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Preseason Top 10 Pac 12 NFL Draft Prospects
To close out the week, Joe is joined by Drae Harris of The Draft Network for Drae's top ten list of draft prospects from the Pac 12.
25 min
Preseason Top 10 Big 12 NFL Draft Prospects
Joe is joined by Jordan Reid of The Draft Network, who scouts the Big 12, for his reveal of the top 10 NFL draft prospects found in the Big 12.
26 min
Preseason Top 10 SEC NFL Draft Prospects
The dudes continue their conference prospect breakdown. Today, it's the top ten draft prospects from the SEC.
30 min
Preseason Top 10 Big Ten NFL Draft Prospects
The top ten lists keep on rolling. Today, the guys reveal the preseason top ten for the Big Ten.
45 min
Preseason Top 10 ACC NFL Draft Prospects
There have been discussions about certain players and positions for the 2022 draft. But now, the dudes are ready to reveal their preseason top 10 for each major conference. Today, it's the ACC.
30 min
Grading Each First Round QB's Situation: Mac Jones
It's the final QB of the first round, and it's the QB that generated a lot of buzz during the draft process. But what about the situation that Mac Jones finds himself in?
27 min
Grading Each First Round QB's Situation: Justin...
The Bears moved up to get their franchise QB. So how well have they done in putting Justin Fields in a position to succeed?
33 min
Grading Each First Round QB's Situation: Trey L...
The dudes continue to grade the situations surrounding the 2021 1st round QB class. Today, it's a trip out west to talk about San Francisco and Trey Lance.
33 min
Grading Each First Round QB's Situation: Zach W...
It's on to the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft for the dudes, as they evaluate the situation in New York.
30 min
Grading Each First Round QB's Situation: Trevor...
The dudes debut a new concept, grading how well each first round QB's team has set them up for success. Today, it's Trevor Lawrence.
31 min
Friday Free For All: QB1, The Panthers QB decis...
A free for all that covers scouting, drafting and name pronunciation. All on today's show with the dudes.
32 min
Summer Scouting Series: EDGE
The dudes resume their preliminary summer scouting conversation; taking a look at the current top of the EDGE class.
28 min
Looking at The Best Available Defensive Free Ag...
After looking at the offensive side of the ball, the dudes felt much more comfortable talking defensive free agents.
26 min
Looking at The Best Available Offensive Free Ag...
There are still some big names available in free agency. Which names on the offensive side of the ball stood out to the dudes?
24 min
Evaluating First Year Coaches and Their Chances...
The dudes (minus Kyle) explore all seven rookie head coaches in the NFL and what their chances are to win the Coach of the Year award.
32 min
Friday Free-For-All: NFL One-Hit Wonders, N'Kea...
The Friday Free-For-All sees the guys go down the rabbit hole on one-hit wonders in the NFL, N'Keal Harry's trade request, and much more.
29 min
Predicting Which Player Will have the Best Seas...
It's the NFC side of the coin today, with the dudes predicting which player on each NFC team will have the best season.
33 min
Predicting Which Player Will have the Best Seas...
The dudes put on their fortune teller hats and try to predict which player will have the best season for all 16 AFC teams.
40 min
Summer Scouting Discussion: Big Picture View of...
After going big picture on the offense last week, the dudes shift gears and focus on the defensive side.
36 min
Friday Free For All: Urban Meyer, Reggie Bush, ...
It was a live edition of the Friday Free For All on the Thursday stream for the dudes, discussing a whole host of football related topics.
35 min
Summer Scouting Discussion: Big Picture View of...
After focusing on a couple of different groups to start the summer scouting discussion, the dudes take a big picture view of the offensive position groups.
39 min
Summer Scouting Discussions: DBs
The dudes continue their launch into summer scouting with a discussion about a couple of DBs that they have watched so far.
28 min
Summer Scouting Discussions: QB's
The dudes start their summer conversations for the 2022 draft cycle by looking at a couple of QB's.
34 min
Building the Perfect Safety
The dudes wrap up their building a perfect prospect by focusing on the safety position.
35 min
Friday Free-For-All: Best Draft Picks Since 200...
The dudes close out another week with a free-for-all, focusing on draft pick value and the NFL Scouting Combine.
25 min
Evaluating Which Teams Are Finding Great Draft ...
The dudes breakdown a graphic that shows which teams are finding great draft value.
36 min
Building the Perfect CB
In what might be the hardest edition of this series, the dudes attempt to build the perfect CB.
26 min
The Ultimate AFC East Roster
It's no surprise that the AFC East closes up the guys' ultimate roster series and there might just be a little bias throughout.
33 min
Building the Perfect LB
The dudes continue building the perfect prospect, today trying to put together the perfect LB and there is much disagreement on these choices.
34 min
Friday Free For All: Scouting Process and Playe...
Another Friday. Another free-for-all, as the dudes hit some of the topics that they didn't get to throughout the week. Today it's about scouting and star players not being in camp.
31 min
The Ultimate NFC South Roster
The dudes close out the NFC divisions by building their ultimate roster, only using players in the South division.
30 min
Building the Perfect EDGE
The dudes continue to build the perfect prospect using the 2018-2021 draft classes. Today, they focus on the EDGE position.
29 min
The Ultimate AFC West Roster
What would the ideal roster, made up of AFC West players, look like? The dudes tackle that division on today's show.
23 min
Building The Perfect IDL
The dudes start another week by continuing to build the perfect prospect, today focusing on the interior of the defensive line.
33 min
Changes Appear To Be Coming to the College Foot...
12-team expansion will be proposed to the CFP committee. What do the dudes make of the new CFP model?
34 min
The Ultimate NFC North Roster
What would the ideal roster, made up of NFC North players, look like? The dudes tackle that division on today's show.
30 min
Building the Perfect Offensive Lineman
It's one of the more difficult groups to pick from, but what would the perfect offensive lineman look like?
30 min
The Ultimate AFC South Roster
If the dudes were able to put together one roster filled with the best players from the AFC South, what would it look like?
29 min
Building the Perfect TE
The dudes start another week off by building the perfect TE, but not before discussing Joe's birthday and Julio Jones getting traded to the Titans.
44 min
Friday Free-For-All: OTA Videos, Worst To First...
Another edition of the free for all has the dudes discussion favorites to go worst to first, Lamar Jackson under center, and much more.
31 min
The Ultimate NFC East Roster
What would the ultimate NFC East roster look like? The dudes put together their versions for today's show.
30 min
Building the Perfect WR
If the dudes could build the perfect WR using the 2018-2021 draft classes, what would that receiver look like?
40 min
The Ultimate AFC North Roster
The dudes create another ultimate roster, today only using players found in the AFC North. Right from the start, there are differences.
33 min
Building the Perfect RB
The dudes continue their series of creating the perfect player, using the 2018-2021 draft classes. Today, it's RB.
42 min
Friday Free For All: Guy Fieri, Hard Knocks and...
The dudes embark on another free for all episode that sees them talk Guy Fieri, Hard Knocks and the odds on who the 1st coach fired will be.
27 min
The Ultimate NFC West Roster
The dudes put together a superteam of players just found in the NFC West.
29 min
Building the Perfect QB
The dudes attempt to create the perfect QB using their scouting traits and the 2018-2021 QB draft classes.
38 min
The Next Wave of Free Agency
The dudes take a deep dive into a Bill Barnwell story over at ESPN predicting some of the next NFL offseason moves, and whether or not they are good fits.
30 min
A Breakdown of TDN's Summer Scouting Plans
The dudes take you behind the curtain and preview what their summer scouting plans look like.
29 min
Friday Free For All: Morgan Moses, Salads, Juli...
The dudes weigh in on some of the random topics that they didn't get to throughout the week.
33 min
Checking In on the 5th-Year Player Options for ...
The dudes complete their check-in on the 1st rounders from the 2019 NFL Draft, and if they are on pace to have their fifth-year options picked up.
37 min
Checking In on the 5th-Year Player Options for ...
The dudes perform a check-up on the 1st round of the 2019 NFL Draft and if those players are on pace to have their 5th-year options picked up.
49 min
Re-Drafting the 1st Round of the 2019 NFL Draft...
The dudes finish up their re-draft of the 1st round in the 2019 NFL Draft.
37 min
Re-Drafting the 1st Round of the 2019 NFL Draft...
The dudes hop in the time machine and go back to the 1st round of the 2019 NFL Draft and use hindsight to re-draft the first 16 picks.
45 min
Friday Free For All: Dynasty Fantasy QB's, Ryan...
Another edition of the Friday free for all sees the dudes discussing fantasy football, Ryan Fitzpatrick's rank among QB's and JuJu playing more outside in 2021.
33 min
Takeaways from the NFL Schedule Release
The dudes share their big takeaways from the NFL schedule release, focusing on the primetime slate of games.
28 min
Discussing the Draft Classes of the AFC East
It's the final episode of the dudes' draft class recap series. They close things up with the AFC East.
63 min
Discussing the Draft Classes of the NFC North
The dudes wrap up the recaps of the NFC teams, focusing today on the NFC North.
42 min
Discussing the Draft Classes of the AFC South
The dudes start another week by continuing their draft class recaps. Today's focus is the AFC South.
48 min
Discussing the Draft Classes of the NFC South
The dudes finish the week recapping the draft classes of the Saints, Panthers, Falcons and Bucs.
35 min
Discussing the Draft Classes of the AFC West
The dudes stay in the AFC but wander out west to break down the draft classes for the Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, and Raiders.
39 min
Discussing the Draft Classes of the AFC North
The dudes shift gears to the AFC, breaking down the draft classes of the teams in the AFC North.
37 min
Discussing the Draft Classes of the NFC West
The breakdown of draft classes continues for the dudes, with the NFC West on today's docket.
35 min
Discussing the Draft Classes of the NFC East
The draft is in the books, now the dudes break down each team's draft class. Today, it's the NFC East.
37 min
Recapping Night 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft
Night 1 is in the books. So what stood out to the dudes?
26 min
2021 Draft Doomsday Scenarios
On draft day, the dudes (with some guests) explore some doomsday scenarios for Thursday night.
28 min
2021 Battle Of The Boards: Defense
The Draft Dudes lock horns in comparing their 2021 big boards against one another in an annual tradition like none other.
40 min
2021 Battle of the Boards: Offense
The famous Battle of the Boards is back, with today's edition focusing on the offensive side of the ball.
46 min
Naming Sleepers in the 2021 NFL Draft
The dudes name their sleepers at every position in the 2021 NFL Draft.
40 min
Friday Free For All: Tom Brady, Disney Draft, T...
It's the last Friday Free For All before draft week, and it sure is a free for all.
30 min
NFL Draft Word Association
The dudes play word association, with a bit of a unique twist, pairing words with draft prospects.
33 min
2021 NFL Mock Draft (What We Would Do Edition):...
The dudes finish up their "what we would do" mock draft with the second half of the first round.
39 min
2021 NFL Mock Draft (What We Would Do Edition):...
The dudes are back with another mock, this time what they would do with the pick.
35 min
BONUS EPISODE: Ultimate Mock Draft 2021 Picks 1...
A sneak peek at the first episode of the Locked On Podcast Network and Audacy collaboration: The Ultimate Mock Draft 2021.
25 min
A Deeper Look at the CB Class
The dudes have looked at the top of the CB class. Today, they go a little bit deeper.
44 min
Friday Free For All: Mo Hurst, Building an Offe...
The dudes are back for another Friday free-for-all, discussing things that have been on their minds.
33 min
Giving Teams Their Perfect Gift in the NFL Draft
In honor of Kyle's birthday, the dudes give out NFL Draft gifts to teams.
33 min
A Deep Dive Into Mel Kiper Jr's Latest Mock Draft
Draft Twitter spent a lot of Tuesday discussing Mel Kiper Jr's latest mock. So, on a Wednesday, the dudes do the same.
31 min
Exploring the Safety Class
The dudes get back into the scouting breakdowns, this time focus on the safeties.
35 min
Pivot Points Inside the Top 10 of the NFL Draft
Which teams could create massive ripple effects in the draft with their selections? The dudes discuss.
44 min
Friday Free-For-All: Draft Props, Zoos and Wyat...
The Friday Free-For-All is back in its normal spot, allowing the dudes to catchup on some of the topics that they didn't get to earlier in the week.
33 min
The Non-Miami EDGE Class
After breaking down the Miami EDGE's in one show, the dudes are back to discuss the rest of the 2021 EDGE class.
38 min
The Kyle Pitts Breakdown
The dudes break down Kyle Pitts as a player, potential landing spots for him, and other notable names in the TE class.
44 min
Sam Darnold's Impact on The NFL Draft
The Jets are officially in the QB market after trading Sam Darnold. So what does that do to the rest of the 1st round?
35 min
Breaking Down the Top of the RB Class
Another scouting deep dive to start the week, as the guys delve into the top of the RB class for 2021.
24 min
2021 NFL Mock Draft (April Edition): Picks 17-32
The dudes wrap up the week by putting the finishing touches on their April mock draft.
38 min
2021 NFL Mock Draft (April Edition): Picks 1-16
It's Draft month and what better way to kick it off than with the first part of the Dudes' April mock draft.
32 min
Wednesday Wild Card: 17-game schedule, Landon D...
The Friday Free-For-All moves to Wednesday this week, allowing the guys to hit some random football topics.
33 min
Previewing The Top of the OL Class
The dudes discuss the top of the OL class and the ranges that those players might fall in.
36 min
A Shakeup At The Top of the NFL Draft
It was just a random Friday. Instead, it might have changed the entire trajectory of the 2021 NFL Draft.
31 min
Friday Free For All: Janarius Robinson, NFL Ros...
It's a Friday free for all, where the dudes cover some players and topics that they didn't get to during the week.
33 min
The Interior DL Class
The dudes continue the scouting breakdowns, today focusing on the interior DL class.
42 min
Taking A Look at Nickel DB's
The game is played in sub. So which players in this draft class fit that mold?
37 min
Looking Past the 1st Round WR's
This is a very deep WR class. So what do the dudes make of the WR's that could be available on Day 2 and 3?
31 min
The Miami EDGE Class
There are three EDGE's from the University of Miami that could find themselves drafted high. The dudes break each one of them down.
32 min
Wrapping Up a Wild Week in the NFL
The dudes put a bow on a wild week with NFL free agency opening.
26 min
Arizona, Washington Make Moves; Plenty of Free ...
The dudes discuss the moves made by Arizona and Washington before diving into what is still a deep free agent group.
38 min
The Free Agent Market Continues to Move
More big names have been coming off the board, notably at the QB position.
38 min
Day 1 of NFL's Legal Tampering Period
It's the first day where teams can negotiate contracts, and there were plenty of contracts for the dudes to discuss on today's show.
34 min
The Battle for LB3
The dudes go through the players that were fighting for LB3 on the TDN Big Board.
40 min