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Is It Time? To Clinch? For Jalen Reagor? | 🔥Vik...
Daily Norseman and Climbing The Pocket are back with hot takes on your Minnesota Vikings. Will the team win the NFC North on Sunday? What’s your take?
25 min
The Vikings defense: reliability or a liability...
Grab your Lake Monster Brewing beer or favorite cocktail and join the debate over the Vikings’ defense. Are they up for the playoffs?
48 min
Refusing To Break: The Vikings Way in 2022 | 🎙T...
It was another way too close victory, but they count as much as blowouts as the Vikings defeated the Jets 27-22.
64 min
Vikings vs Jets | The Final Score
Vikings win! Vikings win! Vikings win! The Vikings defeat the Jets 27-22 in another blood pressure raising close game. React with us!
51 min
Vikings vs Jets - Another Test | Two Old Bloggers🎙
Two Old Bloggers breaks down Jet vs Vikings and the battle against another good defense, addresses fans fears, and tries to explain why this team isn't good yet on screen plays.
73 min
Jets vs JJettas: Sauce Gardner or Justin Jeffer...
Flip and Eric have their hot takes on the Vikings vs Jets. Will it come down to Jets vs Jetta’s? Can Sauce Gardner cover the best wide receiver in the league? What’s your take?
25 min
Adversity & Adjustments: The Vikings Way | 🎙The...
It is good to see adjustments leading to a quality win over the Patriots. Keep them coming for the Jets.
56 min
The Bounceback: Vikings Win vs Patriots | Two O...
From a bad defeat to great win, Darren and Dave talk about the comeback and bounceback victory over the Patriots and what that means for the Vikings and the standings in the NFC North and the NFC.
64 min
Vikings vs Patriots | The Final Score
Vikings win! Vikings win! Vikings win! The Vikings defeat the Patriots 33-26 in another thriller. React with us!
35 min
Onto The Patriots: The Vikings After A Blowout ...
How can the Vikings rebound on TNF vs another daunting defense? Tune in to find out!
46 min
Are The Vikings At A Turning Point? | 🎙The Real...
Yes they are, and they better figure out which way to go. Play dominant football or implode against good defenses.
53 min
Vikings vs Cowboys | The Final Score
The Minnesota Vikings get blown out by the Dallas Cowboys 40-3. What a difference a week makes. React with us!
29 min
Vikings vs Cowboys - Dak Prescott & Kirk Cousin...
Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano break down the 8-1 Vikings vs 6-3 Cowboys with a little bit of "look at us now" after the team pulls out the win against the Bills in the most entertaining of manners.
62 min
Fraudulent No More! Have The Vikings Defeated T...
One our favorite Vikings beat writers, Ben Goessling, joins the crew to talk about how this team has become 8-1.
59 min
‘Game of the Year’ - What’s Your Take? | 🔥Vikin...
Flip and Eric have their hot takes on the Vikings on the Game of the Year after the Minnesota Vikings beat the Buffalo Bills in an epic battle.
26 min
Skoldiers - 093 - Insanity
Wild recap of Bills and Cowboys mini preview
51 min
Are These Vikings Special? | 🎙The Real Forno Sh...
Are these Vikings special? Do you think so? As we wake up this morning, we see that they share the best record in the NFL. Tyler and Dave get into the whys and wherefores and the constant improvement that we as fans are seeing. This, and more on the 🎙The Real Forno Show 🏈. SKOL!
61 min
Vikings vs Bills - Greatest Regular Season Foot...
Vikings win! Vikings win! Vikings win! Your team in purple took on possibly the best team in the AFC, the Buffalo Bills, and after going down by 17 came roaring back. Like Ali and Frazier, blow after blow came late and drove the game to overtime. It was one of the greatest regular season games ever! SKOL!
94 min
Vikings vs Bills - Ride ’Til I Can’t No More | ...
Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano are breaking down Vikes at Bills, but first some Kirko and JJ talk. Come join us and talk about the attitudinal changes all across the team that so far have resulted in a glorious 7-1 start. SKOL!
64 min
7-1 & Kirk’s Fun | Vikings Happy Hour🍻
The team keeps winning and Kirk Cousins is getting his Kirko on. Matt and Ryan rejoice in that and how the whole team seems to be getting better. They ask the question of is Za'Darius Smith and Danielle Hunter the best edge duo in the league? Plus, what storyline will you be following leading into Sunday? SKOL!
55 min
Resilience - The 2022 Vikings | 🎙The Real Forno...
The 7-1 Minnesota Vikings keep winning and Tyler along with Dave talk about why after Danielle Hunter's big day. It is Kirk Cousins' confidence that leads to another win, and it is new tight end T.J. Hockenson who makes it happen. This, and more on the Real Forno Show. SKOL!
57 min
Vikings vs Commanders | The Final Score
Another wild game and show! Your Minnesota Vikings come back from 10 points down in the 4th quarter to get the win. 7-1 Baby! Join Flip, Jonas, and Dave in that final 2 minutes and afterwards as they react with you. SKOL!
58 min
Vikings vs Commanders - Play Better & Keep Winn...
What a fantastic show! Darren and Dave delivered today with no letdowns. Let's hope the Vikings do the same against the Commanders tomorrow! They break down what to expect in the game tomorrow, the Vikings vs Commanders. Can Taylor Heinicke play spoiler? Will TJ Hockenson make a difference in his first game as a Viking? Can my young blocking stud, Ed Ingram click and get effective at pass blocking? We all want to know, so join us. SKOL!
82 min
Kicking It with Ryan Longwell | Vikings Happy H...
On Vikings Happy Hour, what a great show and a big thanks going out to Ryan Longwell for joining us and talking kicking rhythm and awesome stories. SKOL!
41 min
Vikings All In With Hockenson Trade? | Vikings ...
On Vikings Happy Hour, the gang talks about the big trade for T.J. Hockenson to be the new TE1 and what it means for the offense. They also look at how some of the older players seemed to have found their second wind in their careers. It is a good night for a good bunch of Purple. SKOL!
55 min