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As a preacher, are you just transferring information or speaking from a transformed place? No one can preach God’s Word well without first being personally transformed by it.

Religion & Spirituality
The Preacher's Checklist with Luke Norsworthy
61 min
Help Is Here with Max Lucado
46 min
The Best of You with Alison Cook
47 min
Learnings from Seminary with Preaching Today’s ...
48 min
The Required Humility with Steve Carter
51 min
Digital Hygiene with Jay Kim
62 min
The Heart of Preparation with Ken Shigematsu
48 min
Speaking to the Soul with Jeanne Stevens
61 min
Make the Good News Your Life's Work with Nick Hall
49 min
A Church Worth Fighting For with Nancy Beach an...
60 min
Starting with Scripture with Annie F. Downs
50 min
Speaking by the Numbers with Sean Palmer
50 min
Framing a Talk with Jonathan Pokluda
55 min
The Last Supper on the Moon with Levi Lusko
52 min
How We Love Matters with Albert Tate
51 min
Living Undistracted with Bob Goff
51 min
If the Tomb Is Empty with Joby Martin
71 min
Fighting Racism Through Preaching with Jemar Tisby
57 min
Wanderlust and the Power of Place with Daniel G...
70 min
A Yearlong Quest of Jesus with Mark Moore
58 min
Finding True Rest with Dr. Paul Alexander
61 min
Spirit and Truth with Daniel Im
45 min
The Power Of The Spoken Word With Hosanna Wong
44 min
Charisma over Character with Mike Cosper
49 min
Simple Prayer with Charlie Dawes
57 min
Ache, Desires, and Strongholds with Steve Carter
About the Episode In the latest Craft & Character Podcast episode, Steve Carter takes your questions about how to dive deeper into your sermon prep. Steve unpacks how every person tuning into a sermon has an ache and good desires. As communicators,
25 min
Preaching Logos with Passion with Mark Moore
About the Episode In the latest Craft & Character episode, Steve Carter interviews author, professor and Christ Church of the Valley Teaching Pastor Mark Moore about the makings of a great talk. Mark explains his process,
54 min
At Your Best as a Preacher with Carey Nieuwhof
About the Episode In the latest Craft & Character episode, Steve Carter interviews author, leader and former senior pastor of Connexus Church Carey Nieuwhof about how to get time, energy and priorities for every preacher working in their favor.
51 min
Preaching towards Discipleship with Sharon Hodd...
About the Episode In the latest Craft & Character episode, Steve Carter talks with Bright City Church Teaching Pastor Sharon Hodde Miller. Sharon is an accomplished author and a thoughtful communicator who has an incredible ability to put her Ph.D.
52 min
Seven lessons for every communicator with Noah ...
About the Episode In the latest Craft & Character Podcast episode, Steve Carter interviews Pastor Noah Herrin about the seven lessons he learned in his first five years of communicating. Noah is a gifted teacher of God’s word, has a heart of gold,
48 min
Bearing witness with Tyler Burns
About the Episode In the latest Craft & Character podcast, Steve Carter interviews pastor Tyler Burns about his commitment to being a local pastor and how in bearing witness to the pain of his people there comes a newfound power in his sermons.
67 min
The Journey of the Soul with Bill & Kristi Gaul...
About the Episode In the latest Craft & Character episode Steve Carter interviews Spiritual Directors Bill & Kristi Gaultiere about the soul journey every pastor and follower goes on to experience more intimacy with Christ. Bill & Kristi run www.
45 min
Learning to Linger in the Word with Jay Kim
On the latest Craft & Character podcast episode Steve Carter interviews Westgate Lead Teaching Pastor and Analog Church author Jay Kim about his sermon prep process. Jay is hands down one of the most thoughtful communicators on and off the stage.
50 min
Image Management with PreachersNSneakers creato...
In the latest Craft & Character Podcast episode, Steve Carter interviews Ben Kirby - author and creator of the PreachersNSneakers Instagram account. Steve and Ben talk openly about the pressure of image management,
46 min
A Burning in my Bones with Winn Collier
On the latest Craft & Character Episode, Steve Carter interviews author Winn Collier about the life and legacy of Eugene Peterson. Winn unpacks stories from his latest book, A Burning in My Bones: The Authorized Biography of Eugene H. Peterson,
49 min
Try Softer with Aundi Kolber
In the latest Craft & Character episode, Steve Carter interviews therapist and author Aundi Kolber about the importance of language and tone as a counselor or a preacher. Aundi unpacks the heart behind the message of Try Softer and discusses how pastor...
44 min
Spirit + Word with Kevin Queen
In the latest Craft & Character episode, Steve Carter interviews Cross Point Church lead pastor Kevin Queen about the important role prayer plays in the preparation and delivery of a sermon. One of the keys Kevin brings to everyday life and the stage i...
52 min
Identifying the Trap with Darren Whitehead
In the latest Craft & Character episode, Steve Carter talks with Church of the City lead minister Darren Whitehead about identifying the traps that often take senior leaders down. Of the 14 transformational practices offered by Jesus in the Sermon on t...
53 min
The Power of Verbal Precision with Ashlee Eiland
In the latest Craft & Character podcast, Steve Carter interviews Mars Hill teaching pastor and author Ashlee Eiland about how she writes and rewrites each of her messages, fighting to find the perfect words. Ashlee is a gifted and accomplished author,
65 min
The Importance of Preparation with Danielle Str...
The Importance of Preparation with Danielle Strickland
42 min
Disciple Out Racism with Albert Tate
- - - In the latest Craft & Character podcast, Steve Carter talks with Fellowship Church Monrovia senior pastor Albert Tate about how preaching racial reconciliation is an act of spiritual formation. “Racism was discipled into the church,” he says,
31 min
Managing Leadership Anxiety with Steve Cuss
For most pastors, there has never been a year filled with more turmoil, tension, criticism, and anxiety than 2020. Our congregations were divided by politics, masks, in-person gatherings, and the appropriate reactions to racism in our country.
56 min
Leading through Preaching with Gene Appel
In the latest Craft & Character podcast, Steve Carter talks with Eastside Christian Church senior pastor Gene Appel about effective leadership through preaching. Gene is an incredible mix of strategic leader and kind pastor,
54 min
Chuck DeGroat on Narcissism in the Church
In this episode of Craft & Character, Steve Carter interviews Western Theological Seminary pastoral care professor Dr. Chuck DeGroat about narcissism in the local church. Chuck explains the narcissism spectrum and discusses how pastors can demonstrate ...
45 min
Carlos Whittaker on the Art of Storytelling
For over a decade, Carlos Whittaker was one of the leading worship voices in the church, but he began to feel a stirring toward preaching and teaching. A little over 4 years ago, he took that brave step and hasn’t looked back.
43 min
A Church Called Tov with Scot McKnight & Laura ...
In this latest Craft & Character podcast, Steve Carter interviews New Testament scholar Scot McKnight and author Laura Barringer about their latest book, A Church Called Tov. Scot and Laura unpack the stories of abuse at Willow Creek, Harvest,
66 min
Into Me You See with Derwin Gray
In this episode, Steve Carter interviews Pastor Derwin Gray about the importance of personal discipleship, intimacy with Christ, and helping people truly discover what the gospel is all about. Derwin dives into everything from discipleship vs.
50 min
In the Beginning Was a Conversation—with AJ She...
In this episode Steve Carter talks with AJ Sherrill about his process for crafting messages and six the values that drive each talk he creates to be a transformative preacher. These six (character, identity, cultivation, authenticity, confidence,
53 min
When the Pastoral and Prophetic Intersect—with ...
In this Craft & Character podcast Steve Carter interviews Tara Beth Leach, Senior Pastor at First Church of the Nazarene of Pasadena (“PazNaz”) in Southern California. Tara Beth discusses her prep process, how she invites the pastoral and the prophetic...
62 min
Meant for Good with Megan Fate Marshman
In this Craft & Character episode, Steve talks with Megan Fate Marshman, an incredible teacher, pastor, and author of Meant for Good. Megan shares how she started preaching, the art of storytelling, the importance of pacing,
53 min
Rich Villodas on Desiring One Thing as a Preacher
Steve Carter and Rich Villodas have a lively conversation about how to stay both prophetic and pastoral as a preacher. The two will dig into Rich's sermon “Desiring One Thing” that he delivered last September after returning from sabbatical.
60 min
Digging New Wells with Dr. Glenn Packiam
In this episode, Dr. Glenn Packiam and Steve Carter unpack Glenn's teaching "Blessed," which was part 1 of a 3-week series based on his book Blessed, Broken, Given. Glenn and Steve talk about the importance and struggle of making a message theologicall...
48 min
John Mark Comer on Telling the Story and the Im...
In the first ever episode of The Craft & Character Podcast, Steve Carter and John Mark Comer talk about a sermon John Mark preached in early May entitled “Holy Uncertainty.” John Mark shares some specifics around how he builds a talk and opens up about...
58 min
Trailer: Introducing Craft & Character
We are so pleased to announce one of the most pivotal partnerships CDF Capital is a part of: Craft & Character with Steve Carter. Steve is a nationally renowned pastor and communicator and will be leading our efforts to serve local church leaders with ...
4 min