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Big questions and provocative conclusions about technology and culture, hosted by The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson.
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Tech Was Supposed to Be Society’s Great Equaliz...
In a special bonus episode, computer scientist and data journalist Meredith Broussard explains how “technochauvinism” derailed the dream of the digital revolution.
24 min
Can Artificial Intelligence Be Smarter Than a H...
Surely, AI technology has nothing that even closely resembles human imagination. Or does it?
29 min
Will We Ever Stop Eating Animal Meat?
We need more than moral arguments against meat. We need a technological revolution in better, cleaner food.
26 min
Can We Extend Human Lifespans to 150?
Some scientists see aging as a disease that can be cured—but what would immortality mean for humanity?
27 min
How Will Self-Driving Cars Change the World?
With autonomous technology, everything about our relationship to cars is about to change. Then what?
26 min
Should We Dim the Skies to Save the World?
Scientists are thinking seriously about an idea that might sound like something from a sci-fi dystopia.
23 min
Season 2 Trailer
Crazy/Genius is back with a new season featuring five ideas to save the world.
1 min
Should We Go to Mars?
Scientists and writers discuss whether colonizing Mars is the most important mission in the history of the human race, or an absurd daydream.
21 min
Why Haven’t We Found Aliens?
If the universe is so large and so old, why haven't we found life on other planets?
22 min
Who Killed Local News?
How the Internet broke the news business—and how journalism might survive in a post-advertising world.
22 min
Is Online Dating Destroying Romance?
Two sociologists debate the merits of online dating and discuss their research on the history of romance in America.
21 min
Are Smartphones Ruining Our Lives?
We ask psychologists and authors if smartphone and social media usage has triggered a national health crisis — and what we can do to free ourselves from the allure of modern technology.
24 min
Blockchain: The Next Internet, or the Next Bean...
What exactly is blockchain, how is it being used, and is the hype really worth it?
22 min
Should We Break Up Amazon?
Has the Everything Store become a dangerous monopoly threatening the U.S. economy?
21 min
Why Can’t Facebook Tell the Truth?
Is Facebook fixable, or is its business model designed to sell us lies?
21 min
Introducing Crazy/Genius
A new series from The Atlantic about technology and culture. Starting May 10.
2 min