The Disrupters: Change What Is
The gospel led them into disruption. They told the truth, and the truth set the world on edge. Each episode of The Disrupters focuses on a specific disruption—a break, interruption, or disturbance—in the church, and how each guest is taking part in that disruption. The Disruptors is hosted by Esau McCaulley and features a series of disruptive conversations with Sho Baraka, Tish Harrison Warren, Jemar Tisby, N.T. Wright, Sheila Wise Rowe, Dominique DuBois Gilliard, and more. The Disrupters: Change What Is is produced by CT Creative Studio in partnership with InterVarsity Press. 
Jemar Tisby Confronts His Collaborators
Can people of color work in white spaces without getting pushed out, burned out, or sold out?
81 min
Ruth Everhart Reexamines Our Faulty Systems
What is the church’s role in protecting those most vulnerable?
50 min
Jenny Yang Stands Strong in the Midst of a Mora...
This author continues to fight for a church that will welcome the stranger.
61 min
Sheila Wise Rowe Dignifies the Burdens of the Past
Reconciling the past with present racial trauma
52 min
Jasmine Holmes and the Power of Black Motherhood
Holding the tension between identity and hope
49 min
N.T. Wright Forces an Overdue Conversation
Why one renowned professor’s biblical scholarship makes enemies.
45 min
Carmen Joy Imes and the Disruptive Power of the...
Passion and proficiency subvert the minimizing of female scholars.
48 min
Dominique DuBois Gilliard’s Truth Is Louder Tha...
How one author laid the groundwork for an unassailable case
54 min
Tish Harrison Warren Interrupts the Cultural Na...
In the face of professional success and personal tragedy this author and priest is more reliant on liturgy than ever.
38 min
Sho Baraka Evades the Evangelical Edit
How do you pay your bills, change the world, and be true to yourself—all at once?
44 min
Introducing: The Disrupters
2 min