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The Dangerous History Podcast
<p>The Dangerous History Podcast covers the history that the Establishment would rather you NOT know, helping you learn the past so you can understand the present and prepare for the future.</p>
Society & Culture
Ep. 0188: Introducing the Dangerous History Lyc...
This episode contains part of the course intro lecture for CJ's Rise of the American Empire audio lecture course.
54 min
Ep. 0187: DHP Villains: Woodrow Wilson, Part 2
Part 2 in CJ's coverage of the life & career of Woodrow Wilson
66 min
Ep. 0186: DHP Villains: Woodrow Wilson, Part 1
The first part of CJ's coverage of Woodrow Wilson, the Worst President in American History (so far!)
79 min
Ep. 0185: The Limited Hangout (w/Brett Veinotte)
CJ's discussion with Brett Veinotte of the School Sucks Project on the final day of the 2019 Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest.
88 min
Ep. 0184: DHP Villains: Harry Anslinger
CJ's presentation from the 2019 Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest
84 min
Ep. 0183: The 5 Year Anniversary of the Dangero...
CJ looks back on the evolution of the DHP and then talks about what is to come in the near future.
125 min
Ep. 0182: Cathal Nolan on the Allure of Battle
CJ talks to Boston University professor Cathal J. Nolan about his most recent book, The Allure of Battle.
55 min
Ep. 0181: Place of the Slaughter
CJ tells a dramatic but little-known story of conflict in 16th century colonial America, culminating in multiple massacres.
183 min
Ep. 0180: A Tale of Two Shilohs (w/Chris Calton)
CJ & Chris Calton of the Historical Controversies podcast tag-team an episode telling 2 firsthand accounts of the Battle of Shiloh.
73 min
Ep. 0179: Exploring the Inward Empire with Sam ...
CJ talks to podcaster Sam Davis, host of the Inward Empire podcast.
99 min
Ep. 0178: Considering Community College, Part 2
The second half of CJ's recent conversation with Brett Veinotte about trends in community college.
51 min
Ep. 0177: Considering Community College, Part 1
Brett Veinotte talks with CJ about some of the negative trends he's been experiencing at his teaching dayjob.
64 min
Ep. 0176: The Great Alibi & the Treasury of Vir...
245 min
Ep. 0175: The Real George H.W. Bush with Russ B...
CJ talks to journalist Russ Baker, author of the book Family of Secrets, about the real history of the late GHWB.
86 min
Ep. 0174: DHP Heroes: John Carpenter, Part 2
Part 2 of CJ's coverage of the filmmaker John Carpenter
127 min
Ep. 0173: DHP Heroes: John Taylor Gatto (w/Rich...
CJ talks to Richard Grove and Brett Veinotte about the life, legacy and influence of John Taylor Gatto.
130 min
Ep. 0172: The Voluntary Difference (What CJ sai...
CJ's presentation from the 2018 from the Sound Education podcast conference at Harvard.
31 min
Ep. 0171: DHP Heroes: John Carpenter, Part 1
Part 1 of CJ's discussion of filmmaker John Carpenter.
68 min
Ep. 0170: Johnny Comes Marching Home: The Not-S...
Part 14 of CJ's series on the American Civil War
126 min
Ep. 0169: Autodidacts in History
CJ's presentation from the 2018 Freecoast Festival in Portsmouth, NH.
35 min
Ep. 0168: Mark Thornton on Red Tide & Skyscrapers
CJ talks to economist Mark Thornton about a recent article he wrote on red tide, and his latest book, which is about the 'skyscraper curse' and what it means for the economy.
69 min
Ep. 0167: Endgame: The Not-So-Civil War Part 13
CJ covers the last phases of the American Civil War, including the collapse of the Confederacy and surrender of Confederate forces.
120 min
Ep. 0166: Suppressing Dissent, Reinforcing Beli...
81 min
Ep. 0165: History of Vikings with Noah Tetzner
CJ talks to Noah Tetzner, host of the History of Vikings podcast.
66 min
Ep. 0164: School May Suck, But History Doesn't ...
CJ is interviewed by Brett Veinotte of the School Sucks Project at the 2018 Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest
91 min
Ep. 0163: Avoiding Intellectual Inbreeding
CJ's speech from the 2018 Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest
88 min
Ep. 0162: A Modern-Day Grunt's Perspective, Part 4
Part 4 of CJ's conversations with US Army veteran BT, talking about BT's experience since leaving the army.
100 min
Ep. 0161: "Disregarding the Laws of God and Man...
CJ discusses the 'total war' campaigns of Philip Sheridan and William T. Sherman in 1864.
157 min
Ep. 0160: "Remember the Maine!" & The Pageantry...
CJ explores the origins of the Spanish American War & discusses links & parallels to later events.
194 min
Ep. 0159: A Modern-Day Grunt's Perspective, Part 3
Part 2 of CJ's conversations with BT about his experience in the US Army,
126 min
Ep. 0158: Talking National Security Cinema with...
CJ talks to researcher, writer & podcaster Tom Secker about the influence of the military, CIA, FBI, & NSA on popular films and television shows.
87 min
Ep. 0157: "I was killed.": The Not-So-Civil War...
CJ discusses some events in the Civil War in early- to mid-1864, centered on Grant's Overland Campaign in Virginia.
89 min
Ep. 0156: A Modern-Day Grunt's Perspective, Part 2
Part 2 of CJ's conversations with BT about his experience in the US Army.
97 min
Ep. 0155: A Modern-Day Grunt's Perspective, Part 1
CJ talks to a US Army veteran of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars about his experiences. (Part 1)
151 min
Ep. 0154: Orwell Your Orwell with David Ramsay ...
77 min
Ep. 0153: Mike Resnick
55 min
Ep. 0152: Discussing Mike Resnick’s Santiago in...
In this episode of the DHP, CJ talks to Joshua of The Dusty Den Podcast about the excellent scifi Space Western novel Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future by author Mike Resnick (first published in 1986), a great book with a cult following that deserves ...
134 min
Ep. 0151: American Public Schooling & Inner-Cit...
In this DHP episode, CJ talks to Mike K., a DHP listener and former teacher with extensive knowledge of inner-city education based on both research and firsthand, real-world experience. Join CJ & Mike as they discuss many topics related to education,
78 min
Ep. 0150: In the Shadows of the American Centur...
CJ is joined in this episode by Professor Alfred McCoy, who holds a Ph. D. from Yale University in Southeast Asian history, and currently holds the Harrington Chair in History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the author of many books,
60 min
Ep. 0149: War Machine: A DHP Movie Review with ...
Scott Horton (author of Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan, host of the Scott Horton Show, and founder of the Libertarian Institute) returns for a third time to the DHP, this time to help CJ do a Dangerous History movie review of the 201...
109 min
Ep. 0148: 2017 DHP Halloween Special, Part 1
Join CJ as he shares the following poems & stories: “Hallowe’en” by John Kendrick Bangs “The Outsider” by H.P. Lovecraft “Richard Cory” by Edward Arlington Robinson “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving “The Vampire” by Madison Julius Cawe...
131 min
Ep. 0147: The Sparring of the Amateur Boxer: Th...
This episode fills in the gap between Gettysburg/Vicksburg in the summer of 1863 and the beginning of Ulysses Grant & William T. Sherman’s total war campaigns of 1864, including some lesser-known (but still important) campaigns and battles.
78 min
Ep. 0146: The Grunt’s-Eye Perspective: The Not-...
We mostly get the view from the top when it comes to the American Civil War – that is, the view from the political leaders and generals. We usually get only scattered glimpses of what it was actually like to be an enlisted man or lower-level officer in...
177 min
Ep. 0145: Fool’s Errand: Scott Horton on Americ...
In this episode, I’m happy to welcome Scott Horton back to the Dangerous History Podcast. Scott is managing director of the Libertarian Institute, host of Antiwar Radio and the Scott Horton Show, and opinion editor at Antiwar.com.
85 min
Ep. 0144: Rise of the Cane Kingdom, Part 2
Join CJ as he discusses: An overview of American sugar politics since 1959. A detailed look at the Fanjul family, who escaped Castro’s revolution, came to Florida, and (with a LOT of political entrepreneurship) built a sugar empire that eventually over...
173 min
Ep. 0143: Rise of the Cane Kingdom, Part 1
Over the past century, large-scale sugar cane cultivation was developed in what became known as the Everglades Agricultural Area, the region just south of Lake Okeechobee, historically a part of the Everglades ecosystem which was drained in the early- ...
123 min
Ep. 0142: History, Naked & Dangerous: A convers...
In this episode, CJ talks to Bryce Blankenagel of the Naked Mormonism Podcast.  (Note: This episode contains the majority — but not all — of the conservation, but Patreon supporters of either the Dangerous History Podcast or the Naked Mormonism Podcast...
48 min
Ep. 0141: Draining the Swamp: The War on the Ev...
Have you been sad that there hasn’t been a Dangerous History Podcast episode in a while? Well, here’s a gigantic plus-sized one that’s about 3x the size of the average DHP episode! (Sorry about republishing this one multiple times,
197 min
Ep. 0140: Thoughts on Cyclical History & Genera...
If you read widely enough in history, sooner or later you start to think there are some clearly repeating themes and problems and trends, and that there are pendulums in society that swing back and forth every few generations.
113 min
Ep. 0139: Gettysburg: The Not-So-Civil War Part 7
It was the largest battle ever fought in the Western Hemisphere, and the high tide for Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Join CJ as he discusses: A little bit about Generals James Longstreet, George Pickett, and George Gordon Meade Robert E.
89 min
Ep. 0138: Free State of Jones: A Dangerous Hist...
In this episode of the Dangerous History Podcast, we take a look at another film set in the American Civil War:  the 2016 film Free State of Jones, directed by Gary Ross and starring Matthew McConaughey. This film tells the story of Confederate deserte...
42 min
Ep. 0137: Gibraltar of the Confederacy: The Not...
Jeff Davis called it the nail that held the Confederacy together; Abe Lincoln called it the key to winning the war. It doesn’t get as much attention from people who aren’t well-versed in the history of this war,
78 min
Ep. 0136: Shenandoah: A Dangerous History Movie...
In this episode, we take a look at the 1965 Civil War film Shenadoah, written by James Lee Barrett, directed by Andrew V. McLaglen, and starring Jimmy Stewart. Join CJ as he discusses: A synopsis and review of Shenandoahand its themes Support the Dange...
43 min
Ep. 0135: More Valor, Less Judgment: The Not-So...
Join CJ as he discusses: Lincoln’s General Orders No. 100, aka ‘the Lieber Code’ The Battle of Fredericksburg The Chancellorsville Campaign The Death of Stonewall Jackson & Southern Civil Religion Support the Dangerous History Podcast via Patreon CJ’s ...
66 min
Ep. 0134: Battle Cry of Freedomishness: The Not...
I was originally going to discuss the song “Battle Cry of Freedom” and the Emancipation Proclamation, and then cover another major battle or two at the end. However, by the time I got done talking about the Proclamation,
82 min
Ep. 0133: Crisis & Leviathans: The Not-So-Civi...
In this episode we’re talking about mobilization of manpower and resources for large-scale warfare and the resultant growth in the size and power of the central state, something that happened on a massive scale in the case of both the Union and the Con...
70 min
Ep. 0132: Upping the Ante: The Not-so-Civil Wa...
In this installment, we’re covering the major military developments in the war up through September of 1862. Join CJ as he discusses: A little bit of background on the 4 most important generals in this episode: Robert E. Lee,
113 min
Ep. 0131: Opening Gambits: The Not-So-Civil War...
Drum roll please……………..Here we go — the first podcast installment in a monstrous enterprise, CJ’s White Whale: the Dangerous History Podcast’s coverage of the War Between the States! In this first installment, we’ll cover the opening moves,
140 min
Ep. 0130: CJ’s 25 Favorite Antiwar Songs
Encompassing a variety of musical genres & a variety of wars, here they are, CJ’s favorite 25 antiwar songs. Links below on the song titles are to CJ’s favorite version that’s available on Youtube of each song.
61 min
Ep. 0129: The Psychology of Power & Obedience w...
On this episode of the Dangerous History Podcast, CJ talks with Dr. Jim Cunagin, a practicing psychiatrist, about the psychology of power and obedience and some of the experiments that can help us understand these phenomena.
127 min
Ep. 0128: Foundation of the Permanent Garrison ...
Between 1946 and 1953, the cornerstones of a permanent garrison state were laid within the structure of the US government. Join CJ as he discusses: Henry Luce’s 1941 article “The American Century” & the construction of the Pentagon (begun on Sept.
55 min
Ep. 0127: Breaker Morant: A Dangerous History M...
Breaker Morant is an Australian movie released in 1980 that tells the true story of three Australian soldiers of the Bushveldt Carbineers on trial for war crimes near the end of the 1899-1902 Anglo-Boer War in South Africa.
40 min
Ep. 0126: The Story of Squanto
Tisquantum (or Squanto, as he’s better known today) was a Patuxet Indian with an incredible, complex life story that  very few people have an inkling of today; and when you look at the story of early seventeenth-century New England from his perspective...
50 min
Ep. 0125: Listener Emails #6
LOOOOOOOOOONG overdue for one of these, so here it is, and extra-plus-sized to compensate for lost time. Join CJ as he shares & responds to messages from listeners on: More thoughts on the historical evolution of Islam Whether there’s any instance in w...
130 min
Ep. 0124: 2016 Election Day Special: The Ameri...
Ever get the sense that the government and politics in the United States is kinda cult-y? If so, CJ thinks your spidey sense is justifiably tingling, and what you’re picking up on is the phenomenon known as the civil religion.
51 min
Ep. 0123: 2016 DHP Halloween Special, Part 1
(BTW, the picture above is CJ’s Jack o’ Lantern from 2014, lovingly hand-carved using only good old-fashioned knives, no namby-pamby power tools.) I love holidays, and Halloween is probably my favorite holiday of all.
68 min
Ep. 0122: Principal Ruffian & Chief Among Plund...
In 1066, the course of English history was dramatically altered, as the realm was conquered by Normans from across the Channel. Join CJ as he discusses: Some backstory on Medieval England & Normandy The death of Edward the Confessor & coronation of Har...
100 min
Ep. 0121: Ravenous: A Dangerous History Movie R...
In the spirit of the season, in this episode CJ reviews the 1999 film Ravenous, a horror movie about cannibalism on the American frontier in the heyday of Manifest Destiny in the mid-nineteenth century.  This film was directed by Antonia Bird and stars...
45 min
Ep. 0120: DHP Heroes: Major General Smedley Butler
In this episode, CJ profiles Major General Smedley Darlington Butler of the United States Marine Corps, probably most famous for being a very highly decorated Marine (the most decorated at the time of his death in 1940),
102 min
Ep. 0119: Party Systems in American History, Pa...
Join CJ as he discusses: The latter Third Party System during the Gilded Age (c. 1870s-1890s) The 1896 election, which ended the Third Party System & ushered in the Fourth The characteristics of the Fourth Party System (1896-1932) The Fifth Party Syste...
70 min
Ep. 0118: Party Systems in American History, Pa...
In light of the currently ongoing freakshow — er, ‘campaign’ — I decided to talk a bit about the big-picture view of the history of American political party systems.  (BTW, audio quality gets better about 2/3 of the through — I did the first part of th...
65 min
Ep. 0117: Operation Underworld
Did you know that the US government, in the form of the Office of Naval Intelligence in World War II & the Central Intelligence Agency in the Cold War, frequently made common cause with La Cosa Nostra & other organized crime syndicates?
68 min
Ep. 0116: Abolitionism & Anarchism (CJ’s presen...
At high noon on Saturday August 27th 2016 I had the pleasure of speaking at the Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest. Here’s the audio of that presentation. Join CJ as he discusses: The different types of antislavery groups in Antebellum America The most radic...
46 min
Ep. 0115: Out with the Old Right, In with the N...
Believe it or not, prior to about the mid-1950s, to be on the “Right” in American political discourse actually meant you opposed American wars & interventions abroad most of the time, and it meant you took seriously ideas of individual liberty,
70 min
Ep. 0114: Three anti-Military-Industrial-Comple...
Join CJ as he discusses: WarGames (1983) Real Genius (1985) Short Circuit (1986) Support the Dangerous History Podcast via Patreon The official DHP Amazon Wish List Other ways to support the show The Dangerous History Podcast is covered by a BipCot NoG...
65 min
Ep. 0113: The Porcellian Club: Harvard’s Skull...
Think the notorious Skull & Bones is the only secret, elite club at an Ivy League school?  Think again. There are actually a bunch of such clubs found at the most elite universities, and the oldest one of its type (to CJ’s knowledge) is actually not th...
46 min
Ep. 0112: Scott Horton on America’s post-Cold W...
Today CJ is joined by Scott Horton for a conversation about the recent history of American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. Join CJ & Scott as they discuss: The book Scott is currently working on, to be coauthored with Tom Woods,
63 min
Ep. 0111: Introduction to Power Elite Analysis
Join CJ as he discusses: What “power elite” and “power elite analysis” mean Power elite analysis is not “conspiracy theorizing” Some early practitioners of power elite analysis, such as C. Wright Mills, Carroll Quigley,
66 min
Ep. 0110: Twenty-One Key Concepts & Theories, P...
In this second part of “Twenty-One Key Concepts & Theories,” we focus on seven concepts & theories related to economics. Join CJ as he discusses: 8. Public Choice Theory 9. Regulatory Capture 10. Austrian Business Cycle Theory 11.
82 min
Ep. 0109: Twenty-One Key Concepts & Theories, ...
I’ve compiled a list of 21 concepts & theories that have helped me understand the world (both past & present) more clearly, and I’m going to do 3 episodes (two regular DHP episodes and one Patreon supporters-only Bonus DHP episode) covering 7 of these ...
70 min
Ep. 0108: “Edge Men” of the Power Elite
On the last leg of his return journey from New Hampshire, CJ was spontaneously inspired to do an off-the-cuff Silver Bullet mobile podcasting episode. Join CJ as he discusses: His amateur/layman’s understanding of the concept of ‘edges’ as used in perm...
38 min
Ep. 0107: Applying Guerrilla Methods Beyond War...
Join CJ as he discusses An overview of Michael Collins’ campaign to end British rule in Ireland 10 lessons one can learn from studying guerrilla warfare that apply to many other human endeavors: Don’t be afraid to start small & build up your resources ...
46 min
Ep. 0106: A History of American Slavery Part VI...
In this episode, we wrap up the DHP coverage of the history of American slavery with this seventh & final installment in the series. Join CJ as he discusses: How slavery was abolished in the US The aftermath and legacies of that abolition Some comparis...
119 min
Ep. 0105: Peeking Behind the Iron Curtain with ...
Kristaps Andrejsons is a Latvian podcaster who hosts the Eastern Border podcast, a show about the history of the Soviet Union with an emphasis on what life was like for regular people who lived in it. Join CJ & Kristaps as they discuss a wide range of ...
126 min
Ep. 0104: The Concept of Gross Human Product (GHP)
No, it’s not a euphemism for things that emit from your orifices when your gastrointestinal tract is unhappy.  It’s a concept proposed by James C. Scott in Two Cheers for Anarchism, in answer to the question,
54 min
Ep. 0103: Listener Emails #5
Finally back (and recovered!) from the trip to Ireland, so the DHP returns with a listener emails episode. Join CJ as he discusses: A few words about his recent trip to Ireland Thoughts on Islam SJW’s vs. the Alt.
96 min
Ep. 0102: The Irish Easter Rising
This week marks the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Irish rebellion known to history as The Easter Rising. Join CJ as he discusses: A brief overview of the 800 years of oppression faced by Ireland prior to the Rising The Rising, its suppression,
51 min
Ep. 0101: A History of American Slavery Part VI...
Join CJ as he discusses: A review of the difference between “a society with slaves” and “a slave society” A brief sketch of the concept of ‘cultural hegemony’ Slavery & the Southern legal system The concept of paternalism in the Antebellum South The so...
72 min
Ep. 0100: 100th Episode Miscellaneous Off-Topic...
In keeping with the spirit of this show, for our 100th episode extravaganza, here’s a collage of somewhat-off-topic discussions pieced together in true guerrilla fashion from several commutes in the Silver Bullet,
98 min
Ep. 0099: A History of American Slavery Part V:...
Join CJ as he discusses: Some of the economic aspects of Antebellum slavery An overview of the politics of slavery at the federal level during the Antebellum period [BTW: When I referenced the “presidential election of 1814” as being between Lewis Cass...
82 min
Ep. 0098: A History of American Slavery Part IV...
Join CJ as he discusses: The famous “Cotton is King” speech given by Sen. James Henry Hammond (D-SC) in 1858 A brief defintion of the term ‘Antebellum’ Slavery & the US Constitution Some major trends & patterns of Antebellum slavery How & why cotton be...
66 min
Ep. 0097: A History of American Slavery Part II...
Join CJ as he discusses: How the American Revolution influenced the discourse on slavery British policies towards American slaves during the war American policies towards slaves & free blacks during the war Slavery in the South post-Independence The ph...
77 min
Ep. 0096: A History of American Slavery, Part I...
Join CJ as he discusses: Slavery as a solution to the labor shortages in the New World once enslaved Indians and white indentured servants proved to be inadequate for the purposes of large-scale staple crop agriculture The evolution of slavery in diffe...
92 min
Ep. 0095: A History of American Slavery, Part I...
This is part one of a multi-part series on the history of chattel slavery in America. Join CJ as he discusses: Some basic introductions & things to keep in mind for this series A very brief overview of the prior history of slavery in history The origin...
68 min
Ep. 0094: British Bric-a-brac (CJ’s grad school...
Several listeners have asked about work and research I did while in graduate school, so I decided to share with you one of the few things I wrote in grad school that A) I still have and B) I’m proud of & think is at least somewhat interesting.
66 min
Ep. 0093: 10 Books to Slay the State
Join CJ as he discusses: The Law by Frederic Bastiat The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude by Etienne de la Boetie The State by Franz Oppenheimer Inventing the People: The Rise of Popular Sovereignty in England and America by ...
77 min
Ep. 0092: Top Ten Dangerous US History Books
Join CJ as he discusses: Crisis & Leviathan by Robert Higgs The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin The Tragedy of American Diplomacy by William Appleman Williams A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn The Triumph of Conser...
85 min
Ep. 0091: Assassination Ruminations
I’m back to work after Christmas break, and so fittingly I’ve got an episode recorded while commuting in The Silver Bullet (my silver Hyundai Accent hatchback.) How should we think about the deaths of famous and/or influential people?
78 min
Ep. 0090: Listener Emails #4
Alright, first episode of 2016 for the DHP & it’s going to be something I haven’t done in a criminally negligently long time: listener emails. Join CJ as he discusses: Monotheism vs. polytheism in relation to state power Psychology as a means of contro...
83 min
Ep. 0089: The Christmas Truce
One-hundred-and-one Christmases ago, in the cold, damp, muddy ditches of the Western Front, the rank-and-file of the Allied and German armies spontaneously set aside their hatreds to take a break from mass-murdering each other,
39 min
Ep. 0088: Thaddeus Russell on Undermining Jihad...
Thaddeus Russell is a historian and cultural critic and the author of A Renegade History of the United States. He holds a Ph D from Columbia University. He teaches American history and cultural studies at Occidental College and has taught at Columbia U...
72 min
Ep. 0087: Grain and the State
Join CJ as he discusses: How people lived in the Paleolithic Era, which actually encompasses the vast majority of human existence The Neolithic Revolution and the coming of agriculture The domestication of grains and their rise to dominate global food ...
72 min
Ep. 0086: DHP Heroes: George Carlin
George Dennis Patrick Carlin (1937-2008) was not just one of the greatest comedians of the last 50 years, he was also one of the most intelligent and, ultimately, dangerous. Join CJ as he discusses: George Carlin’s life & career Some of the major and/o...
71 min
Ep. 0085: Daniele Bolelli on Taoism, History, &...
Daniele Bolelli is a writer, martial artist, university professor, and podcaster. He was born in Italy and currently lives in Los Angeles.  His podcasts are The Drunken Taoist Podcast and History on Fire.  His books include On the Warrior’s Path,
86 min
Ep. 0084: DHP Villains: Robert Morris, Origina...
Robert Morris is one of the lesser-known “Founding Fathers” today, even though arguably he was one of the most important and influential.  He served as a virtual chief executive of the country in the latter years of the Revolutionary war and was the fa...
72 min
Ep. 0083: History of Irregular Warfare with Bil...
Here it is — the sixth & final installment of the DHP History of Irregular Warfare series with Bill Buppert. Join CJ & Bill as they discuss: Circumstances in which insurgents do or do not have the moral high ground The impact of technologies on insurge...
84 min
Ep. 0082: The Alliance of Throne & Altar
Here is the first mobile DHP episode in a while, recorded over the course of my commute to & from work. (BTW, the audio is much improved over previous in-the-car recordings!) Join CJ as he discusses: The basic concept of this alliance,
64 min
Ep. 0081: History of Irregular Warfare with Bil...
Join CJ & Bill as they discuss: Key factors that cause insurgencies to succeed or fail The importance of external help to guerrillas and insurgents The effects of terrain (including urban terrain) on irregular warfare Circumstances under which guerrill...
47 min
Ep. 0080: History of Irregular Warfare with Bil...
Join CJ & Bill as they discuss: Some of the post-WWII wars of ‘decolonization’ the British & French fought in places like Malaya, Kenya, & Algeria Vietnam, comparing the French performance there in the 19th century to the French & American performance ...
71 min
Ep. 0079: History of Irregular Warfare with Bil...
Join CJ & Bill as they discuss: Col. T.E. Lawrence’s operations in Arabia during the First World War The Anglo-Irish War and its primary mastermind, Michael Collins The concept of “peak guerrilla” or “peak G” in the West in the years 1916-1922 Mao Tse ...
93 min
Ep. 0078: History of Irregular Warfare with Bil...
  Join CJ & Bill as they discuss: The 1807-1814 Peninsular War in Spain during the Napoleonic era (with a few remarks about the potential effectiveness of fighters with no prior military background, and some examples of this from the American Revolutio...
58 min
Ep. 0077: History of Irregular Warfare with Bi...
This episode is the first part of my conversation with Bill Buppert on the history of irregular warfare. Bill Buppert is a retired Army officer. He has been a writer for a number of publications including lewrockwell.com.
54 min
Ep. 0076: Listener Emails #3
Join CJ as he discusses: The intent and wording of the Second Amendment, and the utility of the Bill of Rights File-sharing, torrents, and other methods of information-sharing, and the ways in which industries are approaching these ‘Best’ (or least wor...
88 min
Ep. 0075: 3 Dystopia Scifi Novels
Today we’re talking scifi dystopia novels — stories that depict a fictional future world that is somehow ‘bad,’ or in other words, a negative utopia. Join Prof CJ as he discusses: Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World George Orwell’s 1984 Ira Levin’s This Pe...
64 min
Ep. 0074: The Western Way of War vs the Easter...
To begin laying some of the groundwork for the upcoming miniseries on the history of modern guerrilla and unconventional war, here’s a discussion of two different paradigms of what war is supposed to be and how it is supposed to be fought.
58 min
Ep. 0073: Listener Emails #2
(First off:  Apologies in advance for the audio quality drop-off after about the first half-hour — had an equipment SNAFU but had to just go on with backup gear in order to get the episode recorded during the narrow window of time I had this week to do...
151 min
Ep. 0072: The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima & Na...
This month is the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and the subsequent surrender of Japan to the United States, ending World War II.  The standard mainstream American narrative about this portrays it as a no-brainer,
115 min
Ep. 0071: The Calusa Indians
The Calusa were a fascinating Native American people who populated the southwestern coast of Florida.  Despite having no real agriculture, they developed a dense, sedentary, complex society, with all the good & bad that entails.
56 min
Ep. 0070: DHP Villains: Sargon of Akkad
Often described as the world’s first empire-builder, Sargon of Akkad may not entirely deserve that title.  But he’s the earliest empire-builder to achieve lasting notoriety. Join Prof CJ as he discusses: A brief excerpt from “The Legend of Sargon” The ...
61 min
Ep. 0069: Listener Emails #1
Join Prof CJ as he discusses: Surprisingly subversive themes in fiction and cinema (Note: I recorded my response to this prior to doing my film review of 71, which is why that review wasn’t mentioned.) Whether an anarchistic society could have security...
90 min
Ep. 0068: 71: A Dangerous History Movie Review
Join Prof CJ as he discusses: A basic outline of the movies historical context — ie, the Northern Irish “Troubles” which occurred from the 1960s through the 1990s A basic synopsis summary (without much detail on the second half of the movie,
49 min
Ep. 0067: The New Counterculture?
Is there a New Counterculture movement?  If so, what is it?  Can we define it, or at least describe it?  Might you be a part of it, even if in a small way, even if you don’t realize it? Join Prof CJ as he discusses: Why cultural, artistic,
65 min
Ep. 0066: Revolutionary Aftershocks Part II: Th...
Today we cover the last blow in the American Revolution’s Thermidor:  the Whiskey Rebellion of the early 1790s. Join Prof CJ as he discusses: Raising more questions about what history really is and what most historians really do,
94 min
Ep. 0065: Revolutionary Aftershocks Part I: S...
Every revolution produces people (generally of the lower ranks within the revolutionary faction) who take the rhetoric & supposed ideology of the revolution at face value and expect that rhetoric & ideology to actually apply to them.
68 min
Ep. 0064: One Year Anniversary of the Dangerou...
On June 9th, 2014, the world changed in the profound way that it usually only does once every millennium or so, because this was the day that the Dangerous History Podcast was born. Today we turn retrospective & introspective and take a look at where t...
32 min
Ep. 0063: The American Revolution Part VI: Ref...
Finally -we wrap up our American Revolution coverage with a hodepodge grab-bag of thoughts & observations on the Revolution, what it was really about, how revolutionary it really was, and lessons we can learn from it today.
110 min
Ep. 0062: The American Revolution Part V: End...
Join Prof CJ as he discusses: The British government’s cessation of hostilities following Yorktown The Paris Peace talks & the terms of Treaty of Paris, 1783 Why the British lost the war Winners & Losers as a result of this war,
113 min
Ep. 0061: The American Revolution Part IV: 17...
Join Prof CJ as he discusses: The increasingly influential counterrevolutionary faction among the independence leaders, as exemplified by John Adams & his essay, “Thoughts on Government” The largely mythical “Conway Cabal” against George Washington The...
142 min
Ep. 0060: The American Revolution Part III: 1...
Join Prof CJ as he discusses: Thomas Paine & Common Sense The British evacuation of Boston The Declaration of Independence An overview of some of the military operations and battles of 1776-7, including Long Island, Trenton, Bennington,
95 min
Ep. 0059: The American Revolution Part II: 1775
  Join Prof CJ as he discusses: Some thoughts on Great Man historical narratives An overview of what was happening in terms of rising tensions in late-1774 and early-1775, much of which related to British attempts to limit colonists’ access to weapons ...
151 min
Ep. 0058: The American Revolution, Part I: 17...
Since this April is the 240th anniversary of the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War, Prof CJ has decided to do a multi-part Dangerous History Podcast series on this conflict, trying to focus as much as possible on the dangerous parts of the sto...
91 min
Ep. 0057: Banksters & Control Freaks
Two distinct groups of people — banksters and control freaks — between them account for most, if not all, of the evil in the world in the past, present, and presumably (and unfortunately) for the foreseeable future as well. “Look Ma — no hands!
39 min
Ep. 0056: Fun with Fascism!
This is not a historical narrative of any particular fascist regime or regimes.  Instead, it’s an exploration of what fascism — arguably the most slippery of modern “isms” to define — really is. Join Prof CJ as he discusses:  Some quotes from the fathe...
54 min
Ep. 0055: Save Yourself
Join Prof CJ as he discusses historical examples of people saving themselves, such as: The story of Xenophon and the Ten Thousand, a group of Greek mercenaries who were left stranded in the heart of the Persian Empire & had to fight their way home The ...
35 min
Ep. 0054: Three Leftist Historians Every Liber...
Join Prof CJ as he discusses the lives and work of the great 20th century leftist/revisionist American historians William Appleman Williams, Gabriel Kolko, and Howard Zinn.  While Prof CJ doesn’t agree with them on every issue,
85 min
Ep. 0053: DHP Villains: William Stephenson
William Stephenson, codenamed “Intrepid” (at least according to some sources), was an Anglo-Canadian businessman and intelligence agent who operated illegally and unconstitutionally in the US with the active assistance of FDR in order to facilitate Ame...
38 min