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How To Fix A Broken Family
You've heard people complain, "If I only knew then what I know now, I wouldn't be in this mess," but what about those times when you choose not to see the writing on the wall? Dr. Phil meets couples who say their relationships went from bad to worse after they said, "I do," and now their families are broken.Melody was 18 when she got pregnant and moved in with Scott, and for two years, they argued nonstop. Before they got hitched, Melody says Scott would say, "I'm not in love with you. I wish you would leave, andI wouldn't marry you for a million dollars," so why did she walk down the aisle with him? Scott says Melody pushed him into fatherhood and marriage, and there are times he doesn't love his wife. Should this couple cut their losses now, or do they have a chance for a successful union? Next, Sheree and Shawn were married for nine years and have two teenage sons. Although they've been divorced for more than five years,Sheree says Shawn won't accept it, is still in love with her and finds ways to threaten and harass her. Shawn admits he still loves Sheree, but says she betrayed him when he was dying of cancer, and now she's alienating him from his kids. Is he playing what Sherree calls the "sick card"? Hear from a woman who takes care of Shawn. Is she contributing to Shawn's behavior? Then, hear what the teenage sons have to say. And, find out the five questions you should ask yourself before you end your marriage.
46 min
Money Saving Tips & Tricks
If you're suffering through the difficult economic times and looking for ways to save money, get out your pen and paper and start taking notes! Dr. Phil's guests offer real tips to help you save money on clothes, utilities and vacations. Plus, learn how to cut your grocery bill in half and how to entertain your family on the cheap. The Economides family has mastered the art of spending less. They say they have the secret to living on $44,000 a year, even with five children. You might be surprised how easy it is to implement their frugal ways of living. See how far they can stretch $100 at the grocery store and how they expand their family wardrobe on just $75. Then, Daniel and Mandy say they keep blowing their budget and need help reining in their spending. They've separated twice because of money issues and have even filed for bankruptcy. How should they realign their lifestyle? And, Ashley is a stay-at-home mom who says she's been able to slash her grocery bills by more than half. Learn how she does it and how you can too! Plus, find out how you can win a $1,000 Shell gas card. Don't miss these amazing tips and tricks to live on less that will put money in your pocket!
43 min
Young Wives Club
How young is too young to tie the knot? Dr. Phil meets three couples in their early 20s who have relationships rocked by betrayals, domestic violence and infidelity. Tara, 22, says her common-law marriage is full of hatred. She says her partner, Matt, calls her terrible names, doesn’t help her with housework or their three children, and has even threatened to kill her. Matt, 26, says Tara likes to fight and goes into attack mode over little things like an empty toilet paper roll. Then, Monica, 20, says she can’t take another day in her marriage and has filed for divorce for the second time. She says her husband, Cadum, is lazy, has cheated on her twice and acts like a teenager rather than a husband and father. Cadum, 22, says his wife is controlling, and their fights have become physical. And, Jenna, 21, says every day with her fiancé, Ed, is hell. She’s called off the wedding at least eight times because of their constant out-of-control fighting, and they often call family members to pick up their two children so they can fight. Ed, 21, says Jenna beats him and has broken his collarbone with a table leg, yet he’s the one who gets arrested. Dr. Phil offers to put these couples up in The Dr. Phil House for an intensive three-day relationship overhaul. Can these young couples get their relationships back on track for the sake of their children?
41 min
Affairs Of The Heart
Can married people be friends with someone of the opposite sex without sex getting in the way? At what point does a friendly relationship become an affair of the heart or emotional infidelity? Meet Randy, who says his wife, Amanda, has crossed that line. He says that during their 11-year marriage, Amanda has been emotionally unfaithful time and time again, with men ranging from online acquaintances to arock-and-roll singer who happened to be Randy’s best friend. As a former Navy Seal, Randy says he feels like he’s in a constant state of red alert because he has to watch Amanda like a hawk. Amanda says her emotional entanglements are just fantasies, not real cheating. She’s not looking to replace her husband but merely wants a little more freedom because Randy’s controlling behavior makes her feel like a prisoner in her own marriage. Can this marriage, rocked by betrayal and facing a true time of reckoning, continue? And how great a role does drinking play in Amanda’s indiscretions? Plus, the couple’s three little girls suffer the fallout from their mom and dad’s problems. Learn the classic parenting mistake Amanda and Randy make that you don’t want to repeat.
43 min
What's Wrong With Men?
Dr. Phil addresses the question all women want to know the answer to: What’s wrong with men? With the help of TIME Magazine writer and comedian Joel Stein, Dr. Phil tries to solve the mystery of what makes men tick. First up, single ladies Shannon, Emily and Caroldean all have a gripe -- or 10 -- about men! They face off with Christopher, Kayo and Marcus, self-proclaimed jerks who want to explain their points of view. Watch sparks fly as the singles debate dating, sex and relationships. Then, Kaydee says her husband of six years, Mike, is broken, and she can’t find the “man”ual. He won’t bring her flowers, he won’t buy her cards, he won’t even take out the trash! You won't believe the reason Mike gives for being romantically challenged. And, don’t miss the couple’s hilarious home videos about what really annoys them about each other. Plus, Dr. Phil dispels the myths about men. What is fact and what is fiction? You may be surprised!
44 min
Honeymoon Hangover
Are you a newlywed suffering from honeymoon hangover? It’s when the vacation in the Bahamas is over, the dress is put away and couples realize there’s an important thing they now have to face: Marriage. Dr. Phil says he is shocked to find how little couples know about each other before they walk down the aisle. Jeremy and Tamarra have been married for only eight months, and they wonder if their marriage can be saved. Jeremy says Tamarra is so clingy that he’s had to give up everything he enjoys in order to spend time with her. Tamarra says being married means doing everything together, so why wouldn’t Jeremy want to spend every free minute with her? Dr. Phil gives them a newlywed quiz. How well do they really know each other? Then, Mandy says her husband of three years pulled a 180-degree turn after they got married and changed his mind about an important value they shared: faith in God. Now, Nic says he’s an atheist, and Mandy is worried about what this means for their marriage and their family. Plus, Dr. Phil answers important questions from engaged couples: Should partners open a joint checking account? Do you need to get along with your future spouse’s family? How much do you need to know about your partner’s past? If you’re about to tie the knot, grab a pen and paper and make sure you know these important facts about your mate!
43 min
Women Who Want To Marry For Money
Is it wrong to go dating for dollars? Dr. Phil’s guests say if you want to court them, you have to pay to play! Baje says she uses sex appeal to get cash, jewelry and expensive trips from men. She says she never leaves home without her "gold-digging kit," and you won’t believe what it contains! Her friend, Michelle, says Baje taught her all the secrets to getting money from men, and she doesn't see anything wrong with accepting gifts from wealthy suitors. With the help of an NFL superstar, Dr. Phil teaches these materialistic ladies a lesson they won't forget. Then, attorney Lauren Lake says gold digging is "two sandwiches short of a prostitution picnic," but Lucia, a radio talk show host, says that using men for money is no worse than men using women for sex. Don’t miss their heated debate! And, Emilie says she's not a gold digger; she’s just looking for a rich man to support her extravagant lifestyle.
43 min
Fighting Fair
All couples argue, but Dr. Phil says name-calling, temper tantrums and hitting below the belt can ruin a marriage. He sits down with Mark and Leana who have been married for only five months but say they’re headed for divorce court. Leana says her husband spends more time with his band mates than he does with her and their four children. Mark says Leana constantly emasculates him, and he accuses her of being unfaithful. You won’t believe what home video cameras captured during the newlyweds' 62-minute fight. Find out what Dr. Phil witnesses that disturbs him the most. Can this couple resolve their differences, or should they call it quits? If you and your mate are having knock-down, drag-out battles, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s rules for fighting fair!
46 min
Young, In Love, & In Over Their Heads
Natalie, 22, says her boyfriend of four years, Justin, 25, has an anger problem, and she fears for her life and for their 10-month-old son. Natalie says that since their son was born, Justin has turned into someone she doesn’t even recognize. She says he throws things, rips doors off their hinges and once shoved her while she was holding their baby. Justin admits he has punched holes in walls and slammed doors into walls but denies pushing Natalie and says she is overly dramatic. Both admit their child has witnessed the turmoil. Does this young relationship have a future? Then, Samantha ( shared her experience with abuse in The Aspire Initiative, (link to: a free domestic violence education curriculum from When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation. She returns and has some words of wisdom for Natalie. Plus, tune in as Robin announces the winners of the iAspire Campus Challenge, which awards a grant to students who effect change on the issue of sexual violence on college campuses.
42 min
Body Obsessed Boys
It’s estimated that as many as 1 million American men have an eating disorder, but because of the perception that it’s a female problem, many of them don’t seek help. Dr. Phil speaks with two guests who courageously speak out about their obsession with diet and exercise. Diagnosed with anorexia, 15-year-old Eric says he’d be happy if he could have zero body fat. What started out as a healthy habit of exercising with his father has turned into an obsession that is putting his life at risk. Eric’s parents, Ken and Becky, are tired of the daily battle in the kitchen when it comes to preparing his food, and they worry about their younger son, who doesn’t get as much attention as his older brother. Is there hope for this young man? And, 22-year-old Troy is a health and physical education teacher who says he can’t practice what he preaches. At 5-foot 11-inches and a mere 138 pounds, Troy says exercising and calorie counting has taken over his life, and he doesn’t know how to stop.
45 min
Love Triangle: Jessica and Ryan
A new study shows that in America, as many as one in five men is having an extramarital affair, and that 15 percent of women are cheating too. Is your spouse being unfaithful? Jessica says she caught her husband of two and a half years, Ryan, having an affair with his ex-wife, April, whom she thought was her friend. Ryan admits to having a one-time only rendezvous with April, but April says it occurred closer to60 times. Who's telling the truth? Jessica fears her husband and April are still keeping secrets from her. Because Ryan and April share custody of a son, they must continue to see each other, so Jessica laid down specific rules for when they interact. Are these stipulations keeping Ryan's behavior in check? After Dr. Phil sends Ryan backstage to have a private conversation with his wife, does he admit to more than the one-night fling with April? Will Jessica decide to rebuild the bond with her husband or cut him loose? Then, Daniel admitted to his wife, Karen, that he had an emotional affair with a woman he met online. Only days before coming to the show, he confessed that the affair was sexual. He says he's sorry and wants to put his family back together, but will Karen accept his apology and take him back? Plus, hear why the other woman says she told him what his wife didn't. Is this marriage over?
45 min
Relationship Reality Check
Marriage is supposed to be about compromise, but what happens when one partner says,"It's my way or the highway"? Newlyweds Matthew and Lianna have been married for just three months and are already at odds about Lianna’s passion for her very unusual hobby. After a heart-to-heart on their honeymoon, Matthew says he thought they had come to a compromise, but Lianna says Matthew is squashing her dreams. Find out why Matthew says he didn’t sign up to be married to a “gay man in a woman’s body,” and how married life, for this couple, is turning into a real drag. Then, Shawna and John have been together for 13 years and share three children. Shawna says she still wants to be married to John ... just not right now! You won’t believe her shocking plan for a marital sabbatical, and neither does John. How will he react when he hears the news for the first time? When Dr. Phil gives these relationships a reality check, will their mismatched expectations cause them to break their vows?
45 min
My Mom Vs My Man
When you tie the knot, you don't just marry your spouse, in-laws and siblings often come with the package. But what should you do if you find yourself feuding with your new family? Jessica says she hoped that her relatives would love her husband, Seth, as much as she does, but most of them say they hate him. Her mother, Irma says she's offended by the nasty names Seth calls Jessica and says he needs to start being a man. Seth and Irma are constantly at each other's throats, and Jessica has had to physically restrain her mother from punching her husband. One of Seth and Irma's most-heated confrontations occurred two years ago in the delivery room while Jessica was giving birth! Now Seth threatens to keep the kids from visiting Grandma. Jessica says she can't take the fighting anymore, but is she contributing to the problem? Find out what Seth's mom, Laurie, says needs to happen. Can this family find a way to cease the combat and move forward? Then, Andrea says the war with her mother, Vicki, started three months ago when Vicki gave her an ultimatum: pay rent or move out of her rental house. Vicki says she had allowed Andrea and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Simon, to live in the house rent-free, but now she needs the money. Andrea, who recently suffered two heart attacks and was diagnosed with an illness, says her mom's timing was horrible, but she moved out and has barely communicated with her since. Now that the relationship has deteriorated to constant bickering, is it worth saving? Find out what Dr. Phil thinks. If your family is feuding and you want to learn how to rebuild the relationships, you won't want to miss this show!
44 min
Fireproof Your Marriage
Have you ever had a horrible day at work and came home and dumped your baggage on your spouse? Or are you the type to bottle up your emotions and shut yourself off to loved ones? Police officers and firemen have to look death in the face every day. Their stress levels are so intense that 75 to 90 percent of their marriages end in divorce. This was the outcome for Ty and Wendy's 11-year marriage. Ty is a police officer, and Wendy says he brought his anger home and treated her and their three kids like they were inmates in jail. Ty acknowledges his negative behavior and wants to know how to change it. The couple is considering getting remarried, but will they feel the same after Dr. Phil tells them the five things they must do to make their relationship work? Then, get a sneak peak at Kirk Cameron's new movie, Fireproof, which explores the private battles many people who work extreme jobs face. Kirk and the moviemakers join Dr. Phil and share why they were so passionate about getting this movie made. Then, Kelly says her marriage is in trouble. Her husband of 16 years, John, recently became a firefighter, and she says she feels like a single mom because he puts more time into his job than his family. And, hear from Karin whose husband, Karl, has been a firefighter for 19 years. Learn the ways she handles her husband's intense emotions and how they maintain a good relationship. These are not the only extreme jobs that can cause marital crises. If your spouse is a workaholic and your marriage is suffering, you don't want to miss this show.
44 min
Dating Double Standards
Ladies: What would you do if you had to start over in the dating game in your 40s, 50s or even 60s? Dr.Phil’s guests say there is a double standard that middle-aged men can date women young enough to be their daughters, but yet it’s considered inappropriate for middle-aged women to date much younger men. Caroline is a 58-year-old grandmother who has been married three times and is still looking for her Prince Charming. She admitst o traveling from Monaco to Amsterdam and throughout the states in search of love, often with younger men. Caroline says she even accepted a proposal from a man she met online -- a suitor she has never met in person! Her daughter, Anara, says the problem is not her mother’s age, but that her mom doesn’t act her age. Is Caroline just living life without limits, or is she her own worst enemy when it comes to meeting Mr. Right? Then, Dr. Phil talks to Patti Stanger, CEO of The Millionaire’s Club, an exclusive dating service that caters to wealthy men and women who are looking for love. Find out why Patti says Caroline is heading toward a life of loneliness, and learn her 10 Commandments of Dating -- for Women to increase your chances of finding a mate. And, Anna is only 30, but she says some men already think she’s too old to date! Her friend, Robyn, says men are sometimes turned off by Anna's independence. Find out what happens when Dr. Phil cameras follow Anna for a night on the town. Plus, meet a divorced mom who says she’s been on the dating scene for 15 years and has yet to find a man her age who wants to commit.
44 min
Money Matters
Are you in debt? During these tough economic times with foreclosures on the rise and gas prices through the roof,more and morefamilies are panickingabouttheir financial stability,and someare onlyone paycheck away from being on the street.Would you and your family know what to do to survive? Just two years ago, Brandy and Greg say they were living the American Dream: a big house, a fast boat, plenty of spending money and four beautiful children. That all changed when their six-figure income was reduced to nothing. On the brink of losing everything, how did this family end upnearly a quarter of a million dollars in debt, and could it happen to you? Money expert Loral Langemeier shares a 90-day plan to help get their finances back on track. Then, Milton and Patricia were awarded the largest home ever given away on Extreme Makeover Home Edition.The headlines now report that themini mansionis near foreclosure because of the couple's frivolous spending. They come to Dr. Philto set the record straight andclean up their financial mess. And, Dr. Phil reveals the five biggest money mistakes people make. Could you be making them right now? You don't want to miss these tips!
44 min