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There’s no denying it: technology has changed the rules of the game. DTR is a show about everything from opening lines to the pics you post to dating someone out of your league. Each episode explores the good and bad, the hilarious and awkward, the wonderful and bizarre aspects of defining relationships in today’s world. Join host Jane Marie, who’s worked with and written for This American Life, Jezebel, The Hairpin, Cosmopolitan and more, as she deep dives into what it’s like to meet new people in an Internet-obsessed world. Spark a new conversation with DTR—a branded podcast from Tinder, produced in partnership with Gimlet Creative.
Society & Culture
Season 2: Your chance to be on DTR 🎧🌹🔥
DTR returns this fall, featuring...you?
1 min
Tinder Takeover
Explore what happens when you let a friend take over your Tinder account.
30 min
Unexpected Places
Think you know what everyone’s swiping for on Tinder? Think again.
25 min
I'm a 5, He's a 10
Explore what happens when you’re dating someone who’s unlike you in a very obvious way: hotness.
27 min
Mixed Signals
What do your profile pics really say about you?
30 min
Dick Pics
The phallus—in focus and unfiltered.
22 min
Does one word say it all? We explore the little three-letter word that’s become the world’s go-to pick-up line.
21 min
A show about defining relationships in the digital age.
1 min