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Hello Again, and Welcome to Crime In Music! Every other week, we'll bring you a true-crime podcast about people in & around the Music Business and their mis-adventures in Law-Breaking! We talk about such things as: #CrimeHistory #MurderMystery #MusicHistory #truecrime #MusicBusiness #CrimeInMusic If you like that sort of thing, Check Us Out, Hit Subscribe & Tell a Friend! Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

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075 - I'm David Lee Roth and I"ll Jinx Left on ...
Tales from the King of Crotch & Roll, Diamond Dave, David Lee Roth! A true crime, music history biographical summary from the life of DLR!
90 min
074 - I'm Boy George and I'll Tumble for Drugs!
84 min
073 - I'm Tay-K47 and I Don't Like Things on My...
Tune in to the troubling tale of Tay-K47.
74 min
072 - I'm Billy Idol and I Hate Teasing the Yank!
The true crime, music history of Billy Idol!
100 min
071 - I'm Wynonna Judd and they're DD's NOT GG's!
82 min
070 - I'm John Phillips and I Made Folk Music C...
One of the fore-fathers of festivals, four-tracks and folk music, it's the jam of John Phillips!
83 min
069 - I'm Edwin Rist and I Bought a Flute Made ...
80 min
068 - I'm 50 Cent and I Got Businesses, Beef an...
88 min
067 - I'm Vince Neil and My Pants Smell Like an...
96 min
066 - I'm NOT a Person, I'm the 2010 Love Parade!
87 min
065 - I'm Randy Rhoads and I Don't Like Driving...
86 min
064 - We're Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and We ...
The Crimes of I Love Lucy!
92 min
063 - I'm Kodak Black and Membitta...Timmbuba.....
82 min
062 - I'm George Michael and EEEK, a Mouse!
95 min
061 - I'm Son House and My Dad Played Folk Tuba!!!
Son of a Folk Tuba player and raised in the Baptist church, his life was a rollercoaster between the bible and the blues. At the age of 9, he started preaching sermons at his local church and singing hymns. After hearing a bottleneck guitar playing blues musician, he changed his focus from God and switched it to guita
66 min
060 - I'm Kid Rock and I'd Totally Hit a Guy w/...
Son of a major car dealer and raised in mansion with a horse paddock and a pond, listen to the musical history of Bobby Shazam. A child of the 80's, he falls in love with rap and break dancing. He teaches himself the wheels of steel, the 1's & 2's and after meeting Mike Clarke he signs a deal with Jive Records and starts as the opening act for Boogie Down Productions.
98 min
059 - I'm Billie Holiday and My Life was NO Vac...
Her dad leaves to pursue a career in Jazz banjo, raised by her mom’s mother-in law, truancy sends her to the House of Good Shepard Childs prison and after finally being paroled to her mother. At age 10 she drops out of school to work at her mother's diner.
89 min
058 - I'm Aaron Carter and I Did NOT Blow a Seal!
76 min
057 - I'm Spade Cooley and Here's My Horse Opera!
We talk about the Kid from Gower Gultch, he called every man he met son, it's the King of Western Swing; Spade Cooley!
59 min
056 - I'm T.I. and that's just the TIP!
84 min
055 - I'm the God of F*ck, I'm Marilyn Manson!
73 min
054 - I'm NOT a Person, I'm the Wasteland known...
The Warbeling Wasteland Known as Woodstock '99. 
59 min
053 - I'm Danny Bonaduce and I Will Box Anyone,...
He was thrust into the limelight at a super young age, acting in tv commercials. He made his break thru as little brother, bass player Danny Partridge in the Partridge Family.He studied karate under the living legend Chuck Norris and he featured those ...
65 min
052 - I'm Wes Scantlin and I'll come at you wit...
He chainsawed his neighbors patio, brought a BB gun onto a plane and he's the only original member of Puddle of Mudd, it's Wes Scantlin! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: www.crimeinmusic.comTweet Us: www.instagr...
66 min
051 - I'm Paris Hilton , I'm a DJ and That's Ho...
She moved around a lot as a child. She was a tomboy and everybody knew she was different. Having never completed high school, she finally got her GED. She ran with a rough crowd of socialites like, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian and Ivanka Trump.A victim...
68 min