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Dishin’ on the Duggars
<p>The Duggars are known for a lot of things: pickles, denim maxi skirts, side hugs, annoying people on social media 300 times a day etc. etc. Whether you’re shocked or intrigued by their fundie family lifestyle, we know you can’t look away — so let’s talk about it. Each week on Dishin’ on the Duggars, we’ll dive into a trendy topic of the week… aka whatever controversial move the famous family makes. Is Ben Seewald writing another creepy love letter to Jessa? Is sad Jana Duggar still gardening alone? Dishin’ on the Duggars will give you the 411 on all 20+ members of the fam — yes, even Tyler — whether you want it or not.</p>
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The Duggar Daughters' Long Hair Is Their Glory,...
Plus, we're talking about the TLC fam's tresses, their glow up and vanity in general — even when it comes to their tiny, bald babies.
22 min
We're Ready for the Duggars to Celebrate Nation...
Plus, we're covering all that and more as we discuss not-actually-dating.
30 min
We Need Jana Duggar to Be the Next Bachelorette...
In the wake of the 'Bachelor in Paradise' finale and the new Bachelor announcement, we can't help but imagine how incredible it would be if Jana Duggar were the next Bachelorette. Would she have a chaperone on every date? Would Lawson Bates show up — and would he win? On this week's episode of "Dishin' On The Duggars," we're letting our lil fanfic hearts run wild.
23 min
Do the Duggars Listen to Secular Music Now? One...
Back in the day, the Duggars used to eschew any kind of secular music — and they even looked down on Christian rock. But these days, it seems like their singing a different tune. After one of the family members referenced a Biggie lyric on Instagram, this week's episode of "Dishin' on the Duggars" reexamines the family's relationship with popular music.
23 min
Derick Dillard Sets a Rigorous Sex Schedule, an...
On this week's episode of "Dishin' On The Duggars," we're talking about Derick Dillard's tips on how to love your wife "like you mean it." From Chuck E. Cheese nights out to a rigorous sex schedule, we're covering it all.
25 min
It's Time We Come Clean: We Pretty Much Stan Am...
We recently got the chance to hang with ~rebel cousin~ Amy Duggar and her man, Dillon King, and now we're pretty much BFFs. OK, so that might be an exaggeration, but we're definitely fans.
16 min
Hot Duggar Summer?! We're Talking All Things Du...
Plus, we're giving kudos where they're due and crowning one 'Counting On' star the queen of couture.
25 min
John David and Abbie Are Officially Joining in ...
They may be ~behind the times,~ but John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett finally gave in and joined the family baby boom after announcing they're expecting.
21 min
'Dishin' On The Duggars' Is Turning 1 Year Old,...
This week marks the first birthday/anniversary we're celebrating with 'Dishin' On The Duggars,' so we knew we had to do something special — so we put our producer, Sam, to the test.
38 min
We're Wishing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar a Hap...
Plus, on this week's episode of 'Dishin' On The Duggars,' we're talking about the Duggars' secrets to a happy marriage.
25 min
We Mapped out Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's ...
What we do know? They're ready to become the L.A.-based Instagram influencers we know they can be.
29 min
Our Hearts Go Out to Joy-Anna Duggar in the Wak...
Plus, we're talking about the news, Joy's family photos, and the outpouring of love the star received.
30 min
Christian Kama Sutra? Jill Duggar's Anniversary...
On this week's episode of 'Dishin' On The Duggars,' we're getting to the bottom of that Christian Kama Sutra and what exactly it does or doesn't mean to the Duggars.
23 min
Everything Is Coming Up Pink for the Duggars' N...
Plus, most importantly of all, that includes the fact that Derick finally — finally! — got his braces off. Congrats are in order all around!
30 min
Jim Bob Duggar Didn't Get a Lot of Love From th...
Plus, we're going over who got love and who got snubbed on Father's Day.
27 min
A Tribute to Grandma Mary Duggar, a Boss If We ...
Plus, we're paying tribute in our own way.
30 min
Put Fragrant Lotion on and Buy Lingerie: Sex Ti...
Plus, we'll be as thorough with this blog as Jill wants you to be when telling your husband all about your sexual fantasies.
24 min
Surprise! Baby Seewald Came Early and — Surpris...
Plus, we're breaking down all the details, the meaning behind her (adorable!) name and just where Baby Seewald fits in with the rest of the family.
21 min
Thank God Lauren Duggar Gave Us a Break Before ...
Plus, we're talking all things baby No. 2 for the couple and the name suggestions we have based on what they picked for baby No. 1.
33 min
Mother’s Day Shade? Some of Michelle Duggar’s K...
Plus, we’re dissecting and decoding the Duggars’ social media posts for hints about how some of them really feel about the mamas in their lives.
34 min
Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Are Expectin...
Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth just announced the fourth Duggar pregnancy in as many weeks, and we need a break.
35 min
Did the Duggars Make Some Kind of Pregnancy Pac...
We're pretty sure there's got to be something in the water over there in Arkansas
40 min
Amy Duggar Is Expecting! (And We've Been Expect...
There's another Duggar baby on the way! Only this time, it's ~rebel cousin~ Amy Duggar who's expecting.
35 min
Kendra and Joe's 'Little Duggar Family' Is Gett...
Joe and Kendra Duggar are expecting baby No. 2, and on this week's episode of 'Dishin' On The Duggars,' we're going over everything we know so far. Just like there must always be a Stark in Winterfell, there must always be a pregnancy in the Duggar family. And with Jessa close to her due date, Kendra is picking up the torch.
25 min
We Are so Ready for Jinger and Jeremy's Big Mov...
We're talking about all the details of the 'Counting On' stars' move — both present and future.
30 min
We Think Jessa Duggar Might Need Jana's Help Wi...
This week we're reviewing all of the family's recent home transformations, and we're just not here for some of them.
32 min
The 'Counting On' Countdown to John David Dugga...
We're recapping the season 9 finale, including Jana's eyebrow journey, the ever-changing story of how John and Abbie met, and the shock announcement that was already announced a while back.
27 min
RIP Abbie Grace Burnett's Nursing Job on 'Count...
we're recapping the Monday, March 18 episode and mourning Abbie's sense of professional satisfaction.
26 min
Sorry, Jessa! On 'Counting On,' the Pink Dress ...
Anybody else already tired of this wedding business?
24 min
We'd Like to Dedicate This 'Counting On' Recap ...
Plus, we're recapping 'Love and Loss' and giving you all the important takeaways!
21 min
So They're Just Throwing Random Kids in the Bac...
Plus, Jeremy's unbearably corny dad jokes, Ben becoming the family tutor, and Josiah and Lauren's heartbreaking announcement.
27 min
We've Got a Lot of Questions About Jinger's Bir...
Also, we just want to know what happens when you need to go to the bathroom for the first time in front of your husband.
31 min
The Duggars Show Support for Lauren and Josiah ...
We also discuss how Lauren’s bravery to discuss the taboo topic is helping others feel less alone.
20 min
Wait, Did We Just Figure out the Big Surprise o...
Plus, we're going over everything you need to know for the new season — and figuring out all the potential twists as we go.
21 min
Uh, Did Hell Just Freeze Over? A Duggar Couple ...
We can't help but wonder what Jim Bob thinks of all of this
24 min
Is It Just Us or Do the Duggars All Kind of Suc...
We're evaluating how they're making the move from Instagrammer to influencer. Spoiler alert: Not well.
29 min
Fosdick? Jessabel? We’re Brainstorming Baby Nam...
Plus, Jana Duggar had finally joined Instagram!
30 min
We’re Resolving To Make Big Things Happen For T...
we've got some good ideas for the Duggars!
25 min
Who Will Be The Next Duggar To Start Courting? ...
Also, we're going to figure out exactly who is the most eligible bachelor of 2019.
19 min
Not To Be A Scrooge, But We're Giving Some Of T...
Also got some special presents planned for those who just barely made their way onto the nice list.
30 min
Which Duggar Had The Best 2018? We’re Talking T...
Who took the biggest L this year? Who had the most dramatic scandal?
34 min
Some Of The Duggars Didn’t Get The ‘Christmas’ ...
Find out who was the merriest and who missed the mark?
32 min
Derick Dillard’s Instagram Tells Us More Than W...
We're sharing all our favorite Duggar family moments!
28 min
Which Duggar Girls Will Be Pregnant/Have A Baby...
Duggarologist Chelsea works her fortune teller magic.
30 min
Who’s Hungry? We’re Planning Thanksgiving Dinne...
and join us in celebrating the fam's other Thanksgiving traditions.
29 min
Some Of The Duggar Family's Crazy Strict Rules ...
Who said it — God or Jim Bob Duggar?
20 min
John David Duggar Finally Tied The Knot! We’re ...
and, of course, what this all means for John's perpetually single twin Jana.
24 min
Insta-Stalking the Duggars: Analyzing Their Soc...
Plus, we took a deep dive into their pages — and found some serious surprises.
26 min
Do Any Of The Duggars Have An Actual, Real Job?
So what do they do all day long? And do any of them have a real job?
30 min
They May Not Read Novels, But The Duggars Love ...
21 min
The Bates Family Is Basically The Cooler Versio...
23 min
Wait, Are The Duggars Cool With Amy Again? We I...
Also we are figuring out what Amy has been up to now that she’s stepped out of her famous fam’s shadow.
30 min
What Are The Chances That Jill Duggar Might Lea...
Plus why is Jill sitting in on her husband's law school classes?
32 min
When It Comes To Their Weddings, The Duggars Ar...
The week we're talking about everything from ceremonies, style, sloppy kisses, and holding hands to honeymoon babies
29 min
Buy Thrift And Save The Diff? Why The Duggars A...
26 min
Talking About The Duggars’ Sex Lives Is A Wild ...
We're Evaluating What's Sexy and What's Not
25 min
Wait, Jill Duggar Is an Instagram Influencer Now?
Plus 6 Other Things You Missed From The Duggars This Week!
23 min
Stop Mom-Shaming the Duggars... Er, Except Mich...
24 min
We Have a Happy Heart Because of The Duggar Gir...
Plus, a Duggarologist shares her opinion on Michelle's song voiceovers
23 min
Uhh, We Need to Talk About Jill Duggar’s Gross ...
Plus, what we can do to help her!
17 min
John-David Duggar is No Longer a "Bachelor 'til...
Also what really went down on their rule-breaking PDA extravaganza to Walmart?
15 min