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Love Scams- A Mother Hooked By A Catfish
Widow Sebrina, 56, says she’s in love with her overseas boyfriend, “James,” but they've never met. She sent him more than $250,000, emptying her life savings, with payback when they marry. Is she a catfish victim? Dr. Phil confronts “James” on the phone! For more information: Advertise with us!
41 min
My Family Slaughtered For My Daughter's Teenage...
Dr. Phil continues his exclusive interview with Erin Caffey, sentenced to two life terms in prison plus 25 years for murders of her mother and brothers in 2008. What does she say was her role in the brutal slayings? Plus, Erin’s father forgives, or not? Part 2
41 min
A Family Slaughtered For Teen Love: The Convict...
In a Dr. Phil exclusive, Erin Caffey, 21, speaks from prison about the night her mother and two brothers were brutally killed by her boyfriend and two accomplices. Did she plot to have her family killed or was she a victim of puppy love gone wrong? Part 1
41 min
Chained, Tortured And Starved: The First Clevel...
Dr. Phil continues his exclusive interview with Michelle Knight, the first of three Cleveland kidnapping victims. Michelle, Ariel Castro’s self-professed “most hated” victim, emotionally recounts more horrific details including her dramatic rescue. Part 2
40 min
Exclusive: Ariel Castro's First Victim Speaks O...
It's a tale of torture that shocked America and Dr. Phil speaks exclusively to one woman who lived to tell it. The first of three women abducted by Ariel Castro, Michelle Knight, recounts her story inside Cleveland’s now notorious House of Horrors. Part 1
41 min
Dr. Phil Visits Monster-In-Law Khalood
When Monster In-Law Khalood last met with Dr. Phil, she wanted her lazy kids out of her house and invited Dr. Phil to her home to prove her claims. Dr. Phil takes Khalood up on her offer, and gets a firsthand look at what’s going on behind closed doors!
40 min
To Catch A Catfish: An Online Dating Predator E...
Dr. Phil exposes an online dating fraud -- a catfish -- accused of duping as many as 26 women into relationships. What were the red flags the women missed? Plus, a Dr. Phil producer tracks the catfish down -- and you won’t believe who they find!
41 min
Actress Accused: Was She An Accomplice To Murder
In 2010, Rachel’s fiancé, Dan Wozniak, was arrested for two murders just days before their wedding. Now, Rachel is facing charges of accessory after the fact. Did she help him cover up a crime or is she an innocent victim?
40 min
My Son Picked The Wrong Fiancée
Gayle says her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Hannah, is manipulative, immoral and disrespectful and she’s never even met her! Gayle claims Hannah's relationship with her son, Ryan, is based on sin. See what happens when Gayle and Hannah meet with Dr. Phil!
41 min
Confronting The Girl Who Shot Me In The Face
In 1992, 17-year-old Shawna was robbed while at work. Jerrie, 14, held her at gunpoint demanding money: the gun went off, destroying Shawna's jaw. Shawna, now 39, and Jerrie, out of prison, meet on Dr. Phil’s stage for the first time since the shooting.
40 min
In Love And Illegal
Thirty-year-old mom of four, Melissa Dilan-Hernandez, made headlines when arrested and charged with having sex with her 17-year-old fiancé, T.J. The couple sits down with Dr. Phil to justify their relationship. Plus, does T.J.'s father approve? 
41 min
My In-Laws Tried To Kill Me
Ramon’s former in-laws tried to murder him, and he now finds himself in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife. Plus, multiple women claim they were sexually assaulted by a police officer in San Diego. How can victims move on from painful trauma?
40 min
Absentee Mom, Clueless Dad
John says his ex-wife, Laurie,abandoned their children. John admits his boys disrespect his authority, with one son punching him in the face. As Laurie denies deserting her children, we hear from the three boys: is it clueless parenting or unruly kids?
41 min
The Anthonys: The Trial - The Truth Pt. 3
In the final chapter of this three-part interview with George and Cindy Anthony, Dr. Phil turns a spotlight on the courtroom and breaks down the process that led to the acquittal that rocked the nation. Plus, the one question no one has ever asked. Part 3
41 min
The Anthonys: The Revelations Pt.2
Phil's exclusive interview continues with George and Cindy Anthony after their daughter, Casey, was found not guilty in the death of her little girl Caylee. "Their story has never really been told and there's so much more to it" says Dr. Phil. Part 2
39 min
Cindy And George Anthony Pt 1
After a murder trial that received as much attention in the court of public opinion as in the court of law, George and Cindy Anthony, parents of Casey Anthony, break their silence for the first time in an exclusive, three-part series with Dr. Phil. Part 1
41 min
Anger Intervention
Are you struggling to tame your rebellious teen? Courtney, 17, proudly admits she bullies, steals, drinks, does drugs and is consumed with anger. Can Dr. Phil set her straight? Parents: If you know a teen heading down a dangerous path, do not miss this!
41 min
Love Triangle
Learning your spouse is a cheater is devastating, but how do you recover when his lover is also your best friend? This young couple were newlyweds, when she found him in bed with her best friend and bridesmaid. He says he loves both--can Dr. Phil help?
40 min
Most Outrageous Monster-In-Law Returns
41 min
Discipline Video: A Daughter's New Accusations ...
This 2004 YouTube viral video sent shock waves, racked up millions of views and stirred online outrage. Texas Judge William Adams is lashing his then 16-year-old daughter with a belt, despite her pleas to stop. Do you think Adam's actions are justified?
42 min
Will My Mother-In-Law Destroy My Marriage Pt. 2
In a troubled marriage with a meddling mother, Dr. Phil continues the discussion with Rheta, Mark and Deb. With the divorce papers filed — but not yet signed — can Dr. Phil help save this marriage and broker peace among in-laws? Part 2
39 min
Cut The Cord Pt. 1
Rheta says she wants her husband, Mark, to cut the cord with his meddling mother, Deb, who has created an online dating profile for him, paid for divorce lawyers and tried to set him up with his ex-girlfriend! Dr. Phil looks at this troubled union. Part 1
40 min
The Girl In The Closet
A Dr. Phil Exclusive: Lauren, 8, locked in a pitch-black closet, lice-infested, surrounded by human waste, held captive by her mother and step-father. Lauren was found naked, emaciated, weighed 25 pounds and stood 3-feet tall. Lauren, now 18, speaks out.
40 min
Abducted By Their Mother Pt. 2
It’s an emotional story that has captivated viewers for years. John Clark’s search for his three children abducted by their mother concludes when John received news that his children were found and living in London. John reunites with his children. Part 2
39 min
Parental Abductions Pt. 1
Families are devastated when children go missing, but oftentimes it is a parental abduction. Fifteen years ago, John Clark came home from work to find his wife and three children gone, leaving only a cryptic note saying they went on vacation. Part 1
41 min