Deep Background with Noah Feldman

Behind every news headline, there’s another, deeper story. It’s a story about power. In Deep Background, Harvard Law School professor and Bloomberg View columnist Noah Feldman will bring together a cross-section of expert guests to explore the historical, scientific, legal, and cultural context that help us understand what’s really going on behind the biggest stories in the news.iHeartMedia is the exclusive podcast partner of Pushkin Industries. 

News Commentary
Reimagining 1991 with Anita Hill
Sharing an episode of Pushkin's newest podcast: Getting Even with Anita Hill. On the show, author, lawyer, and feminist icon Anita Hill tackles tough questions about equality and what it takes to get there.
5 min
Revisiting Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis
15 min
The Future of COVID-19 with Marc Lipsitch
36 min
How One Bank Shaped American Capitalism
31 min
Inside The Facebook Oversight Board
38 min
What’s the Deal with Decentralized Autonomous O...
44 min
The Supply Chain Crisis Isn’t Going Away
28 min
James Carville Calls for Democratic Party Unity
39 min
A New Media Business Model
39 min
Miseducation and Climate Change
41 min
Deep Background Presents Miracle And Wonder: Co...
Presenting: An Excerpt from Miracle And Wonder: Conversations With Paul Simon by Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Headlam.
5 min
Calling Bullshit with Jill Louise Busby
Calling Bullshit with Jill Louise Busby
33 min
Deep Background Presents: The Broken Constituti...
40 min
The Billion Dollar Industry of Esports
39 min
Deep Background Presents: The Broken Constituti...
Deep Background Presents: The Broken Constitution Ep.2
35 min
Inside the NBA Players Association
32 min
Deep Background Presents: The Broken Constituti...
27 min
Michael Pollan on The Power of Plants
Author Michael Pollan discusses the psychedelic powers of plants and the history of how humans have harnessed, ignored, and controlled these powers. He also discusses his prolific career and his most recent book, This is Your Mind on Plants.
34 min
Psychedelic Medicine
Dr. David Rabin, neuroscientist, PhD psychiatrist and Medical Director of the Apollo Clinic, explains the ongoing research in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.
38 min
Violence, Recovery and Modern Jewish Life with ...
30 min
Getting Answers on Vaccine Boosters
The process of approving booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccines in the US has been particularly fraught. Last week, two well-respected medical journals published contradictory conclusions regarding the use of vaccine boosters. Dr. Genevieve Kanter joins Deep Background to make sense of the existing research and weigh in on the booster approval process.
34 min
The Power of The University
The Power of The University
36 min
Giving Away Power with Matthew Barzun
Matthew Barzun, a political fundraiser and diplomat who served as US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, explains his collectivist method of generating power, even on deeply divided issues.
40 min
Imagining The New Normal
29 min
We Lost The War in Afghanistan. Now What?
Emile Simpson, a military expert and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, comments on the end of the war in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s recent takeover. Simpson outlines the strategic failures that contributed to the current situation and comments on the United States’s responsibility to evacuate allied Afghans.
33 min