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Doing It At Home - The Home Birth Podcast is a weekly podcast about home birth and our decision to go from a traditional hospital birth with an OBGYN to a natural birth at home with midwives. This is a raw and honest show that explores homebirth from every angle. We talk about the fears and judgements thrown at you when you choose home birth. We share resources that we found tremendously helpful for understanding our birthing options. We confess the magic and craziness in preparing for pregnancy, home birth, motherhood and fatherhood. We talk about having sex while pregnant and maintaining your connection and intimacy as a couple. We reveal how to stay centered and not lose yourself through pregnancy, and tons more! This show is all about adding an empowered conversation to the topic of home birth and natural birth, while keeping it real, grounded and fun. So strap in and join us as we’re doing it at home!

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424: 2 Home Birth Stories with Lisa Hendrickson...
Who knew they were going to have a home birth before ever becoming pregnant? This was the case for Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, today’s guest and creator of the “Fertility Friday” podcast and author of the book “The Fifth Vital Sign.” Lisa is a holistic reproductive health practitioner specializing in fertility awareness method. She’s helped thousands in their reproductive journeys.
52 min
423: 2 Beautiful and Simple Home Births and Awa...
Can birth just be wonderful and beautiful and simple and uncomplicated? Absolutely! Every story is unique and every story matters. We love how we are able to present the variations here on the podcast. Today we get to hear Steph Greunke’s birth stories: 2 home births.
46 min
422: VBAC, HBAC and When Your Birth Turns You I...
How often is intervention necessary? From what we’ve found and learned in the hundreds of stories on this podcast, more interventions seem to be unnecessary rather than necessary. In Stephanie King’s stories, she talks about the cesarean for her first birth being unnecessary. From there, she walks us through her journey to a VBAC in a birth center and then a home birth for her next 2 births.
42 min
421: Preparing for What You Can’t Plan: 55 Hour...
Is it possible for a birth experience to empower you and leave you feeling a little defeated at the same time? That was what Dr. Brittany Zis thought about her home birth, at first. For one thing, it was 55 hours long, and a couple of unplanned factors popped up - like her cervix being completely closed after almost a day of contractions, pushing challenges and baby changing position at the last minute.
44 min
420: 3 Planned Home Births with 1 Baby Born at ...
Would you try again for a home birth if it didn’t happen the first time? Today’s guest, Britt Anderson, walks us through 3 very different birth experiences. From a hospital transfer for cesarean, to another hospital transfer with VBAC to a home birth.
42 min
419: Feeling Like a First-Time Mom in a Third B...
Do you feel like you have control when it comes to your pregnancy and birth? In today’s birth story, we chat with Kathryn Langlois, mama of 3 from Alberta, Canada, about the details of her 3 pregnancies and births.
49 min
418: The Most Common Reason for Home Birth Tran...
Why do a small percentage of planned home births transfer to the hospital? There are a number of reasons. In today’s conversation with our friend Anne Margolis, certified nurse midwife and a powerhouse in the birth world. She has personally helped usher in over 1000 babies into the world. We’ve had her on the show a few times now and it’s always magical to speak with her, because she ends up blowing our minds in some way when it comes to birth.
42 min
417: Trusting Birth, Questioning the System and...
How do you truly honor birth? Dr. Nathan Riley joins us for the second time on the podcast. First time was back in 2019, and a lot of life has changed for him. For one thing, he’s welcomed both of his daughters into the world. And today we talk about the home birth of the youngest (about 5 weeks old at the time of this interview). Nathan shares his perspective of the experience, as a father, partner and physician.
50 min
416: Gestational Diabetes, Preeclampsia and Adv...
What would you do to get the birth you want? Change plans at 33 weeks, talk to different providers, get your partner on board? These are all themes of today’s story with Kseniya Gadh.
53 min
415: Home Birth After TTC Struggles and Preterm...
How do you feel in a hospital environment? Many choose home birth because of a bad experience (whether birth-related or not) or general dislike with the hospital. In today’s story with Sophia Pavia, an unpleasant experience in the hospital during her first pregnancy added to her reasoning for having a home birth. But that wasn’t the only reason. She herself was born at home and her sister had home births before Sophia started having children. For her, it was the best choice.
66 min
414: Choosing Home Birth as an Evidence-Based M...
Can you over prepare intellectually for birth? This is a topic that comes up in our interview with Shira Page, NP and CLC. We talk about the details of her first birth, then details of her second, including some of her postpartum and breastfeeding journey.
58 min
413: The Hybrid of Medical and Midwifery: Talki...
How do we make birth better? Today we’re chatting with one of the country’s top leaders addressing this question, and not just addressing it, but matching his conviction with his actions. Dr. Stu Fischbein joins us at Doing It At Home for a powerful conversation on his history in the birth world, shifting from hospital care to now working with midwives to support families in home births, specifically with the variations of normal of breech and twin births.
91 min
412: A Healing Precipitous Water Birth After Po...
How can you take your power back after it feels like a previous birth experience took it away? Today’s story with Karine Halle features details of trauma from a hospital birth for her first child and how she was determined to have a home birth for her second.
65 min
411: Releasing Fear, Guilt and Shame Around Sex...
Have you had feelings of fear, guilt and or shame around sex? If you have, you are most certainly not alone. In fact, you’re likely in the majority. We just don’t always talk about it because of the perceived taboo aspect of it. We love tying in the conversation of intimacy and sensuality with birth - we’ve had a number of guests on the show who reference it and we’ve shared it in some of our own experiences. Today we’re chatting with Rosie Rees, creator of Splash Blanket and Yoni Pleasure Palace.
41 min
410: Last Update Before Birth: Third Trimester ...
Welcome to our final pregnancy update episode! We’re at 37 weeks when we record this. It’s our last time recording before the baby arrives. Stay tuned for the birth story to drop in the beginning of 2023!
37 min
409: A Doula Learns About Fetal Ejection Reflex...
Today we’re chatting with Kaitlin McGreyes about the birth of her 3rd child, which was her first home birth. After a cesarean and then a hospital VBAC for her first two births, she decided to have a different experience for her third.
70 min
408: Positive Example of Collaborative Care and...
Is it possible to have good collaborative care with a team of different practitioners when planning for home birth? Absolutely! Do you hear about it all the time? Unfortunately, not. But today’s story with guest Ryan Woodbury is a great example of what it can look like to plan for and have a home birth that is supported by multiple care providers and a team approach.
45 min
407: Birth From a Disability Perspective Both i...
How do we take disabilities into consideration when it comes to birth? Lo Nigrosh of The Milk Making Minutes podcast joins us to share details of her 2 birth experiences. Her first was in the hospital and her second was at home. Her decision to home birth was largely influenced by the policies and care she encountered in the hospital.
52 min
406: When Your Birth Doesn’t Go The Way You Pla...
What happens when birth doesn’t turn out the way you planned? Today’s story is an example of what it can look like to move through a hospital transfer situation, when it’s the last thing you desired or intended for. Brittni Mitchell shares her birth story of her son Cole.
41 min
405: A Peaceful HBAC During Chaos and a Powerli...
How many of us feel a sense of failure after a birth experience? We’re clear that it’s far too many. In fact, one is too many. We’re grateful for stories like this who can help with the healing and rescripting. Our guest, Kara Lambert, shares her birth journey. After her cesarean birth with her son Theo, as she puts it, “I felt like I failed.”
45 min
404: Manifesting My Ideal Home Birth with Adria...
How often do you think about how your birth will unfold? Today’s guests, Adriana and Tim Keefe, share the details of their two home birth stories. After a hospital birth for her first child, she decided on home birth for babies 2 and 3. Adriana and Tim both talk about the preparation process for their home births as well as helpful resources and the sequence of events in both births.
42 min
403: A Beautiful Home Birth After an 8-Year TTC...
Do you believe that you are built to birth? From today’s guest Soni: “I was absolutely amazed that I actually did it, I’m one of those people everyone always thinks is just not tough.” We're excited to bring you Soni's birth story!
40 min
402: Unexpected, Unassisted Home Birth of Baby ...
How do you use your instincts during birth? Today’s story features a combination of birth intentions, intuition and instinct. Lauren Smith shares her birthing journey with us. From 2 hospital births to 2 birth center births to 2 home births.
48 min
401: Star Wars, Kiddie Pools, and Hypnobabies: ...
Have you wondered about the first birth story we ever shared on this podcast? Well, it’s our story! And today we’re bringing you the classic episode “Star Wars, Kiddie Pools, and Hypnobabies: Our Home Birth Story”. In this episode, Matthew and I sit down (well actually, lay down) with our first guest - less than a week old baby Maya. She lies quietly (for the most part, you might hear some coos and little grunts in the background at times) on Matthew’s chest while we recount the story of our home birth, while it’s still fresh in our minds.
77 min
400: Updates From Second Trimester: Body Change...
How is the second trimester going? Glad you asked! In this episode we’re giving updates on our second trimester, just as we’re about to enter the third.
46 min