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How to Negotiate Anything
When you think of negotiations, you may think of men in suits and corporate boardrooms, but negotiating happens every day -- even in your own house. Dr. Phil helps his guests negotiate everything from time spent watching football, to where a student gets to attend college, to the price of that new car and even what organs a spouse can donate when they pass away! Learn the principles of making a deal, how to compromise to get what you want and the biggest mistakes you can make when buying a new car. Plus, learn the five things you might not realize you can bargain for. Stop getting ripped off and start negotiating!
44 min
Can You Get Over Your Past?
What if you once embraced a lifestyle so terrible and so violent that it cost you your family, your friends and your freedom? Can you ever get over your past and make things right? Dr. Phil talks to two men who face this struggle. Tad and Josh joined ranks with white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups. Embracing hatred, they shut out anyone who didn’t share their views. Tired of feeling angry and empty, these men now want to turn their lives around. But is it too late to expect forgiveness? And can they forgive themselves? Don’t miss this powerful show!
44 min
Why Men Cheat
What if you could find out if your man is at a higher risk for infidelity before you married him? Controversial research suggests there is a cheating gene, and certain tests can tell you if your partner may carry it! Angela says if she knew her husband, Jose, was going to be a cheater, she never would have married him. Jose has admitted to cheating eight times and claims he’s addicted to pornography. Is he choosing his behavior, or is it possible his brain is actually wired this way? Jose is put to the test. Will a simple brain scan tell Angela everything she needs to know about her husband’s cheating ways? Dr. Phil’s panel of medical experts discuss the new science behind a cheater’s brain and what can be done about it if your loved one is at a higher risk. Plus, learn the simple test to see if your partner is at risk just by looking at his hands!
44 min
My Mate's Not Hot Enough!
How much should looking good factor into your relationship? Today’s guests say appearance matters, and their mate is not up to their standards! Sandi says after six years of marriage, she misses her husband, Otto’s, six-pack. He says working -- not working out -- is a priority for him, and nothing will satisfy his wife, who rates herself a 20 out of 10. But the couple does agree on one thing: whatever Sandi wants, Sandi gets. Will Otto agree to hit the gym? Then, Dawn worked hard to shed 150 pounds, and when the new svelte Dawn met Paul, sparks flew! He thought she was hot -- until she undressed. What is she hiding? Plus, discover why Dr. Phil wrestles with his decision to help Dawn and Paul. And, Cynthia says she’s embarrassed by her boyfriend’s outdated wardrobe, and refuses to be seen with him in public! Can a professional makeover change her opinion?
46 min
Smart Women Dumb Choices
Ladies: What’s the key to succeeding in life --beauty or brains? Dr. Phil, along with CBS legal analyst and author of Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World,Lisa Bloom, shares words of wisdom for women who embrace superficial values to get ahead. Tiffany says looking beautiful is her number one priority, and she’ll do anything to become a reality star. She says she underwent gastric bypass surgery, lip injections and Botox --all in the pursuit of perfection. When Dr. Phil gives her a reality check she didn’t bargain for, can she handle the truth? Find out why this discussion gets cut short.Then, learn why former American Idol contestant Jessica Sierra says she’s haunted by her venture into the Hollywood spotlight. She has a strong message for women who say they’ll do anything to get ahead. And, it’s the return of Josie --one of Dr. Phil’s most talked about and controversial guests! Has the self-admitted spoiled and entitled girl changed her ways? Watch what happens when Lisa takes her to task for her inflammatory remarks.
45 min
Mini Mean Girls
As the nursery rhyme goes, "Sugar and spice and everything nice -- that’s what little girls are made of." But what happens when little girls turn into big bullies? Dr. Phil examines why young girls are becoming cruel, mean and bossy, and he has help from the co-stars of Mean Girls 2, Maiara Walsh and Meaghan Martin. First up, Sheila says her daughter, Kayla, threatens other kids at school, steals their lunch and punches them -- and she’s only 9! But little Kayla says her 11-year-old sister, Haley, is the real bully. Find out why, and learn what’s behind the sisters’ mean girl attitudes. Plus, were Maiara and Meaghan ever bullied as kids? The actresses reveal painful playground memories and share tips to help young ladies empower themselves. And, Dr. Phil explains what parents can do when their daughter feels excluded by the popular girls at school.
45 min
Consumed by Jealousy
Dr. Phil’s guests say the green-eyed monster is tearing apart their marriage. First, Paula claims she has been nothing but unwaveringly loyal to her husband, Mike, but he still questions her fidelity. This jealous husband admits he placed listening devices in the home, has set up surveillance cameras to follow her and has subjected Paula to not one, but two polygraph tests. Find out what other devices Mike uses to track his wife and why he’s so paranoid. Plus, when Paula gets a third polygraph by a Dr. Phil expert, will Mike's suspicions finally be confirmed? Then, Tara says she’s suspicious of her husband, Andrew. Can Dr. Phil help fill the void of trust in these relationships before it's too late?
44 min
Young & Wild
Parents, are you worried your son or daughter’s frequent nights out on the town might be more than harmless fun? Believe it or not, binge drinking is not just a normal phase that college-aged kids go through. Kressa is extremely worried about her 20-year old daughter, Layla, who dropped out of college, started mixing drugs and alcohol and crashed multiple vehicles while driving under the influence. Layla, who has tried to get sober many times, says she loves the party lifestyle and has been waiting her whole life to be like the bad girls she sees on reality television. Can Dr. Phil deliver a wake-up call to Layla before she kills herself or someone else? Tiphany, a paraplegic, has a sobering message to deliver to the young woman. Then, Josh, 24, says he is addicted to shopping and has acquired nearly $100,000 in debt -- all to maintain his image as an up-and-coming recording artist. Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s strong words for these 20-somethings!
44 min
Bossy Husbands
What’s a woman to do when her spouse is constantly standing over her shoulder and nitpicking everything she does? Michelle says her husband, Jim, has controlled her for the 15 years that they’ve been together, and she’s fed up with his faultfinding. She says he tells her what to wear, how much she should eat, and even uses a GPS to track her whereabouts! Jim admits that his behavior is out of control and fears that he could be pushing his wife out the door. Why is he so critical of Michelle, and can Dr. Phil get the judgmental hubby to change his ways? Then, Sally says her husband, John, is so controlling that she spends most of her days picking up dust bunnies from the floor and only speaking when he allows her to. John says cleanliness is next to godliness and believes control is a matter of perception. See what causes him to go toe to toe with Dr. Phil! Will the couple get the help they’re seeking? It’s an explosive Dr. Phil you don’t want to miss!
44 min
Big-Time Moochers
Dr. Phil’s guests say they have a moocher in their midst, but they don’t know how to kick this freeloader to the curb! Karen and Rex say they’re tired of their 24-year-old twins, Andrew and Justin, living under their roof. They say their sons don’t pay for rent, groceries or utilities, and to make matters worse are disrespectful and verbally abusive. The twins feel their parents owe them a lavish lifestyle, and say their father never enforces the eviction notices he gives them, so why would they ever leave? Will the couple be empowered to kick their grown kids out of their house? Then, siblings Kermeth, Patrice and Portia say they’re fed up with their younger brother, George, bumming off their mom. They say he can’t keep a job, lives rent free and even stole his niece’s TV and sold it for gas money! George says he feels like the family outcast, and he’s doing the best he can. Can Dr. Phil help this family get their little brother get back on track?
44 min
Generation Lazy?
Are today’s kids more entitled than past generations? Research shows that 80 percent of college graduates are moving back in with Mom and Dad, and many appear to be earning a degree in laziness! Dorothy says her son, Johnnie, isa spoiled con artist who attended more than four years of college, never earned a degree and has moved in-and-out of her home twice, free-of-charge. Johnnie says he never wants to find a job, and thinks his mom –who he claims is a multi-millionaire --is just being “greedy.” Dorothy says her son dropped out of college, traveled the world on an $84,000 inheritance intended for his education, and once threatened to burn down her house if she didn’t give him $5,000. She says she has found him odd jobs, provided his transportation and even bribed him to finish college, but he won’t stop freeloading. Dr. Phil shells out some tough love to both mom and son.Then, Maria says she cooks, cleans and does laundry for her 24-year-old daughter, Alexis, but the college graduate takes it all for granted. Alexis says she’s in a transitional period and isn’t ready to live on her own. Fed up, Maria says she has given her daughter eight months to save her money and get her own place –but is she being reasonable? Hear what Dr. Phil has to say, and get some tips on motivating anyone who is outstaying their welcome!
44 min
Won’t Do "I Do" Until…
Never a bridesmaid, always a bride? Some women may dream of having Monette's problem: She's a bride-to-be preparing for her eleventh trip down the aisle! What's her secret to inspiring so many men to pop the question? It may sound like she's reliving a fairytale, but once the "honeymoon" is over, why can’t she make the marriages stick? This time, Monette says her relationship with her fiancé, Anthony, is different, and she's preparing an elaborate dream wedding themed around the number 11–scheduled for 11/11/11 with 11 bridesmaids and 11 groomsmen. But Anthony says he has concerns about Monette's past repeating itself. Is the couple spending too much time planning the wedding --and not the marriage? Dr. Phil outlines critical warning signs that may indicate the outcome of this relationship. Will he ease Anthony’s nerves, or send him running for the hills? And, Monette's daughter, Mercedes, 19, says she's worried about the effects that yet another marriage could have on her teenage brother. Plus, Monette's bridesmaids chime in on their friend’s eagerness to tie the knot. Is it all in good fun, or is there more at stake? Then, Stacey and Stephen came to Dr. Phil to discuss their future as a couple, but an incident the night before their appearance landed her on the show alone, and Stephen in jail! Find out what happened. Plus, are you ready for marriage? Don't miss Dr. Phil's advice for couples preparing for their big day.
44 min
Chore Wars
While 2012 is fast approaching, three wives say when it comes to household chores, they feel like they live in the 1950s. Cam, a stay-at-home mom, says her husband of four years, Kyle, is a “slob” who refuses to clean up after himself. Bridget, who works full-time, says she spends 18 hours a day cleaning her home, yet her husband of 16 years, Mike, won’t take out the trash or pick up his dirty clothes. And after 39 years together, Debi says her husband, Rick, admits he neglects household chores, but claims it’s too late for him to change. See what happens when roles are reversed and the men are forced to step into their wives' shoes. Can Dr. Phil teach these old dogs new tricks? Watch as the couples air their 'dirty laundry' and attempt to call a truce! Plus, if you need a day off from your housework, don’t miss a chance to win a $500 gift certificate!
44 min
Desperately Seeking Attention
We all love to look our best, but how much is too much to spend on your appearance? Thirty-one-year-old bodybuilder Michael says he’s already spent $10,000 this year on tanning, vitamins, health food, hair transplants and Botox. Now he wants a $5,000 full-body hair removal procedure, but his wife, RoseAnn, refuses to support it. She says Michael’s pricey pampering has racked up thousands in debt and that he spends more time in the gym than with his own children. Fed up with his superficiality, RoseAnn says Michael needs a reality check and thinks Dr. Phil is the man for the job. Can he help Michael learn to put his family first? Then, Todd admits that he craves attention from women and can’t stop cheating on his girlfriend, Christina, who is pregnant with their first child. He says as a part-time disc jockey, women constantly flirt with him, and he worries that he’ll never be faithful. Hear what Dr. Phil calls the real reason for Michael’s infidelity and his shocking advice for Christina. If you or anyone you know is addicted to attention, this is one wake-up call you don’t want to miss!
45 min
Majoring in Failure?
How old is too old to be living in your parents' basement? Twenty-three-year-old Justin is a high school dropout who has lost 12 jobs and calls his family's basement home. Justin’s stepfather, Bill, and his mother, Bonnie, say they don't understand why Justin has stopped trying to climb life's ladder of success, and are sick of trying to encourage him to move out and on with his life. Justin and his sister, Brianne, say their stepfather is a bully whose name-calling and tough love has backfired and made the situation worse. Bill says he's only trying to motivate Justin. Can Dr. Phil give these parents the tools they need to help Justin stand on his own two feet? And, Kris makes her living as a college prep advisor but admits she can’t motivate her own sons to excel at anything other than mooching. In fact, both of her sons have dropped out of college!Twenty-year-old Charlie says he’s racked up so many legal fees from the trouble he's caused that he can’t afford to move out, and his 19-year-old brother, Cody, appears to be following in his footsteps. Can these parents help their adult children find their independence? Don't miss Dr. Phil's advice for parents who want to raise motivated and contributing adults!
44 min
Shaming the Family Name
Tiffany is a beautiful 23-year-old who says that using drugs makes her feel complete, but in reality, she knows she's just a lost little girl and a liar. After dropping out of three rehab programs for an Oxycontin addiction, she says she wants to come clean with her parents and kick her substance abuse once and for all. Her parents, Susie and Ken, believed Tiffany stopped using drugs on her own, but she recently confessed that she’s been abusing Suboxone, a drug used to treat opiate addictions, and now she wants Dr. Phil’s help to confess an even bigger secret --she uses heroin every day and steals from her parents to support her habit. Ken, a police detective, says he’s embarrassed to have an addict for a daughter, but admit she still financially supports Tiffany by paying her bills, insurance and even buying her a new car. Is Tiffany finally ready to commit to getting healthy for good? What underlying family issues are contributing to her illness? And, who does Tiffany blame for her downward spiral? Dr. Phil spells out the roles and responsibilities of each family member when a loved one is addicted.
43 min
The Six Quickest Ways To Ruin A Marriage
Is your marriage headed down the aisle of divorce? Denise says she and her husband of two years, Rick, are physically abusive, constantly argue, rarelyhave sex and are in so much debt, they're struggling to pay the bills and keep food on the table for their five children. Denise claims Rick is controlling, deceitful and may be facing prison time for money-related charges. Rick says Denise is just as much to blame for their marriage's meltdown. He claims she threatens to sleep with other men and enables her mother, Sandy, to instigate their arguments. Hear why Sandy says she refuses to stop intervening. Is she a meddling mom, or justified in worrying about her daughter's safety? You may be surprised by Dr. Phil's advice for this family. Plus, learn the six quickest ways Dr. Phil says couples ruin their marriages. Is your relationship at risk?
44 min
Anything Men Can Do, Women Can Do Better
The men take on the women in a hilarious debate about who can do it better! Attorney and legal analyst Dan Abrams, author of Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else shares the compelling evidence behind his book and why women are superior to men in a variety of ways! Joining the debate are comediennes Kate Rigg and Kathleen Madigan, comedian Kirk Fox, music producer David Foster and his fiancée, Yolanda Hadid, and co-host of the Emmy Award-winning show The Doctors and author of Paper Dollhouse, Dr. Lisa Masterson. They all have something to say about Dan’s findings! Who comes out on top in the battle of the sexes? Cast your vote on!
44 min
Featuring a story from the A&E Network's real-life series of the same name, in this episode, Dr. Phil talks to a mother-in-law who admits to hating her son-in-law of 7 weeks, Steve. She continually belittles him by calling him "Dumbass Steve" and "Loser." She even programmed Steve in her phone as "Dumbass Steve." Her daughter wants her mother to stop attacking and start respecting her husband, otherwise she will walk out of her mother's life. Steve’s father-in-law, Jerry, wants his son-in-law to live up to his potential, but disagrees with his wife's verbal assaults as a way to motivate their son-in-law.
44 min
Ripped From The Headlines: Teacher Leaves Famil...
Does love really conquer all? James, 41, quit his job and left his wife and three children to pursue a relationship with his 18-year-old former student, Jordan. The couple says they're not breaking any laws, want to set the record straight with Dr. Phil, and want Jordan's mother, Tammie, to stop her Facebook "smear campaign" against them. In a national exclusive,Tammie confronts James for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage. Find out how the attraction began and why Tammie says James is lying. Were there secret meetings before Jordan turned 18? And, what does Jordan stand to lose? Parents, how would you react if your child started a relationship with his or her former teacher? Weigh in at! (link:
44 min
Teen Mama Drama: Did She Get Pregnant to Get on...
Kayla, 18, and Vincent, 17, say that they dated for just four months before Kayla discovered she was pregnant. Shortly before giving birth to Milo, now 9 months, the young couple broke up. Kayla's mom, Jill, and stepdad, Mike, believe Kayla got pregnant intentionally, to earn a role on one of the popular teen pregnancy reality TV shows --a claim Kayla denies. Kayla says as a teen mom, she quickly realized she was in over her head and signed custody of Milo over to her mom.Jill and Mike say that Kayla is immature and would rather party than be a mother. Can Dr. Phil get Kayla to step up and be the mom her son needs? Then, Vincent joins the show with his father,Lewis. Who do they believe should be raising Milo? And, is Vincent doing all he can to be a good father?Plus, do you think TV shows about teen mothers glamorize or prevent teen pregnancy? Log on to and vote! And, tune in to learn about the three most important conversations that you must have with your daughter.
46 min
Love Triangle: Carly and Mikey
Learning your spouse is a cheater is devastating, but how do you recover when his lover is also your best friend? Carly, 22, and her 24-year-old husband, Mikey, say they fell in love as teens and tied the knot seven years later. The young wife says that she and Mikey were happy newlyweds until eight months after their wedding, she found him in bed with her best friend and bridesmaid, Jessica. Caught in the act, Jessica, 24, claimed that it was the first and only time --but was it? Carly says she later learned that the single stint between the sheets had spiraled into a no-limits love affair, and now she feels like she's stuck in the middle. Can her marriage survive? What about her friendship? Mikey admits he’s in love with both women, and doesn’t know who to choose. Desperate for a resolution, he reached out to Dr. Phil for guidance. Can Dr. Phil help him decide? Plus, Jessica filed for divorce from her husband --Mikey's cousin, with whom she has a child --and says she’ll fight to be with Mikey no matter what it takes. Watch sparks fly as Dr. Phil untangles a web of deceit that's tearing apart both friends and families.
44 min
Million-Dollar Custody Battle
Ex-spouses Pam and Jim say they’ve spent nearly $1 million combined in a battle for custody of their 9-year-old daughter, Dawn -- a fight that includes multiple arrests, restraining orders and accusations of abuse and molestation. Pam says her ex-husband is a vindictive, narcissistic liar, and she has proof that their daughter is afraid of him. She also claims that Jim abused her for years and is now trying to destroy her life -- but is he? Jim says his ex-wife is mentally ill and should not have custody of Dawn. He says Pam has tried to kill him in front of their daughter, and he has proof that she has physically abused Dawn. Can Pam and Jim stop finger-pointing and mud-slinging and do what’s best for their daughter? Plus, Pam agrees to take a polygraph test. Don’t miss the results!
45 min
Parenting Disaster: Extreme Excuses
Darcy says that her sister Jennifer’s home is in a state of complete chaos. She says Jennifer and her husband, Ralph, have no rules, their kitchen is bare, the electricity is often shut off, and they put their needs ahead of those of their four children --who are acting out as a result. Darcy says her nephews, 8 and 10, smoke marijuana, play with weapons and recently started a local forest fire --and that the 10-year-old once wrote a note asking for someone to kill him in his sleep. She says her 12-year-old niece was recently called to truancy court, and her 16-year-old niece is having unprotected sex in the home with her older, live-in boyfriend. Ralph concedes that he’s struggling to provide for his family financially and has made mistakes as a parent, but says Jennifer is to blame, claiming she’s checked out as a mother. Jennifer admits she’s detached from her family, struggles with depression and has trouble maintaining the household. She also confesses that she witnessed Ralph abusing their children but did nothing to stop it --a claim Ralph does not deny. With this family in dire need of a resolution, Dr. Phil stages a no-nonsense intervention. Are Jennifer and Ralph willing to take the necessary steps to save their family?
43 min
Affair Aftermath
April says her world came crashing down when she discovered her husband, Jeff, had a secret cell phone with racy photographs and text messages from another woman on it. After 15 years of providing fancy cars, expensive vacations and a beautiful home on the river for her family, she says the betrayal cut deeply. Jeff admits to the affair, but says his infidelity is not what ruined their marriage and that their relationship was rocky long before he cheated. He claims April is verbally and physically abusive and emasculates him for not making enough money. Can -- and should -- this marriage be saved? Then, Charnay says after one month of marriage, she learned her husband J-uan cheated and fathered a child with his ex while he was engaged to Charnay. She says she never would've married him had she known the truth, and that their relationship has been deteriorating ever since. J-uan wants to save their marriage, but Charnay wants to know if she should, "run like hell." Dr. Phil shares his insight and perspective on this marriage. And, can any marriage survive infidelity? Don't miss Dr. Phil's advice.
45 min