Dear Therapists

We bring you real stories of what it means to be human, straight to your ears. Sit in on the intimate sessions of renowned therapists and national advice columnists Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch as they guide fellow travelers through the everyday and extraordinary challenges of life. Each week, Lori and Guy invite you to be a fly-on-the-wall and listen to their personal, raw, transformative sessions, where they share behind-the-scenes insights, offer actionable advice, and bring people back to find out what worked (or didn't)--and what we can all learn about ourselves through the lens of others.

Society & Culture
Bonus Episode: Instagram Live Q&A
Lori and Guy answer your questions about our first season of Dear Therapists
41 min
Savannah's Chronically-Ill Husband
Our fellow traveler struggles to be both a caregiver and wife
56 min
Shannon's Holiday-Season Dread
Our guest dreads her first holiday season without her spouse and managing her parents' disappointment if she doesn't travel to their homes during COVID
59 min
Scott's Wife's Affair
After Scott discovered his wife's affair, he wanted to save their marriage and was heartbroken when she wanted a divorce
62 min
Danica's Rejected Sibling
We help Danica repair a familial rift that goes back to childhood
51 min
Two Therapists and a Monk
Special guest Jay Shetty joins us to answer your questions
46 min
Molly's Father's Suicide
Molly has always had a critical mother, but even she was shocked when her mom blamed her for her father's recent suicide
66 min
Libby’s Self-Induced Stress
This week, a high school student struggles to manage the pressure to achieve without losing her sense of self.
45 min
Maria's Childless Son
Maria doesn't want to interfere in her kids' lives, but then she hears that her son wants to have children but his wife doesn't
46 min
Liam's Gender Transition
Liam has just come out as a transgender man. His sister is getting married soon and he promised to be her Maid of Honor,
55 min
Haley's Perfect Sister
Haley's sister has always been the "perfect" one. We help her to see that her problem is different from what she believes it to be
55 min
Lori & Guy's Mid-Season Break
We take a short break mid-season, but we still want to hear from you!
3 min
Lenny's Estranged Daughter
We help our guest consider a new approach to parental alienation
59 min
Elena's Cheating Husband
We help our Fellow Traveler to explore her own reluctance to change and encourage her to prioritize her own feelings
49 min
Jeff’s Critical Parents
54 min
Allison’s Lonely Students
A dedicated young teacher deals with the guilt of not being able to connect with her students
30 min
Kristine's DNA Bombshell
We explore what happens when a DNA test reveals a shocking surprise
45 min
Amy's Boyfriend's Dog
We explore the ghosts of a partner's ex-girlfriend.
37 min
Ryan and Beth's Relationship Impasse
A married couple with kids struggles to come to a decision on where to raise their family.
42 min
Mike's Messy Affair
A man who ended his marriage to be with the love of his life wonders if that makes him a bad person
49 min
Priscilla's Blended Family
This week we explore the challenges of blending families together
31 min
Shrina's Broken Heart
Our guest struggles to understand why her boyfriend suddenly decided that he no longer loved her
42 min
Introducing: Dear Therapists
2 min