Copy Arena: The Podcast

Words. Emotion. Persuasion. And not being freaking vanilla. Pull up a barstool and let’s chat up how you can use copy to boost your sales and your business.

How to Make Your Copy Work For You Without Bein...
How To Mess Up & Still Make Big Money
11 min
The Pitfall Of Writing Copy From Instinct Alone
And How to Avoid This Profit-Endangering Mistake
9 min
Speed Up Your Success With Copy
Pushing Away Prospects That Don't Fit
10 min
What To Do When Your Ideal Clients Don't "See" You
What To Do When Your Ideal Clients Don't "See" You
8 min
Do You Even Need a Copywriter?
Signs you may not need one
9 min
The Solution For Getting More Sales
Why You DO Need a Sales Page
8 min
Ensure the Profitability of Your Sales Pages
One Simple Step You Don't Want To Overlook
12 min
Fish Sandwich Copy
The ONE Thing You Need To Do For 2022
7 min
3 Fallacies That Can Ruin Your Copy
And how to avoid them
5 min
Finding your brand voice
How to uncover your own magnetic brand voice
5 min
Don’t Assume the Obvious in Your Copy
Your reader isn’t in your head. Use these tricks to make sure your reader sees what you need them to see. Join the Copy Arena
5 min
Why your copywriter can’t get your copy right
Uncover what stands between you and stellar copy that converts. Join the Copy Arena to jam on emotion, persuasion and getting the YES!
7 min
Winning with subpar copy
How do some people kill it even though their copy isn’t “perfect”? Join the Copy Arena to get your questions answered
5 min
The 9 Essential Phases of Sales Page Writing
Create sales pages that are compelling and convert when you have pushed your copy through the 9 essential phases of sales page writing. Join the FREE copywriting group, the Copy Arena, for more
18 min
Use the words that matter
Spin this and learn how NOT to address your ideal clients in your copy. Join the Copy Arena on Facebook and learn how to get them to say yes.
4 min
Get Your Sales Copy Right
A brief lesson on how to craft sales copy, how to sold my wolves on new music, and an end of the year kick in the pants for next year
10 min
Frank Kern turned $1.88 into $630K (and why you...
<p>In this episode, why Frank Kern turning $1.88 into $630K matters to you, how AND the can help you be your own Post-Creative Strategist (coined by Gary Vaunerchuk this week) and how that helps your business get more eyes and sales.</p>
6 min
How to FINALLY start your copy
Stuck in your head? Here’s why and what to do about it so you can FINALLY start writing your copy.
5 min
How to find your voice
Copy coaching is less what you need. Instead follow these steps to uncover your voice.
7 min
When to use “write like you talk”
One of the most conventional pieces of copy advice I always heard was “write like you talk”. But it doesn’t always work. Give this episode a listen to find out why and when you should and should not use it.
5 min
Tap into real emotion with this exercise
Without emotion, you don’t get sales. Use this exercise to tap into the right emotions for your audience.
7 min
How to get effective feedback on your copy
There’s a right way and a wrong way to get feedback on your copy. The wrong way can get you results you don’t want. Listen now to see how to get better results with better feedback.
6 min
What it means to build your legend
Legends are not only those doing the big, epic work. They are you and they are me. Take a listen to uncover how you can express that in your copy.
7 min
A Fatal Copy Mistake and It’s Fix
This is one of the most common mistakes business owners make when writing their copy and it is a sales killer. The good news is there’s an easy fix for it.
5 min
Don’t put it off, start your copy here...
Before you put off waiting for the Muse to show up, try this jumping off point to help you nail the one thing your get your reader to say yes.
4 min
How to Make Your Readers Think You’re Reading T...
Skirting around issues will impact your sales. Avoiding objections will turn buyers off. In this episode, you will learn how to find and present your readers with their objections, so they’ll feel like you were reasoning their minds.
7 min
They lost the sale because...
When you follow the rabbit hole and you don’t see what you’re looking for, you bounce instead of buy. Check out today’s episode and find out why...and how to stop your readers from doing the same.
5 min
Creating Authority Without Accolades
Boost your sales and your authority (even if you don’t have accolades) when you use these three techniques to craft your copy. Here’s the workshop if you want help writing your own authority-boosting bio!
5 min
The Differentiating Factor in Your Copy
What you can do to get past your “copy flaws”.
3 min
A Habit That Wrecks the Flow of Copy
This is a habit that many people have, but can be fixed by separating the two jobs of writing and editing.
5 min
Start Your Copy By Taking Stock
Get over the pain of trying to figure out where to start writing your copy with this stock checklist
8 min
The Key to Effective Copywriting
When you tap into this vein, your copywriting will flow like butter for your business.
7 min