Direct Line Conversations

Nobody makes it to the top alone. Now, you don't even have to try. On Direct Line, join Baylor Line Magazine's Editor-in-chief, Jonathon Platt ('16, MA '19), for intimate and in-depth conversations with leaders in the Baylor Family and discover the secret sauce behind some of our most influential and important alumni. From CEOs and senators, to educators and activists, to pastors and pharmacists, get insights you need to succeed in life, lead with confidence, and continue the legacy for generations of Bears to come.

Gaynor Yancy's Passion for Students, Studying, ...
Meet Gaynor Yancy — 2021 W.R. White Meritorious Service Honoree
61 min
Isaiah Odajima on Struggles, Success, and Stick...
Meet Isaiah Odajima — Associate Professor of Ensembles and Director of the Golden Wave Band
59 min
The Beckham Family's Blood Runs Green and Gold
Meet CT “Sparkey” and Merrie Beckham — 2021 First Family of Baylor Honorees
50 min
How Mike Sims Has Made the Sports World Better
Meet Mike Sims — 2021 W.R. White Meritorious Service Honoree
40 min
Sports Are More Than A Game For Shehan Jeyarajah
Meet Shehan Jeyarajah — 2021 Recipient of the Outstanding Young Alumni Award
40 min
How Martha Lou Scott Made Baylor Better
Meet Martha Lou Chadwick Scott — 2021 Recipient of the WR White Meritorious Service Award
46 min
Eric Holleyman On How To Find Your “Calling”
Meet Dr. Eric Holleyman, senior lecturer of religion at Baylor University
62 min
Maxine Hart’s Career Of Shaping Future Leaders
Meet Dr. Maxine Hart — 2021 Herbert Reynolds Retired Faculty Honoree
36 min
Curtis Callaway Has The World By The Frame
The man, the myth, the legend
84 min
George Mason On Making Change In An Ever-Changi...
Meet Rev. Dr. George Mason — 2020 Abner V. McCall Religious Liberty Honoree
51 min
Amanda Tyler's Courageous Work Of Standing With...
Meet Amanda Tyler – 2021 Abner V. McCall Religious Liberty Honoree
30 min
Mark & Aubin Petersen Are Out To Love The World
Meet the Petersen Family — Recipients of the 2021 Abner V. McCall Humanitarian Award
44 min
Mark Olsen On The Bears Who Made The Internet
Hear the untold story of how a group of Baylor faculty and staff helped make the Internet you know and use today.
49 min
Season 2 Preview
Find out what's ahead for Direct Line Conversations Season 2
17 min
Season 2 — Coming Soon!
Coming to you soon hot off the... internet thing!
0 min
#008: Craig Cunningham
Creative work can sometimes feel especially hard, lonely, and demoralizing. How do you stay the course, despite those struggles, through the messy middle and ship work you feel called to do?
51 min
#007: Brooke Blevins
How do you make change happen? It’s something I’ve asked myself again and again, and I’m sure it’s a question you’re familiar with too.
57 min
#006: Mia Moody-Ramirez
What do you do when a crisis strikes?
57 min
#005: Robert Darden
How do you mourn the loss of someone as special to you as a son?
50 min
#004: Rae Jefferson
At a predominantly white institution like Baylor, what is the Person of Color experience like?
53 min
#003: Sophia Alejandro
In a pivotal year of racial unrest, what is Baylor doing to help reconcile and atone with its past?
32 min
#002: Michael Hyatt
How do you lead when the world is so uncertain? Leading in uncertain times is a real struggle. Even for the most seasoned leaders. You can feel like you’re lost in a fog and can’t find the guidance you need to gain clarity. How can you get from where you are to being the leader your organization desperately needs?
54 min
#001: Shehan Jeyarajah
What in the wild, wild world of sports is a-goin’ on? Like every other industry, COVID has impacted the world of sports in major ways. What do some of those changes look like and what can we expect for the rest of the football season in 2020?
46 min
Sherry Castello
Sherry Castello by Baylor Line Foundation
24 min
John McClain
John McClain by Baylor Line Foundation
42 min
John Morris
John Morris by Baylor Line Foundation
27 min
Walter Abercrombie
Walter Abercrombie by Baylor Line Foundation
27 min
Tony Pederson
Tony Pederson holds the rank of professor and is …
18 min
Kirk Watson
Texas Senator Kirk Watson discusses his time at B…
53 min
Derek Haas
Writer and Producer Derek Haas talks about the cr…
21 min