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Directed Life is a show to help Christian entrepreneurs find, fund, and fulfill their callings to flip culture upside down. Hosted by Kap Chatfield (CEO at Rveal Media and director of Acts (2019)), discussions and interviews will include the topics of faith, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity, content creation, digital marketing, personal growth, relationships, and how they all interconnect. For all episodes and show notes, visit Follow Directed Life on Instagram: @directedlife Follow Kap Chatfield on Instagram: @kapchatfield

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4 Misconceptions about Social Media Ministry - ...
Online ministry has enabled those called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach more people than ever before. 🙌 <p> However, this new ease is twofold—it’s just as easy to spread false doctrine as it is to speak truth. As believers, we have to be more vigilant than ever before about what we consume on social media regarding the Word of God. <p> With the new medium of a digital pulpit, there are new temptations—like wanting to please man, appease our followers and glorifying ourselves over the Lord. <p> It is our responsibility to listen and speak as GOD leads, not the world. In this new episode of Directed Life, founder and host Kap Chatfield discusses four common misconceptions about doing ministry on a social media platform. <p> Whether you are receiving or giving the Gospel, this episode is packed with knowledge that will help you navigate through both your social media consumption and creation. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Aim to please God above your followers, even if it causes a loss. <p> 💎 Consuming content has the power to affect your soul and spirit—consume wisely. <p> 💎 Understand the times and mediums of the world, but do not be conformed to them. <p> 💎 Do not be afraid to steward and multiply the talents God has given you. <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-13:00 | Guarding your eyes and ears against the false teachings of the world. <p> ⏰ 13:01-17:01 | Prioritize pleasing God over pleasing people. <p> ⏰ 17:02-20:26 | The fear of the Lord should guide what you preach in a digital pulpit. <p> ⏰ 20:27-30:20 | You are meant to steward and multiply your God-given talents. <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “What we’re seeing is the normalization of things that are outside of God’s best for humanity. We’re seeing people propagate it from their devices, and I’m wondering, ‘Where is the church?’” - Kap Chatfield, Founder of Directed Life <p> 💬 “There’s a place for studying and understanding how the world does things. However, we need to be very careful to make sure that we’re not becoming like the world through our content consumption.” - Kap Chatfield, Founder of Directed Life <p> 💬 “What you feast your eyes on is going to affect what’s going on in your heart, your mind and your soul. Consuming content that isn’t glorifying to God programs your mind to think things that do not honor God.” - Kap Chatfield, Founder of Directed Life <p> 💬 “Jesus was not moved by the amount of people that were following him. He was willing to say the thing that would lose everybody because he was so dependent on the Father and willing to be obedient, even to the point of personal loss.” - Kap Chatfield, Founder of Directed Life <p> ---------- <p> Link to episode: <p> - <p> Connect with Kap Chatfield: <p> Kap’s Website: <p> - <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - <p>
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The Importance of Discipline in your Creative C...
Being a creative is not just a personality trait, it’s a mandate from God on your life. <p> We are created in His image—which makes us mini-creators. <p> But the blessing of having a creative calling comes with a flip side—to be excellent in your creativity requires discipline—a practice many creatives find difficult to master. <p> In this new episode of Directed Life, host Kap Chatfield sits down with CEO and founder of UREV, Ryan Adams. Together they discuss what it takes to be a creative that produces with excellence and purpose. From mentality shifts to understanding the power of discipline, Kap and Ryan break down what you can do to monetize and scale your creative calling for the Kingdom of God. <p> Check out the full episode for a refreshing dose of truth and wisdom. 🙌 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Wisdom comes from the Lord, but cultivating discipline is our responsibility <p> 💎 Our emotions are unreliable—your creativity cannot depend on how you feel <p> 💎 Money, time and opportunities are meant to serve the believer <p> 💎 Your character is determined by how you conduct yourself in your calling <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-12:12 | Ryan’s journey to Brazil and the birth of UREV <p> ⏰ 12:13-24:51 | Creative evangelism and how to monetize your creativity <p> ⏰ 24:52-32:54 | Switching mindsets and the importance of discipline <p> ⏰ 32:54-42:46 | The mission of UREV and Ryan’s prayer <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “When creatives understand their calling and their anointing, they come to the realization that money, time and opportunities actually serve their calling, not the other way around.” - Ryan Adams, CEO & Founder of UREV <p> 💬 “God has called creative missionaries to not only lay hands on sick people, but sick systems.” - Ryan Adams, CEO & Founder of UREV <p> 💬 “Wisdom comes from above. Discipline comes from within. Your discipline is your responsibility.” - Ryan Adams, CEO & Founder of UREV <p> 💬 “Our mission is to help creatives walk in godly character because your conduct is your crown.” - Ryan Adams, CEO & Founder of UREV <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Ryan Adams: <p> Ryan’s Instagram: <p> - <p> UREV and UREV Global Instagram <p> - <p> - <p> UREV’s Website <p> - <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - <p>
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Edged Sword of Social Media - with Chaz Smith
Social media—blessing or a curse? <p> The same tool that is used as a blessing to connect us to people around the world can also be used to interfere with our identity and relationship with the Lord. <p> When we’re focused on getting affirmation from our followers on social media, it can be easy to forget that we are ALREADY affirmed as children of God. 🔥 <p> 🎙️ In this new episode of Directed Life, host Kap Chatfield sits down with Chaz Smith, man of God and social media influencer. Together they discuss the duality of social media and how to practice discipline as you navigate it for your business and personal life. <p> Social media is an inevitable part of today’s marketplace. BUT when you use social media from a place of being truly grounded in your identity in Christ, it can’t shake you. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 The Lord’s love for you is not based on your performance. <p> 💎 Your value is in your identity as a loved child of God. <p> 💎 Social media can illuminate what’s truly in your heart. <p> 💎 You are God’s masterpiece! <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-08:43 | God’s love is first and unconditional. <p> ⏰08:44-18:14 | Chaz’s explanation of The Prodigal Son <p> ⏰ 18:14-35:49 | Chaz’s social media journey and how God provided <p> ⏰ 35:49-42:54 | Chaz’s prayer <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “If we’re affected by how a post performs, it’s likely that we’re placing our identity in our performance instead of being sons and daughters of God. I know this from experience.” - Chaz Smith <p> 💬 “Jesus was an influencer. He had all these followers, but what did he say to them? He wasn’t caring about what they thought or said. He said, ‘I am going to say what the Father put in my heart. I’m going to do what He’s calling me to do.” - Chaz Smith <p> 💬 “No amount of money is worth my peace and my relationship with the Lord.” - Chaz Smith <p> 💬 “The discipline of social media is really just about being aware of why you’re doing what you’re doing.” - Chaz Smith <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Chaz Smith: <p> Follow Chaz on Instagram: <p> - <p> Subscribe to Chaz’s YouTube: <p> - <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> Rveal’s website: <p> - <p> Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - <p> Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> - <p>
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Why It's Critical That Your Business is Directe...
Do you know that God gave you the dream that created your business? <p> He gave you all the inspiration, creativity, vision and zeal to make your business succeed—and He desires to be a part of every detail along the way. <p> Your business can be a vehicle for worship, discipleship, evangelism and even heavenly sustenance for your life and family. <p> Every entrepreneur needs to hear this episode. <p> Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media, shares how God desires your business to be a vehicle of kingdom change in every area and place of influence. 🔥 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 God designed your business and creative endeavor to ultimately serve Him <p> 💎 Your business was designed by God to be a vehicle of worship <p> 💎 There are discipleship opportunities in your business and with your clients <p> 💎 God desires that you benefit from the fruit of your labors <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00 - 03:46 | God intimately cares about the vision He has given you for your business <p> ⏰ 03:46 - 07:47 | Learn to view your business as a way to worship God <p> ⏰ 07:47 - 11:32 | You can create an atmosphere of discipleship in your business that glorifies Him <p> ⏰ 11:32 - 22:00 | Your business can be an vehicle for evangelism to your clients and employees <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “Your business was God’s idea, content creation was God’s idea, being an influencer was God’s idea, and that’s why it’s so important that your business is directed by the Holy Spirit.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “You can trust that God is behind your business or creative endeavor when you’re pursuing it and you feel Him closer.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “When you’re pursuing a creative endeavor, especially a business, God will use it to refine you.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “In a world where everyone’s changing jobs and there’s so much uncertainty, people are looking for Godly leadership.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> ———————————————— <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p>
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Crushing the Inner Critic - with Lindsay Morgan...
<p>Do you have that inner critic that is constantly nagging on your thoughts and dreams? 👀</p> <p>We’ve all been there, and we all need practical tips and solutions to dealing with that voice that tries to steal, kill and destroy the dreams God has given us.</p> <p>It’s time you recognize the difference between God’s voice and the voice of the inner critic, and fearlessly follow where God leads.</p> <p>🎙️ Directed Life brings you another fantastic episode with author and podcast host Lindsay Morgan Snyder.</p> <p>Lindsay’s journey of following the Lord and discovering God-sized dreams in the process is inspiring. 🔥</p> <p>Main Takeaways:</p> <p>💎 Learn how to identify your inner critic</p> <p>💎 God has called you to do His will and you must overcome all obstacles to obey</p> <p>💎 One step of faith will lead you to open doors and even career opportunities</p> <p>💎 Don’t allow doubt to stop you from obeying God’s voice</p> <p>Timecodes:</p> <p>⏰ 00:00 -06:16 | What does a journey of following the Holy Spirit look like?</p> <p>⏰ 06:16 - 13:40 | Embrace your story of overcoming insecurities and fears to follow God</p> <p>⏰ 13:40 - 21:22 | A single step of obedience can lead to many Kingdom opportunities</p> <p>⏰ 21:22 - 38:12 | Learn how to discern your own thoughts and follow God’s voice</p> <p>Quotes:</p> <p>💬 “Write for an audience of one.” - Lindsay Morgan Snyder, Author and Podcast host</p> <p>💬 “Once you start paying attention to what’s going on in your head, you start to discern which thoughts are from God and which are from the inner critic.” -Lindsay Morgan Snyder, Author and Podcast host</p> <p>💬 “I would talk to the Lord about each thought in my head and He would help me undo them or overcome them.” - Lindsay Morgan Snyder, Author and Podcast host</p> <p>💬 “Fear is always lying to us. Whatever fear is saying, it’s the exact opposite of what God wants us to do.” - Lindsay Morgan Snyder, Author and Podcast host</p> <p>————————————————-</p> Connect with Lindsay Morgan Snyder: <p> - Lindsay’s website <p> - Lindsay’s podcast <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p>
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The Need For Godly Leadership In The Marketplac...
It’s time for Godly business leaders to take their place. 👊🏼 <p> The world is crying out for the voice of the strong and fearless Christian business leader who will position themselves in the marketplace with Biblical standards. <p> You can impact the world just by the way you care for your employees. <p> 🎙️ The latest episode of Directed Life is with Kraig Bougher, Vice President of Extreme Recognition and a voice for today’s business leaders. <p> If you are a Christian business leader looking for ways to bring Christ-like change to your business and city, then THIS is the episode you don’t want to miss. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 It’s time Godly leaders take their place in the marketplace to make a change <p> 💎 Christian business leaders can have revival in their businesses with their employees <p> 💎 Learn to practice praise and recognition to retain employees and improve work culture <p> 💎 Be a voice for this generation with prayer and boldness <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-09:17 | God is looking for Christian business leaders to rise up today <p> ⏰ 09:17-15:24 | Lessons from the Marine Corps that will empower Christian business leaders <p> ⏰ 15:24-32:55 | Recognition and praise will go a long way with your employees over cash prizes <p> ⏰ 32:55-50:28 | The Ignite Conference was created to unite business leaders to be a voice for their generation <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “I never want to be in a situation where people don’t know where I stand with my faith—I don’t want to have a client for years and they find out I am a believer and they say, “wow Kraig, I never knew that.” - Kraig Bougher, Vice President of Extreme Recognition <p> 💬 “It’s not about the product, it’s about the experience that you create around the product.” - Kap Chatfield, CEO of Rveal Media <p> 💬 “The specific gift doesn’t matter—it’s the way that the gift is given.” - Kraig Bougher, Vice President of Extreme Recognition <p> 💬 “One of the number one reasons employees leave their jobs is because of lack of recognition and praise.” - Kraig Bougher, Vice President of Extreme Recognition <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Kraig Bougher: <p> - Follow Kraig on LinkedIn <p> - Kraig’s Company Website <p> - Ignite Conference <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p>
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Future-proof your business by Understanding Gen...
What’s the future hold for Gen Z? <p> The world has been changing for a while, but the last two years have turned the business world on its head—and it’s not going back to the way it was. <p> As leaders, mentors, and Kingdom-builders, it’s VITAL that we adapt to this new landscape if we want to make genuine connections with the people we serve. <p> We invited Steven Robertson, CEO and Founder of Bold Education, onto our latest episode of Directed Life. He said it best: <p> “At the end of the day, my heart is to see that we don’t lose an entire generation.” <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 How to future-proof your business <p> 💎 See the creative value and brilliance of God in Gen Z <p> 💎 Redefine “management” for more success and mentorship opportunities <p> 💎 Once you see a generation differently, you engage them differently <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-9:50 | How Steven’s company, Bold Education, is a bridge for Kingdom work <p> ⏰ 9:50-17:37 | Connecting with Gen Z in a meaningful way <p> ⏰ 17:37-33:54 | The story of SOS and changing your “source code” <p> ⏰ 33:54-50:16 | Why it’s so critical to adapt how we lead <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “The training we take them through is the key to our success—it's Kingdom-based in the concepts and principles that we use, even though it’s a secular business.” - Steven Robertson <p> 💬 ”The key to my success as a business is understanding the next generation. If I don't understand them, know how to communicate with them, train them, reach them from a marketing perspective, my business doesn't run.” - Steven Robertson <p> 💬 “All this will happen. It’s just a case of how long it will take you to realize it’s going to happen, accept it, and adjust your life accordingly.” - Steven Robertson 💬 ”But at the end of the day, my heart is to see that we don't lose an entire generation.” - Steven Robertson <p> ————————————————- <p> Connect with Steven Robertson: <p> - Steven’s website <p> - Steven’s LinkedIn <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel <p>
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How to Use Content to Wrestle with Issues in th...
Do you wrestle with questions concerning your faith in God?🤔 <p> As Christians, we face daily, our own inner ponderings. <p> God has creative strategies to help us move through our journey with Him in ways that are meaningful and effective, pointing us to the answers we are all searching for. 💯 <p> 🎙️In this episode of Directed Life, Host Kap Chatfield has a deep and honest conversation with guest Andrew Roman from The Andrew Roman Show. <p> Listen in as they discuss practical ways to approach these questions we all face. <p> ➡️Check out this episode - link in the comments 👇 <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎 Learn why we need a safe place to work through questions of our Christianity <p> 💎 Understand how to embrace social media platforms as helpful tools <p> 💎 Recognize safety measures for engaging in digital ministry with purity <p> 💎 Hear how Jesus spoke the language of the people, teaching us to do the same <p> 💎 Discover fresh insight for how to live your life in step with God’s plans for you <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-04:13 | Defend the Christian faith, through real conversations <p> ⏰ 04:13-06:56 | Find encouragement from your own content <p> ⏰ 06:56-09:32 | Do ministry through a digital setting <p> ⏰ 09:32-15:04 | The value of reaching different audiences where they’re at <p> ⏰ 15:04-19:19 | Engage in digital ministry with purity and discipline <p> ⏰ 19:19-24:51 | Create a rhythm of seeking the Lord <p> ⏰ 24:51-26:17 | Embrace disciplines and systems with Holy Spirit help <p> ⏰ 26:17-32:14 | Jesus is worth following <p> ⏰ 32:14-43:49 | Introduce our generation to the one who won’t let them drown <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 "A lot of folks will feel like they can't ask questions if they have doubts.” - Andrew Roman <p> 💬 “On the other side of a screen is really a soul — you can minister to them, just as well from afar as you can up close.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “We can see what people are watching, and then reach out and align to their preference.” - Andrew Roman <p> 💬 “Jesus was willing to inconvenience Himself to create content that was contextual to the person that He was trying to reach, rather than what was comfortable to Him.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 " Accountability always makes you feel like you're doing something wrong -- no, you need accountability period, the entire time, so you don't do something wrong.” - Andrew Roman <p> 💬 “Paul used a secular infrastructure for communication and travel — he used it for Kingdom purposes.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 " Everyone's a reader, just not everyone's a disciplined reader — you read every day you scroll through TikTok and comments.” - Andrew Roman <p> 💬 “Consistency is a huge metric for whether or not this is going to succeed — why wouldn't we create systems for intimacy with the Lord?” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “At the end of the day, we all have the ability through the Holy Spirit to put priority on what we care about.” - Andrew Roman <p> 💬 “Ultimately, God's not afraid of your questions.” - Andrew Roman <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal: <p> - Rveal’s website: <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p> Connect with Andrew Roman: <p> Check out <p>
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Creating a Collaborative Workspace for Creative...
💡Did you know that God has a Kingdom plan for creative entrepreneurship? <p> Cultivating a heart of stewardship and developing a like-minded team will take you from being a dreamer to a doer. 🎯 <p> 🎙️Today's episode, "Creating a Collaborative Workspace for Creatives and Entrepreneurs” will inspire you to persevere in developing your God-given vision with purpose, passion, and conviction. <p> 🔊Tune into Directed Life for a moving discussion with host Kap Chatfield and his guest, Allan Meade, video-producer from Elevation Church and founder of his Atlanta-based company, Concept Factory. <p> Main Takeaways: <p> 💎Learn what creative entrepreneurship for the Kingdom looks like in these days <p> 💎Hear how creatives are finding ways to help others move their vision forward <p> 💎Gain understanding of what it means to steward a creative calling well <p> 💎Discover why the workplace is the next frontier for discipleship <p> 💎Recognize how to carry your God-given vision in the way He designed you to <p> Timecodes: <p> ⏰ 00:00-09:27 | The church brings beauty and meaning in the midst of chaos <p> ⏰ 09:27-11:50 | Creative entrepreneurship is God’s next big move in the earth <p> ⏰ 11:50-19:53 | Taking ownership of the vision breeds excellence and efficiency <p> ⏰ 19:53-30:56 | Placing a priority on God’s Word leads to fulfilled vision <p> ⏰ 30:56-35:28 | God’s timing prepares us and provides strength to carry the call <p> ⏰ 35:28-43:31 | Leading with God’s wisdom, brings His strategy to pass <p> Quotes: <p> 💬 “If I've been a victim of a problem, I should be the one to help solve it.” - Allan Meade <p> 💬 “The workplace is the next frontier for discipleship.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “I may not be able to pay my volunteers with physical money, but I can pay them with opportunity.” - Allan Meade <p> 💬 “God doesn't look at people with dollar signs above their heads – He’s willing to pay the price for them to come into the family — this is His vision.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “If we can see our staff, from the interview process to retirement with us and see this transformation, we've done very well as a company.” - Allan Meade <p> 💬 “I want a business that's so heavenly minded that I can't run it — God has to run it — He's got to be the CEO of it, and I'm just His under staff.” - Kap Chatfield <p> 💬 “The enemy tries to tell you, you're an imposter — but actually, I'm dependent on God.” - Allan Meade <p> 💬 “And I'm learning this now as a business owner, rather than just a creative volunteer leader — it's still all about people.” - Kap Chatfield <p> ————————————————- <p> Reach out to Rveal Media: <p> - Rveal’s website: <p> - Rveal’s LinkedIn: <p> - Rveal’s YouTube channel: <p>
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How to take back a culture overtaken by the ene...
<p>Are you a creative or entrepreneur that's frustrated, discouraged, or even depressed by what's happening in the culture around us?</p> <p>In a world what's growing more confusing and chaotic, God is raising up creatives and entrepreneurs filled with His Spirit who are hungry to engage the culture and take back what the enemy has stolen.</p> <p>In this episode of Directed Life, I go over some things the Lord showed me in Joshua 1 that should help us reframe our mindset in how we advance the Kingdom of God in a decaying culture.</p>
57 min
Hollywood is a Mission Field - with Phil Cooke ...
<p>It’s easy to complain about the ungodly direction that the entertainment industry is headed in. &nbsp;</p> <p>What’s difficult is purposing to redeem it through your career. &nbsp;Few Kingdom-minded creatives and entrepreneurs have really felt the weight of that calling, and much fewer have succeeded at it. &nbsp;</p> <p>Phil Cooke, President and Founder of Cooke Media Group, is one of those few. &nbsp;</p> <p>In this episode of Directed Life, I get to interview a new friend who has truly inspired my craft, career, and calling from afar.&nbsp;</p> <p>We discuss what inspires him as a creative, how he stays disciplined in his creativity, and even how he purposes to keep himself pure as he navigates through the mission field of Hollywood. &nbsp;</p> <p>🏴‍☠️&nbsp;</p> <p>Ready to share the message God’s placed in your heart at scale? Download Kap’s FREE Super Simple Content Map here: &nbsp;</p> <p>Subscribe to the Directed Life podcast, a show that equips creative and entrepreneurs to find, fund, and fulfill their calling to flip culture upside down : &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Follow Kap Chatfield on social media: &nbsp;</p> <p>Instagram: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>Twitter: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>LinkedIn:</p>
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7 Reasons Why God Cares About Your Business | E...
<p>Ever feel like the vision for your business is distracting you from the Lord?<br> <br> Me, too. And it's crushed me.</p> <p>But not only that, it's also sabotaged my focus in developing the very vision that He gave me!</p> <p>Thankfully, along the way, He's shown me that I'm not the only one who cares about my business: He does, too.</p> <p>And that's really freed me up to pursue the vision He's given me with all my heart.</p> <p>So if you're in that same situation, maybe this episode will help you out, too. In this episode, I cover 7 reasons why God cares about your business.</p> <p>Enjoy!</p> <p>-Kap<br> <br> 🏴‍☠️ &nbsp;Ready to share the message God’s placed in your heart at scale? Download Kap’s FREE Super Simple Content Map here: <a href="" rel="ugc noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">;</a></p> <p><a href="" rel="ugc noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Subscribe to the Directed Life podcast, a show that equips creative and entrepreneurs to find, fund, and fulfill their calling to flip culture upside down.</a></p> <p>Follow Kap Chatfield on social media:</p> <p>Instagram: @kapchatfield</p> <p>Twitter: @kapchatfield</p> <p>LinkedIn: <a href="" rel="ugc noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a></p>
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My take on Lil Nas X's "Satan Shoes" And What I...
<p>These Lil Nas X "Satan Shoes" are all over the internet right now... And people are up in arms. &nbsp;</p> <p>And they should be. &nbsp;</p> <p>At the same time, we can't let things like this distract us from doing the work that God has commissioned us to do to build the Kingdom of God. &nbsp;</p> <p>I explain more in this bonus episode of Directed Life. &nbsp;</p> <p>-Kap &nbsp;</p> <p>🏴‍☠️ &nbsp;Ready to share the message God’s placed in your heart at scale? Download Kap’s FREE Super Simple Content Map here: <a href=""> </a>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href=" ">Subscribe to the Directed Life podcast, a show that equips creative and entrepreneurs to find, fund, and fulfill their calling to flip culture upside down.</a></p> <p>Follow Kap Chatfield on social media: &nbsp;</p> <p>Instagram: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>Twitter: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>LinkedIn: <a href="//"></a></p>
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5 Disciplines to Keep You Creating When You DON...
<p>Too many creatives and entrepreneurs stop working on their vision when they don't FEEL motivated. &nbsp;I often times find myself there, too. &nbsp;However, this is a trap that's completely avoidable. It just takes some discipline. &nbsp;In this episode I cover 5 disciplines that help me stay on track with building my vision even when I don't feel like it.&nbsp;</p> <p>-Kap &nbsp;</p> <p>🏴‍☠️ &nbsp;</p> <p>Ready to share the message God’s placed in your heart at scale? Download Kap’s FREE Super Simple Content Map here: <a href=""> </a>&nbsp;</p> <p>Subscribe to the Directed Life podcast, a show that equips creative and entrepreneurs to find, fund, and fulfill their calling to flip culture upside down : <a href=""></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Kap Chatfield on social media: &nbsp;</p> <p>Instagram: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>Twitter: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>LinkedIn: <a href="//"></a></p>
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Kingdom Business Tips: 5 Things I'm Learning Th...
<p>Building a business is challenging. In this episode of Directed Life, Kap covers 5 things he's learning the hard way so that you don't have to. &nbsp;</p> <p>🏴‍☠️Ready to share the message God’s placed in your heart at scale? Download Kap’s FREE Super Simple Content Map here:</p> <p><a href=" ">Subscribe to the Directed Life podcast, a show that equips creative and entrepreneurs to find, fund, and fulfill their calling to flip culture upside down.</a></p> <p>Follow Kap Chatfield on social media: &nbsp;</p> <p>Instagram: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>Twitter: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>LinkedIn: <a href="//"></a></p>
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Don't Miss Your Flight (Stay engaged with your ...
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How God Called Me To Help Lead an ANTI CHILD-SE...
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20 min
How to protect your DEEP creative time. | Ep.018
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Stay Engaged In The Fight | Ep.017
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14 min
Your Direction Hasn't Changed... even in crisis...
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10 min
Creative: Don't neglect the house of God. | Ep.015
<p>Creatives, while you're building your business, don't neglect the house of God in this season.</p>
18 min
How To Not Quit | Ep.014
<p>Creative, ever feel like tapping with your calling?<br> <br> Me, too. Hopefully this encourages you to stay in the fight.<br> <br> </p>
16 min
What to do before believing a conspiracy theory...
<p>There's lots of confusing information circling the internet at the time of this podcast recording.<br> <br> I interrupted my normal weekly flow to bring you this perspective on how you can make sure you're being prudent on the information you're taking in.<br> <br> I hope you find it helpful,</p> <p>Kap</p>
16 min
Christian Creative: LEAD DIFFERENT (w/ Mike O'C...
<p>Creative, did you know you were called to be a leader with your craft? &nbsp;</p> <p>Mike O'Connell breaks down what it means to "Lead Different" in this episode of the Directed Life Audio Experience. &nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>BUY DIRECTED LIFE MERCH:;</p> <p>Get 20% off orders of $100 or more with the code GIMMEDAT20 &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Kap on social. &nbsp;</p> <p>Instagram: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>Twitter: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>Facebook: @kappeschatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>YouTube:</p>
27 min
CREATE FASTER: 4 Ways To Create More Efficientl...
<p>Struggling to create at the rate that you'd like to? &nbsp;</p> <p>In this episode I talk about 4 things you can do TODAY to create more efficiently. &nbsp;</p> <p>Follow Kap.&nbsp;</p> <p>YouTube:</p> <p>Instagram: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>Twitter: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>Facebook: @kappeschatfield</p>
15 min
The Privilege of Agonizing Over Your Masterpiec...
<p>Creative, do you feel overwhelmed by the calling God has placed on your life? Are you struggling to stay encouraged to finish your work? &nbsp;<br> <br> Today, in light of Good Friday, we're going to talk about what it means to gladly agonize over your masterpiece. &nbsp;<br> <br> </p> <p>Join the Directed Life community; sign up for the DL newsletter:</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Kap on social. &nbsp;</p> <p>Instagram: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>Twitter: @kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>Facebook: @kappeschatfield</p>
17 min
How to be a better COMMUNICATOR with your craft...
<p>Feel like your work isn't hitting your audience like it's meant to?<br> Are you even confused on who your content is supposed to be directed at?<br> <br> In this episode, we cover what it means to be <strong>bi-lingual</strong> as a creative so you can be more effective in communicating with your work.</p>
11 min
How to walk in POWER as a creative. | Ep.005
<p>Feel like you're only operating at half-capacity with your calling?<br> Know you were destined to create <strong>atomic</strong> work that shapes culture?<br> <br> In this episode, we breakdown what it takes for you to step into <strong>POWER</strong> with your creativity.</p>
13 min
How to DOMINATE your craft and calling. | Ep.004
<p>Feel like you just can't get traction with your craft?<br> Not able to create at the volume that's in your heart?<br> <br> There's a solution. It's called <strong>getting organized.</strong></p> <p>Apply the lessons in this episode to DEFINE what you need to take DOMINION over.</p> <p><br></p> <p>-Kap</p>
19 min
How to overcome CREATIVE BLOCK. | Ep.003
Ever struggled with creative block? Pent up with ideas that you're itching to get out into the world, but you don't know where to start? You're not alone. But there's a solution. You were made to overcome creative block. Listen to this episode to learn how.
12 min
How creatives/entrepreneurs need to leverage CO...
<p>In this episode I talk about how creatives/entrepreneurs need to leverage COVID-19.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow Kap everywhere.<br> <br> Youtube: @kapchatfield</p> <p>Instagram: @kapchatfield</p> <p>Twitter: @kapchatfield</p> <p>Facebook: @kappeschatfield</p>
10 min
Is the Enneagram for Christians? | Ep.001
<p><strong>&nbsp;Is the Enneagram for Christians?</strong> <em>(Enneagram Christian Perspective)&nbsp;</em></p> <p>My wife, Joy, and I did some research and wanted to share with you guys what we found. &nbsp;Let us know in the comments what you think and what questions you may still have!&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Video references:</p> <p>Steven Bancarz's video on the New Age: <a href=""></a> &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Connect with us on social: &nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Instagram:&nbsp;</p> <p>@kapchatfield&nbsp;</p> <p>@joychatfield &nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Twitter: @kapchatfield &nbsp;</p> <p>Facebook: @kappeschatfield &nbsp;</p> <p>Youtube: <a href=""></a></p> <p><br></p> <p>Website: <a href=""></a></p>
34 min