COVID and the Church

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted almost every institution in America. But how did it impact the American church? Join Aaron Hill, Editor of ChurchSalary, and a team of experts from the Arbor Research Group as they explore the results of their landmark yearlong study on “The Impact of COVID-19 on the American Church” and the unpack the nine common experiences that every pastor and congregation navigated during the pandemic. Download a free copy of the report and follow along at

Religion & Spirituality
Appendix: The Impact of Age, Ethnicity, Gender,...
49 min
Ch. 9: Beauty from Ashes
47 min
Ch. 8: Leadership in Crisis
62 min
Ch. 7: Friendly Fire in the Culture War
Lasting damage was inflicted not by restrictions imposed from outside the church but by politicized conflicts inside each congregation.
62 min
Ch. 6: Outside the Walls
Pandemic disruptions spurred many churches to minister outside the walls of the church.
43 min
Ch. 5: A Tectonic Shift in Technology
The pandemic greatly accelerated the adoption of and reliance on technology among churches.
38 min
Ch. 4: The Miracle of Plates and Pews
Why did some faithful congregations shrink in size and giving while others witnessed explosive growth?
51 min
Ch. 3: The Great Revealer
The pandemic revealed spiritual immaturity, simmering polarization, and unexpected resiliency.
46 min
Ch. 2: Adapt to Survive
To survive COVID-19, leaders were forced to adapt at a relentless and unpredictable pace.
39 min
Ch. 1: Pain and Loss (of Presence)
Pandemic challenges and battles, especially the loss of presence, inflicted deep and lasting wounds on pastoral leaders.
49 min
Why and What? Introduction
Many of our assumptions about the pandemic’s impact on American churches are incorrect or incomplete. What actually happened? And why talk about this now?
36 min
Full-Length Trailer
How did COVID-19 impact the American church?
1 min