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Drive and Dish NBA Podcast
<p>The Drive and Dish NBA Podcast hosted by Kevin Rafuse and Justin Cousart. This isn't your average NBA pod; not only do you get the best in analysis, but you'll get it while feeling like your kicking back on your couch with the boys. Also, we're funny sometimes. So grab a PBR, sit back... And listen to some NBA chatter!</p>
NBA Vs China + Fantasy Basketball!
NBA Vs China + Fantasy Basketball!
50 min
5 Questions for the upcoming NBA Season
5 Questions for the upcoming NBA Season
66 min
30 min
New Rules & 2020 NBA Season Bet
New Rules & 2020 NBA Season Bet
58 min
Team USA & SI's Top 100 NBA Players
Team USA & SI's Top 100 NBA Players
49 min
Sell Me On The East
Sell Me On The East
73 min
Sell Me On The West & Nets
Sell Me On The West & Nets
64 min
Cousins & Over/Underrated NBA Teams!
Cousins & Over/Underrated NBA Teams!
59 min
NBA Schedule Beef!
NBA Schedule Beef!
45 min
Offseason Answers!
Offseason Answers!
52 min
NBA Xmas Game Review
Better Late Than Never Xmas Games
44 min
Success in Basketball (ft. Donte Hill)
Success in Basketball (ft. Donte Hill)
52 min
Shoot Your Shot + Over Under Numbers
Shoot Your Shot + Over Under Numbers
66 min
CP3, Simmons, Fultz + Indy & Boston
CP3, Simmons, Fultz + Indy & Boston
77 min
The Season Of Duos
The Season Of Duos
59 min
Welcome To The New NBA!
Welcome To The New NBA!
68 min
Breaking down the Big Name FA moves.
Breaking down the Big Name FA moves.
37 min
NBA: Lets Catch Back Up & Free Agents
NBA: Lets Catch Back Up & Free Agents
60 min
NBA Draft! With Cole Zwicker
NBA Draft! With Cole Zwicker
30 min
Raptors WIN IT ALL + Highs/Lows from Game 6
Raptors WIN IT ALL + Highs/Lows from Game 6
37 min
KD Injury, Warriors Win: NBA Game 5
KD injury, Warriors Win: NBA Game 5
38 min
Game 4 & Trades ALREADY!?!
Game 4 & Trades ALREADY!?!
56 min
NBA Finals... Good Or Bad?
NBA Finals... Good Or Bad?
34 min
NBA Finals Preview + Chipotle
NBA Finals Preview + Chipotle
45 min
We The North & All-NBA Teams
We The North & All-NBA Teams
54 min
NBA Playoffs & Whats Next?
NBA Playoffs & Whats Next?
67 min
Lottery Winners/Losers, New Coaches & NBA Playo...
Kevin and Justin talk about the Draft Lottery, New Coaches and the playoffs!
59 min
Times Are Changing In Phoenix!
Kevin brings on Tim Tompkins to talk about the Suns.
42 min
NBA Playoffs, Cookies & Team Clothing!
Kevin and Justin return to have a bar side chat about the NBA playoffs!
67 min
Suns, OKC & NBA Playoffs Round 2
Justin and Kevin talk NBA playoffs, The Suns Head Coaching situation and Westbrook
64 min
NBA Playoff Surprises & Disappointments
Justin And Kevin dive into the NBA playoffs!
70 min
Hows My NBA Bracket!
The NBA playoffs are here! Lets break down the games!
71 min
The Most Exciting Time In The NBA
Kevin and Justin talk about the last few games of the NBA regular season!
65 min
All The NBA With Keith Smith
Justin brings on Keith Smith to talk about all things NBA leading up to the end of the season.
53 min
Playoff SZN Is Coming.
Kevin and Justin talk about the last few games before the NBA goes full Playoff mode!
65 min
Dame & PG13 Plus Westbrook VS Fans
Kevin and Justin talk about the Westbrook situation in Utah plus they ask if PG13 will have his Jersey retired.
67 min
Justin and Kevin talk about the Lakers and what went wrong this season.
66 min
NBA Opposites.... Bucks and Lakers.
Justin and Kevin discuss the differences between Bucks and Lakers.
59 min
NBA Headline Hunters Part 2
Kevin and Justin do a mid-season reset... with some Headlines.
52 min
NBA Headline Hunters Part 1.
Justin and Kevin go on a mid-season headline hunt.
54 min
All Star Weekend, Shoes and Kyrie!
Kevin is joined by Warren Shaw (@ShawSportsNBA) of the Baseline podcast to recap All Star weekend
35 min
Dell Demps & Lakers Young Core VS. ATL's Young ...
Justin and Kevin talk about the Dell Demps firing
65 min
There's A Cold War in the East!
Justin and Kevin recap the trade deadline and talk about how the East is gearing up for war.
79 min
So The Knicks Have $$
Kevin is joined by Metro New York sports editor Joe Pantorno to talk Knicks.
34 min
Da Lakers
Kevin discusses the latest AD trade rumors
100 min
All Star, Anthony Davis & The Knicks Trade
All Star, Anthony Davis & The Knicks Trade
58 min
Pacers, Harden & The Grit N Grind Era.
Justin and Kevin talk about Oladipo's injury, And the Grizz Shopping Gasol and Conley
54 min
Kevin brings in a guest to talk about the Dallas Mavericks!
36 min
The NBA Is Dramatic
Kevin and Justin Talk the Thibs firing, The New ISO Cam and Early All Star Votes
58 min
What every West Coast Team NEEDS to do!
New Years Resolutions Continued... This time for the West Coast!
68 min
What East Coast Teams NEED To Do!
Its a special New Years Resolutions episode for the East coast teams!
58 min
NBA Xmas 2018
The guys preview the Christmas day games!
48 min
The NBA S!&T Show
Justin and kevin are back to talk about the most recent trade between the Suns and the Wizards plus a dive into the Chicago Bulls.
56 min
Hill Trade & Contract Seasons
Justin and Kevin are back to talk about the Cavs Trade, and some players in contract seasons
57 min
1/4th mark... What we know
.25 of the way into the season... here's what we know
69 min
We're Thankful For The NBA
Kevin Talks with Chris Crawford about what they are thankful for in the NBA season.
59 min
Drama, Drama, NBA Drama!
Kevin and Justin talk about the crazy NBA drama that has been going on around the league!
59 min
Butler Trade, and Utah Jazz (With Keith Smith &...
Justin Brings in Keith Smith to dissect the Jimmy Butler trade, then brings on David Locke To talk Jazz
68 min
Lebron's Lakers & Kings are good!
Kevin is joined by special guest co-hosts Nick Gryniewicz (@ESPN580Nick) & Sam B. Albuquerque (@SamBAlbuquerque)
63 min
Knee Jerk Reactions!
Kevin and Justin give their reactions to the Cavs Firing Coach Lue!
54 min
New NBA SZN who Dis?
Justin and Kevin react to the first two days of the NBA!
50 min
Southeast and Northwest Season Preview!
Kevin and Justin Preview the Southeast and Northwest division right before the season starts.
62 min
Midweek: Suns GM & Murray's ACL
Kevin and Justin give their first reactions to the midweek news!
28 min
Atlantic & Southwest Division Preview
Part two of our season preview questions.
65 min
Pacific & Central Division Previews
Justin and Kevin ask one looming question about each team going into this season!
64 min
ESPN's Top 100, New GM, and Jimmy Butler's OUT!
Justin and Kevin are back to talk about the 76ers new GM, and Jimmy demanding a trade.
56 min
Less Than A Month Away From The NBA Season.
Injury's before the season starts... yikes! Plus a few round table topics.
56 min
Top 10 PG's Next Season.
Kevin and Justin are counting down the top PG's that will take tot court this upcoming season
64 min
Hou/PHX Trade, Retiring Legends, and Top Centers
On This Episode, The guys talk about the Rockets/Suns Trade and Manu/West Retiring
58 min
New Rules & Historic Turnarounds!
Kevin and Justin talk about the possible new rules coming to the NBA
57 min
NBA's Past & Future
Justin and Kevin are back to look at some players with "Make Or Break" seasons on their hands
60 min
NBA Schedule's & Hot Takes
Justin and Kevin talk about the NBA schedule being released.
62 min
NBA Team's Over/Under
Justin and Kevin find some betting sites, and talk about their Over/under for every NBA team.
41 min
NBA 2k Ratings... Right Or Wrong?
Justin and Kevin talk about the 2019 NBA 2K Ratings, and Clint Capela's new contract.
62 min
Magic are a playoff team with Nick Gryniewicz
Kevin brings on guest Nick Gryniewicz to talk about the Orlando Magic and the KD & CJ Beef
56 min
Catching up! Kawhi, Melo & Power Rankings
Justin and Kevin talk all things Kawhi and Melo trade.
55 min
Free Agency In The East
The guy talk about the less than exciting free agency moves in the Eastern Conference.
51 min
Look at the NEW West Coast Teams!
Kevin and Justin look back at all the changes that have happened so far in the Western conference.
77 min
#NBAFreeAgency 2018
Kevin and Justin talk about all the craziness that is coming with Free Agency
55 min
We are fixated on the NBA Draft!
The guys bring back Tim Thompkins to talk about the Draft and the Suns future!
66 min
NBA Draft, Kawhi & Dwane Casey (w/ Cole Zwicker)
Week Of The NBA Draft Talk with our friend Cole!
64 min
NBA Season Recap, Highs and Lows!
The guys are back to talk about the 2017-2018 NBA season! and chat about the future!
59 min
Sweeps, New Coaches and Burner Accounts... What...
Justin and Kevin talk about the 2018 NBA finals, Bryan Colangelo's Wife getting him fired and some updates on Coaching hires.
53 min
From Our Burner Account, Warriors In 5
Kevin and Justin Talk about the NBA finals, and about the craziness going on in the 76ers Front office.
54 min
Rockets Harden Up! Thoughts From The Conference...
Kevin and Justin are back with some thoughts about game 4 in the west... and quick reactions to game 5 in the East.
61 min
#503 Conference Finales, Lotto & Coaching Probz
They guys talk about the recent coaching fires & hires plus the Conference final match ups!
62 min
#501 The Conference Finals We've Been Waiting F...
Time for the Conference Finals! Kevin and Justin give their predictions.
60 min
Episode #500 New Coaches & Old Playoff Problems.
The guys chat about the three coaching changes, and about round two of the NBA playoffs
52 min
NBA playoffs Round 2!
The guys look forward to round two of the NBA finals.
63 min
Its playoff time! they guys talk all things round 1!
61 min
NBA Playoff 2018 Preview
They guys preview everything coming up in this years NBA playoffs!
51 min
#AwardSZN With Chris Axmann
They guys debate who should win the NBA awards this season!
55 min
NBA Tank-A-Thon With Keith Smith
Keith Smith Joins the show to chat about tanking teams.
52 min
#DCFamily Is Full & HOF Class 2018
The return of John Wall and the HOF class!
52 min
The Injured Process... Curry, Irving And Embiid...
The guys dive into what these big name injuries mean for the coming playoffs!
55 min
Between Two Justin's: A Cavs Story With Justin ...
Justin Rowan joins the show to talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers
36 min
Streaking & Injuries In The NBA
Teams are getting hot and one's... not.
59 min
Pelicans On Fire & Early DPOY Predictions
Justin and Kevin talk about the New Orleans Pelicans & predict who's going to win defensive player of the year.
49 min
Rip City On They A$$ With Danny Marang!
Kevin And Justin Bring On Danny Marang To talk Portland's recent success!
66 min
Purgatory: An NBA Story
Kevin and Justin Talk about NBA teams in purgatory and Answer your mailbag questions
60 min
Better Late Than Never... League Comparisons (T...
Kevin and Justin chat about the All-star weekend... and how the league looks this year compared to last.
51 min
All Star Break Season Reflections & Jazz are Lit!
Kevin and Justin Talk about some things they guessed wrong and wright this season and how the Jazz are making the playoffs
49 min
#AllForOne AKA All For Bron (NBA Trade Deadline...
Kevin and Justin break down the NBA trade deadline craziness
52 min
A Bunch Of Knicks & bruises with Joe Pantorno
Justin and Kevin chat with Joe Pantorno about whats next for the Knicks
26 min
What A Week (NBA Injuries & Trades)
Kevin and Justin Chat about the Recent string of Injuries and the few trades that have come through so far.
56 min
Don't Go Blake'n My Heart With Duncan Smith
Kevin And Justin Talk With Duncan Smith About the Blake Griffin Trade sending him to the Pistons
24 min
Cousins Out, Kidd Out, All Stars... In?
Kevin and Justin Talk about the impact of the most recent injuries, and Kidd's firing, and redraft the All Star Teams!
49 min
All-Stars, and Spurs are in a bad spot!
Kevin and Justin Talk about the All-Star Starters and Kawhi Lennord's injury, with our two favorite segments... Ballin & Fallin and Hot Takes From Reddit!
59 min
NBA Trades That Will Happen & Why The Raptors H...
Kevin and Justin Talk about the upcoming Trade deadline and some of the rumors they hear, also they chat about the new and improved Raptors.
56 min
The Charlotte Hornets Have Bad Buzz with Richie...
Kevin and Justin bring in Richie Randall From Buzz Beat Radio to talk about the future of the Hornets: make the playoffs or blow up the hive!
35 min
Drive and Dish NBA: All Star Vote Reactions & A...
Kevin and Justin Talk about the first returns from the All Star Vote, and They dive into the Lakers Struggles, Plus they announce a new segment!
62 min
Drive and Dish NBA: New Year Who Dis, East coas...
One 2018 Resolution for the East Coast NBA teams!
69 min
Drive and Dish NBA: New Year Who Dis, West coas...
Justin and Kevin talk about the new year and look at what west coast teams need to work on going forward into 2018
60 min
Drive and Dish NBA: Good News & Bad News Kawhi'...
They guys are FINALLY all back in the same studio to record! They Talk some general show changes and potential big men trades we could see.
60 min
Drive and Dish NBA: Are The Pacers Legit
Justin Talks with Grant Afseth about the impressive start to the NBA season for the Pacer
38 min
Drive and Dish NBA: Streaking Teams & #JahIsFree
Kevin And Justin talk about the Cavs and The Rocket, they also talk about the 76ers move to Free Jah!
42 min
Drive and Dish NBA: Pistons Chat with Duncan Sm...
Kevin Rafuse talks with Duncan Smith About the Surprising success the pistons are having this year.
28 min
Drive and Dish Basketball: Early 6th Man Candid...
Early 6th Man Candidates
54 min
Drive and Dish NBA: Fizdale got Rooked By The G...
Justin Brings on Grizzlies Guest Joe Mullinax to talk about the Coaching Shakeup for the Memphis Grizzlies
25 min
Drive and Dish Basketball: Get Andrew Wiggins w...
Get Andrew Wiggins wit it
41 min
Drive and Dish NBA: What are you Thankful for t...
They Guys are back for a Thanksgiving themed Episode talking about all the things we're thankful for this season!
52 min
Drive and Dish Basketball: The Pacers keeping p...
Are the Pacers a playoff team? Or are we seeing a lot of smoke in mirrors?
43 min
Drive and Dish NBA: Worried For The Spurs? And ...
Tim, Kevin and Justin Talk about Kawhi's Recovery, and what teams are surprising us in the East
46 min
Drive and Dish Basketball: He Bledsoe Bad ft. A...
He Bledsoe Bad ft. Alex Juneau of Cream City Central
39 min
Drive and Dish NBA : Who's Hot and Who's not! (...
The Guys talk about some of the Hot teams in the NBA and ask if the success is sustainable.
51 min
Drive And Dish NBA: Orlando and OKC legit? Suns...
Kevin, Tim And Justin Chat about how hot the Orlando Magic Are after 6 NBA games, and ask if OKC's a good team while trying to figure out what heppend with the PHX Suns.
56 min
Drive and Dish Podcast: Checking in On the Utah...
Justin and Tim chat with Andy Larson about the Utah Jazz start to the NBA season
33 min
Drive And Dish NBA: NBA Week One Takeaways!
Week One is here lets talk what we have learned so far... and give some of our favorite HOT TAKES!
48 min
Final 2017-2018 NBA Season Preview Episode
First, the guys talk about the Joel Embiid and Hassan Whiteside preseason beef on the court... and then on Twitter! and ask if Embiids contract will be worth it! they then ask the last 10 season preview questions.
53 min
What should we expect from the Denver Nuggets t...
27 min
NBA Season Preview Part 3 & Preseason Injury Re...
They guys then continue their Preseason questions in part 3.
42 min
NBA Season Preview Part 2
61 min
Melo Trade Graded & NBA Season Preview part 1
60 min
Suns Season Preview with Gerald Bourguet
43 min
Fantasy With Josh Lloyd, Kobe Gets 2 Numbers, E...
59 min
'This Is for Boston'- Isaiah Thomas
22 min
Tall Tales and Short Shorts ft. Adam Criblez
62 min
Grading the Kyrie-Thomas Trade & the Lakers Probe
51 min
Spurs Season Outlook with Paul Garcia
27 min
Drive and Dish NBA: ZBO's Dimebag, and our Mail...
59 min
The Very First #NBA Anti-Awards!
Tim, Kevin and Justin skim back though the season to hand out the very first NBA-Anti Awards!!!
71 min
NBA Whats Next: The Very Dysfunctional Cavs.
Justin Rowan joins the show to shed some light on the very.... Interesting offseason for the Cavaliers so far.
35 min
NBA Off Season... Kyrie Irving Wants Out & The ...
Tim Kevin And Justin talk about the news that Irving wants off the Cavs, and call up Duncan Smith to chat about Andre Drummond.
53 min
NBA: Summer League Experience, Rule Changes & A...
Tim, Kevin And Justin have nursed their Summer League hangovers and are ready to talk rule changes.
50 min
Free Agency and Vegas Summer League
We recap the first 8 days of free agency
24 min
Sound From Around #NBA #SummerLeague Orlando!
Justin and Kevin went to NBA Summer League! Here are some clips from the new players!
42 min
NBA Draft & Trades: Winners, Losers And The Unw...
Tim And Justin Talk about the NBA Draft... and The Trade that set the tone for the night
45 min
NBA Trade Season: More Compelling Than the Finals?
Tim, Kevin and Justin talk about all the craziness that has happened since the finals
53 min
NBA Whats Next: Boston Celtics "The #1 Seed Wit...
Kevin and Justin grab Keith Smith and Warren Shaw to talk "Whats Next" for the Celtics
55 min
Super teams and their diminishing value on the ...
Kevin & Tim debate if 'super teams' are good for the NBA
40 min
Whats Next: How Do The #Rockets Get Past Their ...
Talking whats next for the Houston Rockets with Spyropoulos
32 min
Whats Next: #TakeNote Goes #Stayward with Andy ...
Andy Larson Joins the show to chat about whats next for the Utah Jazz after an impressive season.
35 min
NBA: News & Hot Takes After Game One
The Guys Talk about some of the tending NBA News plus the Hot takes from Game one of Cavs VS GSW.
63 min
The Wizards- What Comes Next?
Charles Taylor talks with Kevin about the future of the Wizards
36 min
NBA Finals Preview: Uncommon Opinions, and Cavs...
Tim, Kevin ANd Justin Talk all things Finals Preview with a few other NBA trending topics.
73 min
#NBA What Comes Next: Memphis Grizzlies
Kevin Talks with Joe Mullinax about the future of the Memphis Grizzlies.
31 min
The Milwaukee Bucks- What Comes Next with Brian...
A dive into What Comes Next for the Bucks!
31 min
NBA: All-Teams, Playoffs, Lottery Thoughts & Ma...
They guys ask if anyone is watching the playoffs anymore, What the Celtics should do in the Draft, and answer mailbag questions
66 min
#NBADraftLottery Winners and Losers with Cole Z...
Cole Zwicker Joins the Podcast to talk Draft Lottery and what to expect on draft day!
28 min
The Toronto Raptors- What Comes Next?
The Raptors took an early second round exit. We delve into what their offseason is going to look like
33 min
Clash Of The #NBA Titans... And Concord Of The ...
The crew is back together to talk Warriors vs Spurs... Plus we talk about the lottery odds!
68 min
What Comes Next: L.A Clippers
Justin and Tim talk with Josh Martin about the Clippers dilemma this offseason
29 min
What Comes Next: Atlanta Hawks
Kevin Brings on Eric Yeboah to talk about the Future of the Atlanta Hawks.
33 min
NBA Semifinals , OH You Mean The Snoozefest!
Tim Kevin and Justin talk about the Semifinals and ask if the Cavs and Warriors are being disrespectful.
64 min
The Chicago Bulls- What Comes Next?
The Bulls have a lot of questions to answer this offseason. Austin Hutchinson joins us.
24 min
Who Stays... And Who Goes For The Trailblazers?
Kevin Talks with Dan Marang about the Future of the Portland Trailblazers.
39 min
Cavs VS Raps & Rockets VS Spurs On To Round two!
The Guys get together to talk about Larry Bird stepping down and the next round of the playoffs... Cavs vs Raptors and Rockets Vs Spurs.
60 min
What comes next for OKC?
Andrew Schlecht from Down to Dunk joins the show!
27 min
The Paul George Predicament
Have we seen the last of Paul George in an Indiana Pacers Uniform
45 min
#BelieveMemphis "For Data" With Joe Mullinax
Kevin and Justin talk with Joe Mullinax about the Memphis Grizzlies/ San Antonio Spurs playoff games.
48 min
Are Injuries Ruining The #NBAPlayoffs
Tim, Kevin and Justin Talk All Things NBA Playoffs and What teams should Give up if they lose.
59 min
The New York Knicks Put The Fun In Dysfunction.
Joe Pantorno joins the show to talk New York Knicks dysfunction, and if it can be put to an end.
24 min
Are the Celtics getting rooked? ft. Cameron Tab...
The Celtics are 0-2 heading to Chicago, can they turn it around?
43 min
Round One of #NBAPlayoffs2017
Tim and Kevin Chat about the first few games of the NBA playoffs and what themes the see.
58 min
Nonsensical NBA debate with Joe Borelli of the...
Tim and Joe talk a ton of topics managing to leave out the playoffs completely.
42 min
Bucks in 6 with Brian Sampson
Can the Bucks pull an upset over the #3 seeded Toronto Raptors? This and more on the latest episode of the Drive and Dish
28 min
The LeBron James MVP case
The Guys build a case for Lebron to win MVP, while talking about the Playoffs in the East.
40 min
Co-MVP's and 8th Seeds...
The Guys chat about who's going to make the 8th seed in the East and West, and Who's getting the MVP Westbrook or Harden?
50 min
A Look Into The Future of #ThunderUp With Andre...
The guys jump on the phone with Andrew from the Down To Dunk Podcast to talk about OKC going forward.
30 min
Pure #NBA Banter
Tim And Justin hit a wide range of NBA topics from the Wolves playing better without LaVine, To Devin Booker's 70 point game.
60 min
The Dallas Mavericks: Organically Tanking With ...
Kevin and Justin talk with Taimon Turner ( host/columnist for the Mavs) about Dallas moving forward.
36 min
Are #NBA Teams Tanking Or Do They Just Suck?
Justin And Kevin Talk The Race to the Bottom... Is tanking a problem now and can we fix it?
49 min
Who is #1 in the NBA West: The San Antonio Spur...
The gang is back to talk about that HORRIBLE game between Golden State and San Antonio.
55 min
#MileHighBasketball … Legit, or a Jokic?
Justin And Kevin chat with Harrison Wind (@BSNNuggets podcast host) About The Nuggets fighting for a playoff spot…
45 min
The #NBA Looks Towards Playoff Seeding.
Tim And Justin Talk about the Playoff Race in the east, and Kevin Sits down With Duncan Smith To Chat Pistons
69 min
A Changed NBA After #NBATradeDeadline ? (Roundt...
The Drive and Dish & The Baseline podcasts join together to look at all the trade deadline deals.
73 min
Gearing Up For The Second Half Of The #NBA Seas...
Host Kevin Rafuse gets members from our fellow NBA Podcasts to talk about the rest of the NBA season.
77 min
The Pelicans own the Kings. #CousinsTrade
The guys get together to break down the Pelicans and Kings trade
54 min
The Raptors pulled off a Magic trade?
Kevin and Justin Talk about the Ibaka Trade and what it means for the Raptors, and Tim talks with Keith Smith about the implacations of this trade for the Magic
42 min
Brace Yourself, The Trade Deadline Is Coming...
The guys are back talking about the 6 most possible trades that could go down before the deadline.
69 min
Are The Toronto Raptors Going Extinct?
They Guys talk to Tamberlyn about the Raptors recent struggles. They also hit on the Melo Trade and How the Cavs can find their "play maker"
79 min
Washington Wizards Found Their Magic!
Tim and Kevin Talk with Colby Giacubeno about the recent success the Wizards are having!
59 min
Tyson Chandler's Role With The Phoenix Suns!
Tim and Justin Chat with Spencer Davies about his recent interview with Tyson Chandler!
36 min
NBA Mid-Season Performance Goals Part 2. (Weste...
The Drive and Dish Podcast Turns to Corporate America to discuss what each NBA team should be working on for the second half of the 2017
60 min
NBA Mid-Season Performance Goals Part 1. (Easte...
The guys give some goals that each team should have for the rest of the 2016-2017 season.
71 min
Warriors And Knicks, Where's the Leadership?
The Guys talk about the cultural problem in the Knicks locker room, and the egos in Golden State.
67 min
Who Deserves Our #NBAAllStar Vote (With a Huge ...
The Guys talk about the Korver Trade, and what it means for the Cavs/Hawks and have a HUGE announcement!
68 min
Where's Rondo? (And Mailbag)
The guys talk about Rondo... and if he has a future in the NBA. They also answer some listener questions!
64 min
Looking on the Bright Side of the Phx Suns w/ D...
Checking in with Dave King of Bright side of the Suns on the Phoenix quarter season mark
63 min
Dissecting The Changes Coming With The CBA Agre...
The guys bring in the expert Keith Smith to help understand the CBA agreement
73 min
Giannis AntetokounmpOh No Matt Barnes...
The Guys Talk about the Clips V Warrors and How Big Men are killing it from 3 this year!
57 min
On The First Day Of Christmas Draymond Gave to ...
The guys discuss Green's kicking problem, and how amazing OKC's old 3 are playing...
56 min
The Memphis "If They Can Stay Healthy" Grizzlie...
Joe Mullinax joins the show to give some perspective into whats happening with the Grizzlies.
48 min
NBA Bottom Tier Tanking, Or Trying?
We talk about The Bottom Tier in the NBA, Tom Thibeau, The Raptors Call, And Other Trending NBA News
77 min
11-21-16 West Side Best Side? A look at the Cli...
We take a look at the great start by the Clippers and Los Angles Lakers
61 min
The Drive and Almighty Dish: Can The NBA East C...
Chris Axmann From the Almighty Baller Podcast joins Tim and Justin to talk about the Hornets and The Hawks... Some how we hit the Pacers too
60 min
"Time To panic" NBA Teams & "Time To Celebrate ...
The Guys talk Washington Wizards, Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks and The Denver Nuggets
54 min
2016-2017 NBA Season First Impressions & Over R...
The guys break down somethings they are noticing after the first few games of the new NBA season
81 min
Utah Jazz 2016-2017 Season Preview With @AllTha...
They Guys Chat with @AllThatAmar about the Utah Jazz Upcoming season!
49 min
NBA Round Table Panel Discussion- Season preview
Tim joins an NBA roundtable to discuss the upcoming season and predictions
80 min
Northwest NBA Division 2016-2017 Season Preview
The Guys Preview the 2016-2017 Season for the Northwest Teams!
75 min
Philadelphia 76ers 2016-2017 Season Preview Wit...
Justin and Kevin Talk with Michael Kaskey-Blomain about the 76ers upcoming season!
55 min
NBA Atlantic Division 2016-2017 Season Preview
The Guys Preview The Atlantic Division: Raptors, Celtics, Knicks, Nets, 76ers
57 min
NBA Southwest Division 2016-2017 Preview
We preview the Southwest division, will 4 teams make the post season again?
63 min
Orlando Magic 2016-2017 Season Preview with Kei...
They Guys Talk with Keith Smith about the Orlando Magic's offseason and upcoming season!
61 min
NBA Southeast Division 2016-2017 Preview
The Guys Prewview the 2016-2017 season for the Hawks, Heat, Hornets, Wizards & Magic!
56 min
Phoenix Suns 2016-2017 Season Preview with Dave...
The Gang Talks with Dave King, from Bright Side Of the Sun, about the Phoenix Suns Upcoming 2016-2017 season
47 min
NBA Pacific Division 2016-2017 Preview
The Guys Preview the Pacific Division's coming year, Lakers, Kings, Suns, Warriors & Clippers!
73 min
Can the King Repeat with the Cavaliers?
The Guys talk With Justin Rowan on the Cav's Upcoming Season!
39 min
NBA Central Division 2016-2017 Preview
We Preview the 2016-2017 season for the: Cavs, Bulls, Bucks, Pacers, and Pistons!
64 min
Can The Indiana Pacers Keep the Pace?
The Guys talk to Grant AfSeth about the Pacers off season moves.
61 min
Whats the Drive and Dish's NBA 2K Rating?
The Guys talks Worst Contracts, the NBA 2K Player Ratings & Premier a new segment!
56 min
Hindsight's 20-20... Especially For The 2013 NB...
The gang re-drafts the 2013 draft & predicts next years playoffs with who's in & who's out
80 min
The Memphis Grizzlies Look To Move Past Their U...
The Gang does HOT TAKES FROM REDDIT, and an interview with Joe Mullinax
56 min
Peace Up, A Town's Going Down?
The guys talk NBA Christmas & MLK day games, and Tim Interviews Preston Mott on the Atlanta Hawks!
55 min
Westbrook "The Devoted"
The gang talks Westbrook's new deal with The Oklahoma city Thunder, the Player Awards and the most improved NBA teams!
67 min
The #Suns Don't Admire Stoudemire & #Mailbag
The gang takes an episode to answer your mailbag questions about everything!
79 min
Turn Off injuries and the Knicks are a good 2k...
The gang talks about Derrick Rose and his "Super-Team" comments and the remaining NBA Free Agents!
58 min
Tim Duncan's retirement, Hack-A rules, OKC & The Pacers
70 min
The Kevin Durant Rant!
The guys talk about the reaction to KD becoming a Warrior, D-Wade going to the Bulls, and Al Horford going to the Celtics
70 min
#NBASummer League
The Drive and Dish Gang went down to NBA Summer League and got some great Interviews!!!
44 min
The Phoenix Suns Have A New Three Headed Dragon...
The Gang talk the first 5 picks of the NBA Draft, and Team USA!
48 min
Rose Wore Red, The Knicks Wear blue, Will He Be...
The Gang talks about the Recent trades that happened before/after the Draft.
59 min
The Cleveland King Is Back!
The gang talks NBA Finals and the Cavs amazing comeback!
64 min
So, You're Saying Cleveland Has A Chance?
The Gang talks game 5 of the NBA Finals, Jimmy Butler trade rumors, and highlight 3 more players in the draft.
57 min
The Cavs Need A Swift Kick In The Nuts... Too S...
Kevin and Tim Talk about Game 4 of the finals, The USA Team and highlight some draft prospects.
63 min
AllOut216 Done and Alive
We wrap up the Cavs Warriors series as it stands as well as other NBA News
61 min
The Cleveland Cavaliers Are Playing Like 3 Guys...
The Guys talk the first 2 games if the NBA Finals with the Cavs and GSW
61 min
NBA Finals 2016 Preview!
The Guys talk about the Cavs and Warriors Match-up, and Durant Rumors, and All-NBA Teams!
57 min
Trip #6 For The King
The Guys Interview Justin Rowan about the Cavs, and they talk game 6 of the WCF
71 min
The NBA Finals Are Getting "Funaki"
The Gang talks about NBA news, the Playoffs and Bradly Beal wanting a Max Contract.
65 min
Coach, Coach, Coach, Coach!
The Gang talks New Coaches...
50 min
Draft Lotto and Conference Finals Playoffs
Kevin and Tim talk draft lotto and playoffs
62 min
OKCee you in Golden State!
The gang talks about the most recent NBA news, The Lottery, and the next round of the playoffs!
58 min
The "Skiles" The Limit For The Orlando Magic
The gang talks about Skiles quitting, The 2 round of the playoffs... and some trending NBA news
48 min
Atlanta Hawks Down
The gang talks about new Coaching news, the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs, Curry coming back & Winning the MVP of 2016
62 min
The Indiana Pacers Put the Ki"Bosh" on Frank Vogel
The gang talks about Chris Bosh's medical condition, Coaching Changes & the NBA Playoffs!
66 min
The OKC Thunder Dur(C)ant Win Against the San A...
The Guys talk round two of the NBA Playoffs, and Luke Walton to the Lakers!
73 min
The Clippers are getting Clipped
The Gang talks about the most recent NBA news and the Recent injuries in the playoffs
71 min
Round two of the NBA Playoffs
The guys talk MIP, Round two of the playoffs and some other hot NBA news
54 min
Throwin Thib to the Wolves
The Guys Talk Round 1 & 2 of the playoffs, along with the coaching changes!
61 min
The N-B-(pl)A(y)-offs
The Gang talks about the first round of the playoffs and why the east is more exciting!
57 min
End Of The Regular Season.
The guys talk Most Disappointing teams, Kobe's last game and the warriors 73 wins.
73 min
Its Time To Say "Ko-Bye" To #24
The Gang talks about the Bulls, Kobe's last game Vs Warriors record setting game, Jazz and Rockets.
66 min
"He that lives upon hope... will die fasting" -...
The Gang talks about Sam Hinkie leaving the 6ers, the East Playoff look, the Rockets and Mav's game & some Random player
66 min
We going straight to the Wild Wild West
The Gang Talks about the Wild 5-8th seed in the west, Worst NBA players, and Durrant Vs the Pistons
52 min
The Sun(s) Will Come Out Tomorrow... Maybe...
Tim and Keith talk about the Suns off season, if the Morris trade was good, and about the Cavs/Raptors, and if the
62 min
"6 man like i'm..." Jeremy Lin??
The Guys talk about the Chicago Bulls recent struggles, The Kings And Boogie, and Who they think is the 6th man of the year
67 min
The Pelicans? More like the Pel-I-Cant's
The Gang Talk about Anthony Davis & The Pelicans Injuries, Lebron's Snapchat, and Who should win MIP
67 min
Clash of the NBA Titans...
The Gang talks about Defensive player of the year, The Cav's, Celtics, the Spurs/Warriors game & Howard's Sticky substance
70 min
Durant's Shipping off to Boston?
The gang hits topics like Antetokoumpo at PG, Players Smoking Marijuana, KD to Boston, and If Lebron needs to be the Villan...
54 min
The King's Verson Of March Madness
The gang talks about the Kings dysfunction, Bill Simmons Vs. ESPN, and Power Rankings
56 min
For The Love Of Backup Point Guards...
The gang talks about Derek Fisher's article, Lebron & Kobe's Final showdown, And some hot takes from Reddit.
62 min
3!..2!..1!.. Rockets have no Lift off!
We talk The Heat & Rockets, Great NBA Players, Dion Waiters and hit some Mailbag
50 min
6 More inches is all you need
The gang hits topics like Lebron's Tweets, The Sacramento Kings & Moving back the 3-pt line!
32 min
Thunder have no boom...
The Thunder and Spurs why cant they beat top teams?
40 min
NBA Trade Dudline
We talk NBA trade deadline about all that could have been
35 min
Looking back at the Trade Deadline
The gang talks with Keith Smith about the trade deadline.
69 min
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Part 3
The first half recap for the top teams in the East and West
67 min
Part 2- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
Our midseason review continues: We break down the Pacers, Bulls, Hornets, Pistons, Wizards, Grizzlies, Mavericks, Trailblazers, Jazz, and Rockets! Also Random P
67 min
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Part 1
Mid-season reviews of the teams that are out of the playoffs in the east & west, and the fan favorite “Hot Takes From Reddit”
68 min
Derek Fisher gone fishing
We talk: The free-falling Knicks firing of Derek Fisher, Kurt Rambis as interim, Knicks Organization moving forward the lack-there-of possibility of Phil Jackso
28 min
All-Star Thrills and Skills
We talk the Phoenix Suns Jeff Hornacek firing, All-Star three point shootout and Skills challenge, Hot takes from Reddit, Random NBA player and your Mailbag que
64 min
All-Star Trade Rumors
We talk: All-Star 2016 reserves and the Rising Star Challenge, the MVP race, trade rumors, Hot Takes from Reddit & Mailbag.
64 min
Cavs fall Blatt
We talk the coaching change in Cleveland, All Star-Voting results, mailbag and introduce a new segment.
58 min
Spurs Power Rank with
We check in with Paul Garcia (@PaulGarciaPS) from Project Spurs. We discussed the transformation of Kawhi Leonard, their path to the NBA Finals and what the you
39 min
Wizards needing wizardry with Colby Giacubeno
We discuss the limping Wizards with Colby Giacubeno (@ColbyG33) of HoopsHabit, potential trade moves by the deadline, Kevin Durant returning home rumors and muc
43 min
NBA Teams Buying and Selling
With trade season approaching we break down which teams will be buying and selling. We talk possible trade scenarios and which teams should make moves going int
66 min
Puting Some Magic On The Cap Space
Justin, Tim and Kevin talk with Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA), a contributor for Real GM and expert on the NBA Salary Cap, about how the Orlando magic have been
40 min
All Star NBA Voting Sham
We talk: All Star voting, if Kyrie deserves a spot over John Wall, who is the best shooting guard in the NBA, Griffin Connoly joins the show to discuss his late
68 min
The Elfin Christmas games!
Justin Tim, and Kevin talk about the Christmas Games, and go into their thoughts on the teams season so far.
74 min
A pulse on the Thunder with Shawn Woods
We talk: with Shawn Woods (@Shawn_Woods15) on an early season report of OKC. The latest Durant rumors, and whether the Thunder can beat the Warriors in the play
48 min
NBA not “HIGH” on Big Al
Tim, Kevin and Justin Talk about the NBA Suspending Big Al For smoking Pot, how impressive the Hornets have been this year so far, The Suns looking to move on f
60 min
Dowsett(ing) times in the NBA
Tim, Kevin and Justin talk about Kobe, Okafor, Greens & Durant’s comments on the media, and the top 5 in power rankings!
68 min
Repeating history with the Warriors
Tim Tompkins and Kevin Rafuse talk: Debate which happens first a Warriors loss or a 76ers win, the ref’s throwing out Mike Budenholzer against the Cavs, Ben Sim
61 min
Talkin Celtics & More w/ Keith Smith
Justin & Tim: Chat with Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) of RealGM about the Celtics hot start, whether the Rockets did the right thing by firing Kevin McHale, fant
71 min
Good Looking Rooks
Kevin Rafuse (@Rafusetolose) And Justin Cousart (@JustinConTheAir) Talk about the Dysfunction in the Kings, Durant’s Injury, The Rookie standouts and much more!
56 min
The return of Rose
Justin, Kevin and Tim talk: Derricks Rose comeback game, who’s the best player on OKC, the Detroit Pistons, your mailbag questions and much more.
78 min
Talkin Spurs with Aaron Preine of Spurscast
Tim, Kevin and Justin talk: With Aaron Preine (@PreinePS)  about the Spurs and how they’re looking starting off the season. We also discuss the first week of NB
68 min
The surprising GM survey
Tim, Kevin and Justin talk about The annual GM survey, and why casual fans have faith in the warriors but the media doesn’t. oh, and the amazing NBA players Hal
43 min
The intriguing Cavs!
Kevin Rafuse, and Tim Tompkins talk about the Cavs coming season with Justin Rowan @Cavsanada ( Writer for @fearTheSword, NBA hoopslounge.com & CFL at thesnap.c
67 min
Central Division preview
Kevin Rafuse & Justin Cousart talk: The Bulls, Bucks, Pacers, Cavs and Pistons. Tim drops your NBA News and Drive and Doogle segment!
66 min
Fantasy Basketball Preview with Josh Lloyd
Tim, Kevin & Justin talk: With Josh Lloyd (@redrock_bball) of the Red Rock Fantasy Podcast to get you prepared for your Fantasy Drafts. We talk breakout candida
41 min
Southwest Division Preview
Kevin, Justin and Tim talk: The Southwest Division preview. We breakdown the Grizzlies, Rockets, Mavericks, Pelicans & Spurs.
78 min
Talkin Miami Heat with Warren Shaw
Justin, Tim & Kevin talk: Miami Heat season preview with Warren Shaw (@ShawSports) of the Baseline Podcast.
40 min
Southeast Division Preview
Tim, Justin & Kevin talk: The Southeast Division season preview with the Hawks, Hornets, Heat, Magic, and Wizards. As well as Drive and Doogle.
77 min
Talking Wolves with Zach Harper
Justin Cousart (@JustinCOnTheAir), Tim & Kevin talk: The Minnesota Timberwolves with Zach Harper (@TalkHoops) of CBSsports.com
44 min
Northwest Division Preview
Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA), Kevin, and Justin: Break down the NW division. We talk the Nuggets, Thunder, Jazz, Timberwolves and Trail Blazers. As well as Rando
78 min
Atlantic Division preview
Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA), Kevin & Justin talk: Our Atlantic division preview. We break down the Raptors, Celtics, Nets, Sixers and Knicks. As well as the Dri
69 min
Talkin Nets with Cal Lee of the Baseline Podcast
Kevin (@RafuseToLose), Justin & Tim talk: Part one of our Atlantic Division preview. We chat with Cal Lee (@GameFaceLee) from the Baseline podcast about the Bro
74 min
Phoenix Suns with Greg Esposito
Justin Cousart, Tim Tompkins, and Kevin Rafuse: Finish off our Pacific Division preview with Greg Esposito (@Espo on Twitter) talking the bright side of the Sun
55 min
Pacific Division Preview
Tim Tompkins, Kevin Rafuse, and Justin Cousart: break down the Warriors, Clippers, Suns, Kings and Lakers. We also hit Random Player of the week and answer your
78 min
Talkin Markieff Morris with Dave King
Kevin Rafuse, Justin Cousart & Tim Tompkins: Delve into the Suns situation with Markieff Morris with Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) from BrightSideOfTheSun.com. We al
56 min
Countdown to NBA2k16
Justin Cousart, Tim Tompkins & Kevin Rafuse talk: Dwight Howard’s stupidity, NBA 2k16 player ratings, the Sixers point guard situation, and the newly released t
58 min
Kyrie Irvings silver lining for the Cavs
Tim Tompkins, Kevin Rafuse, & Justin Cousart talk: the passing of Chocolate Thunder, Charlotte Hornets off-season, and whether the Cavs are in trouble given Irv
60 min
The Best 1-2 Punch in the NBA
Justin Cousart, Kevin Rafuse, and Tim Tompkins talk: debate the best 1-2 punch in the NBA, the Raptors and whether they’re built for now or the future, J.R. Smi
77 min
The Pacers Playoff Hopes with Griffin Connolly
Kevin Rafuse and Tim Tompkins talk: The NBA Schedule release and key games to look out for, the Pacers chance to make the playoffs with our blog editor Griffin
62 min
Christmas Day Games without Dante Exum
Tim Tompkins, Justin Cousart, and Kevin Rafuse talk: The Christmas day game schedule, underrated off-season signings, Markieff Morris and the Suns, and Dante Ex
77 min
Talking Orlando Magic with Jeffrey Waitkevich
Justin Cousart, Kevin Rafuse, and Tim Tompkins: Talk with Jeffrey Waitkevich (@ORLMagicJeff on twitter) talk Orlando Magic heading into next season, we chat wit
39 min
Team USA, NBA Africa and The Basketball Tournament
Kevin Rafuse, Tim Tompkins and Justin Cousart talk: Summer basketball which means Team USA and NBA Africa games. The Chris Camen reality show, Drive and Doogle,
60 min