Do Joy! with Lisa McCourt

Join mega-selling author and renowned Joy Trainer Lisa McCourt as she opens her extensive toolbox of vibration elevation practices! Learning about joy is one thing, but it’s the doing that shifts your energy, so every week you’re given a powerful new joy practice you can easily incorporate into your busy life. Superstar guests and authors often join Lisa with their own modalities and techniques, offering you an endless array of vibration elevation tools to implement. Profoundly upgrading every aspect of your life is as simple as changing your vibrational address, and that’s what this podcast is all about! 

Society & Culture
Accelerating Consciousness with Guest Stephen ...
Multi-faceted world-changer Stephen Altair explains the importance and impact of open-hearted leadership to create real transformation.
67 min
Soul Connections Spanning Realms with Guest Kar...
When decoding “signs” – from the Universe or from loved ones who have transitioned -- it’s common to wonder if it’s “just imagination.”
51 min
Soul Resolutions with Guests Kayse Gehret & Ly...
Do your top-of-mind desires and resolutions match what your soul is craving on a deeper level?
45 min
The Joy in the Quiet with Guest Ian Haycroft
Whatever you celebrate, it’s the time of year for stillness, reverence, and serene ceremony.
66 min
Make It the Season of YES! with Guest Paul Boynton
This inspiring conversation with bestselling author and beacon of hope and optimism Paul Boynton will get you in the right frame of mind for the crazy days ahead.
57 min
Thankfulness Redefined! with guest Chris Nieba...
As we head into the start of the holi-daze, let’s take a look at the illusions that create our stress and suffering
68 min
Own Your Truth and Rise! with Guest Valerie C....
What if your challenges right now are really catalysts divinely designed to bring you to your full potential?
37 min
Celebrate All of You! with Guest Phoebe Leona
You have shadows and you have light, and every drop of you deserves acknowledgment, compassion, and celebration.
54 min
Celebrating ONENESS During LGBTQ+ History Mont...
Wishing a meaningful LBGTQ+ History Month to all! Lisa interviews her friend Rev. Skip Jennings. Listen in for a beautiful conversation about rising above the divisiveness and backward progress we see around us.
27 min
Happy First Birthday to Do Joy! (A Brag!) with...
Lisa celebrates the anniversary of the launch of her Do Joy! podcast with her heart-sister Victoria Shaw
46 min
Protect Your Energy! with Guest Lisa Campion
A fascinating and eye-opening conversation with Lisa Campion – bestselling author and psychic counselor
59 min
Enlighten Up! with Guest Norby Belz
It’s always there. It’s more accessible than you might ever have realized. It’s the infinite wisdom of your own inner being!
51 min
Intuition Is Your True Nature with Guest LaRue...
According to Lisa's wildly accomplished guest, Speaker/Coach/Author La Rue Eppler, your intuition is at work every time you know something without knowing how you knew it.
53 min
Let’s Get Real! with Guest Jodee Bock
Lisa and her brilliant guest Jodee Bock look at what it means to truly “get real”
50 min
Raising Global Consciousness with Guest Diane Ray
Lisa welcomes Diane Ray – creator and longtime Queen Bee Goddess of Hay House Radio, and current co-Queen Bee Goddess of
59 min
Listen! Your Soul Is Calling! with Guest Steph...
What does your soul want you to know? What would it be whispering to you if you could see beyond your self-created limitations?
45 min
The Healing Power of THIS Week! with Guest Jean...
What role does pain play in our evolving? Is it necessary to our growth, or are there alternatives?
57 min
No Matter What, You Can Rise! with Guest Dr. M...
Dr. Marti Glenn is an award-winning professor and psychotherapist skilled at crafting experiences and practices that develop the brain and nervous system and even change the trajectory of our DNA!
57 min
Influence and Impact with Guest Dr. Hynd Bouhia
One of Forbes Magazine’s 100 most influential women in the world, Dr. Hynd Bouhia empowers women and girls around the globe to grow confident, resilient, tech-savvy, and financially free
36 min
The Science of Raising Your Vibes with Guest C...
This is the vibration elevation podcast, and today we go deep into the WHY and HOW of vibrational healing!
58 min
Are You Choosing Heaven Today? with Guest Curt...
What if “Heaven” and “Hell” were nothing more than emotional states we embody right here and now as we walk this Earth?
48 min
Let Freedom SING! with Guest Karen Drucker
Soak up the joy as Lisa and world-renown inspirational singer, songwriter, retreat leader, author, and comedienne Karen Drucker celebrate freedom!
65 min
Tune the Orchestra of Your Heart with Guest Tr...
When you open your mouth to speak, do you open your heart as well?
36 min
Love Is a Decision with Guest Arielle Ford
What does it really mean to find or have a soulmate, and what role does that play in our lives?
47 min
Hearing Your Inner Wisdom with Guest Sunny Dawn...
With all the competing voices in your head, how do you discern the voice of your truest soul-self -- your innate, ever-present, inner wisdom?
47 min
Pride + Love = Hope, with Guests Jazz Jennings ...
In this special Pride Month episode, Lisa interviews Jazz Jennings
63 min
Un-Domesticate Yourself! with Guest don Miguel ...
Longtime Joy School teacher don Miguel Ruiz Jr. wows listeners with his profound explanation of the "domestication" we've all been subjected to on this human journey.
55 min
It's Time to Wake Up! with Guest Karen Garvey
Much of life is lived asleep. That means the current context of one's journey is accepted at face value with little notion that a deeper meaning or more enlightened perspective exists
51 min
You Are the "Peace" in Humanity's Puzzle with G...
"The solution already exists. The person you long to be, you already are." Lisa delves into the profound wisdom of her author and teacher friend David Ault
42 min
Hack Your Subconscious with Guest Glenn Harrold
Glenn Harrold is one of the world's most successful hypnotherapists
48 min
Awaken Your Soul of Power with Guest Christian ...
Lisa welcomes her cherished friend -- author, TedEx speaker and teacher, Christian de la Huerta -- for a deep-dive conversation about what it means today to be a powerful human.
37 min
Get Lovingly Curious About Yourself with Guest ...
Lisa and Jamie talk about the crazy-but-true gift of contrast
42 min
Map to Happiness (from Wherever You Are) with G...
Lisa and her singing-sister in the Agape Global Choir dish about what it takes to stay 88% happy
58 min
Listener Episode -- Your Questions Answered!
Lisa answers the questions you've been sending in this content-packed solocast.
40 min
Conscious Creation with Guests Holli & Jeanna
Doing JOY is what we're all about, and Lisa's guests this week know how to bring the joy!
44 min
How to Have a Happy Brain with Guest Holly Cope...
Nicola Tesla has famously said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."
49 min
Needed Right Now: YOUR JOY, with Guest Lisa Tahir
The global anxiety we’ve shared for two years over one frightening issue has folded into a new gut-wrenching global tragedy.
40 min
Activating Your Spiritual Superpower with Gues...
Lisa and her gifted friend Ivy-League-trained Consciousness Counselor Victoria Shaw share strategies for rising above your everyday pains and struggles in this high-vibe episode.
51 min
Becoming Choiceful with Guest Didier Sylvain
Lisa and Alignment Coach/Leadership Consultant Didier Sylvain explore what it means to live from a position of choicefulness rather than reactivity in this powerful episode.
29 min
Love for Ukraine and Vision for Humanity
Our hearts are heavy with sorrow for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.
29 min
Vision for a New World with Guest Christian Pan...
Lisa talks with her visionary Thought Leader friend Christian Pankhurst
46 min
A New Lens on Love – Plus Spirituality Meets Se...
The love you experience has little to do with finding someone to love you, and Lisa shows you why in this meaningful episode.
30 min
Ease, Peace, and Serenity – Get Yours! with Gu...
You asked for it, Do Joy! listeners, so Lisa takes you through another powerful Joy School exercise in this episode
31 min
Doing the Next Right Thing with Guest Dr. Eric...
Feel into what you're truly here to do. Commit yourself to doing it.
37 min
Gentle Healing = Optimized Creating with Gues...
You are continually creating your life in every second that you live it.
31 min
Opening to Bigger Love with Guest Scott Stabile
Love is who you are -- your very essence -- but you have layers of human stuff between that truth and your moment-to-moment experience of it
39 min
Access the Spiritual "Slipstream" with Guest C ...
'Tis the season for stillness, quietude, and tenderly nourishing your dreams
45 min
Are You Wanting Correctly?
It’s the time of year for introspection, improved clarity, and the opportunity to move toward more meaning and joy in the coming weeks and months
26 min
A Resolution of Passion and Purpose with Dan Caro
The start of a fresh year invites new dreams, new aspirations, and new commitments to living a vibrant and passionate life, no matter what challenges stand in your way
33 min
Give Yourself the Gift of Centeredness with Aim...
It’s a festive, wonderful time of year, but all the go-go-go can leave us spent-spent-spent. How are you taking care of YOU this week?
26 min
Finding Alignment and Purpose with Guest Julie ...
As one calendar year comes to a close and a new one looms -- all fresh and inviting -- before us, we're invited to take stock of where we ARE at this moment in time.
32 min
Befriending Seasonal Grief with Guest Paula Meyer
It's the hap-happiest time of the year. Or maybe it's not. And that's okay too.
36 min
Disarm YOUR Personal Kryptonite with Meg Nocero
Lisa interviews her delightful friend -- inspirational speaker, coach, and author Meg Nocero.
30 min
Access Your Wise Inner Voice with Dr. Steven F...
Lisa and her longtime friend Dr. Steven Farmer – world-renown author, shaman, and psychotherapist
45 min
The One Joy-Thieving Question to STOP Asking
There’s a question you’ve been programmed to ask throughout your life. It feels like it’s important. It feels like it’s keeping you safe. It’s not.
24 min
Traversing Peaks and Valleys with the Vallelys
How do you discern the wise voice of your true inner knowing from the voice of those erroneous limiting thoughts you’ve become so practiced at thinking?
33 min
Making Lemons Out of Lemonade
Lisa shares a powerful vibration elevation tool by leading listeners in identifying and working with the "Ipso Facto Switch"
25 min
Butterflies and Pebbles with Poet S.C. Lourie
Lisa interviews poet and internet sensation S.C. Lourie about embracing the full spectrum of emotions
37 min
The Weird Truth About Your Feelings
Lisa explains the function of our feelings and how to fully embrace all of them
30 min
Guest Rob Mack Shares His Magic
Lisa interviews her longtime friend and teaching partner, Celebrity Happiness Coach Rob Mack
29 min
Your Thoughts Are Bull ****
In this episode, Lisa explains why you can't believe your thoughts and how getting distance from your habituated thought patterns is a powerful tool
28 min
Joy Is a Freedom Feeling
Joy is the full expression of your truest inner being.
27 min