Making the Case: Crimes Against Kids

Avery Mann has dedicated his career to the safety of children. He assisted in bringing hundreds of dangerous criminals to justice - many of whom were on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" list - during his 16 years with the crime-fighting FOX TV program "America's Most Wanted." Avery spent five years working along side federal law enforcement involved in special child protection operations while at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. He also led the teams responsible for Internet and Real-World safety education. In this program, Mann talks to some of the victims of horrific crimes against children and advocates who are trying to make the world safe from predators. Avery founded SOS Threesixty, a company dedicated to helping organizations avoid hiring predators, train current employees and deal with crisis communication.

True Crime
Robert Shilling, Interpol Crimes Against Kids U...
Crimes Against Kids
61 min
Myrle Carner, Crimestoppers
Crimes Against Kids
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Jayann Sepich, Mother of a Murdered Child Turne...
Crimes Against Kids
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Gangs in the US
Crimes Against Kids
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Katie Beers
Crimes Against Children
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