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Two Year Anniversary!
220 min
We Need Each Other w/ Tori Williams Douglass
This week we got to speak with anti-racist educator/podcaster Tori Williams Douglass (White Homework! Go Home Bible, You’re Drunk!)
149 min
Good Enough w/ Aaron Gillespie
This week we had to chance to talk to musician, songwriter and producer Aaron Gillespie (Underoath! The Almost!)
124 min
How Many You Running?
This week we're talking about church plants - our experience with start up churches, some of the ideologies that played into the process, and how we feel looking back.
165 min
In Relationship with Difference w/ Dr. Robyn He...
This week we had the pleasure of speaking with author/podcaster/scholar/public ethicist Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinosa (ActivisTheology!).
124 min
House with Many Rooms
This week we’re talking about the Pearly Gates—how we were taught about heaven, how that impacted our sense of empathy and presence, and what happened when we deconstructed it.
137 min
Do Your Own Work w/ Mike McHargue
This week we speak with author, speaker and content creator Mike McHargue (The Cozy Robot Show! You Are a Miracle and a Pain in the Ass)
144 min
Creative Commodities
149 min
Your Body is a Person w/ Jamie Lee Finch
JLF is back! This week we had the pleasure of once again hanging out with author, sexuality/embodiment coach and real life friend Jamie Lee Finch (You Are Your Own)
129 min
Dirty Rotten Review: A Week Away
We're changing it up this week and sharing an episode from our Patreon podcast, Bobodumdums!
103 min
In the Twinkling of an Eye
Are you packed and ready? This week we talk about the Rapture: how the theology came to be, how we were taught about it growing up, how it has impacted so many church kids over the years
135 min
Victims and Villains w/ Janice Lagata
This week we had the privilege of speaking to writer and podcaster Janice Lagata (God Has Not Given!).
153 min
Quietly Out the Side Door
This week we talk about leaving church: why we and others like us left , the ways it is often handled, and how the pandemic has changed the church experience for so many.
137 min
A Boulder Into Still Water w/ Brit Barron
This week we talk to Author and Speaker Brit Barron (Worth It!).
104 min
Dirty Rotten Church Camp
No purpling! For this week’s episode we talk about church camp!
150 min
Values and Narratives w/ Brady Hardin
This week we had the opportunity to speak with Brady Hardin, co host of The Life After podcast!
123 min
What We Make of Jesus
Jesus Christ! On this long ass DRCK episode following Easter, we talk about the big JC: how we were taught about Jesus, what we have let go of, and how much of our thoughts on Jesus has changed post-faith change
167 min
Fully Loved, Fully Known w/ Grace Baldridge
On this week's episode we had the opportunity to speak to Grace Baldridge!
99 min
Reconstruct or Don't
This week we talk about deconstruction...again. With the word in the forefront of many evangelical conversations, we decided to discuss how we view deconstruction, what it looked like for us, and some of the narratives evangelicalism is currently trying ...
148 min
Whatever God Is w/ John Mark McMillan
On this episode we got to talk with John Mark McMillan! We discuss his journey of embracing a holistic spirituality over the years, how his faith often shifts from day to day and how he approaches creativity. We also talk about his latest record and intr...
112 min
Date Like a Christian
Love is in the air, Bad Apples. For the episode before Valentine’s Day we wanted to talk about Christian dating: how we were taught to hold out for marriage, guarding our hearts and courting the way Jesus always intended. We also play a game of Improv Al...
152 min
Go Back to Yourself w/ Jamie Lee Finch
We're back, Bad Apples. To kick off Season 2 and the first episode of 2021, we thought who better to speak with than author and embodiment coach Jamie Lee Finch, aka the artist formerly known as The Sex Witch. We discuss common dismissive arguments we ge...
165 min
The Miraculous Christmas in Quarantine
It’s the last episode of 2020 and of Season One! In this one we talk about miracles—how we were taught them growing up, how we see them now, and how belief can be a feedback loop. We also talk about the loneliness of Christmas in quarantine and hear stor...
140 min
One Year Anniversary!!
One year of DRCK! Can't even believe it. In this episode we take a look back at our favorite show moments, take questions from the Bad Apples and discuss what we've learned. We also talk about Carl Lentz the sports agent and the Joel Osteen cube.Brought...
152 min
Security and Clarity w/ Cindy Wang Brandt
This week we speak to Cindy Wang Brandt (Author! Podcaster! Speaker!). We discuss parenting after leaving evangelicalism, re-framing how we see children and raising our family like a playground. Cindy answers questions from the Bad Apples and reminds us ...
106 min
Thoughts and Prayers
This week we talk about thoughts and prayers. How we were taught about it, some of the ways we saw it abused and unpack what prayer means on this side of faith change. We also talk about tone policing, vilifying the other, and hear stories from the Bad A...
149 min
Purity and Resonance w/ Brenda Marie Davies
For episode 27 we talk to author, sex educator, youtuber and blogger Brenda Marie Davies aka God is Grey! We discuss experiencing the Divine for yourself, unlearning purity culture and finding sexual integrity. We also talk about sin, virginity, inviting...
94 min
Vote Like a Christian
For episode 26 (not 27, despite what Adrian said) we talk about Christian Nationalism-how the term Christian ad the term patriot were intermingled, what that looked like in our experiences and the impact it left. We also talk about Ravi Zachrias, Jerry F...
152 min
Your First Language is Pleasure w/ Lauren Scott
This week was such a blast. We got to speak with Lauren Scott (Therapist! Sex Coach!) about all things pleasure. We discuss growing up in White Evangelical Purity Culture, unlearning religious shame and engaging with delight. We also talk about Tantra, S...
103 min
When We Embrace Shame w/ Matthias Roberts
In this episode we speak to Matthias Roberts, author of 'Beyond Shame' and podcast host of 'Queerology'. We talk about how purity culture drives sexual shame, ways we deal with those messages and talk about better ways forward and building sexual ethics....
89 min
The God We Are Left With
In Episode 23 we talk about The Man Upstairs™; how we were taught about God, how that has changed for us and what of The Divine remains. We also talk about worship music, Jerry Falwell Jr's unbuttoned pants and hear stories form the Bad Apples. The Cos...
149 min
Leaving Yourself at the Door
This week on DRCK we talk about Church Family! We unpack the reality of conditional acceptance, Christian homogenization and the challenge of finding community after deconstruction. We also share a biblical storytime meditation, talk about John Crist's w...
150 min
Who Christianity Belongs To w/ Jo Luehmann
This epsiode may be our favorite to date. We speak to author, speaker, content creator and community builder Jo Luehmann. We discuss decolonizing faith, narcissism within the church and the body's response to spiritual trauma. We also unpack what it look...
114 min
Playing Divine Telephone
One of the most asked questions we receive is, "are you Christians?" and this week we answer that question. We talk about what the term Christian represented growing up, how it has been hijacked and how we feel about it now. We also hear from the Bad App...
140 min
The Messy Inner Work w/ Steph Barron Hall of @N...
This week we talk to Steph Hall (@ninetypesco!). She is an Enneagram coach, digital community builder, and author of the new book "The Enneagram in Love". We talk about her faith deconstruction, explore how evangelicalism interacts with the enneagram and...
95 min
Putting Away White God w/ Brandon Lubin and Nic...
In episode 18 we talk to our friends, multi-disciplinary artists Brandon Lubin and Nick Murray. We talk about ways the church hijacks creative exploration, homogenizes behavior, and quiets activism. Our guests discuss being black people in white evangeli...
154 min
Breaking Mama's Heart
This week's episode is a grab bag: we talk about John Piper's new book on Coronavirus, Ravi Zacharias, and tackle the F word: Family.
123 min
You Are a River w/ NakedPastor David Hayward
In episode 16 we speak to David Hayward (NakedPastor! The Lasting Supper!), a cartoonist, writer and community builder. We discuss spiritual independence, rejecting labels and being comfortable in the wilderness without reconstruction. We also discuss hi...
95 min
Let Bad Religion Die w/ Kevin Garcia
In this week’s episode we talk to author, speaker, intuitive soul coach and digital pastor Kevin Garcia (Bad Theology Kills! A Tiny Revolution! Big Queer Adventure Co!). We discuss their story as a queer Christian thought leader, spiritual revolution, t...
98 min
Resurrection in Quarantine
Back to Back DRCK episodes?! This week we decided to throw in an easter egg (ha, pun) for the Bad Apples. In Episode 13 we talk all things Easter: we discuss the Super Bowl of church services and why that sucks, the weird ways we were taught about why Je...
112 min
The Hell You Hold Onto w/ Danny Prada
In this quarantined DRCK episode we bring back Danny Prada (Heartway!) to talk about HELL: how the church taught us about it, where the notion came from in the Bible, and why the very idea of Hell hurts to hold onto. We also answer questions from the Bad...
110 min
The Voice We Silenced
This week’s episode is a first of many ongoing conversations. We discuss how we were taught about biblical gender roles. We unpack the ‘headship and helper’ narratives, the quieting of children’s voices, and hear stories about the damage caused by the ge...
121 min
It’s not Doubt, It’s Curiosity w/ Jess Murray
For our 10th(!!) episode we talk to Jess Murray (Promenade Counseling!).
128 min
The Second Look is Sinning
In this week's episode we discuss Joshua Harris' documentary, 'I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye'.
115 min
It's Okay, I Love You Anyways w/ Danny Brunjes
On this week's episode we talk to Danny Brunjes (Paradise Hymns! Provendencia WPB! Rivers!) about ways the church approaches trauma, how the evangelical narrative affects inner healing, and how to worship God as a whole human. We also play a bout of Wors...
135 min
Beauty in the Backslide
On this week's episode Adrian and Josh talk about their stories of faith excavation-why deconstruction was necessary, their first questions and the community that turns up in the spiritual wilderness.
102 min
Too Much Shoulder for the Vatican w/ Emily Prada
In this episode we talk to Emily Prada, fitness model turned church planter (Heartway!) turned creative entrepreneur. We discuss battling the “Pastor’s Wife” stereotype, how self love informs your craft, and found out you can in fact get denied entrance ...
110 min
15 Pounds of Myrrh
Christmas time is here! For the last DRCK episode of the year Josh and Adrian discuss the art of prologue, the parable of the virgin birth, Christmas Melancholy and becoming carol bounty hunters.Sponsored by AlexJonesBigPeePee.com #485 The Rise of the...
89 min
Graceful Joints, Holy Bumps w/ Imani Givertz
On this episode we talk with Imani Givertz
83 min
The Bible Isn't (just) True
Josh and Adrian talk about John Crist-not-Christ, Beth Moore bashers and taking the Bible too seriously.
50 min
Pastor of Pump w/ Danny Prada
Danny Prada (Heartway) talks about secondhand religion, deconstructing gracefully and having sex during the rapture.
91 min
Let there be Podcast!
Musicians, dads, millennial idiots trying to figure out what THIS is. Adrian Gibbs and Josh Link are Dirty Rotten Church Kids.
15 min