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Get Out Of My Family Tree
Thinking of cutting relatives out of your family tree? Dr. Phil talks to two families on the verge! Melissa says she has a mother-in-law from hell while Betty accuses Melissa of stealing her son, including obsession, brainwashing and a vasectomy reversal!
40 min
Big-Time Moochers
Dr. Phil’s guests say they have a moocher in their midst, but they don’t know how to kick this freeloader to the curb! Karen and Rex say they’re tired of their 24-year-old twins, Andrew and Justin, living under their roof. They say their sons don’t pay for rent, groceries or utilities, and to make matters worse are disrespectful and verbally abusive.
40 min
Mommy Confessions
Jessica, mom of six, sent Dr. Phil a disturbing home video revealing her anger and struggles to parent her 7-year-old adopted son, Kristoff. Jessica says she screams at the boy, puts hot sauce in his mouth and places him in a cold shower when he acts up.
40 min
When Does Discipline Go Too Far
How can you gauge when discipline crosses the line? In an exclusive interview, Dr. Phil talks to a mom accused of dragging her son through a store on a leash. Dr. Phil explains how to parent with purpose!
40 min
Runaway Bride, Runaway Groom
Many women are itching to run to the altar, but Dr. Phil's guests say they are ready to run for the hills! Meet Kelly, who calls herself a runaway bride, and Chad, who says weddings are too expensive. Can Dr. Phil get them to commit? More information:
41 min
In Cold Blood: A Daughter's Brutal Murder Pt. 2
Shanda Sharer,12, was brutally murdered in 1992 with four teenage girls convicted. For the first time on national television, Shanda’s mother, Jacque, and sister, Paije, confront Hope Rippey, one of Shanda's killers. Will Hope acknowledge the pain? Part 2
41 min
In Cold Blood Pt. 1
A sleepy Indiana town awoke one winter morning in 1992 to news the lifeless body of 12-year-old Shanda Sharer was discovered in an open field. She had been stabbed, strangled, beaten and burned alive. Who committed this vicious and heinous crime? Part 1
41 min
Young And Wild
Parents, are you worried your son or daughter's frequent nights out on the town might be more than harmless fun? Is your child's fondness for shopping breaking your bank account? Dr. Phil has strong words for two 20-somethings with serious addictions.
42 min
Troubled Teens: An Intervention
They smoke, drink, speed, pop pills, disappear all night and disrespect their parents all day. They are teens gone wild and Dr. Phil has a wake-up call for them and their parents. Parents, if you're in power struggles with your teen, don't miss this show!
41 min
Inside Infidelity Pt. 2
Dr. Phil explored the topic of infidelity on a recent show sparking debates and thousands of viewer responses. Dr. Phil addresses a flood of comments on his social media and answers the question: "Is it possible to make your marriage affair-proof?" Part 2
41 min
Inside Infidelity Pt. 1
41 min
What The Children Remember: Was Mommy Murdered
Dr. Phil digs into a heartbreaking story of a father's search for his missing daughter, then the loss of his grandchildren taken away by the man who may be guilty of their mother's disappearance. Don't miss this chilling tale that spans three generations.
42 min
Lazy Husbands And Cling-On Kids/Unemployed And ...
When you think of negotiations, corporate boardrooms come to mind but really it happens every day in your own house. Learn the principles of making a deal, how to compromise to get what you want, plus five things you might not realize you can bargain for!
41 min
Controlling Husbands
Are you married to a controlling person? Dr. Phil's guests are wives who say their husbands try to control every aspect of their lives, and they are headed for divorce if their spouses don't stop their controlling behaviors.
41 min
Brandon Returns
One of the most asked about guests on Dr. Phil returns--Brandon! Plus, a desperate family turns to Dr. Phil to save their daughter who is addicted to OxyContin and heroin. 
41 min
Teens Obsessed With Love
Teens are obsessed with love more than ever. Parents are concerned over measures their daughters take to keep a boyfriend. A poll asked teens about extreme behavior, some saying they had sex when the didn't want to. Parents, don't miss these safety steps.
41 min
Teen Love Trauma
What happens when an unhealthy relationship threatens to tear a mother and daughter apart? Giesel says her 18-year-old daughter is boyfriend-obsessed and is damaging her promising future. Watch drama unfold as a pregnancy scare rocks this teen's life.
40 min
Parent Vs. Parent
During tough financial times, families face some of the biggest pressures. When parents are on edge and fighting with each other, children are often a casualty of their hostility.
42 min
Make It Or Break It
Tammy and Paul wed for eight years until their marriage ended. After nine months apart the couple secretly remarried, unbeknownst to their families, who would not approve. Weeks after saying "I do" a second time, the two are having doubts of their own.
43 min
Family Drama
Family squabbles are hard to avoid -- especially during the holidays -- but what happens when that behavior escalates to cursing, yelling and even physical attacks? Dr. Phil sits down with a family on the brink of falling apart.
42 min
The Love Triangle
A recent study shows that the number of men and women having extramarital affairs is on the rise. Could your spouse be cheating on you? Dr. Phil's guests are struggling with the aftermath of infidelity.
39 min
For Better Or Worse
Some couples vow "for better or worse." With a 50% divorce rate in America, in the midst of marital crises ranging from separation to unfaithfulness, Dr. Phil helps manage rocky marriages. Dr.Phil tells how to survive infidelity or when to call it quits.
41 min
Growing Up Too Fast
Dr. Phil talks with parents who say it Is difficult to raise their teen daughter in an oversexed, celebrity-obsessed, cosmetic surgery-seeking society.
41 min
Marriage Crisis: Drowning In Debt
Money is the number one reason why couples say they get divorced. The country's current financial crisis has resulted in more couples getting buried in a landslide of debt which takes its toll on a marriage. Is your marriage on the rocks because of debt?
41 min
Risky Teen Behavior
How well do you know your teenager? Could your child be participating in risky or illegal activities right under your own roof?
40 min