Digital Therapeutics Podcast with Eug...

Host Eugene Borukhovich explores how non-molecular therapies and interventions can prevent, manage or even cure diseases. Learn about the rapidly evolving field of Digital Therapeutics, its history, the evolving regulatory and reimbursement frameworks, and the trailblazers creating and advancing this industry.

Health & Fitness
Ep23: Conclusion: Reflecting on DTx Limited Edi...
Brian Dolan shares his thoughts on recent trends and the future of DTx
25 min
Ep22: Clinically-Validated DTx Solutions for Un...
A conversation with Wellthy Therapeutics' Abhishek Shah
29 min
Ep21: Investing in Prescription DTx
A conversation with venture capitalist Edward Kliphuis
30 min
Ep20: Investing in DTx Businesses
The view from venture capital
34 min
Ep19: Digital Therapy for Parkinson’s and Neuro...
How Beats Medical gives users the tools to take control of their own well-being
28 min
Ep18: Improving Outcomes for IBS and IBD Suffer...
A Thai detox retreat inspired the founder of Bold Health
42 min
Ep17: Treating Chronic Pain with DTx
How Kaia is giving people back their most valuable resource—time
29 min
Ep16: The Mind(s) Behind Germany’s Digital Heal...
How Christian Dierks helped devise some of Germany’s digital health regulatory frameworks
34 min
Ep15: Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Sleep D...
“It’s like having a therapist in your pocket”
40 min
Ep14: Building the Genentech of Digital Therape...
Corey McCann’s Journey with Pear Therapeutics
33 min
Ep13: The New Breed of DTx May Not Be a DTx At All
How Amalgam Rx brings together providers and the life sciences
35 min
Ep12: Improving Symptoms of Autoimmune Disorder...
A conversation with Mymee CCO Melinda Decker
25 min
Ep11: How to Digitize Cognitive Behavioral Ther...
The Most Studied Digital Health Company with Founder Peter Hames
31 min
Ep10: Leveraging Novel Technologies to Meet Unm...
DTx Solutions for neurodegenerative diseases
35 min
Ep09: Lessons From the Trenches: Ed Cox shares ...
Edward Cox - Executive Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Global Head of Digital Medicines at EVERSANA
39 min
Ep08: Building a DTx Company as a Biotech - Cli...
Plus: Smoking cessation David's background and how Click Therapeutics came to be
28 min
Ep07: Akili's Revolutionary Digital Therapeutic...
Plus: Learn more about Eddie and the inspiration behind Akili
37 min
Ep06: The Early Days of Welldoc and DTx with A...
Plus: Learn more about Anand Iyer and what drives him
44 min
Ep05: Prescription Digital Therapeutics with Pi...
Plus: The very early days of DTx, starting the DTA and the benefits of going public and more
42 min
Ep04: Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Deep Dive ...
Breaking Down the Landscape of Digital Therapeutics in Europe
26 min
Ep03: Deep Dive Inside the Digital Therapeutics...
Megan Coder talks defining DTx and DTA history, mission and evolution.
36 min
Ep02: Start here: What are Digital Therapeutics...
Uncovering the past, present and future of DTx with Brian Dolan
29 min
Ep01: Introducing the Host of the New Digital T...
Plus: Health coaching, writing a book, starting a podcast and more
22 min
Trailer: Introducing Digital Therapeutics with ...
A Limited Series produced with Digital Health Today
0 min