Crimes of Passion

Every Wednesday, we tell a love story that turns into a crime story. Our subjects might start as lovers, friends, or family, but by the end, there's a criminal and a victim. Along the way, we analyze the relationship dynamics and psychology that lead to betrayal, theft, and even murder. Crimes of Passion is part of the Parcast Network, and a production of Cutler Media.

True Crime
Society & Culture
Shelia Eddy & Rachel Shoaf Pt. 1
In West Virginia, a once-inseparable trio of teenage girls became toxic after two of them struck up a secret romantic relationship.
37 min
The Boy Jones
In 1838, an impoverished fourteen-year-old boy became obsessed with England’s young monarch, Queen Victoria.
40 min
Jennifer Pan Pt. 2
On November 8, 2010, three armed men broke into the Pan family home.
40 min
Jennifer Pan Pt. 1
Hann and Bich Pan worked to give their daughter, Jennifer, every opportunity they never had.
44 min
Eadweard Muybridge & Harry Larkyns Pt. 2
The truth of his wife’s affair and son’s parentage uncovered, Eadweard shot off to Calistoga, California with murderous intent.
40 min
Eadweard Muybridge & Harry Larkyns Pt. 1
In the late 19th century, a conman came between frontier photographer Eadweard Muybridge and his young wife, Flora Downs.
42 min
Solved Murders Crossover: Helen Potts Pt. 2
It became one of the most sensationalized cases of the late 19th century: The young wife of a playboy medical student died not long after a botched abortion.
39 min
Solved Murders Crossover: Helen Potts Pt. 1
It became one of the most sensationalized cases of the late 19th century: The young wife of a playboy medical student died not long after a botched abortion.
36 min
Pernell Jefferson Pt. 2
Jeannie Butkowski tried to break things off with Pernell in December 1988, but the ex-football player refused to let her go.
40 min
Pernell Jefferson Pt. 1
Unable to kick his steroid addiction, college football star Pernell Jefferson sabotaged his chance to turn pro. He took up stalking, kidnapping, and assaulting women he was dating.
41 min
Josh Powell Pt. 2
Susan Powell disappeared in December 2009 after telling her husband Josh she wanted a divorce.
42 min
Josh Powell Pt. 1
Susan Powell jumped into marriage quickly with her boyfriend Josh in 2000, missing numerous red flags that would soon threaten their relationship.
44 min
Stacey Lannert Pt. 2
Violence erupted in the Lannert home on July 4, 1990, leaving 44-year-old Tom Lannert dead.
41 min
Stacey Lannert Pt. 1
In 1990, after a decade of abuse at her father’s hands—and a devastating incident involving her younger sister—18-year-old Stacey Lannert reached a tipping point.
42 min
Sinedu Tadesse Pt. 2
As a Harvard student struggling with social isolation and undiagnosed depression, Sinedu Tadesse committed one of the most violent crimes in the university’s history.
41 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Unrepentant Criminals
Today we’re looking at unrepentant criminals. Why do some criminals lack empathy over their actions?
15 min
Sinedu Tadesse Pt. 1
Along with her roommate Trang Ho, Sinedu Tadesse was a U.S. immigrant attending Harvard University on full scholarship.
41 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Parent & Child Co-Cons...
Today we’re discussing cases of parent-child co-conspirators.
16 min
Sharon Lynn Nelson & Gary Adams Pt. 2
In 1982, Sharon Nelson's brazen sexuality scandalized her tiny Colorado community.
39 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Unholy Matrimony
Today we’re discussing cases of unholy matrimony.
16 min
Sharon Lynn Nelson & Gary Adams Pt. 1
She grew up desperate for love, but after several failed attempts at long-term relationships, Sharon Nelson settled for security instead.
42 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Prison Escapes
Today we’re discussing prison escapes. How common are prison escapes, and what methods of escape are the most successful?
16 min
Nathan Matthews & Shauna Hoare Pt. 2
The twisted obsessions of Nathan Matthews culminated in a violent attack on his stepsister, Becky Watts.
41 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Mass Panic
Today we’re discussing cases of mass panic. What allows fear to spread so quickly amongst groups of people?
17 min
Nathan Matthews & Shauna Hoare Pt. 1
Bristol residents Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare met in 2008 when he was 21 and she was just 14.
41 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Death Penalty
Today we’re diving into cases that ended with the death penalty, and exploring the ongoing debate around it.
14 min
Harry Thaw Pt. 2
In 1906, Harry Thaw took his revenge on Stanford White for the rape of Evelyn Nesbit.
39 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Drug Deals
Today we’re discussing cases of drug use and drug dealers. What kind of psychological motivators are present in someone who is using or selling drugs?
14 min
Harry Thaw Pt. 1
Sixteen-year-old model and actress Evelyn Nesbit took New York by storm in the early twentieth century.
46 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Those Close to Criminals
Today we’re looking at commentary from people who surrounded killers and criminals.
14 min
Marvin Gay Sr. Pt. 2
After Marvin Gaye was murdered by his father in 1984, his family was torn apart.
39 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Post Traumatic Stress
Today we’re discussing cases of post-traumatic stress disorder.
17 min
Marvin Gay Sr. Pt. 1
Marvin Gaye was one of the most famous singers in American history, but not everyone was enamored with him—specifically his father, Marvin Gay Sr.
47 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Accomplices
Today we’re discussing accomplices of criminals. What leads someone to assist another person in a crime?
15 min
Jean-Claude Romand Pt. 2
In January 1993, increasingly anxious over being found out, Romand went on a killing spree that left five people dead.
39 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Criminal Warning Signs...
Today we’re discussing criminal warning signs in childhood. What acts did criminals perform in their childhood that may have pointed to their future murders in adulthood? We’ll take a closer look using clips from shows across the Parcast Network.
14 min
Jean-Claude Romand Pt. 1
Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, he convinced everyone in his life that he was an accomplished doctor and savvy investor.
40 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Poisoning
Today we’re discussing cases of killers poisoning their victims.
17 min
Sarah Jo Pender & Richard Edward Hull Pt. 2
When Sarah Pender and Richard Hull killed their roommates in the fall of 2000, police initially arrested Richard and released Sarah after her cooperation.
39 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Economic Misfortune
Today we’re discussing cases of criminality inspired by economic misfortune. What happens when a person who has fallen on hard times turns to a life of crime?
17 min
Sarah Jo Pender & Richard Edward Hull Pt. 1
They were a hard-partying couple who frequently experimented with drugs.
37 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Isolation
Today we’re discussing cases of isolation. What kind of effect does living in isolation—with little contact with the outside world, friends, or family—have on the psyche? We’ll take a closer look using clips from shows across the Parcast Network.
17 min
The Menendez Brothers Pt. 2
In August of 1989, 21-year-old Lyle and 18-year-old Erik Menendez murdered their parents in Beverly Hills after years of abuse.
41 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Satanism
Today we’re discussing Satanism. What kind of influence has Satanism had on crime and society? We’ll explore this topic using clips from shows across the Parcast Network.
15 min
The Menendez Brothers Pt. 1
Jose Menendez pursued wealth at the expense of everything else in his life, including his relationship with his family.
39 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Crimes That Changed So...
Today we will take you chronologically through three crimes that inspired change in society, laws, or policies.
15 min
Paul and Kate Brennan Pt. 2
After Kate Brennan broke up with her boyfriend, Paul, she hoped she'd never have to see him again.
39 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Political Crimes
Today we’re discussing political crimes. What types of political crimes are there, and what is their impact on society and governments as a whole?
17 min
Paul and Kate Brennan Pt. 1
In the 1990s, a 43-year-old writer in the Midwest who used the pseudonym “Kate Brennan” met a man she called “Paul.” Kate thought Paul was charming and worldly when they first met.
38 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Torture
Today we’re discussing cases in which a criminal tortured their victim. What would compel someone to torture another person, and what are the lasting effects on a victim who was tortured?
19 min
Eric Windhurst Pt. 2
In November of 1985, Eric Windhurst took matters into his own hands to defend friend Melanie Paquette from her abusive father, Danny.
38 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Wealthy Criminals
Today we’ll focus on wealthy criminals. We’ll discuss what leads high-status individuals to commit crimes, as well as the consequences they face once captured.
19 min
Eric Windhurst Pt. 1
Melanie Paquette endured years of sexual abuse at the hands of her adoptive father, Danny. Her family eventually escaped Danny's household, but he continued to haunt them for years.
35 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Revenge Killings
What makes someone so vengeful, they’re willing to take a human life? Using clips from across the Parcast Network, we’ll search for clues by taking a closer look at some of history’s most infamous revenge killings.
16 min
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16 min
Matt Baker Pt. 2
Texas preacher Matt Baker preyed on young women for years while leading a double life as a mild-mannered husband and father.
42 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Dead Political Figures
Today we’re discussing the deaths of American political figures. Whether their demise came at the hands of an assassin, or a political rival, the loss of each of these leaders left an indelible impact on U.S. history.
17 min
Matt Baker Pt. 1
When they married in Texas in 1994, Kari Baker thought she had found the perfect Christian man to start a family with.
43 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: First Murders
Today we’re discussing serial killers’ first murders. What did the murders look like and how does a killer’s modus operandi change after their first slaying?
15 min
J.R. and Jeremy Steinke Pt. 2
In April of 2006, a horrific night of violence ended with Jeremy Steinke and J.R. fleeing from the Canadian police.
40 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Clues Left Behind
Today we’re discussing the clues that criminals left behind and the ways in which the police used them to hunt down their suspect.
17 min
NEW: J.R. and Jeremy Steinke Pt. 1
In 2006, 23-year-old Jeremy Steinke met and carried on a pedophilic relationship with a rebellious 12-year-old Canadian girl.
39 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Murder M.O.s
Today we're discussing "M.O.s", or the "modus operandi" of murderers. We'll talk about the tactics killers use on their victims, and what those methods say about their psyches.
18 min
Ivrin Bolden, Jr. Pt. 2
When she wouldn’t break off her friendship with Joel Tillis, Ivrin Bolden Jr. murdered Brenda Spicer and left her body in a dumpster in 1987.
43 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Indoctrination
Today we’re exploring cases of indoctrination. We’ll discuss how cult leaders, secret societies, and kidnappers gain control of their victims and what makes individuals vulnerable to malicious manipulation.
18 min
Ivrin Bolden, Jr. Pt. 1
In the late 1980s, college sweethearts Joel Tillis and Ivrin Bolden, Jr. seemed like a couple destined for success. However, when Joel started to push away, Ivrin searched for someone else to blame.
41 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Craziest Trials
Today, we're looking at some of the most fascinating criminal trials in history. We'll see how certain tactics used by attorneys influenced juries, changed outcomes, and provided some of the most unexpected legal twists and turns in recent memory.
23 min
Parcast Classic: Colin Howell Pt. 1
In 1991, a man from Northern Ireland found himself caught between two women: his wife and his mistress.
50 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Abduction
Today we’re discussing cases of abduction, and examining some of the most infamous kidnappings throughout true crime history.
20 min
Chris Watts Pt. 2
In August of 2018, the picture perfect marriage of Chris and Shanann Watts ended in violent tragedy.
42 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Cannibals & Vampires
Today we’re discussing cannibals and vampires. We’ll examine strange cases of predators who drink blood and feast on flesh, and delve into their unique psychology.
22 min
Chris Watts Pt. 1
From the moment they married in 2012, Colorado couple Chris and Shanann Watts seemed to have the picture-perfect life. In reality, an extramarital affair, financial struggles, and conflicts with extended family were tearing the couple apart, all leading to a shocking, brutal crime that would end their marriage for good.
45 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Wealthy Victims
Today we're looking into the crimes that affect wealthy victims. While we may assume the wealthy are most often the victims of crimes like robbery, in reality, the wealthy are less likely to be victimized than the poor.
23 min
Michelle Carter Pt. 2
Although she initially seemed eager to help her boyfriend Conrad Roy move past his struggles with depression, in July of 2014 Michelle Carter’s reaction changed.
35 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Notorious Assassins
What motivates someone to assassinate a President, or their musical hero? Today we’re highlighting three notorious assassinations and the perpetrators behind them.
20 min
Michelle Carter Pt. 1
Conrad Roy and Michelle Carter began an online relationship in 2012. Over the course of the next two years, through thousands of texts and social media messages, Conrad confided in Michelle his struggles with depression and suicidal ideation. Their relationship would end in tragedy in 2014, and even become the subject of a police investigation.
42 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Suspicious Celebrity D...
Stars—they’re just like us. So why are we so intrigued by celebrity death, and why is the intrigue amplified when the death is unexpected?
21 min
Larry Swartz Pt. 2
Throughout Larry Swartz’s childhood in the 1970s and 80s, problems with his adoptive family continued to intensify.
42 min
Crimes of Passion Rewind: Fred Jablin and Piper...
For almost 20 years, Fred Jablin and Piper Rountree, shared their lives together in Virginia, welcoming three children and a menagerie of pets.
55 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Unhealthy Relationships
Today we're exploring cases of unhealthy relationships and examining some of true crime's most notorious couples. We'll dive into clips from shows across the Parcast Network, and look at how the twisted—often abusive—dynamic between two criminals shapes the crimes they commit.
25 min
Larry Swartz Pt. 1
After Robert and Katheryn Swartz married in 1970, they adopted three orphaned children, hoping to craft the perfect family.
43 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Childhoods From Hell
Today we're taking a look at what some of the most infamous criminals in history have in common: a brutal childhood. As we dive into clips from shows across the Parcast Network, we'll explore how their early years of abuse, neglect, and trauma all shaped these individuals into notorious offenders.
18 min
Brynn and Phil Hartman Pt. 2
By early 1998, it seemed like the Hartman's marriage was on its last leg. Phil was spending less time at home, and Brynn's cocaine habit was forcing even more distance between the two. In the early hours of May 28th, 1998, everything would come to a devastating crescendo.
35 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Elderly Criminals
Today we explore the unique and shocking cases when elders we expect to respect defy society and commit crimes in their old age. We'll dive into clips from shows across the Parcast Network, and discuss all the reasons a senior citizen may defy the norm and break the law.
20 min
Brynn and Phil Hartman Pt. 1
In the late 1980s, Phil Hartman and Brynn Omdahl both had failed marriages under their belts. When they were set up on a blind date, it seemed like a perfect match. But as Phil's career on Saturday Night Live took off, their relationship showed its cracks.
44 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Victims Who Escaped
Today we're exploring those rare and hopeful instances where victims managed to break out of their captors' clutches and flee to freedom. We'll dive into clips from shows across the Parcast Network, and discuss all the ways in which a victim might escape and the psychological effects their traumatic experiences might have had on them.
29 min
Celeste Beard and Tracey Tarlton Pt. 2
After struggling through difficult marriages and mental health issues, Celeste Beard found a confidant in Tracey Tarlton in 1993.
50 min
Crimes of Passion Rewind: Jodi Arias Pt. 1
Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias met at a legal services conference in 2006. They were both tending to broken hearts, and found a panacea in each other. But as their relationship progressed, jealousy pushed the couple apart.
49 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Mothers Misbehaving
Today we're taking a closer look at women who subverted their maternal expectations to lead a life of crime.
22 min
Celeste Beard and Tracey Tarlton Pt. 1
By the time Celeste Johnson celebrated her 30th birthday in 1993, she had already been married 3 times.
45 min
Crimes of Passion Bites: Psychological Manipula...
Today we explore the idea of Psychological Manipulation—the tactics criminals use to deceive, coerce, and exert control over their victims.
27 min
Ruth Snyder Pt. 2
In the wake of the Roaring 20s, flapper Ruth Snyder conspired with her lover to murder her husband Albert.
43 min
Ruth Snyder Pt. 1
She loved bright lights, dancing, and crowds. Her husband rarely wanted to do anything more than sit at home.
39 min
Best of 2019: Lorena and John Bobbitt Pt. 3
Just because John and Lorena Bobbitt were acquitted for their individual crimes in 1994, it didn’t mean their challenges were behind them.
42 min
Best of 2019: Lorena and John Bobbitt Pt. 2
After the now-infamous maiming on June 23rd, 1993, Lorena and John both faced criminal charges. Lorena for the violent wounding, and John for the years of abuse that led to her actions.
40 min
Best of 2019: Lorena and John Bobbitt Pt. 1
Lorena thought she’d found her piece of the American dream when she married John Bobbitt in 1989.
42 min
Dorothy Stratten Pt. 2
When Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten informed her husband that she wanted a separation, he went into a tailspin.
47 min
Dorothy Stratten Pt. 1
Paul Snider brought Dorothy Stratten to Hollywood. While her career took off in the 1970s, he enjoyed the benefits of her success and spent her money. When their relationship became troubled, she felt compelled to stay with him, despite multiple red flags.
45 min
Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco Pt. 3
On May 19th, 1992, 17-year-old Amy Fisher shot her boyfriend's wife, 37-year-old Mary Jo Buttafuoco, in the side of her head.
45 min
Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco Pt. 2
With no plans to leave his wife, 17-year old Amy Fisher decided to take matters into her own hands.
44 min