground breaking realization.
44 min
s01e51 - Come for the Maze, Stay for the Tea
Seemingly at a loss for what to do in Xonthal's maze, the adventurer's try another pathway and find a quiet, off-putting but welcoming man. Maybe he'll have some answers for them? Flint thinks outside the box. Thia just wants those jewels. Nulara has a golden idea.
55 min
s01e50 - Anyone Bring Pruning Shears
Continuing to sort out the maze at Xonthal's tower, the adventurers come across a beautiful botanical garden. But is it's beauty only at face value? Or is it something more sinister? Flint brings out his rod of lordly pruning. Thia suffers a real loss. Nulara tries out for the Olympic torch carrier.
64 min
s01e49 - A Giant Competition
Making their way through the maze, the adventurers still find themselves unsure of what the maze is asking of them. Flint, Thia and Nulara find themselves in the midst of a competition with some giant farmers. Flint gets crafty with fulcrums. Thia bobs and weaves...super sneaky-like. Nulara gets chatty.
49 min
s01e48 - A Quick Trip for a Dip in a Maze
Having made their way to Xonthal's tower, Flint, Thia and Nulara find an escort to lead them to the Maze's entrance. Once inside, they find it's not all fun and games as Flint's past experiences at the fair have lead him to believe. Flint says "How hard could this maze be?". Thia throws a hissy fit. Nulara is tired of talking about this.
72 min
s01e47 - The Jet Stream to Xonthal's Tower
The adventurer's try to find an airship heading south towards Xonthal's Tower. But what do they find on their way? It may be a dangerous route heading towards Cult territory. Flint gets a look-y-loo. Thia dreams up a force field. Nulara loves a good explanatory plaque.
63 min
s01e46 - An Interrogation and a Decision
The adventurers hear news from a squire that may change the course of the war against the Cult of the Dragon, which makes them put on their interrogating hats and visit an old "friend"" before deciding the best course of action. Flint asks the super important questions. Thia reveals a soft spot for Grancis. Nulara is sure it's a trap. Everyone learns the days of the week.
51 min
s01e45 - The Perception of the Council
Having partied and parted ways with their new friend Grug, the adventurers have reports to deliver to the Council of Waterdeep about the Cult of the Dragon and their new alliances with the Metallic Dragons. Flint has a life changing breakfast. Thia wakes up on the fluffy side of the bed. Nulara is amazed by the groups ability to talk to a crowd.
44 min
s01e44 - A Friend in the Night Pt 02
With their new friend Grug, the adventurer's set off to find the cause of the murder/suicides within the Council of Waterdeep's aides. Featuring the talented Spencer Jo as "Grug Danger Song". Flint struts his stuff. Thia calls the daylight. Nulara hates it when she has to fight people.
78 min
s01e43 - A Friend in the Night Pt 01
The adventurers make it back to Waterdeep with the chance for some downtime before the next council session. They meet a new friend who weaves tales of their successes across Faerun before stumbling into a new mystery. Featuring the talented Spencer Jo as "Grug Danger Song". Flint hones his talent for distraction. Thia is scared of her new friend. Nulara reminds everyone they are unprepared for what's to come.
54 min
The Crimson Spring - Women in Tabletop Gaming M...
In this bonus episode, new characters, Bowstring, Harmony and Prosh find themselves on the call to find a mysterious magical item. Carla drives this adventure home as DM for the first time ever to celebrate Women in Tabletop Gaming Month in this super fun one-shot! Dumbgeons & Dragons is a proud partner of Women in Tabletop Gaming month! All through June join us a many other creators as we celebrate and focus on Women in Tabletop Gaming. Find ways you can support the "Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights" and listen, hear and read an entire month of amazing content on their website! http://womenintabletopgaming.com/
139 min
s01e42 - RP by Day, Mechanics by Night
This episode, we get into the weeds on player mechanics and level-ups! If that's not your jam, we totally understand as this is a long episode. Also note, that we do have a ton of fun going through and realizing the highs and lows of our game play, so if you do listen, we really hope you enjoy. Next week main episode we will be back to telling the story you love.
126 min
The Impregnable Fortress of Dib - Women in Tabl...
In this bonus episode, new characters, Hope, Gerbo and Roscoe take the call to adventure as the town of Alnwick is held hostage by a dastardly group of goblins. Amy takes the helm as DM for the first time ever to celebrate Women in Tabletop Gaming Month in this super fun one-shot!
133 min
s01e41 - Trusted Representatives of Waterdeep
After stopping by the Guild of the Nine Shadows, the adventurers make their way to the Nether Mountains hoping for new powerful allies in this MEGA-PODCAST CROSSOVER! Featuring members from The Broadswords, Dungeons, Dice & Everything Nice, Bros and Dragons, Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters and The Dice Unkind. Flint imagines himself as an eye patch. Thia gets third degree burned. Nulara feels like she's treading water.
87 min