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A weekly offering of adventure and fun featuring those infinite children Danny Tamberelli (@dtamberelli) and Michael C. Maronna (@michaelcmaronna ) (The Adventures of Pete & Pete). Hosted/Produced by Jeremy Balon (@remybalon) at @SeltzerKings Studios and a part of the Last Podcast Network (@lastpodnetwork)

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Minisode 14 - Leave the Foreskin, Take the Appe...
In this minisode we discuss Michael's hospital visit in the Bronx and his emergency appendix surgery! Spoiler alert--he has unremarkable adrenal glands! Also If you have a moment please fill out this SURVEY for our network!!
25 min
In this jam packed episode we discuss all things #deterellis and discuss Danny's recent wedding adventure with his beautiful now wife! If you have well wishes, make sure and leave him a voicemail at (518) 635-7195 ! Also If you have a moment please fill out this SURVEY for our network!!
54 min
71 - Queso, Wrestling & Freckles on the Underca...
On this episode we chat in depth about Queso, Wrestling then and now and the freckles on our Studio Pup MUPPET's belly! Guesting this episode is the wonderful Kath Barbadoro (@kathbarbadoro) ! If you have a moment please fill out our SURVEY!! (@dannyandmike) (@lastpodnetwork)
67 min
Minisode 12
In this special minisode the guys discuss the Hudson Valley Con and preparations on the eve of Danny's wedding!
31 min
70 - Dogwalking, Pee Hands/Warm Water & Sibling...
In this episode the gents discuss Dogwalking, Pee Hands in Warm Water and Sibling Questions with special guests comdian Casey James Salengo ("Comedy Central 1/2 Hour", "Comedy Knockout").
52 min
69 - Danny's Underarms, Mascot-ing and Mike's B...
In the episode the fellas relive their fall 2017 trip to Austin with then director (and now guest/comedian) Josh Lay, discuss Danny's Deodorant Free Pits and Mike's BBQ Challenge!
66 min
Minisode #11 (Now w/Video!)
In this minisode the guys discuss Ampersand New York, Danny's wedding updates and more twitter beef--now with video! NOTE: Our Weekly VIDEO Episodes are Now Available on via the $5 patron level!
26 min
68 - Little Steven Pop-in, Street Barter & Dild...
52 min
Minisode 10
In this minisode the guys discuss WHITE ZOMBIE, Danny's recent tour, Petunia's in the Wild and Smoky Venues!
33 min
67 - Kraven Lapels, Rear Window Screening Techn...
In this episode the guys sit down with Fred Entertainment founder Ken Plume (@kenplume) and discuss Kraven lapels, advanced Rear Window Screening Techniques and Dance Belts!
64 min
Minisode 9
In this special minisode the guys discuss Czechia, Jeremy's phone ringing eff up, Danny's love of Riverdale and we open gifts from Patreon patron (and possible famed Microsoft co-founder) Paul Allen!
19 min
66 - LIVE from Pensacon Comic Convention 2018 w...
In this LIVE episode the guys report back from sunny Florida and the 2018 Pensacon Comic Convention and chat with guest Michael Nathanson ("Netflix's The Punisher", HBO's "The Knick", "Can't Have You")
59 min
Minisode 8
In this minisode the guys chat Fake Commercials, Danny's Lack of Set Experience and Rockin' the Cash Bar!
28 min
65 - Road Rage Reversal, Reeking of Pizza & the...
59 min
Minisode 7
In this special minisode we give thanks to those who support us on Patreon, one by one! If you want to get in on the action, visit !!
27 min
64 - LIVE from SF Sketchfest w/Rick Gomez & Bri...
The guys report back from the 2018 SF Sketchfest where they develop the next big tv series called PILGRIM COP w/Special Guests Rick Gomez ("Band of Brothers", Endless Mike on "Pete & Pete") and Brian Altano ("IGN")
63 min
Minisode 6
In the latest Danny & Mike minisode the guys discuss new work injuries, bug-out bags & frozen Chi-pizza!
29 min
63 - Kangaroo Boxing, January Gloom & Listening...
In this episode the guys discuss med updates, Danny's bad week, Kangaroo Boxing and Listening to your Body!
56 min
62 - LIVE from Union Hall w/Tyler Fischer
The guys discuss bulimic jockey's, youtube comments & regional commercials!
58 min
61 - Double Dribble, Spider Coffins & Push Butt...
61 min
60 - Spirits are High 4 w/Brett Davis
60 min
Minisode 5
In this minisode Jeremy reports back from Ohio with a CASE OF LIMITED EDITION POLAR SELTZER! The guys give their thoughts on the flavors and do their best to secure future sponsorship--WITH POLAR SELTZER. Lastly, special thanks to POLAR SELTZER and Jungle Jims in Cincinnati! Did we mention we love POLAR brand seltzer?
22 min
59 - LIVE from Union Hall w/Griffin Newman
In this episode the guys celebrate the holidays LIVE from Union Hall in Brooklyn. Along for the ride this month is Actor/Comedian Griffin Newman ("The Tick", "Search Party")
50 min
58 - Jeremy's Gluten-Free Red Robin, Danny Alwa...
In this episode the guys talk about the Thanksgiving holiday, Jeremy's #girlsday, Danny getting dumped and how to mail a kidney!
50 min
57 - LIVE from Union Hall w/Damian Young
In this LIVE episode the guys chat with Pete & Pete alum Damian Young (Bus Driver Stu)!
44 min
56 - Setting Yourself on Fire, Fighting w/Twitt...
In this episode the guys talk setting yourself on fire, fighting with Twitter bots and they report back from the 2017 Meltasia Music Festival!
60 min
55 - Funny Money, Hot Norwegians & State Quarte...
In this episode the guys welcome comedian Krystyna Hutchinson (“Guys we F*cked). 
57 min
54 - LIVE at Union Hall w/Matteo Lane
In this LIVE episode from Union Hall in Brooklyn the guys welcome Comedian Matteo Lane!
56 min
Minisode 4 w/Peyton Wich ("Stranger Things")
The guys chat with Peyton Wich ("Stranger Things") about Becoming a Meme, #dannybeindanny and N'orleans Accents!
14 min
Minisode 3 w/Chester Rushing ("Stranger Things")
The guys chat with actor Chester Rushing ("Stranger Things") to discuss 8-bit video games, peeing on jellyfish stings and anti-bullying!
15 min
53 - Vital Information, Mike's Osaka Flu & Fun ...
For the last episode of our 2017 LA trip the guys talk to their old friend Lori Beth Denberg ("All That", Figure it Out") and discuss Mike's Osaka Flu, Limo Stories and the Vital Update controversy!
59 min
52 - Blown Cables, Rapper Cereal Names & Meow B...
In yet another episode from our LA trip the guys discuss rapper cereal names, blown cables & cat ballz with special guest Michael Winslow ("Police Academy" "Gremlins" "Space Balls")
51 min
51 - LIVE at Starburns Castle w/Eliza Skinner &...
In this, the second episode from our LA trip the guys talk with actor/comedians Eliza Skinner & Steve Agee!!
53 min
50 - Glitter Farts, The Big Sick & Unicorn Kiss...
In this very special 50th episode the guys kick off their LA trip with a visit from an old friend and our first guest ever--Kurt Braunohler! Talking points include Glitter Farts, The Big Sick & we drink the rarest seltzer of them all (we think)! Unicorn Kisses from Polar!
58 min
Minisode 2
In this second minisode the guys check in from beautiful Los Angeles where they go on a podcast rampage in preparation for their 50th episode!
24 min
49 - 50lb Burgers, Vocal Cholesterol and a Trip...
In this episode the guys report back from their trip back in time to the Pete and Pete Season 2 Wrigley House, Mecklenburg House and the Haunted House from Halloweenie. They also chat about wasteful eating contests including the 50lb burger and Danny’s Mislabeled Vocal Cholesterol.
50 min
48 - LIVE at Union Hall w/ Jon Glaser
This week’s episode was recorded live at Union Hall where the guys discussed Adult Napping, Fur Coats and CLock Rings! All this and special guest Jon Glaser!
55 min
47 - Porn Stashes, Barn Games & Stiff Neighbors...
In this episode the guys travel upstate to visit with the lovely Carl Arnheiter, his sprawling home and his barn full of video games!
62 min
46 - Meat Shots, Free Ballin’ Poolside & Authen...
In this week’s episode the guys chat about their adventure to Austin Texas for the 2017 ATX Television Festival, finding authentic ranch water and Mike’s risqué poolside show!
63 min
45 - Team Handball, CPAP Bidets & Biking in Kab...
In this week's episode the guys discuss hotel needs like CPAP machines for snorers, portable bidets and biking in Kabul with guest and drummer extraordinaire JP “Thunderbolt” Patterson!Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe @ what you hear? Check out My Brother’s Sneaker @! Check out our survey @
54 min
44 - Live at Union Hall w/John Gallagher Jr.
In our first residency show at Union Hall in Brooklyn, the guys screen some of their lesser remembered commercials from the 90’s, chat with Tony Award Winner & Musician John Gallagher Jr and are blatantly challenged by a pair of rival tv brothers!
90 min
Minisode 1
In our premiere minisode we open some very Pete-cific fan mail from Colin, post some free stickers and talk about appropriate dosing!
16 min
43 - Reunion Demands, Mike’s Least Fav Ep & Ween!
In this episode the guys talk about their recent visit to Chicago for a Pete & Pete reunion and their fake demands! Mike explains his least favorite Pete & Pete episode and the Ween show in NYC is discussed!
55 min
42 - Kidney Punches, Numb Sanchez & Cousin Oliv...
In this episode the guys discuss getting punched as a kid, alternative cigarettes from the heartland, acid at 70, Mike terms “the Numb Sanchez” and everyone’s least favorite Brady Bunch character Cousin Oliver! All this and special guest Nick Cageao from Mutoid Man.
60 min
41 - Getting Grieco’d, Towers at Abbie’s & Dann...
This month’s episode follows the guys to beautiful Parsippany New Jersey for the 2017 Chiller Theater Festival. Talking points include Getting Grieco’d, Towers at Abbeys & Danny explains his con Bubble Gut!
51 min
40 - Corrupt Files, The Oregon Trail & Sniffer ...
In this redux episode the guys talk about corrupt files, diseases of the Oregon Trail and various Sniffer Dogs! Jared Fogel be damned! All this and special guest Comedian Will Miles.
63 min
39 - T-Shirt Guns, Our Golf Voices & the Scungi...
In this episode the guys use their golf voices, discuss t-shirt cannon deaths and scungilli cleanse!
50 min
38 - Hug-n-Pecks, Lapels & Tugging the World w/...
In this episode the guys discuss the creepy-guy move, the hug-n-peck, Lapels (pronounced LAP-el’s) and Tugging the World! All this and special guest Bridey Elliott!
70 min
37 - Tour Talk, Lazy Bar Owners & The Hummus Ca...
On this lazy episode the guys discuss Danny’s latest tour, how bar owners shouldn’t use their address as their name and Mike goes on a tangent about Hummus Cannibals!
54 min
36 - Hot Skates, Hobby Shops & Bullets in the A...
In this episode the guys chat with comedian Rory Albanese (“Daily Show w/Jon Stewart”, “Nightly Show w/Larry Wilmore”) about the joys of childhood roller rinks, hobby shops and Rory talks about his most recent trip to San Antonio! Yee haw!
57 min
35 - St. Pocky’s Day, Slug Beers & Dan’s Big An...
After a brief winter hiatus the guys are back to discuss Mike’s new made-up holiday “St. Pocky’s Day”, Jeremy tells the story of Slug Beers and Danny has a big announcement!
56 min
34 - First Fluids, Moms Listening & Compliments...
In this, our first bi-coastal episode, Jeremy & Mike hold down the basement fort while Danny chats with fellow Feral Audio podcasters Corey & Courtney (“We Should Have a Podcast”) in LA. Fingers crossed nothing catches on fire!
64 min
33 - Sleep Apnea, Our First Concerts & the New ...
In the episode the guys discuss Jeremy's new sleeping disorder, their first concerts & movies and we crown a new fact king!
77 min
32 - Pukes on a Plane, Getting Fired & 30ft Cables
In this episode the guys discuss their memorable puke stories, someone gets fired, and Danny attempts some film-speak!
59 min
31 - The New Year, Plastic Bag Curtains and Dea...
For the first episode of 2017 the guys discuss what's to come in the New Year, the problems with Plastic Bag Curtains and we salute those we've lost this past year.
60 min
30 - The Holiday Blahs, Paradise City & Jeremy'...
In this jam packed festive episode the guys attempt to shake the holiday blahs, give a full report from the 2016 Paradise City Comic Con and Jeremy has a major revelation! All that and the potential demise of Drunk Santa! What more could you want?
71 min
29 - Van Survival Tactics, Coccyxes, & Neuralgi...
In this episode the guys discuss Van Survival Tactics, Coccyxes & Neuralgia! Weird! In the guest seat this episode is actress Lauren Ashley Carter!
75 min
28 - New Billion Dollar Idea, Life Updates & th...
In this episode the guys check in after a holiday break with some life updates, a new billion dollar idea and we crown a new king--the med king!
62 min
27 - Cat Scratch Fever, Baby Straight Jackets &...
In this episode we get some updates on Mike's first week as a father, Danny tells a story about his patented "hitting stick" and we discuss the specifics of a Cat Scratch Fever diagnosis with our guest, comedian Julia Johns!
62 min
26 - Carolyn's Snapback Tackle, Never Arrive Ea...
Episode 26 - Carolyn's Snapback Tackle, Never Arrive Early at a Wedding & Mike's Baby!
62 min
Acts of Subway Kindness, Banana Seltzer & Mike'...
For the seventh installment of the Danny & Mike One Shot, the guys discuss Mike's shirtless subway etiquette, the existence of banana seltzer and Fifa calluses!
54 min
One Shot w/ Akilah Hughes
On this, the second Danny and Mike Extra Shot, the guys talk with comedian Akilah Hughes about Awkward Cave Parties, Airbnb Ghosts & Karaoke Jams!
64 min
Tom Selleck's Demands, Venice Beach Bums & Tayl...
For the sixth installment of the Danny & Mike One Shot, the guys discuss the intimate details of Tom Selleck's mustache demands, the bums of Venice beach and the football shaped family heirloom--the Taylor Hamberelli! Yum?
62 min
Extra Shot w/ Jim Tews
What happens when you mix an adventure episode with a one-shot? You get the Danny and Mike Extra Shot. Sort of like a one-shot with a guest. In this episode the guys chat with comedian Jim Tews ("Last Comic Standing", "Louie") about free garbage food, Mike's lack of Seinfeld experience and touring while juicing!
67 min
Sins of Omission, Homer Simpson Indicators & Fa...
For the fifth installment of the Danny & Mike One Shot, the guys discuss our favorite Dad memories, Homer Simpson indicators--doh! and Danny shares a learning moment from his relationship!
64 min
Sh*tty Jobs, Flat Rats & Domain Name Registration
On this, the fourth episode of the Danny & Mike One Shot, the guys discuss the some of their worst jobs, the horrible NYC tradition of seeing a flat rat in the street and domain name registration! Joy!
62 min
25 - NYC Podfest 2016 LIVE w/ Henry Zebrowski
This month's episode was taken from our live recording at NYC Podfest 2016! Talking points include Zombie Bugs, College Acid and Uncomfortable Sex Act Pricing! In the guest seat this month is the one and only, Mr. Henry Zebrowski! ​
46 min
24 - Judging a (Comic) Book by its Cover w/ Mik...
This month the guys dust off some old basement comics and play a little game we're calling Judging a (Comic) Book by its Cover, wherein the guys give their best guess on the storyline based on old comic covers. (Comic photos can be found on our website at in case you want to play along!) In the guest seat this month is Comedian and comic book aficionado, Mike Lawrence!
90 min
Vulnerabilities, Brain Tumors & Busted by Mom!
For this, the third installment of the Danny & Mike One Shot, the guys bring you one of their most personal episodes yet. In this the guest-less, adventure-less monthly update series they discuss vulnerabilities, Jeremy's brain tumor and Danny tells a tale of getting caught red-handed by his mom! Buckle up, this is one for the ages!
62 min
23 - Air Guitar Throwback w/ Lane Moore
This month the guys throwback to an earlier adventure where they judged the US Air Guitar Championship Brooklyn Qualifier! It was a night of air jams, Iron Maiden beer and fun! Our guest this month (and Air Guitar co-judge!) is comedian Lane Moore!
117 min
Naked Danny, Mike's Word & Hitler
Annnnnnd we're back! Here's the second episode of the Danny & Mike: One Shot, the guest-less, adventure-less monthly update series, where the guys discuss Danny getting naked on the internet, Mike forgetting a word and holy-crap what's with all the Hitler news these days??
45 min
22 - Holiday Power Hour 2 w/ Brett Davis
Welcome to our Second Annual Holiday episode! The tradition continues with a mug of Danny's famous grog, some good old fashioned digital yule log and that piece of work Drunk Santa! Talking points this month include the December warmth, broken glass, Mike's poor dying cat and Danny's gerd! In the guest seat this month is comedian (and 2015 Andy Kaufman award winner!) Brett Davis! Happy Holidays and as always spirits are high!! (For you drinkers out there--play along and take a drink every time you hear the term "Spirits are High!")
102 min
21 - Comikaze 2015 w/ Yuri Lowenthal
This month the guys check in LIVE from Los Angeles at Stan Lee's Comikaze 2015. Talking points include Halloween memories, cross-play and Danny reveals a childhood song kids mocked him with! In the guest seat this month is voice actor (and the most killed man in GTA V) Yuri Lowenthal!
45 min
20 - Body Talk LIVE w/ Gary Richardson
This month the guys record LIVE at Over the Eight in Brooklyn. Talking points include mascot assault, stage burgers and the human body! Sitting in the guest chair this month is comedian Gary Richardson!
62 min
19 - The Road to Fort Wayne LIVE w/ Nate Utesch...
This month the guys hit the road for a LIVE podcast at the Cinema Center in Fort Wayne Indiana! Along the way they enjoy hot dogs from Tony Packo's, Mike spots ALOT of birds of prey and they end up learning numerous Fort Wayne fun facts! Guesting this month is Jared Bush (Let's Comedy) and Nate Utesch (Metavari).
77 min
18 - Rock-n-Roll Nostalgia w/ Steve Kandell
This month the guys embarked on their second adventure to the greater Philadelphia area where they waded through a sea of Chads, caught a Superchunk/Replacements show and crowned a new Pizza King! Our guest this month is current Buzzfeed features director and former The Adventures of Pete and Pete A.D., Steve Kandell!
79 min
One Shot - June 2015
In the very first Danny and Mike One Shot (the guest-less, adventure-less monthly update series), the guys chat about Black T-Shirts, FIFA corruption and Danny's rotting tooth.
47 min
17 - Street Stalking Man w/ Greg Johnson
Spring is here and the guys have turned their backs on the nice weather in favor of sitting in front of a couple microphones! Talking points this episode include The Tamberelli Law, a big GTA V swag update and of course, catheters! Our guest for this episode is comedian Greg Johnson!
86 min
16 - Snowy Chicken & Waffles w/ Ramon Rivas
For this months episode, the guys are doing whatever it takes to kill those wintertime blues! In the midst of one of many snowstorms this year, the guys visit Pies and Thighs in Brooklyn for some donuts, chicken and waffles and line-waiting! Chowing down with us this month is comedian Ramon Rivas!
82 min
15 - Number Ones & Number Twos w/Tera Melos
For the final leg of our Fall 2014 mini-tour the guys hit The Space in Hamden, CT for a very candid discussion about pee & poop! Other talking points include life on the road as a band, baby skunks, Ween and of course, Mike's continued hatred of brands! Our guests for this episode are the masters of rock themselves, Tera Melos!
71 min
14 - Philly Oddities LIVE w/Sally Burtnick
For this month's BONUS episode the guys continue their 2014 Fall mini-tour with a trip to the city of brotherly love Philadelphia PA for a live performance at the PHit Theatre. Talking points include Jesus Christ poses, Mike Kaminski, snack cakes and Mike's continued hatred of brands! Our guest for this episode is the lovely Sally Burtnick ("The Macaulay Culkin Show")!
64 min
13 - Deep Dish Dodgeball w/Candy Lawrence
In this month's episode, the guys begin their Fall 2014 mini-tour in Chicago where they clamp down on some real deep dish pizza, as well as a friendly game of America's newest craze, dodgeball. The lovely Lincoln Hall in Chicago is the setting for this LIVE episode with special guest, Comedian Candy Lawrence. So rush up to that line and grab as many balls as you can for this hard hitting, pizza filled, gut churning episode! Deep Dish Dodgeball is here!
56 min
12 - Weathering the Storm w/ Jon Schnepp
Are you ready for one of the craziest adventures yet? Get your ears ready for this LIVE episode direct from Brooklyn New York! Despite a last second shuffle, we pulled together a very special night at the Bell House ( with our friends Polaris. The guys chat about awesome Wal-Mart t-shirts, Nic Cage, DJ Rick Perry and of course, the elephant in the room--why the original show got cancelled! Special guest this month is Director Jon Schnepp (Director of Metalocalypse, ABCs of Death, The Venture Bros, Superman Lives: What Happened?)
64 min
11 - Summer History Trip w/Ben Kissel
This month the guys take a late summer trip to President Washington's headquarters and Jockey Hollow in beautiful Morristown, New Jersey. Both sites were used extensively during the Revolutionary War. This month's guest is Podcaster, Comedian and all around good guy, Ben Kissel!
94 min
10 - Summer in Asbury w/Jo Firestone
Summer is in full swing and what better way to spend a July weekend than at the beach? So your favorite TV brothers loaded up the whip and headed to beautiful Asbury Park, NJ. One minute of sun exposure later, the guys decided to invade a NJ Tattoo Convention and see the freakshow that was the Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival. Along for some fresh ink this month is comedian Jo Firestone who shares stories of her tattoo ideas, raptors and Elvis boners! - See more at:
106 min
9 - World Cup Pub Night w/Adam Newman
Episode NINE is upon us! This month the guys take in World Cup soccer over a few pints with some of you great listeners. That's right, The first Danny and Mike meet-up is complete and, as we suspected, fun was had--but more importantly, the ole US of A pulled through. Along for ride this month is Comedian Adam Newman who discusses the finer points of puns and horrible slash genius background acting! Big thanks to Freddy�s Bar in South Slope, Brokelyn and the listeners who came out to chant USA! USA! USA!
92 min
8 - Play Ball! w/ the Kondabolu Brothers (Hari ...
May is upon us and Danny and Mike take a trip past the ghost of Shea Stadium to Citi Field for this spring-worthy adventure. Along for the ride this month are a couple of real-life brothers Hari and Ashok Kondabolu! Talking points include bad tattoos, how much Delta sucks, secret parking spots and the fact that chicken chimichangas might just kill us all. So grab your glove and get ready for this juicy episode. Play ball!
79 min
7 - Adventure Talk w/ Dave Hill
Here we go! Episode 7! After a bit of a delay, we're psyched to get back to it and bring you some quality Spring podcasting! This month the guys sit down with the wonderful Dave Hill!
76 min
6 - Video Gaming LIVE w/ Kumail Nanjiani & Emil...
This month we're reporting from the 2014 SF Sketchfest in San Francisco! The guys will be dropping by IGN to say hi and do their best to save the princess, or whatever. On controller three and four this month is the wonderful Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V Gordon! So hit start and let the gaming begin!
83 min
5 - Farewell il Cavalieri w/ Nikki Glaser
Welcome to 2014! Danny and Mike are kicking off the New Year in style with a very heartfelt goodbye to Mike's 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier. The guys give the beater a good send-off by getting it tagged by a professional graffiti artist and giving it one last trip around Brooklyn. Along for the ride this month is the hilarious Nikki Glaser ("Nikki & Sarah Live") Buckle up because who knows when this thing will catch fire!
74 min
4 - Holiday Power Hour w/ Beth Hoyt
The holidays are upon us and Danny and Mike are getting festive with a good old fashioned power hour. Along for the ride this month is the wonderful Beth Hoyt ("My Damn Channel LIVE", "Beth in Show") and don't forget to keep your ears peeled for a special appearance from Drunk Santa Claus!
69 min
3 - Comikaze Bingo w/ Chris Viscardi, Will McRo...
For their first ever LIVE podcast Danny and Mike visit Stan Lee's Comikaze in LA where they attempted to complete a comic bingo card with such categories as Tickle a Zombie, Rap Battle Weird Al and Kill a Superman. Along for the ride this month are the creators of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Chris Viscardi and Will McRobb, as well as one of it's stars, the one and only Toby Huss!
51 min
2 - Ghost Hunting w/ Chris Gethard
It's Halloween and Danny and Mike are sent on a ghost hunting expedition! Danny talks about his GTA V involvement, Mike gets burned and Chris Gethard stops by to talk about scary movies, high school Robert Smith and all things weird!
77 min
1 - Portland Petesfest w/ Kurt Braunohler
For our premiere episode the guys will report back from their latest reunion show in Portland, Oregon, where, by all accounts, adventures were had. We'll also delve into some listener supplied questions, see if Mike can uncover Billy Joel's secrets and spend some quality time with our special guest, Kurt Braunohler. It's all shaping up to be one heckuva hoot.
71 min