Deep Tech

This exclusive, subscriber-only podcast takes deep dives into the fascinating journalism captured in MIT Technology Review’s print magazine. Listeners have the chance to hear from cutting-edge researchers, the people whose lives are being changed by new technologies, and the reporters on the front lines of technological upheaval.

Can you teach a machine to think?
The road to building an artificial general intelligence.
23 min
How online misinformation murdered the truth
33 min
How democracies can reclaim digital power
31 min
How Russia’s everything company works with the ...
Being the crown jewel of Russia’s silicon valley comes at a price.
18 min
COVID-19 is helping turn Brazil into a surveill...
18 min
How a 135-year-old law lets India shutdown the ...
18 min
Want consumer privacy? Try China.
18 min
Canada’s narwhals skewer Silicon Valley’s unicorns
The Canadian tech-world ethos comes with a healthy dash of openness and humility. When a haughty US giant tried to join the neighborhood, Toronto sent it packing.
17 min
Lassoing the venture capital cowboys
The same corner of the financial industry that fuels so much innovation in the US still excludes women and people of color, and fails to fund many of the technologies we need now.
19 min
Covid-19 has exposed a US innovation system tha...
America’s federal science funding was built for a different era, says scientist-entrepreneur Ilan Gur. It’s time for a rethink.
18 min
Robots are the new recruits on the pandemic’s f...
Automating certain tasks in hospitals and grocery stores can keep humans out of harm’s way, but could also see many out of a job.
16 min
To beat a pandemic, try prepping for a tsunami
The small seaside town of Manzanita, Oregon put neighborhood action at the center of its disaster readiness plans—and that strategy paid off when the coronavirus came.
22 min
Who watches the pandemic watchers? We do
Meet the MIT Technology Review journalists tracking the new jumble of Covid-19 tracing apps.
17 min
How to break America’s covid-19 testing bottleneck
MIT Technology Review’s Antonio Regalado explains the reasons why the US is still behind on testing, and outlines promising schemes to fix the problem at scale.
20 min
The long path to a post-pandemic reality
MIT Technology Review’s editor-in-chief Gideon Lichfield explains the key testing and tracing measures we’ll need before we can even think about easing social distancing.
17 min
The satellite boom that threatens to clog the s...
We’re entering the era of satellite mega-constellations, but so far there are no rules for how to avoid collisions in orbit
17 min
Yes, you can blame climate change for bad weather
Technology Review’s energy editor explains the new science of extreme weather event attribution.
12 min
A family on the frontier of hyper-personalized ...
Meet Google programmer Mehmet Kuzu, who talked scientists and funders into treating his daughter’s rare genetic disorder with a novel, customized “antisense” drug.
23 min
Why Google and IBM are feuding over the meaning...
In the first episode of our new podcast, we dig into the story behind two little words that could change the world.
22 min