Doing It At Home

Doing It At Home is a weekly podcast about home birth and our decision to go from a traditional hospital birth with an OBGYN to a natural birth at home with midwives. This is a raw and honest show that explores homebirth from every angle. We talk about the fears and judgements thrown at you when you choose home birth. We share resources that we found tremendously helpful for understanding our birthing options. We confess the magic and craziness in preparing for pregnancy, home birth, motherhood and fatherhood. We talk about having sex while pregnant and maintaining your connection and intimacy as a couple. We reveal how to stay centered and not lose yourself through pregnancy, and tons more! This show is all about adding an empowered conversation to the topic of home birth and natural birth, while keeping it real, grounded and fun. So strap in and join us as we’re doing it at home!

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325: HOME BIRTH STORY - Normalizing Going Past ...
What happens if you go past your due date? Today’s guest Jessica shares her journey of her second pregnancy and birth and what influenced her to shift from a hospital plan like she had with her first birth.
75 min
324: HOME BIRTH STORY - An HBAC with Switching ...
When can you change care providers/plans? Answer: any time you want. Today’s guest, Sarah Schlichter shares her journey of shifting from a planned hospital birth with midwives to a home birth with midwives, at 36 weeks pregnant.
55 min
323: HOME BIRTH STORY - Doula for 6 Years Befor...
“Why doesn’t everybody do this?” That’s the question that David, Ellen’s husband, asked after the home birth of their daughter Willow. Ellen walks us through her journey to home birth -- from her doula work for 6 years before her birth and what inspired it, to changing care from a birthing center to home birth, to getting her husband on board with the decision.
63 min
322: HOME BIRTH STORY - Catching My Fifth Baby ...
What does it mean to birth “your way?” What are the steps you take, conversations and experiences you have to build an understanding of what birthing on your terms looks and feels like for you? Of course it’s different for all of us. Today our guest Delayna Wilkins shares her journey that brought her to her fifth birth (her second home birth).
47 min
321: How Nutrition and Real Food Prepare You fo...
What and how should you eat during pregnancy? This is a big question that comes up often, and there are lots of thoughts around it. So where is a place where you can get all the info you need, in a clear, empowering and informative way? Enter Lily Nichols, our guest today.
46 min
320: Sex After Having Kids: How We Keep Our Sex...
Does your sex life have to change for the worse after kids? We know of course the answer is “No, it doesn’t”, but how do you keep it from turning stale? How do you keep the fire burning for your partner after you’ve had a kid or two?
74 min
319: When You Find Out You’re Pregnant and Don’...
What did you do the moment you found out you were pregnant? What was going through your mind? How were you feeling? We talk about that in today’s episode with our guest Brittney. Brittney actually reached out to us within the first few hours of discovering she was pregnant, and it opened up a beautiful dialogue. We felt inspired to bring that conversation into this space and share it with the DIAH community.
45 min
318: BIRTH STORY - Giving Birth in Another Coun...
What’s it like giving birth outside of your native country? Our guest today is Amy Brown. Amy traveled from Chicago, Illinois to Peru in 2011 to work as a teacher, and hasn’t left since. After meeting her now husband Marco, she has since set up life in Lima. And she has given birth to her two children: daughter, Leah and son, Christopher in a birthing center in the city.
51 min
317: Talking Pregnant Fitness, Doula Work, Chir...
How are you connecting with your body during your pregnancy and birth prep? Today we’re joined by Lindsey K. Mathews, Founder and CEO of BIRTHFIT, prenatal and postpartum programs for mind and body, as well as seminars and education for users of the program and coaches for the organization.
66 min
316: BIRTH STORY - Unsupportive Midwife with Tr...
Is one way to birth “better” than another? Sometimes there are misconceptions and unhealthy conversations floating about in the birth community around natural vs. medicated birth or hospital vs. home. That one is better than the other or there’s a sense of superiority or higher moral code to choose one over the other. And competition comes in as a factor, like there is something to prove or defy. This topic is relevant for the conversation we have today with Lillie Cooke, sharing her birth story with us. Lillie and her husband Josh planned for a home birth with their first child, son Judah. Along the way towards planning for the birth, Lillie noticed little things that indicated she wasn’t really connecting deeply with her midwife. There was also a big fear of going to the hospital, seeking to avoid that at all costs. This fear stemmed from, as Lillie put it “hearing terrible hospital stories and only fairy tale home birth stories from the homebirth community.”
47 min
315: Our Conception Journey Part 2 (Plus How We...
“How are you doing mentally and physically through your open-to-conceive journey?” This is a really great question we received recently when we did one of those fun Instagram story “what questions do you have for us?” things. And we thought it was appropriate timing to bring this onto the podcast and have a followup to our first conversation that we put out in September 2020, talking about our conception journey and planning for a second baby. Check out that episode (293) if you haven’t already.
99 min
314: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Bumpy Road to a Calm ...
How do our births influence our life journeys? That’s such a big question. It can be, as is likely, multi-faceted. For some, one area where birth impacts is the profession or calling they lean into. For our guest today Brenda Amaya, her births lead her to her doula and birth photography work, and now as she works with other birth workers and in her plans to train as a traditional midwife.
42 min
313: HOME BIRTH STORY - Peaceful Home Water Bir...
Today’s birth story features Briahnna Roy and Jerry Scott, a couple sharing their journey to home birth. For their first baby, Briahnna and Jerry chose to deliver in a birth center. The experience wasn’t everything they wanted, and when it came time to decide on the location for baby number two, they opted for home birth.
69 min
312: HOME BIRTH STORY - Hyperemesis Gravidarum,...
How do we move through the discomforts of pregnancy and birth? This comes up in today’s interview with Melanie Meador. Melanie shares her journey with both of her home birth experiences.
66 min
311: 25 Ways to Know Labor is Starting
How do you know when labor is starting? This is a question we put out there into the community, and received some really great answers and examples. So we’re sharing them with you! Plus our experience of what it was like when we realized it was “game time” -- what it felt like, what was going on, and what we did once it was clearly active labor.
41 min
310: HOME BIRTH STORY - 45 Hour Hospital Birth ...
What inspired your journey to birth empowerment? For today’s guests, Jazmin and Ben, their journey began in 2017 in Seattle following an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. It prompted them to do research and plan for future pregnancies in a different way. According to Jazmin, “It was my first experience realizing I had to advocate for myself with medical professionals, especially considering I'm a black woman, as many brushed off my concerns and pain as "normal."”
70 min
309: Home Birth and Pregnancy Affirmations for ...
In this episode we're giving you some powerful affirmations to help you prepare for your pregnancy and home birth. We have 2 affirmations for moms and 2 for dads.
24 min
308: How to Plan Birth Support During COVID-19 ...
Have the circumstances around COVID-19 impacted your pregnancy and/or birth? Today we’re chatting with Heather Delaney, childbirth educator, certified labor and postpartum doula and CEO of Maryland State Doulas.
56 min
307: BIRTH STORY - How the Letdown of a Hospita...
How do we cope with the parts of our birth that didn’t go the way we envisioned? In today’s episode we chat with Cadyn about her birth experience. She and her husband planned a home birth, because (in her words) of “how special we consider our home and surrounding space to be, and that this was where it seemed that magical portal of birth was meant to open.”
87 min
306: The Best Home Birth Advice from the DIAH C...
What’s your best home birth advice? That is the question we put out to our community. We’re sharing some of those responses in this episode. From exploring your options to looking at fears. Plans, logistics, finances. We cover a lot of the spectrum. Plus we share some of our current best advice when it comes to home birth.
28 min
305: BIRTH STORY - A Christmas Home Birth Hospi...
Can we remove the word “failure” from birth, please? K, thanks! But really though. Today’s episode is a great reminder that there are no failures in birth. Our guest, Lisa Van Der Giessen shares her birth story of her daughter Mackenzie.
36 min
304: Hypnobirthing: Using The Power of The Mind...
What is Hypnobirthing? We dive into this in today’s episode with our guest Kristy Rodriguez, prenatal yoga instructor and coach and the host of the Pure Nurture podcast.
42 min
303: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Peaceful HBAC During ...
How many of us feel a sense of failure after a birth experience? We’re clear that it’s far too many. In fact, one is too many. We’re grateful for stories like this who can help with the healing and rescripting. Our guest, Kara Lambert, shares her birth journey. After her cesarean birth with her son Theo, as she puts it, “I felt like I failed.”
50 min
302: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Home Birth During COV...
Do you think the time of COVID-19 has brought more conversation around home birth? In today’s birth story, Kristin Humbard shares her journey with us. After a hospital birth with her first baby which left her with some traumatic memories, it took her a few years to want to become pregnant again.
62 min
301: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Christmas Day Home Bi...
Can you approach birth from both a statistics and research-driven mind as well as with an intention to connect more deeply spiritually? YES! And our birth story today is an example of that. Ashton Parker shares her home birth journey with us. First with a good hospital birth for her first child, which included 5 hours of pushing. Then considered another hospital birth for her second child, but after some research and statistics, landed on home birth.
70 min
300: Celebrating Our 300th Episode With A LIVE ...
What is home birth? Depending on who you are, that might be a simple or really complex question. In today's episode we give a little home birth 101 session and go over some basic questions and thoughts when it comes to choosing home birth.
54 min
299: HOME BIRTH STORY - A 55-Minute Home Birth ...
Do babies always show up on their due date (we prefer calling it a "guess date")? We know, in fact, that it’s actually less likely for a baby to arrive on their due date. However, it can happen! For today’s guest, Maranda Bower, a mama and postpartum bliss coach, her fourth baby, Sophie, arrived on her original due date. This is our second time chatting with Maranda. In our first conversation back in episode 181, she shared details of her first 3 home births and the very recent discovery that she was pregnant with her fourth. So now we get to hear that birth story.
51 min
298: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Peaceful Home Birth w...
How can shoulder dystocia be addressed in a home birth? This was a very relevant question for our guest Amber Reed as she prepared for her second birth. Given that her first daughter, born in the hospital, had shoulder dystocia, this was something that Amber considered and discussed with her midwife.
38 min
297: HOME BIRTH STORY - Mama (and Papa!) Natura...
What’s the recipe for a magical birth experience? It likely looks different for all of us. However, we might incorporate similar mindsets, approaches, preparation and resources. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Genevieve and Michael Howland of Mama Natural, the #1 parenting brand online and a source of education and empowerment for natural pregnancy and birth.
44 min
296: How to Know Whether You're in a Relationsh...
How is the state of your relationship? How about your partnership? In today's special episode I invite my amazing wife Sarah in on this conversation, and together we talk about the difference between relationship and partnership, how ours has evolved over the years, and how we navigate breakdowns in each area.
62 min
295: HOME BIRTH STORY - Euphoric En Caul with a...
Can birth be euphoric? Answer: yes. Absolutely yes. Welcome our guest Luca S to the podcast. Luca had some birth work experience as a doula before becoming pregnant herself.
79 min
294: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Kitchen Birth Plus Wh...
What do you look for in a doula? How do you know what doula is right for you? Our guest Samantha McClellan is a birth doula and a mom. In addition to sharing some great tips and questions for families to ask when it comes to finding a doula and that gaps that a doula helps fill in terms of care, Samantha shares the details of her home birth story.
47 min
293: A Vulnerable and Transparent Conversation ...
How long was your conception journey(s)? Asking for a friend. But no, not really though. I’m asking for me. For us. We’re sharing in the spirit of vulnerability and transparency - we’ve been “open to conceive” for 6 months now. And it has had its ups and downs. Breakdowns and breakthroughs.
46 min
292: BIRTH STORY - A Complete Breech at a Birth...
What does it mean when baby is breech? It depends. There are different kinds, and it can unfold in various ways. However, any breech position is a variation of normal. This is important to note for today’s episode. We’re chatting with Vanessa Young as she shares the birth story of her son Leo.
52 min
291: Our Home Birth Baby and the Podcast Turn 4!
Did we ever imagine ourselves hosting a home birth podcast for 4 years? Answer: no. We didn’t even know what home birth really was when we first got pregnant. And yet now here we find ourselves: almost 300 episodes in. The podcast and our daughter Maya are 4 years old!
36 min
290: HOME BIRTH STORY - Switching from Hospital...
What’s your priority when it comes to your birth plan? The answer to that will help guide you in circumstances when there are big changes going on. Like COVID-19 for example. We’ve heard a number of situations where families shifted their birth plan from a hospital to home in light of the hospital conditions and policies. Our guest today is Julie Sawaya, mother to her 7-week-old daughter Leni. She and her husband Joe were planning for a hospital birth, but COVID-19 gave them an opportunity to reevaluate their options and decide what mattered most. Julie desired Joe and her doula to be present. This wouldn’t be possible in the hospital.
67 min
289: Sex After Baby and Creating Better Sex and...
Do you believe pleasure is your birthright? If you don’t - what if you did? And if you do - how can you magnify that? Today’s episode is a conversation with our friend Debra Pascali-Bonaro, creator of the famous documentary “Orgasmic Birth.”
42 min
288: Some of Our Biggest Breakthroughs in Sex a...
What is the difference between sex and intimacy? How does this play out in your relationship and how you feel about your own sex and intimacy both before and after kids?
68 min
287: HOME BIRTH STORY - Being Very Intentional ...
How do you create the pregnancy and birth experience you desire? Our guests today are Erica James-Strayhorn and Anthony Strayhorn. We’ve known Erica and Anthony for over 7 years now and in that time they’ve become family to us. Our conversation covers a lot, from from moving through a miscarriage earlier in the year to advocating how Erica would like to be communicated with regarding her care (asking to not be referred to ask “geriatric” or “high-risk” because she’s 36) to finding the midwife that resonated with them to envisioning birthing time, we cover a lot of ground in a short period of time.
60 min
286: HOME BIRTH STORY - A “Wild Pregnancy” and ...
Do you like to be left alone during birth? Or if you haven’t given birth yet, have you thought about whether or not you might want people around you, or prefer to be undisturbed? For our guest today Jillian Anderson, she was by herself for the majority of both of her birth experiences. Her partner Aaron was always close by in case he was needed. But Jillian knew what worked for her.
57 min
285: HOME BIRTH STORY - When Birth Has Raw, Rea...
How can an experience like birth have such a mix of thoughts and emotions around it? It’s so complex and yet so simple. There’s such a vastness to it and the unique quality of each experience can make it difficult to summarize. This is why each story is so important and why we love sharing as many as we can with you. Today we’re speaking with Ashley McGuirk, and she tells us the birth story of her son Keegan.
53 min
284: HOME BIRTH STORY - First-time Mom and Doul...
What is intuitive birthing? It can look different for each of us. But the general philosophy of allowing for the process to be what it is for you in your own unique way is a beautiful concept that comes up in our interview today. Katherine Ward shares her home birth story of her daughter Remi with us. Katherine started her doula training at 18-years-old. Through this experience she determined that when the time came for her to give birth, she wanted something different from what she witnessed in the hospital.
54 min
283: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Second Generation Bir...
What’s one of the biggest challenges of choosing a home birth? A common response to this is feeling like you have to explain and justify your choice to others, whether that be friends, family, loved ones or total strangers. This pops up in our interview with Sera Billings, mama to Addy. For Sera, home birth was always a completely normal thing. She herself was born at home. Her mother, in fact, had 6 home births. So home birth was an obvious choice for her when she became pregnant. And her husband Kade was on board and ready, because they had many conversations around birth before even becoming pregnant (we are big fans of this!).
47 min
282: HOME BIRTH STORY - The Magic of Eggplant P...
“What’s going to happen if…?” This is a question many of us ask as we prepare for birth. And what if instead of ignoring whatever combination of thoughts and feelings that fill in that blank after the “if,” we get them out there and allow ourselves to process? In today’s interview with Mekensie Gonzalez, she shares her journey to home birth with her daughter Eden. From sitting on an airplane and on an off chance listening to a podcast about home birth with these two crazy people from Georgia (hint hint!), to going forward with plans to have her own home birth, Mekensie’s story is full of topics and themes that every home birthing family can learn from.
46 min
281: How to Get Your Partner on Board for a Hom...
What if you want a home birth, but your partner doesn’t? In this episode we’re sharing 5 steps to take in the process of sharing your desires and creating the space for powerful, loving and authentic conversations around the birth plan. Plus we have a brand new, free resource for you and your partner - “A Guide for Home Birth Partners: Real-life Lessons and Advice from Other Partners’ Experiences.” Check out the link below to download!
37 min
280: HOME BIRTH STORY - When the Road to Home B...
How do you navigate a bunch of challenges that can throw off your birthing plans? Our guests Jocelyne and Eddie Zaldivar share their experience with us. It includes some of the top things we’ve heard from other home birth families when it comes to hiccups in the process. For one, tough conversations with their OB when they started out planning a hospital birth. Followed up by shifting to a birthing center, only to have it close unexpectedly as they entered their third trimester. And also, fear and resistance from family members around their birthing plans.
61 min
279: HOME BIRTH STORY - 2 Unassisted Home Birth...
What do you do when you were born at home yourself, over 30 of your cousins have been born at home and you have over 40 chiropractors in your extended family? It’s a safe assumption that you’d have your babies at home too! For our guest Jani Barnes, having babies at home was all she knew. So having both of her children at home, unassisted, was a no brainer.
45 min
278: Episode Swap with Birth Story Podcast: Int...
Don’t you love the birth world? We’ve been able to connect with so many amazing people in this space. For today’s episode we’re sharing the #birthjunkie love and bringing you an episode from our friend Heidi and her podcast, Birth Story Podcast. We had Heidi on the DIAH podcast in episode 256 and we genuinely find her wonderful. So why not share some more of that with you?!
62 min
277: Helping Dads to Feel Confident, Peaceful a...
What role is the father-to-be (or parent-to-be) supposed to play in birth? How can that father/parent-to-be show up better in that role? In today's conversation, Matthew and Sarah dig in on this topic, focusing on the future fathers/parents who don't always get to be in the spotlight.
32 min
276: HOME BIRTH STORY - From an Unplanned Cesar...
Can birth be redemptive? We often hear on the show how different birth experiences bring the opportunity to heal and take back your power. This is an element of our conversation with Sarah Leahy. Sarah shares the varying aspects of her two birth experiences. Her first, an unplanned cesarean with multiple interventions, left her feeling like her body was broken and it had failed. Following her birth, Sarah experienced PTSD, anxiety, guilt and depression. She knew she wanted to have another baby and wanted to create a different result the next time around.
45 min
275: HOME BIRTH STORY - Birth As A Healing Proc...
How can we approach birth as a healing process? This is a great theme that comes up in today’s interview. We had our friends Dr. Vanessa Gale and Dr. Dave Bell come to our home to record their birth story in person! Their daughter Rosalie and our daughter Maya are friends and schoolmates. We’ve had the joy of getting to know them better and now we get to talk about babies and home birth!
61 min
274: HOME BIRTH STORY - Plan for the Success of...
What are you focusing on the most when it comes to your birth? Today’s guest, Angela Potts-Mang’andah, walks us through her home birth journey from first starting with hospital care, then shifting care providers two more times (with some twists and turns in there as well in terms of how financial costs would be covered and where the birth would actually take place). Also dealing with the label of “geriatric pregnancy” while pregnant expecting your first child at 38.
52 min
273: HOME BIRTH STORY - Getting Baby in the Pro...
How active can labor and birth be? Sometimes you hear about mothers moving around a lot during their births. Other women prefer to stay still. Gotta love the variations of normal. For today’s guest, Nicola Poole, she shares the story of her 36-hour labor home birth with her daughter Gabrielle. During those 36 hours, Nicola did a lot of “body work” to help move baby into optimal position (her head was off-center). This included walking around, rebozo work and Spinning Babies techniques.
40 min
272: HOME BIRTH STORY - An Unplanned Unassisted...
How do you prepare for a birth, after you’ve already experienced one? This is one of the topics we explore in our interview with Marlee Robinson, mom of 2 boys - Bodhi and Breeze. After her birthing center birth experience with Bodhi, Marlee felt confident in planning a home birth for her second son, Breeze. We discuss the differences in planning for a second birth as well as taking more time to think about the fourth trimester.
54 min
271: HOME BIRTH STORY - Being Hands-On with You...
What’s your favorite part of home birth? For our guest today, Sofia, she shares how much she enjoyed the hands-on aspect. With the idea for home birth originally coming from her husband Daniel (You don’t hear this all the time, which is why we love this detail. Daniel’s first child from a previous relationship was born at home, so he suggested it to Sofia when they became pregnant.)
49 min
270: HOME BIRTH STORY - Freebirth, Fetal Ejecti...
What if you and your partner don’t agree on home birth? This is a really great question and I’m sure it comes up for a lot of us, especially when home birth isn’t a first obvious option or even something you’ve never heard of. It’s a conversation that comes up in today’s episode with Catherine Muskox. She shared both of her home birth stories with us and breaks down the different elements of each.
45 min
269: HOME BIRTH STORY - Natural, Holistic, Spir...
How do you prepare for birth beyond the physical factors? Today’s guest is Amy Zhou, a certified Health Coach and Medicine Woman who specializes in teaching women (and men) how to heal their body, mind and spirit naturally at home. She’s also a new mama to her son Nathaniel, who is three and a half weeks old at the time we recorded this episode.
59 min
268: If You Are Switching from Hospital to Home...
Are you switching from a hospital birth to a home birth or find yourself new to the option of home birth and are exploring? In today’s episode we’re sharing a resource we put together for the DIAH community - particularly those who might be new to the space. We’ve gathered about 40 episodes together and created 2 separate playlists: one with birth stories including a switch from hospital to home at some point during the pregnancy along AND another of empowering conversations between Matthew and Sarah on the planning for home birth.
17 min
267: HOME BIRTH STORY - Breech At Home At 37 We...
If baby is breech, does that automatically mean you can’t have a home birth? That depends on each situation and of course where you live and your care options. In today’s episode, we chat with Nona Djavid about both of her pregnancies and home birth experiences. Both involving breech position at different points in time.
48 min
266: HOME BIRTH STORY - Changing From Hospital ...
In today’s episode we’re bringing you the home birth story of Jessica and Seth Burdette. Have you ever felt like you were limited with your birth options? Our couple today, Jessica and Seth Burdette, share their story about doing what was best for their family and creating the birth experience of their dreams.
60 min
265: The Lessons Birth Teaches You About Handli...
What can birth teach us about handling tough situations? Simply stated: A LOT! Matthew and Sarah sit down to address some of the current energy that’s circulating throughout the world, and how we can draw upon the experience of birth to empower us and help us move through it.
41 min
264: HOME BIRTH STORY - Switching to Home Birth...
How late is too late to switch your birth plan or care model? Our guest today is Sarah Radcliff, mom of 4 (2 belly babies and 2 bonus). Sarah shares her second birth experience with us in which she decided on a home birth at 30 weeks pregnant. Her first birth was in the hospital, and there were a few elements of that birth that motivated her to create something different the next time around.
49 min
263: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Faith-Filled Home Bir...
How does faith influence your pregnancy and birth? This could be linked to religious affiliation or not. Birth in and of itself includes elements of trust and surrender, the cycle of ebb and flow. It’s natural to associate it as a spiritual experience. Today’s guests open up their story and hearts to us as they share their journey to home birth. Amy Jo and JJ Mann, or Team Mann as they often refer to themselves, are joining us to talk about the birth of their daughter Brooklyn.
48 min
262: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Home Birth Postpartum...
What happens when your birth turns out different than how you pictured it? Two-time DIAH mama Kimberly Huck can relate to this question for her second home birth. We’re so excited to have Kimberly back on the show (she joined us back in episode 53 sharing her fast labor and Bradley Method influenced water birth with her son Henry) to share the birth story of her daughter Josie.
48 min
261: Our Thoughts on the Frida Mom Ad About Rea...
Have you seen the commercial about real postpartum that’s been getting some attention lately? A recent commercial from company Frida, creators of FridaBaby and FridaMom with parenting product favorites like the snot-sucking NoseFrida, recently released a commercial highlighting their postpartum care products like an upside down peri bottle. The ad has sparked up attention. For one, not being accepted to run during the Oscars 2020 airing. But more importantly, in our opinion, for the conversation it brings up around the realness of the postpartum experience. So we sat down and shared our reactions to watching the ad and some of what we see coming out of it.
32 min
260: HOME BIRTH STORY - Preparing for What You ...
Is it possible for a birth experience to empower you and leave you feeling a little defeated at the same time? That was what Dr. Brittany Zis thought about her home birth, at first. For one thing, it was 55 hours long, and a couple of unplanned factors popped up - like her cervix being completely closed after almost a day of contractions, pushing challenges and baby changing position at the last minute.
44 min
259: Paternity Leave and Going Pain Med Free
Is your partner planning on taking time off when baby arrives, or did they in the past? And what about going pain med free for your birth -- do you ever get questions or responses like, “what are you trying to prove??" Today’s episode, both of us are addressing listener emails and touching on things like paternity/partner leave, particularly when the partner isn’t interested in taking it. So we break that down a bit and share some of our thoughts and experiences.
34 min
258: HOME BIRTH STORY - 3 Birth Stories: Releas...
Did you hold onto any shame from your birth or postpartum experience? In today’s episode, our guest Dorit Palvanov is setting an example on how to let that go. She shares details of her 3 birth stories: from hospital to home to back to hospital.
56 min
257: Hypnobirthing: Using The Power of The Mind...
What is Hypnobirthing? We dive into this in today’s episode with our guest Kristy Rodriguez, prenatal yoga instructor and coach and the host of the Pure Nurture podcast.
42 min
256: What Doulas Really Are And Why We Need The...
What’s a doula? This question comes up a lot around the birth world. And even for those who kinda have an idea, there still seems to be opportunity to understand more. Today’s guest is Heidi Snyderburn-Campbell, a doula of 15 years and the host of Birth Story Podcast. Heidi brings her experience to the table and shares with us some of her journey into becoming a doula.
51 min
255: Helping Mamas Have Pain-Free, Pleasurable ...
How does sex change before and after baby? Today’s guest is Dr. Lauren Crigler, a sex pain therapist who specializes in pelvic floor physical therapy and helps women have pain-free, pleasurable sex.
37 min
254: Helping Dads to Feel Confident, Peaceful a...
What role is the father-to-be (or parent-to-be) supposed to play in birth? How can that father/parent-to-be show up better in that role? In today's conversation, Sarah and Matthew dig in on this topic, focusing on the future fathers/parents who don't always get to be in the spotlight.
31 min
253: Highlights from 2019 and What to Expect fr...
What was a DIAH highlight for you this year? In today’s episode we’re recapping some of the takeaways from 2019, and sharing our intentions for 2020. Happy New Year!
38 min
252: HOME BIRTH STORY - “Birthgasm” and Choosin...
How is your mind space connected with the physical space and environment that you set for your birth? In today’s episode we have a powerful conversation with Kristen and Rodney about their birth journey.
55 min
251: Reactions To Home Birth From Family, Frien...
When you’re expecting, it’s very common to hear the question, “Where are you delivering?” If not that specifically, people generally ask about your doctor or your doctor visits. Whether it’s close friends and family or total strangers, most will insert some sort of advice or personal experience to whatever birth plan it is you’ve chosen. In today's episode we talk about reactions we've received upon sharing our birth plans as well as how we stay centered and peaceful when people pass their judgements.
38 min
250: Prenatal Yoga and Exercise and Honoring Mo...
Can too much exercise during pregnancy become a detriment to your birth experience? This is a question we explored with today’s guest Deb Flashenberg, founder and director of the Prenatal Yoga Center in New York. Deb has her own experience and story around exercising during pregnancy, as well as practicing yoga consistently.
34 min
249: HOME BIRTH STORY - An Unplanned Home Birth...
What happens when you’re planning a hospital or birth center birth, but labor starts and moves so quickly that you don’t have time to pack up, get in the car and leave?! Welp, an unplanned home birth, that’s what! And this is our first story of this on the podcast. Meet our guest, Katie Krimitsos, wife, mother of 2 and fellow podcaster, Sarah met Katie at the She Podcasts 2019 event in Atlanta earlier this year, and knew she had to be on DIAH.
37 min
248: HOME BIRTH STORY - Unmedicated Hospital, T...
How do you know you’re making the best choice when it comes to planning for your birth? This is one of the themes we unpack in today’s episode. We’re joined by Nicole and Al, parents to Eli, Karin, Eliza and Atreyu. We get to hear both mom and dad’s perspective on the birthing journey.
55 min
247: HOME BIRTH STORY - Postpartum Hemorrhage a...
What if...? Probably the biggest question that comes up around the choice to have a home birth. Whether you ask it to yourself, your birth team, or you have other people ask you - it comes up. As today’s guest Janette puts it - “Things did not go to plan, birth never does.”
69 min
246: HOME BIRTH STORY - Changing Your Birth Pla...
When did you realize you wanted a home birth? For our guest Mandy Moss, she shares how she realized the hospital was not the place for her after doing a tour during her first pregnancy. So at 34 weeks, she changed plans.
58 min
245: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Home Birth Party, Plu...
What if birth was like a party? For today’s guest, Ann Kaplan, her fourth birth (second home birth) was exactly that. Seriously. Evites and everything. #birthparty. Ann had about 30 people in the room when she gave birth to her fourth child - friends, family members, and all spectrum of ages
38 min
244: HOME BIRTH STORY - Birthing Like a “Diva,”...
How could a self-described “diva” ever have a home birth? This is a fun one, because there are a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes around home birth and those who chose it. For Brooke Brumley, she would have never thought about home birth as an option for herself.
49 min
243: Practicing Midwifery to Honor the Mystery ...
How can care providers and patients work together to create greater understanding and better outcomes for mothers and babies? This is a question we found ourselves asking throughout our conversation with Dr. Nathan Riley, OBGYN.
49 min
242: HOME BIRTH STORY - “High Risk” at 38 and S...
Does a certain age automatically make you high-risk when it comes to pregnancy and birth? The answer depends on who you ask. For Summer’s original OBGYN, the answer was yes. At 38 and having her first child, she was considered “high risk.” Even with a healthy lifestyle (a marathon runner) and no health conditions.
51 min
241: Perinatal Mental Health and the Importance...
Why is it important for birth workers to be “trauma-informed?" In today’s episode, we have Ashley Mariani join us for a conversation on mental health and wellness in the birth world. Ashley is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist who specializes in perinatal mental health and couples.
48 min
240: HOME BIRTH STORY - Fourth Baby Born at Hom...
Is it ever too late to change your birth plan or mindset? What about over the years, after multiple pregnancies and births? One thing we’re big on here at DIAH is supporting your process of evolving and figuring out what works for you and your family - and that it can happen over the course of however many years and children. Enter our amazing guest in today’s episode, Sarah Bode. Sarah is a podcaster herself, host of the show “Raw As A Mother,” an author, coach, wife and mama to 4.
42 min
239: HOME BIRTH STORY - When Home Birth Is Just...
When did you first learn about home birth? For today’s mama, Celia Donaldson, she herself was born at home. So for her growing up, it was just “normal.” So there didn’t have to be this explanation and deep dive into what it was or why people might choose it
48 min
238: HOME BIRTH STORY - 6 Children, 4 Home Birt...
Why home birth? This is a question we ask most guests on the podcast. Today we dive into that with Amelia Page, mama of 6.
55 min
237: HOME BIRTH STORY - Cleft Affected Home Bir...
What happens when you’re planning for a home birth and those plans could change because of a birth difference? This is something that Becca and her husband Mark had to face when they were pregnant with their second son, Evan and planning for a home birth.
66 min
236: HOME BIRTH STORY - “I did it!” - Building ...
Do you feel confident in your ability to birth? Today’s birth story features Naomi Jardine, sharing her journey to home birth. Naomi felt a loss of control with her first birth of her daughter Jasmine, followed by some traumatic stitches to repair her tearing. She was left feeling disappointed, not at peace. For her second birth, she wanted to do something different.
40 min
235: The Biggest Myths About Home Birth
What are the most common myths and misconceptions about home birth? This episode was inspired by a recent conversation we had when we were interviewed for the Revive show and helped debunk some of the things you read and hear to discredit or dissuade from home birth
45 min
234: HOME BIRTH STORY - Talking Home Birth and ...
In this episode we're talking with mom of 4 Jenny DiPietro, who has had multiple home births, a homebirth turned hospital transfer, a water birth at home, and who performs placenta encapsulation for families. We get into a lot in this one!
35 min
233: Healthy, Balanced Birth with Doula and Exp...
As a birth worker, how do you take your work and knowledge into your personal experience? That’s one of the topics we touch on in today’s interview with Olivia Friel, birth and postpartum doula and expectant mama.
52 min
232: Traveling With Kids: Conventional and Unco...
In today’s episode Matthew and I are giving you some tips on traveling with your little ones. We just returned from a 2 week trip to Europe where we went all over the place, did a bunch of stuff, and managed it all with a smile on our faces.
43 min
231: Birth, Gender Fluidity and 4th Trimester B...
How do we heal? One way is to share with others, create community and connection. In today’s episode, we chat with Ash Luna, photographer and founder of 4th Trimester Bodies Project. Ash shares part of their incredible story with us. From their interest and desire for home birth to their experience with loss, trauma and grief. Ash opens up their world and gives perspective of life with her family including her partner Flowers and their children Xavier (13), Nova (6) and Sol (8 months).
49 min
230: Designing Your Birth and What You Desire w...
Did you listen to (or are you currently listening)yourself when it comes to your desires around your birth? In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Christy Robinson, holistic doula for birth as well as transition (death). Christy is not just a powerhouse of a woman and a pillar within her communities when it comes to service, education and creative work, but she’s a close friend of ours.
37 min
229: HOME BIRTH STORY - Primal, Ancestral and A...
How do you trust in the process of your birth experience? In today’s birth story, we’re chatting with Charly and Dan Swanberg about the births of both of their daughters: Luna and Kaiya.
57 min
228: How Nutrition and Real Food Prepare You fo...
What and how should you eat during pregnancy? This is a big question that comes up often, and there are lots of thoughts around it. So where is a place where you can get all the info you need, in a clear, empowering and informative way? Enter Lily Nichols, our guest today. Lily is a real food dietitian, specialist in prenatal nutrition and gestational diabetes, and best-selling author of two books: Real Food for Pregnancy and Real Food for Gestational Diabetes.
45 min
227: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Home Water Birth Stor...
How does your first pregnancy and birth experience impact your second? In today’s interview, we’re chatting with Carolyn about her pregnancy and birth story of her son Solomon, while pregnant with her second child.
75 min
226: HOME BIRTH STORY - Two Mama’s Story of Ins...
How do you process when things don’t go the way you planned in your birth? We deconstruct this question with mamas Amy and Mallory Caldwell in today’s episode by taking it back to the beginning of their pregnancy journey.
63 min