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In "Digging Deeper" we discuss all aspects of the construction industry with a variety of influential construction business owners. Topics include: equipment operation, safety, business management, technology and labor issues across the construction industry, but we also dive deep into niche markets like concrete, rental and asphalt. See more at forconstructionpros.com

Volvo Construction's James Bretz Discuss How Te...
The role of telematics continues to evolve as the technology progresses and the dealer will play a more important role in the future.
23 min
Safety Expert John Meola Shares Heat Stress Man...
When summer temperatures rise, many construction workers are at risk of heat stress
44 min
John Deere Explains How Different Levels of Gra...
Highlights of the different levels of grade control technology available and their potential to improve jobsite productivity.
21 min
Roadbotics' Ben Schmidt Discusses How to Better...
New road monitoring system helps cities and municipalities save time and money on pavement maintenance programs.
15 min
Stellar Industries' Service Truck Telematics Sy...
Stellar Telematics includes Fleet View to help fleet managers optimize their fleet and E-Link Mobile to help operators be more productive and see service reminders.
4 min
How Coronavirus Threatens Construction Loans
Built Technology’s construction lending software tracked the progress of projects since many were placed on hold with the COVID shutdowns.
30 min
ThinkWhy’s Jay Denton Provides Mid-2020 Constru...
Jay Denton assesses the trends in construction employment leading up to the pandemic and how things have changed
13 min
Pennsylvania Contractor Poole Anderson Construc...
How Poole Anderson Construction positioned itself to move ahead both during and after the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.
24 min
Hy-Brid Lift's Terry Dolan Shares His Perspecti...
Terry Dolan of Hy-Brid Lifts looks back at what occurred in 2019 and what the industries will be focusing on in 2020 and beyond.
14 min
Alliance Tire's Ryan Lopes Explains the Importa...
From sidewall construction to the complex world of compounds, you’ll get an inside look at how tires give telehandlers and MEWPs a boost.
28 min
NYC Contractor AA Jedson Co. Sees Working Aroun...
New York metro general contractor’s president talks about how AA Jedson Co. is back to work on all of its sites
33 min
Sarah Loaiza Explains How Samsara Can Increase ...
Samsara Fleet Management System can be used to increase the efficiency and safety of your truck fleet
12 min
Bobcat Redesigns R Series Loaders for Versatility
Listen in to hear Bobcat talk about the features on its new 60-frame size vertical lift loaders including the T66, T64, S64 and S66 models.
15 min
How Equipment Financing Can Help Contractors Co...
Things to consider as you manage liquidity, cash flow and equipment needs in the face of pandemic business conditions.
12 min
Challenge Your Thinking about Data Security to ...
Construction software becomes a competitive advantage when it delivers actionable project insights
22 min
ABC's Greg Sizemore Talks About the Need to Add...
Suicide risks in construction, paired with the coronavirus pandemic, is a crisis needing serious mitigation
23 min
Gilbane Building Company Talks About How Corona...
Joe Piro of Gilbane Building Company shares the changes he anticipates as a result of the pandemic
27 min
ABC Discusses Coronavirus Impact on Constructio...
ABC's Mike Bellaman shares outlook for construction industry going forward
17 min
How Much First Quarter GDP Dampens 2020 Constru...
Richard Branch explains how Q1 GDP numbers influence the outlook for the economy and construction spending in 2020
29 min
How Cloud Software Slashes Contractor’s Risk as...
How smart devices and collaborative project-management software can document the oral contracts made on site
22 min
Dennis Capizzi Discusses Advances in Head Prote...
Head Protection Moves Beyond Hard Hats to Maximize Safety
14 min
Milwaukee Tool's Brian Alves Talks About the Ne...
The MX Fuel Equipment System is the first ever system of battery-powered light equipment
21 min
How 5G Cellular will Enable IoT to Turbocharge ...
Electronics manufacturer Morey expects that enlarging the cellular data pipeline with 5G going will positively impact construction
24 min
CG/LA Infrastructure Discusses Strategic Infras...
Infrastructure stimulus critical for the U.S. to emerge from coronavirus crisis
26 min
Genie's Matt Fearon Reflects on Aerial Lift Ind...
Major trends and challenges in 2019 for the aerial lift equipment market and opportunities in 2020
17 min