Dead Ghost Productions

Dead Ghost Productions is an award-winning podcasting collective for storytellers, co-founded by Aram Vartian and Dylan Malenfant.

Dead Ghost is focused on telling immersive stories while uplifting queer and PoC voices. Currently part of the Dead Ghost network are the award-winning podcasts Godsfall, Kill Every Monster, Podspeak, and Of Now and Then. 

A fast-paced, two player TTRPG about a Hunter and the Monster they are pursuing
70 min
Replay ENnies Submission 2024
Our awards reel submission for the 2024 ENnie Awards from Replay, Chapter 5: "Gain."
13 min
Replay Rewind
The cast of Replay reunites to answer fan questions about our DIE RPG series
85 min
Interview: Stephanie Hans
Alex and Aram talk with the co-creator of DIE RPG, Stephanie Hans.
33 min
Interview: Kieron Gillen
Alex and Aram sit down with DIE RPG co-creator, Kieron Gillen
30 min
Replay 6: "Mix Down"
The players arrive at Volcano Island to confront Jacob and return home
69 min
Replay 5: "Gain"
Chapter 5: DIE rewards the players with power, while some are tempted to seek even more
76 min
Replay 4: "Waveform"
The crew struggles with their past regrets as they sail though a gray void...and face their biggest challenge yet.
85 min
Replay 3: "Clipping"
The gang steals the Booty and heads deep into the Sea of Inequity in search of their old ship...and an old crew-mate.
97 min
Replay 2: "Normalization"
After being transported into the world of DIE and facing down the Fallen, the players track down leads at a pirate strip club called "Booty."
107 min
Replay 1: "Compression"
Meeting up at a local bar called Ahoy, our Personas get reacquainted while Jacob sells them on a new adventure.
87 min
Replay Prelude: "Room Tone"
We build our personas, our paragons, and the world of DIE as the players reunite before their 20-year anniversary.
82 min
Welcome to Replay and DIE RPG
This time, the game is real
13 min